Thursday, 31 July 2008

No Sun but...a Sidewinder Missile!!


The UK is basking in sunshine, high temperature etc...except here!! I appear to be a favourite for the rain clouds and dark skies. There must be a little sign over my house that says Clouds welcome here". So I'm a bit out of sun and a gloomy outlook!!

To reflect my moody I've picked an other grungy type of freebie for has a glimmer of bright light but a bit of grunge stopping it, lol! It's called Decadence as it's dark and rich. The vutterfly looks a little strange..but add a drop shadow and it flies!! Lol!

You can download Decadence here but read the story below's unbelievable!!

If you've every had a speeding ticket then be grateful it wasn't like the one I read about! This sort could be dangerous!! Two British traffic control officers were using a hand held radar device to check the speed of an approaching vehicle and got a surprise when it registered 300mph..that's fast...looks like speeding. It was at that point the radar locked and wouldn't reset.

The radar had actually locked on to a NATO Tornado fighter over the North Sea, which was on a low flying exercise. The chief constable made a complaint to the RAF and they replied that they had already noted this incident.

They said that the tactile computer on the Tornado had automatically locked on to the police's "hostile radar equipment"....most people think of speed radars as hostile, lol. Furthermore, the Sidewinder air to ground missile had also locked onto the target....oops!!

Fortunately, they added, the Dutch pilot responded to the alert intelligently and was able to override the automatic protection system before the missile was husband says thank goodness the pilot was Dutch and intelligent. He would, being Dutch himself!

Imagine what a surprising day that could have turned out to be for the two traffic officers, it gives a whole new meaning to "had a blast of a day"!!!!!

Now to Scrapping!!

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Karen from Scraps of Mind had started a new free website, Step by Step Digital Scrapbook especially for newbie scrappers or those converting from hybrid to digi who want to understand their software and learn how to produce really stylish and artistic layout pages. Well, I have been checking up on how it's going and it sounds as if it's got some great stuff.

Karen gives advice on everything you could possible need from picking the right photos and titles, to a guided tour of Photoshop Elements. She gives sound advice on everything from the basics of building your layout around your main photo, making sure that room is left for a title and some journaling. . Believe me this is something that Karen is good at and she understands all the techniques that are needed to make your layouts pop!! Technical knowledge and teaching skills are something this lady has in bags full!!

And if you feel that you need 1-1 mentoring she has a program for that too. There is a charge for 1-1 but I think this is more than reasonably priced at $9.00 a week considering all the extra support she is offering. She videos galore, stuffed full of great information to walk you through things. But don't forget the free site too, you can still get lots of tips and ideas there, so check it out. AND she ahs a free kit for her readers,so its worth a look at the site.

OK, before I go one more out for the great Collab Kit that a group of designers are giving away over the weekend...there is loads of it with a Zoo theme!! Our Melanie and Kim will both be taking part. Check out Melanie's blog for all the details and start collecting her great Snake Alpha!!


Melanie's Snake Alpha at Sweet as Mel

That's me for today..take care and be good!!

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Painted Flowers and an Unclaimed Ancestor!


The clock has been running fast again today...the hours have just flown by and yet an other day has gone. I am late's almost tomorrow!! All these photographs of flowers and nature recently have got to today I decided to give you some painted flowers to add to your summer layouts. There are three of them and they work well even when used large, as in the preview, so I hope you can use them to make a few bouquets!

You can download the Painted Flowers here

At the moment my poor DH is chasing a huge moth around the hall. My son has not forgotten his recent spider episode with me, so he refused to move it. Mind you he hates them anyway and despite his brave face I think this one was too large for him anyway...don't tell him I said that!!

I was doing some research today and I really enjoyed myself. The gentleman I was searching for in the 1500's was from the top end of society..not like my lot who were still tugging their forelocks. This man was the sort of ancestor I would love...he left a paper trail that survives until the present day. He had a shady past and a bad end, his life was colourful to say the least!! It seems he was accused of misappropriating some money which was meant to go to the King in taxes and for a while he got away with it....then they spotted it!! But he appears to have tried to bluff it out......wrong, no one bluffed it out with the King or his Treasury!! From then on it was a slippery slope and he slide fast!

So, you can imagine...I was bursting to let my client know what detailed information I had found. Armed with stacks of copies of documents I rushed home to break the good news over the phone and transcribe the rest of them.

