Tuesday 23 October 2012

Just An Other Day In Paradise


Saturday was baking day for Lilly and I. A planned morning of cooking delights, Devils Food Cake, Choux Buns...oh yummy, paradise. But paradise is hard to achieve, believe me, especially in this house.

My little chef and I did really well...cake mixed and in the oven and the choux pastry mixed, warm and in the piping bag all ready to go. It was all going so well. I was confidently explaining we had to use the piping bag to get the choux in nice shapes for the buns and then when they were cooked, we could fill them with cream. Looking back I must have sounded like Jamie Oliver on a really bad day. But my commentary came to an abrupt end as the piping bag exploded.

Truly, it did and it left in it's wake two really silly looking people wearing warm choux pastry!! You would never believe how far that stuff goes, it should have been entered in the long jump and the high jump at the Olympics!! Two gold medals for sure, not sure what National Anthem they would have played at the award giving though, lol.

It didn't even taste good, I know... I tried to lick my fingers and it was horrible. If it had been the cake mix then Lilly would have gladly licked it up...but this...was yuck, so no volunteers there. I lie, Charlie was extremely keen on helping. His tongue was everywhere trying to grab as much as he could before I chased him back to his bed. It really proved to me that dog would eat anything no matter how bad.

Needless to say it took an age to clear up and in the process we almost forgot the cake. But I remembered in time and an other major disaster was averted. All was well until I decided that as we were not having Choux Buns we would go to town and really dress the cake up. A little difficult without an icing bag but you know me...talented, imaginative etc. I know, but at least the imaginative bit is true.

As chocolate is a favourite, we had to include some melted chocolate into the finery of this soon to be wonderful cake. It didn't take long and everything was assembled and the chocolate melted. A certain young lady was now only interested in bowl licking, the finer points of getting it on the cake were no longer of any interest what so ever to her. I calmly explained that we needed to put some of the chocolate on the cake before she started licking.

But never fear..Super Grandma is here! A few sweeps with my palette knife, a couple of flourishes and hey would be done. In my dreams!!

It was at that point my mother rang. Her phone had been out of order all week and she was celebrating by calling me every couple of hours to tell me it was working again. Not really what I needed at that moment, but when mum calls it's really not easy to hang up quickly. But on this morning I did. It was the loud crash from the kitchen that told me that I really, really needed to hang up NOW!

Well, the dog looked guilty and the kid looked guilty.....and both stood in a mess of chocolate. Thank goodness the bowl was plastic!! The kitchen looked like it needed a hose down and the two culprits were not a lot cleaner. It's at times like this that  temperament shows....if your bad tempered you yell loud and long.... if you good natured you ask calmly what has happened. I chose a middle road, I yelled loud and long at the dog and asked Lilly what had happened. I won't bore you with the blame game dodging that ensued, but I will assure you that no dog or child were injured in the making of the mess, or afterwards.

Perhaps I should have stuck to Friday as our baking day....could be Saturdays are just unlucky. No, I didn't take any photographs of this chaos. In the midst of true chaos the camera never appears....I don't want that ruined as well!!

See you all at the end of the week with an other update and gift. Have fun and take a tip stay away from the baking!!


Jody said...

We don't need pictures, your writing is superb and gives us pictures in words. I'm sure even with such a mess to clean up, I'm betting you and Lilly had a wonderful time together. I have wonderful memories of being in the kitchen with my grandmother from when I was about Lilly's age and I have to say you are giving her a very blessed gift, these are days she will always remember with love!!

Census said...

Ah Thank you Jody. Let's hope it's the reipes and the good bits she remembers, lol. Mind you, your right we do have fun together, I treasure the moments and I hope she will too.

Edna B said...

I can just imagine all the fun you all had. Last week, my little dog and I decided to make a birthday cake for a friend. I guess I don't have to elaborate on the mess we made. Lesson learned - never let the dog help with the frosting. Ever! lol.

I enjoyed your story, and believe me your granddaughter will enjoy re-telling it years later to her own children. You have a wonderful night, hugs, Edna B.

Unknown said...

I don't believe you. How can an angelic, innocent looking pooch and a darling little girl and doting granddaughter possibly make all that mess and cause all that chaos that you speak of. I think your cake didn't rise and you're just blaming two innocent beings. I mean - just look at that lovely photo. How could they.


Where kids and dogs are concerned, anything can happen. I can just picture the piping bag bursting and you both being covered. I bet it was like a modern, baking version of Noels House Party or something... lol

At least no one was hurt. Or photographed. That was the first thing I thought about "I hope she had the camera" Boo. just as well as you might have got it covered in sloppy choux pastry. I've only made them once and was impressed how mine turned out - but not made them since because too much messing.

At least you survived - and so did the poor vicitims - oops I mean culprits.

You should have a radio slot June - I'd listen to you regaling your stories.

Big hugs
Paula x x x

Goldpreis said...

Very funny picture... who is the dog ?

Unknown said...

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