Saturday, 31 January 2009

Element Time!!!

It's been a busy day here. Lilly and I went to visit my mum and I took my Project 365 photo for today whilst I was there. I really need to start doing something with all the photographs that I have taken!! Hopefully I'll post some next week.

I was delighted to see that Chris's over at Blink-kin-eck had posted a fantastic layout using some of the papers from the Colour Basics kit. If you love crafts...then you'll LOVE Chris's blog!! She has some gorgeous cards, altered art..and that girl makes me laugh! What more could you ask? So drop by and have a look for yourself.


Credits: Papers Colour Basics from Cen's Loft, Fantasy Scrolls from Cen's Loft, Bevel Gem and Pink a Dot Alphas from Free Digital Scrapbooking

And now........

The first of the Element Packs!! This one has shades of pinks, lilacs and blues. Each of the packs are different and there are three in total to complete your Mega Kit. So don't miss out collect all three!!



You can download Elements Part 1 here

Have fun!!

Tomorrow I am having a rest...well that's the theory!! More like a catchup time sso I will post the next of the Element Packs on Monday. So have a wonderful weekend and see you then!!

Friday, 30 January 2009

What Card Am I and Part 6 of Colour Basics

Hi All! I hope that all is well in your little corner of the world. Here it's cold and due to get colder!!! We are forecast to get SNOW from Sunday!!! Now snow is not something we see too often in the south of England so it will come as a shock to the system...both mine and the road system!! I'll let you know if the weather forecasters turn out right...or if it's an other one of their wrong calls.

Whilst I was doing my Entrecard blog drop I stumbled on a site that "works out" what Tarot Card you me being me I just had to have a go. I took the short quiz and it came up with I am the Moon..Ok, I know sounds strange!! I thought mystery and all sorts of exotic things (I would!) and on the mystery at at least I was right.

This is what it said:


You are The Moon

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Moon is a card of magic and mystery - when prominent you know that nothing is as it seems, particularly when it concerns relationships. All logic is thrown out the window.

The Moon is all about visions and illusions, madness, genius and poetry. This is a card that has to do with sleep, and so with both dreams and nightmares. It is a scary card in that it warns that there might be hidden enemies, tricks and falsehoods. But it should also be remembered that this is a card of great creativity, of powerful magic, primal feelings and intuition. You may be going through a time of emotional and mental trial; if you have any past mental problems, you must be vigilant in taking your medication but avoid drugs or alcohol, as abuse of either will cause them irreparable damage. This time however, can also result in great creativity, psychic powers, visions and insight. You can and should trust your intuition.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.


I viewed it as lighthearted fun and what did they mean with "all logic was thrown out the window", I'm very logical! And I had to smile at the mention of sleep...I should be so lucky to get so far as to have dreams!!! Lol! Not so keen on the madness or hidden enemies bits though!! Can I cherry pick I ask myself?

But have a go perhaps it will give you some insight into yourself, who knows and if nothing else it's fun and we all need that.

OK, enough fun!! Now for Part 6 of Colour basics, the last of the Paper Packs.

Today orange, blue and green add to the riot of colour that forms this huge kit. Dots and stripes and some subtler patterns will all blend with those plain textured papers you have already add this last one to complete the set of 36 backgrounds that make up the collection. Tomorrow we move on to the Elements, so don't stop here, come back tomorrow and start adding them too...there are three Element Packs for you to collect.



You can download Colour Basics Part 6 here


Want a peak at the first of the Elements Sets? OK, you've persuaded me!! Have a look. I have tried to roughly colour code each set...but with this many colours..that's not easy, lol!!



If you don't like that one then perhaps Element Set 2 or 3 will suit you? Check back and find out!!!

Well, I must love you and leave you. Lots to do and as they say so little time!! Have a wonderful day/evening where ever you are and see you tomorrow!!




Thursday, 29 January 2009

An Award and Part 5 Colour Basics

I received a gorgeous award from Keryn at ScrappinShadie. Thank you Keryn it's much appreciated and thank you so much for thinking of me. I love visiting Keryn as she has such a wonderful variety on her blog, great photographs, wonderful layouts, freebies and SO much more!! Her garden photos brighten my gloomy winter months.