I personally always view ancestors that far back in time in a detached light, it's hard to pass judgement on a way of life that has long since gone and that we have never experienced. But it appears my client did not agree with this view point! She was horrified and acted as if I had informed her that her husband had just been found embezzling!! Oops, this was going to be tricky!!

I have to admit I was surprised...why get someone to do research  if you didn't want to know about them? But the lady stated it couldn't be her ancestor as she didn't have people like that in her family!! Clearly I must have the wrong one!!! if!!

So, I have just wasted almost a day and the bad thing is that I can't "adopt" her an ancestor,no matter how much she wants me to. But as she doesn't want him I can have an interesting time reading through the papers and filling in the gaps on what he got up to, lol! that is unless someone wants to "adopt" him, lol!

Now on to scrapping and news of an other freebie for you. I have the honour of having Kim of Kim's Scrapping on my CT, she is a wonderful friend and is talented both as a scrapper and a designer. Today Kim has put up her first Commercial Use freebie, some roses for you to recolour to fit your designs or layout. They look brilliant!

prevcuroses copy

Drop by Kim's Scrapping and if you want these great roses.

I surrender for tonight....I think I'll go to bed and read about embezzlement in the 1500's!! Lol! Have  a great day tomorrow and see you soon.

Monday, 28 July 2008

A Little Grungy Romance Ironing Board!



Today I feel a bit frazzled around the edges after a chaotic weekend,  so I thought I would make my freebie in keeping with that...grungy, a bit old looking and worn!! It's a frame..perhaps for heritage, or something romantic? I hope you like it.

But first......

This weekend was none stop..what with "hunt the mother" on Saturday and then on Sunday I did a large family lunch, not to forget our little Lilly stayed with me until this afternoon. So not a lot of time to sit or even sleep..last night was so hot and airless that Lilly really had problems staying asleep despite a fan, bless! We are not used to hot in England!!Wet, no.

Last night I was very good and instead of sitting at the computer I decided to get a head start on my ironing. So out came the board and the Easy Iron spray...I love that stuff for the shirts!! It gets them so crisp and smart....really business like, sometimes more than others!!

Three shirts done and I could hear Lilly crying upstairs, so up I ran and after a little soothing she settled. A quick spray of easy iron and....yes, the crying began again. So, of I go back up stairs, she's not a crier normally so I thought she must be really uncomfortable. After a little while she drifted off again.

Back down to the ironing..quick spray and the iron starts to fly. I got really into it and quickly finished the shirt....but, it was not quite right. Not a crease in sight, thought that doesn't surprise me as it was about as stiff as the ironing board!! I

had got distracted by Lilly and each time I started ironing again I had sprayed it liberally with the Easy Iron.

I had to laugh it could have stood up on its own without the coat hanger!! Mind you my son was not to be persuaded that he would look ultra smart at the office in it...he was convinced he would get chapped skin, he thought it would be as comfortable as wearing a suit of Armour, lol!! I did try and tell him he would standout from the crowd.....he said "No chance"!!! So back in the tub it went!!

Now for the sensible stuff.

First Here is the download link if you want the Grungy Romantic Frame.

Dreams, are something we should all have..especially the young and look at this lovely young ladies dreams, a model, an artist, a dancer and a wrestler!! Erica has done a beautiful layout showing Cheyenne's dreams with some gorgeous photos. I think that this is a great page for Cheyenne to see in years to come when I hope she has fulfilled some of her dreams! A special page Erica and thank you so much for sharing it!


Credits: Little Weeds by Cens Stuff

Time to go. I hope you all have had a great day where ever you are and that tomorrow will be even better!!


Saturday, 26 July 2008

The Missing Mum and a Cute Page Kit!

This is just a hit and run post as I have had quite a day!! I had the lovely Lilly today and she is staying overnight....but I lost my mother..yes, you heard right!! I lost her...meaning she went missing......I almost had a search party out...well, the kids were on the hunt and the reserves were due to be called in, but at 7.30pm she reappeared.

I went to visit her as arranged but when I got there she was out. Strange, as the visit wasa arranged and she had not let me know. Several hours later and still no mother. Lots of phone calls and more hours and still no trace!! The police had been called to check for road traffic accidents and the blood hounds were on standby, OK, I  am normally sensible and calm, but as the hours ticked by my imagination began running riot! But you get the has been a really trying day!!And now it's late and I am like a wet lettuce leaf...limp and pale...but the relief is enormous!

So I thought I would just make a quick post and not the one I had intended. But check out the freebie below and the lovely layouts too.

For those of you who love Animal Farm there is a great freebie from me as part of this months Supa Digi Kit "On the House" collab kit at Scrappin Digi Kreations. As animals were our theme this month I thought I would do a little farm Page Kit. So if you want it pop over and snag it for FREE!!! And don't forget my new kit Little Weeds is still 40% off too so check it out!


You can download it here for free at my shop at Scrappin Digi Kreations

How about this for a beautiful layout! Debi's photos show a smiling face..her's sisters and what a wonderful job she has made of this page! I love the framing and border adds a great it!! Thanks for sharing Debi.


Credits: Cens Stuff Little Weeds Kit

This kit is really versatile...Linda has used the yellows and blues for her layout and look at those clever linked frames...a really unique look it! A sunny page and an ideal layout for these photographs!


Credits: Cens Stuff Little Weeds Kit

Fonts Used - Segoe Print / Papyrus / TCG Tiger

And it doesn't stop there! Monica has been busy making a super page too. I love the ribbon hanger and the frames she made have turned out just other marvelous page to add to the album!! Great work Monica!


Credits: Cens Stuff Little Weeds Kit

Now I'm off to bed...I have to be up early with Lilly. That girl is up with the sun!! Take care and have a great weekend.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Template Freebie and a Little of Life's Magic!


I haven't done a template for I thought I'd have one as my freebie today. The download is in psd and png files, so more of you can use it.

But first...........

Today my DH was at home and so we decided (OK, I decided) to escape to the forest for a walk..far away from everyone..just a little peace for an hour or two. So we left, me armed with my trusty camera and my DH with the bottles of water and a quick snack. As you can see our priorities are slightly different...his were on the food, mine were more on the soul food, lol! OK, he's practical..I was a little more.....less practical!!

The "forest" near us is the huge New Forest, a mixture of forest enclosures and open heath land. Not that it's new, its got it's name in the 11th century! We picked the heath land today as, yes, I blinked and the sun disappeared!! It was overcast with a stiff wind, so on went the jackets and off we went.

We'd agreed that we would take our time and just wander...we me taking the odd picture. I have to tell you I normally leave DH at home when I go on my forest rambles as I love to stop and look and take my pictures. Let's just say it was walk..stop,click,.. walk...stop, click. There were just so many beautiful things to see!! The ponies who run wild, highland cattle who had been turned out, flowers, insects, butterflies....and on and on!!

My poor DH tried hard to be patient but I would try a saints patience!! I think he almost lost it when I kept lying down on my tummy in the grass or wriggling into bushes...but he was really good and only politely enquired if we would have time to get back to the car before tea!! So many times he ended up wandering along talking to his I had found a new delight and was happily looking and clicking, totally oblivious to the fact he had walked on. For a man not renowned for being tactful...he was brilliant!! Bless! He must have felt like he was out with a five year old, lol!

We did eventually make it back to the car before the search party was launched...and yes he did get his tea!! But...I just had to share some of the wonderful sites we saw. Here's just a taste...unedited, straight from the camera. Gosh the worlds a wonderful place..even on our own doorsteps!


Look at that butterfly on the looks like a leaf!


The busy bee on the blackberry flowers


The ragwort and heather


The highland cattle having a drink


And look at this incredible fungus!!!


I could go on..but I'd better stop there! Just take it from me it was a delight to just slowdown and spot the little things going on around us. The things we could so easily walk past and miss. It's things like those that mend our souls!

Now I'll concentrate, I promise!! For those of you who would like the Template:

You can download the layered template here

And I had a wonderful surprise from the lovely Kim from Kim's Scrappin she made two wonderful layouts of the fantastic Miss Lilly for me and they are beautiful....look at the leg popping out of the frame!! Kim you did a marvelous job on these, thank you so much!!