Here's the award she passed to's the Amazing Artist Award and I now have to pass this onto some of my favourite blogs.

amazing artist_kerry


After much deliberating I have decided to pass it to:

  • Rose at All About Cakes - with her recipes and cakes she truly is an artist and I love cake!!
  • Caroline at Art Blog - a riot of colours and gorgeous art..she really has an artistic blog and well worth a look if you love wild life and colour.
  • Jenny at Scraps and Shots - I love the layouts and wonderful photographs she has here..brilliant.

OK, that's my three. I tried to give a cross section of the ladies that I visit who  have artist blogs, I hope you drop in on them and have fun. They all have unique and colour postings.

Now for the next part Colour Basics Patterned Paper Packs, Part 5. Greens, pinks, yellows and some snappy reds make up this dotty part of the collection. So have fun and I hope you decide to add them to your Mega Kit download.


You can download Part 5 of Colour Basics here

It's dark here now and dinner time is looming so....that's all for today folks...see you tomorrow for more Colour Basics and a chat.

Take care and be good to yourself!!


Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Patterns are Here!!

 It's the start of the patterned papers to add to your collection of colour basic. There are two more patterned packs to go...and then it's the Elements that go with this biggie paper stack.

But first.......Charlie is getting the hang of his training..yes, really!!! 3 weeks down the line and he is starting to listen!!! That in itself is quite an achievement. I think I meantioned that I was using the method that is outlined in the book Dog Whisper by Jan Fennell. Basically it helps you sort out in the dogs mind which one of you is higher up the pack order. OK, so Charlie was convinced it was him...but he is rethinking the pecking order at last and it seems perhaps I could have the makings of an Alpha female after all!!!

I have had some tremendous advice and support from Lesley Harris who teaches the Amichien Bonding method...that woman is a star!!! She has had an answer for all Charlie's little games and tricks..and believe me that boy has staying power plus loads of tricks in his repertoire. He has tried me out in so many ways but he seems to have decided that perhaps I'm not as stupid as I look, perhaps......just perhaps.... he could let me run the show.....but we shall see, one of us has to make the decisions..let's just hope it's me!!

I had some fun last night playing with one of my photographs from last year. It was a lovely rose but the leaves were really covered in black spot...not the most pleasant of looks. So, I decided to try altering the photo in the hope of playing down the grotty leaves. Somehow the leaves just help make the photo's such a contrast between the rose and the blighted leaves and I love that and the imperfect sitting just next to each other.

This is what I came up with. I like it..what do you think?



Now for the first of the patterned papers. This pack is full of pinks, purples, and greens with a touch of chocolate. It should go well with the earlier plain papers you have collected.



You can download Part 4 of the Colour Basic Papers here

(The link is fixed...sorry about that!!)

Well, it's that time again...time to say bye until tomorrow. Stay warm and stay safe!!


Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Colour Basics Part 3 and The Lovely Lilly

I decided that to get all the papers and elements for this huge kit posted I needed to post everyday, so for the next week check back for daily downloads.

But first....the lovely Lilly!! Yes I know Christmas seems an eternity away now but this Christmas was the first one that Lilly was aware of. Last year she was so new that it passed without her noticing. So sorting through this years photos has been fun and I will be starting on an album for her soon...but have a look at some of these cute expressions!! (I started young with her and the she poses better than Charlie, lol!!)

Christmas morning with Lilly


Oooh...I'm not sure!!!


More presents.......Hurrah!!!


The spell is cast...she is totally entranced!


Mother Christmas says "Your kidding!!"

There are so many I will be spoilt for choice...but as always Lilly was smiles most of the day so there are hundreds to choose from. On Boxing Day she took the 15 other people in her stride and played to the gallery...that girl is a born actress!! She plays her audience like a guitar and soon they are eating out of her hand...even the male members of the family who are not teeny tiny orientated..still fall for her wily ways. OK, without more of my grandma's download Part 3 of the Papers!! And don't forget all my stuff is S4H friendly too!


You can download Part 3 of the Papers here

Have a wonderful day and see you all tomorrow when the patterned papers start!!

Monday, 26 January 2009

Colour Basics Part 2 and Charlie!

Hi All, before I get around to Part 2 of the Colour Basic Papers some news on Charlie's progress.