All parts are from the 'June CT Collab' by Cen's Stuff & CT Team
Ribbons, sign, flowers (at bottom of page) by June Schutrups-(Cen's Stuff)
Background paper by me - (Kim's Scrappin')
Paper for mat by Monica Rampani - (Random Inspirations)
Flower by Debi Cooper - (Sweet Adeline Designs)
Grass by Melanie Meijer de Oliveira - (Sweet As Mel)                                                               Dragonfly by June Schutrups-(Cen's Stuff)
Background paper, frame, Paper for mat, word art by Kim's Scrappin

Template by Kat - (TragedyScrappinAnne)
Cute baby is Miss Lilly , the beautiful smiling granddaughter of June


And....if you'd like the Quick Pages that Kim made of these lovely layouts then drop by her blog and snag them...they are great!!

Time to go and do some work after all this slacking!! I've had a great day it's a same to spoil it with work, lol!! Take care and remember...slowdown once in a while and smell the flowers!

Thursday, 24 July 2008

A New Kit, a Freebie Mini and...a Spider!

The week has flown and I have not been able to fly as fast as it's gone by! I need wings on my heels and a pair of running shoes, lol! But I have just put a new kit in the shop at Scrappin Digi Kreations and it's a bit different for I hope you all will like it. It's called little Weeds and it's a little shabby, a little grungy and a little cute!! And...I have a little Page Kit in a similar style as the freebie for today which I hope you'll be able to use.

And here's the new kit!


Little Weeds Kit at Scrapping Digi Kreations

Here's the little Page Kit freebie for today


You can download it here

As usual the kit is 40% off for the first if you like it grab it now and get a bargain!!

And I have to tell you............

The sun is shining, I can't quite believe it..sun...two days in a row. No, I haven't gone on holiday, I'm still in England!! So, lucky me will take the afternoon off and it's the garden for me!! I haven't blinked all chance...if I do it might vanish!! Lol!

Last night we had the biggest spider yet in the house..and yes, it was just next to my computer! So, as my DH was out I cornered my son and asked him to move it for me. I just hate spiders!! By this time I had my knees pushed firmly together..I didn't want it running up my trouser leg!! The shivers were going down my spine just looking at it and that creeping feeling was washing over my skin.

Armed with a paper he went to whack it....."Stop!! Don't kill it!! He looked at me as if I was insane and sighed. Tactics changed...he slowly edged the paper to get it under it..but that stupid spider was having none of it!! Ungrateful thing!!

After 10 minutes he gave up and got a glass...but could that thing move!! It's legs were so long I could see it's little trainers, lol!! By now my son was having a serious sense of humour breakdown and the spider was in serious trouble. He decided the only speedy solution was to jump on it...aah! He jumped and I screamed (yes, I know..I'm a whooze!). Poor boy I scared the life out of, he slipped on the mat and bang, down he went! Ouch!

He didn't get really mad until I yelled "Oh my god, you haven't hurt it have you?" That was it!! He left me to the spider's tender mercy...the spider I might add was looking good, not a dent in sight. I never said I wanted him to hurt it....only move it!!!So now I am in the doghouse....yet again!!

OK, now for today's little bit of trivia:

Did you know that a driver will on average lock themselves out of their car nine times during their driving lifetime... OK, I've used my quota already so some other lucky person will get less, lol!!

But for now the garden is waiting and so I'm off!! have a great day and I hope the sun shines for you too!

Monday, 21 July 2008

Oh no..not an other Monday!!


Don't you just hate them...Mondays I mean!!The weekend is over and it's back to the grindstone...why can't we have more Saturdays, say two each week and an extra Sunday would be good too. Take away Monday....and perhaps Thursday ...that would make my perfect week! Lol! But enough of my silliness.....there is way to much to post for that.

But here's something I do love....on Friday the wonderful Miss Lilly came to visit for a sleep over and we had such fun!! I decided that photo's were the order of the day and so her mum and Auntie Suzy got roped in to get some "action" shots of her. We had her sitting in bird baths....getting the water out first was no mean feat!! Next was the peeking out from behind trees and buried in flower beds bit..that poor child what she goes through!!


Look hands!!

But she smiled and indulged us with grace. I have to admit the smile did falter..just a teeny, weensy bit when she tipped over backwards and disappeared into the undergrowth!! But she bounced back...not literally...but the smile was almost instant...well, after we had picked her up and dusted her down a little. I think her dignity was hurt, it doesn't do a girl's image much good to be seen flat on her back in the bushes!! Thankfully Lilly is a free spirit and accepts that she has a looney Grandma and so she is better going with the flow...why fight what you can't change? And besides.....this girl has star qualities!!


Oops..what happened there?

Some news on Kat - A lot of you will be aware that one of the little star's in the digi sky, Kat (Tragedy Anne), is sick and is in ICU. The news was not great last week as she had to have a kidney removed. I have the honour of having her on my CT and she does some great stuff for me, plus...she makes me smile! I have come to know and love her and I feel for her family at such a worrying time for them all. If you drop by her blog Diana is posting updates on how Kat is doing on there and you can leave her some love too.

Today's little bit of trivia is:

Did you know that all clams start out as males? Yep, the sensible ones decide to become females at some point in their lives! It is true, really...well, I added the bit about the sensible ones, but they do all start out as males, then some later change to female.

And now to scrapping....

First I must apologise for putting the wrong TOU in my commercial use freebie on Friday, I have corrected the file now. If you want a copy of my CU TOU then you can download it here. Just to remind you all my stuff, Personal Use and CU is S4H friendly.

Today's freebie is some more of my spring cleaning!! A whimsey type frame in two colours. I hope you'll give them a good home!

You can download Whimsey Frames here

For the layout this Monday Tracy made a really romantic page of one of her Mexico trips. I love how she has set out the photographs..the top one is blended in so well and the framing on the other works brilliantly. A lovely job on this Tracy!!

faded beauty july06

Credits: Faded Beauty (re-coloured by Tracy) by Cens Stuff

Now how is this for a great heritage kit!! It's from Kim's Scrappin and that girls has made a real stunner to share. If you'd like to snag it then drop by her blog..and don't forget to leave some love!!

heritage kit copy

It's that time again and so goodbye from me. I hope you have a smooth ride today and not too many problems come your way!

Friday, 18 July 2008

I Didn't Do It!




An other day and an other Paper Machine Pack!! By now your paper stash should be looking healthy!! Plus there is a little bonus...a Commercial Use goodie too!! But first........

Yesterday I was so would all have been proud of me! I got up and splashed and swished my bathroom, changed my bed, got the washing machine on with the laundry and even got dressed...all before breakfast!!

By this time I was really on a roll and so I decided that my couches in the sitting room could do with some conditioning...they're leather. So, out come the cloth and conditioner and after lots of buffing and looked brilliant! Not long and the sitting room was looking a treat. I was so pleased that I decided I could now start work on the computer and have a guilty free day, lol! What a surprise those men would get when they came home...that sitting room would knock 'em dead!

Not long and my DH came in and decided to have a sprawl on the couch and watch some TV before he had lunch, it was his day off and he had gone and done some shopping so he felt he deserved a rest. Feeling rather smug I said nothing and waited for the comments and compliments. Nothing!! OK, I wasn't going to say a thing...grrr!!

Next thing I heard was a bang..strange? I thought I'd take a look...there he was half on the couch, half on the floor....ooops!! I got the gist of it, my rubbing and dubbing looked great, but it had proved just a tad slippery and his reclining had ended in almost horizontal. I was tempted to act innocent and tell him how clumsy he was...but you know what they say..honesty is the best policy. I gather he was not impressed with the brilliant finish from his muttering. Perhaps I'll ease up on the super housewife can be dangerous, well for others at least!!

Today's little bit of trivia is:

Did you know that bulletproof vests, windshield wipers, laser printers and fire escapes were all invented by women.  We're a clever lot!!

Download time!

You can download Paper Machine Part 5 in 2 parts:

Download Part 5_01 here

Download Part 5_02 here


The folded and twisted ribbons are for personal and commercial use. They are grey scale for you to recolour and the sample ribbons are included.

You can download the CU Folded and Twisted Ribbons here


That's all folks, I have to run..some work to get through and then the wonderful Miss Lilly is visiting! have a great day and be good!

Thursday, 17 July 2008

It's a Peach!


Today's papers are mainly browns and peach..a combination I quite like hence too many of them, lol! I hope you can use them and add them to your stash. But first...........

I just got a new picture from my sister-in-law who lives on a farm in's of their latest addition and I thought I would share is sooo cute!!! That's what I call a baby with long legs!!

2008.07.15 poulain de poppies 002

Last night I was late to bed, I was chatting too long on the phone to my friend Chris..we just got carried away and before we knew it, it was long past bedtime. So this morning I was a trifle bleary eyed..self inflicted I know but I never did learn when to shut up! I rushed into the bathroom like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland muttering "I'm late, I'm late". I looked a bit like him too with my little red rimmed eyes, lol!