He and I have been training...he is doing a wonderful training me!! I just think I am getting somewhere then he just puts me back in my place..the cheek!! He's still rushing around, he wouldn't even stop for the camera. I tried and tried to get some decent photographs of him bit I ended up with just bits...a front, but without the head...a rear..the middle. All I wanted was a complete dog!!!

See what I mean!! This one was of his rear..nice tail, but not quite what I was aiming for.



I try ignoring him when he's hyper in the kitchen..the theory being he will calm down and go lie down in his bed. It normally ends up with me pointing at his bed and firmly shouting "BED"!!!! He will not do what the book says..he started well but his anxiety is showing.

Leaving him is a nightmare...he hates being left on his own. I don't just mean when I go out...this dog hates you going into the next room without him!!! I do leave him on his own as his "help" with the chores is not very constructive..if you get my drift. Plus I need to go to bed...I have to admit he is much better at night than he was.

I did finally get a photograph of  his head..yes all of it!!! It's not the best picture I have to admit, it was dark and he was very, very wet!!! I know, I was this wet too! He makes photographing active kids look like a cake walk...this dog is so fast, I just keep missing him as he zooms past me. Here he's looking as if to say " What is she doing now?" He thinks I am very strange...cute but strange. Mind you so do a lot of people...not the cute but the strange, lol!!




OK, now for the the Colour Basics. I have been doing some more work on sorting out all the elements that I made to go with these papers and again I will have to sort them into three watch this space for them after the papers!!




You can download Part 2 of the Colour Basics papers here

Well, that's all from me for today. Have a great day and see you soon!!!


Saturday, 24 January 2009

Colour Basics Mega and Tag

OK, I have a long post today...tell me your impressed!! I have news of some Mega goodies plus I've been tagged by Kandice from Coloraddiction!!

First the tag......then the goodies!!

The rules are easy - list 7 things about yourself - weird or random stuff. Then tag seven other blogs to play the game. Also, link back to the blog that tagged you. Sounds like fun!

  1. I love Colouraddiction - if you want a great place for colour charts, beads plus loads of great links and inspiration so drop by and feast your is a colour lovers dream!!!
  2. I'm a soft touch...doesn't matter what it is...I always say yes!! I really need to learn to say NO...but I always end up saying yes...even when I mean no. So if you want a soft touch, come to me, lol!! I will practice saying No this year in front of my mirror..who knows I may get the hang of it!!! But I just hate upsetting people, so you can talk me into almost anything if you look sad!!
  3. I have a passion for collecting old books, newspapers and magazines. I have gathered loads over time. I especially love reading old remedies and things about day today life in past times. The earliest book I have is 1670...but it's in Latin!! I especially love old magazines.. their ads just crack me up!!
  4. I watch almost no TV. I do check the programs but there is not much on that I actually want to watch. I have to admit that if I'm not interested in the program then it always feels like I'm wasting time if I sit and watch it doing nothing...I'm almost as hyperactive as Charlie....almost!
  5. I am the eldest of two children, I only have one brother. I was the big sister....I can't remember if I was bossy, but I suppose I was...big brothers and sisters normally are, lol.
  6. My husband is Dutch and despite going to classes I still find myself not happy speaking Dutch. I can write it and understand conversations...but ask me to speak it out loud and I clam up. I think it's because when I was learning the lady was so critical of my accent that I don't want to appear stupid. Perhaps I ought to write people cards and hold them up when they ask me something.....I'd love to see their faces if I did.
  7. I have never completed anything I ever started to knit. When I was expecting my first son I started a cute little jacket for know...all white with a tiny duck on the pocket. I only managed to knit the back and one side before I got distracted...but when I was expecting my daughter I got it out again and knitted the arms. That was the furthest I got!!! I would love to finish at least on garment but so far I have never managed it despite repeated attempts I only have bits to show for it!!

Now I'm going to tag seven of my favourite blogs. I hope they want to play but if it's not your thing or you've done it before then no problem.

  1. Crafting at the Creek
  2. 3 Scrapbooking Ladies
  3. The Virtual Dime Museum - I love reading the weird and wonderful old ads on this one!
  4. Scrappin A Latte
  5. Stories in Hand
  6. Mumure-Scrapattaque
  7. Crafts and Cooking

I finally got down to some work on my PC, between seeing to Charlie, organising my mum and a few other little distractions. I just wanted to play with some colours and see where it took me. I think I got carried away...the result was 36 papers and quite a few elements too!!