I grabbed my toothbrush and pressed the switch, yes its an electric one, then remembered the toothpaste..oops,it was still in the tube not on the brush. Being just a teeny bit brain lagged I squeezed a large helping onto the brush..wrong!! Most intelligent people would have turned the brush off first (who ever claimed I was intelligent?). I can assure you that the bathroom mirror and I both looked stylish with white polka dots in a random pattern.....It went so well with the blue of my dressing gown!! Not to mention the large blob that somehow managed to find the end of my nose. OK, so it was not the best start to the day.....but it improved from there on, it had to really didn't it!!

And no I haven't forgotten the trivia. It's short and sweet today. Did you know that elephants are the only mammals that can't jump? It's true..thank goodness, imagine if they could, lol!


Now to the scrapping!! You can download today's papers (again 2 parts)

Download Paper Machine Part 4_01 here

Download Paper Machine Part 4_02 here


If your looking for a bargain and want your money to go double...look no further!! It's 50% off at Scrappin Digi Kreations until 20 stuff included!! So drop by and grab yourself a bargain!! I have elements from 75 cents and kits from $2.25 so drop by and check it out!! Now's the time to stock up on all the great designers there.


Now for some really great layouts!! Bina has been working overtime and she has come up with three brilliant pages!! The first one has a really stunning is so clever how she has done the eyes!! I also love how she hung the tag from the bracket...a nice touch!!

bella lojuly08

Credits: Bella Kit from Cens Stuff

Her next layout is of a photograph from France, showing a really rustic view and what looks like a field of lavender. A soft and gently page that reflects the soft light of France. I love how she used the hangers...nice touch Bina!


Credits: Monet's Garden from Cens Stuff

Last but by no means least, is this cute layout of a little angel face. That photo is lovely! The lacing around the side edge gives a great effect and the folded ribbon in the corner adds yet an other extra little touch! A lovely page!


Credits: Flutter Fairies from Cens Stuff

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Here's one for the Boys.


Today's Paper Machine Part 3 is great for the boys...well I think so! Blues and greens with a touch of cars and a smattering of graph paper. Have a look and see if you agree....remember these papers are just grouped as best I can as they are the "homeless" ones from my stash. They may not be a perfect fit together but I hope they will be useful.

But first......

I have been forgetting my useless trivia section the past couple of days so here's a rather worrying little snippet of trivia for today. Did you know that after Lord Nelson's death at the Battle of Trafalgar he was brought home in a large barrel of brandy to preserve him for the journey. That part makes's where it gets weird..on arrival in port, after he had been removed, the crew on his ship the Victory..drank his health from the barrel!! How times have changed, health and safety would have a fit!!!

Now for scrapping stuff!

The Download  for Paper Machine Part 3 is in two parts again:

Paper Machine Part3_01 here

Paper Machine Part3_02 here

Now how is this for a layout a heritage layout!! It's on Major Tiggers Scraps blog and she made it with a template that she has done herself with torn paper edges...what a brilliant idea!! A torn paper edge template!! But the best thing is she is giving the template away. If you use PSP get it on her blog and if you use Photoshop then her friend Amberlee at Supermom's blog has the Photoshop version and it is available on her great is that!! So pick your version and drop by their blogs and snag it.

tornpaperlayout_Major tigger

Tiggers layout with her template and some great papers she made

tornpaperlotemplateprvw_major tigger 

Major Tiggers Scraps Template

It's that time again and time for me to run, so have a brilliant day and scrap lots..have fun and enjoy your day!! Check back for the next part tomorrow.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

I'm on a Roll!!

Good morning!! At least it's morning here, a busy one at that. Today is Paper Machine Part 2 and this one is dotty, starry and loads more!! I hope you like it. But first...

I want to pick your brains...sounds painful, lol!! But this won't hurt a bit..promise!! Question: Do you have a fixed routine for getting your chores done? Do you get up and do certain things every morning...or are you an evening bird? Are you a Fly Lady or a Fly Tipper, lol!