Have a closer look at the papers and see what you think. I'm going to offer them as part of a Mega Kit that I will post over the next two if you like them start collecting today with Part 1!!


Today you can download Part 1 here







OK, that's all for today folks. I hope you have a great weekend and that the weather is not too cold in your part of the world.

If you would like to collect the next pack in the paper set then drop by on Monday.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Pearl Element and Update on Chaotic Life!!

It has been so long since I posted everyone will have forgotten who I am!! So I thought I would post a quick update and a little goody for you.

At least I hope you'll think it's a goodie!! It's a pearl and ribbon element that I made when playing with some brushes a few weeks ago. The preview doesn't do it justice...or I could just be biased, lol!!

Have a look and see what you think. If you like it snag it and then if you want to catch up with my news read on.


You can Download the Pearl Element here

Well,  finally have my mum back in her own home again and everything organised on that front. It does mean lots of driving backwards and forwards now but the transition seems to have gone OK, so fingers crossed.

I have news on my insomnia...yep it's still there but now I know what to do when I can't sleep...go calm down the dog!! I have a new visitor, Charlie, one of my son's dogs and Charlie is taking it hard being an only dog in the house. he's with us for retraining...well training actually!! He is a real cutie but his energy levels are sky high, he is like a coiled spring...the slightest excuse and he is bouncing off the walls.

He is 2 years old and a Spring/Cocker Spaniel cross. He also has the habit of collecting fact anything. He doesn't chew many things, he just looks after them...or in the worse case scenario..he hides them. Today it was my husband's work keys. They are lurking somewhere in the house or garden so I just hope I find them soon or the fur will fly!! DH was not amused!!

I am just glad that Charlie doesn't wear shoes, he would have worn out half a dozen pairs by now if he did!!! He paces, runs, walks...always moving. Finally this evening I have him sitting quietly at my feet...not on them but just next to me. He has decided that I am one of the "alphas" in the pack and so he is paying a bit more attention to me...well, for now at least!! I have to admit despite his energy levels he is not a natural born alpha himself...more an omega!

The cat of course just hates him!!! With a large H!!! So we are slowly getting the message over to Charlie that if he likes living...stay away from the cat!! But he is a slow learner it seems. The cat doesn't help as he sits out of reach and then taunts Charlie...who of course reacts..jumping etc. Mind you Tigger is not daunted, he knows that dogs have very tender noses!!!

Lilly made an unplanned visit to stay with us at the weekend and she found Charlie great fun...they both ran circles around me for two days. She loved it and so did he but I was just a little less keen. He was so gently but he found Lilly's laughter and games totally irresistible. Lilly however, found it hard to understand why grandma kept spoiling the fun!!! She let on Sunday night and yesterday I felt slightly zombiefied (is that a word?) all day. I was on automatic pilot until bedtime...then...yes you got it...I woke up, lol!!

Tomorrow I am taking mum to the doctors, so yet an other early start to get there on time but then hopefully I will get a couple of days "me" time. I live in hope!!!

My computer and I have been strangers recently but I hope to be back at work next week and that things return to some sort of normality. OK, so it's never completely normal in this house but as close to it as I am likely to get!!

So hopefully my postings will be back to normal and I can enjoy blogging and chatting with you all...I really have missed it. Thank you all for the wonderful advice and tips on insomnia, I am going to start in ernest with some of them to see if I can sort this problem out or at least improve it. I really appreciate all the comments people have left..thank you for caring.

Well, that's all from me for tonight...I need to go and strangle the cat. (Only kidding..but it is meowing and winding up Charlie again!) Take care and be back soon.


Saturday, 3 January 2009

Insomniacs Unit!!

Before I get to the freebie...yes I know you all want one!! But little problem. Was that a groan I heard? Who said not an other one? Honestly, it's not a bad problem...just a teeny, weeny one...that is DRIVING me MAD!!!

Today I feel like I need two matchsticks to prop open my eyelids...yep, I need some sleep!! The only problem is that recently...well, for quite a while really.....I can't get to sleep and to add insult to injury....when I do manage it, I can't stay asleep for any length of time either.

Result, one tired lady. I feel sleepy until I lie down and then suddenly...I'm wide awake. I've tried everything, hot drinks, warm baths, soft music, reading, not eating after 8.00pm, counting sheep...OK, so you get the message!! It is murder...or could lead to it, lol!!

I think part of it stems from my lack of "me" time during the space to think personal thoughts and so at night my eager brain starts catching up and crams in all the things it didn't have time for in the day.

I decided to checked some herbal remedies for sleeplessness and some old Victorian ones. Some of them were sensible but some were scary, some just made me laugh and some really surprised me. I thought that drug problems were a modern thing and perhaps they are, but drug usage was rife in Victorian times...really it was!!

Even Queen Victoria took cannabis for insomnia...prescribed by her own personal physician no less. Lots more people took laudanum, an opium based drug, all highly illegal now. If you were poor gin seems to have been the favourite. But I think that I will give these a miss, sounds like the cure could cause more problems than the problem!!!

An other nasty thing about insomnia is the tossing and turning. Last night I ended up like a grub in a cocoon. I twisted so much that the duvet was wrapped around my made getting out of bed in the dark pretty risky I can tell you!! I felt like a grounded mermaid!!

One of the "sensible" sounding cures involved "emptying your mind".....sort of like putting out the garbage each night before you go to bed, I suppose. The only problem is my mind refuses point blank to be emptied!!! I empty it and it just fills itself up, perhaps I need a tap to shut it off?

I suppose I could try the insomnia cure that appeared in the Glasgow Herald in Victorian times. This one involved taking old fashioned yellow soap, and rubbing it into the roots of your hair until your head was lathered all over. Then you tied up your head in a napkin (what was that all about?), went to bed and washed out the soap in the morning. ...oh yes and you had to drink tea before this. That soap sounds yucky!! Definitely an other to pass on!!!

On some advice I tried the trick of getting up again and not returning to bed until you feel really tired..but I just end up feeling like a human yoyo!!! In bed, out of bed...feel bed....wide awake, out of bed..and so on!! That could go on for ever until I got too weak to get in or out of bed and ended up a heap on the floor!!

I found one that said to tie a wet hankie or rag around your wrist... this sounds a bit like a recipe for a damp night to me, so that one was consigned to the bin too!!

So any good insomnia remedies...that don't involve heavy sedation, electric shock treatments or nasty ingredients...are warmly welcomed!!!

For now...I am still tired and I have acquired more trivia to fill my energetic brain with!!

Today I have a little freebie I made a while ago but never got around to using. So, I thought I would share it. You can use this one for personal or commercial use. I hope you like the two scrolls. Download them and pop them on your page and add a drop shadow to bring them to life.


You can download them here

Have a great day and if your lucky a wonderful nights sleep!!!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

Where has the time gone? I found Christmas was a challenge this year, I was a cross between Florence Nightingale and the nurse from hell....with a little Kitchen Diva and a lot of Caterer thrown in for good measure!! In other words...organised chaos!!

But the big day has come and gone and I am relieved that it is all over. Mind you I am suffering guilt pangs at the moment. Have you ever started out with good intentions, doing something with the best motives and then found yourself having reduced to a secret plotter with bad thoughts?...Guilty!!! I am!! Really I my age too!!

I am so glad that my mum is so much better after her operation...but two women in a house can be bad enough but mothers and grown up daughters don't do well over the long term!! I end up, despite my good resolutions, ending the day frayed around the edges. I have found the last few weeks have left me no room at all even for thought let alone anything that I would normally do. So I think I am becoming the Grouches!!

But enough of that...I don't have any more time for moaning, lol.

Happy New Year to you all, may 2009 be a brighter year than people are forecasting. A year when you will find a cloud with a silver lining and a song to lighten you heart. Life is just has little hiccups. So if you are having a bout of hiccups...hold on, they always pass.

My little New Years gift to you is a paper pack in greens and turquoises. It's a little abstract and a bit impressionist, which makes it a versatile little bundle. I hope you can find room for them in your stash...I know those hard drives must be groaning after all that Christmas stuff!!!


You can download them here

Take care and enjoy!!

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