I find that all my days are so different that it's hard getting a fixed routine. Sometimes I'm at home in the morning, others it's eat and run, so everything gets left till I get back. I have tried to be good like Fly Lady told me, but I find that if I'm not rushing out and I'm working at home I tend to work at my PC in my PJ's, OK I know...I should get dressed straight away but I don't always!! Am I alone in this shady habit? How does your day run? Don't get me wrong..after much huffing and puffing I always get the chores done but I like routine..hark at me chaos incorporated on this one!! I order it in so many other areas of my life but this one...well, lets just say I need suggestions, lol! But no one's perfect!!

Now the Paper Machine! I got so carried away moving and giving away my excess paper stuff...that I have started making some more!! I decided that I loved making papers..must be a fad..and my shops have not got enough..and I have more space now too!! I know, it's a pretty lame excuse for filling things up again...a bit like clearing out the cupboards and then going shopping, lol!! But it has been such fun doing it!! So expect some new arrivals in my shop soon!


Download Paper Machine part 2 (again it's in 2 downloads)

Download 1 here 

Download 2 here

If you like a challenge I just found a great new site!! Twisted Challenges is full of challenges to get your creative mojo going, plus it has a list of freebies! Ideal to get some new things to use for some of them! So check it out and have some fun.

And to say bye bye for the's the wonderful Miss Lilly!! I used  of Linda's fantastic QP's she made with the CT Collab Kit. So drop by her blog as she has some lovely freebie ones.


Time to go and get myself await! Have a good day and stay safe!

Monday, 14 July 2008

It's Big..It's Mean...It's the Paper Machine!!!

OK, so the post title may be a tiny bit over the top..but it is big and it is paper, lol!! I have had a busy weekend sorting through my mountain of stuff on my computer and I decided that some of those trillions of papers I had made and not used had to go!! So...during the next few days I am giving it you!! Have a look at what's on offer today in Pack 1. I felt like I was wading through mud...there was so much to sort through and rather than spring clean and delete it I know you'll give it a good home.


As you can see I have also revamped my blog with the help of that wonderful template guru, Agi from Grumpy Cow. Thank you Agi for your patience and talent!! You did a great job!! I spent the rest of the weekend changing the template over..well, let's just say I'm not very talented at webstuff...I know!! It's not soo hard...but I'm a slow learner!! But I made it in the's my own fault for having so many things in my side bar! At one point during the weekend I had the new blog template AND my old header showing..that takes skill, believe me and some common sense to get it right. My common sense by this point had deserted I took a while, lol!

But it's done and now I need to tweak things. Are the images too large now for this template? Should I make them smaller? All things I'd like you to tell me what you think. But despite my limitations I'm doing a happy's done!!

Download Paper Machine Part 1 (i have split it into two downloads)

First download here

Second download here

I have been so busy that I've not even had time to get into trouble!! Well, I did have just one little problem when I was putting petrol in my car. It all started really normally and I took off the petrol cap, filled up, then went to put the cap back and lock it. Easy you may would have been except the petrol cap fairy had been playing with mine!! I twisted and turned it, played with the key (its a lockable one), I tried everything..but that little cutie just would not fit!!!! By this time there was a queue behind me...and you know how patient people are...not!!! Lol!! My face was getting red and I was feeling just a little bit stupid! For one insane moment I wanted to laugh, it was a bit like Cinderella's slipper and trying to get it to fit. I felt just like one of the ugly was just not going to go on!!

One man came over and asked what was wrong and then promptly told me he didn't know why women had such a problem with this sort of thing, grrrr!!! He tried and tried to get the cap to go on, but no joy. So I smiled sweetly and said "Thank you at least now I know it's not a woman thing". I still felt stupid but at least I was no the only one!!

About 10 minutes later and after much grunting and groaning the cap surrendered to a large bang and hefty shove from a really nice lady..boy she had strength...I thought my car was going to move when she shoved!!! But she did the job and I was secure and ready to go....I do have just one small problem. What to do next time when I need to fill up!! I should have got her number!!

OK, time to go and do some cleaning, cooking and least I'm safe there, I hope, lol!!

Have a great day and see you all tomorrow!!


Friday, 11 July 2008

Busy, Busy Post!


It's busy, busy busy this post! Lots to tell and show! I'm really early posting today..but that's an other story!

First off - Guess what..I'm not famous, infamous!! Corline of Mommy and Me Boutique has done a Personality Profile on me..yes, I do have one--I think!! I hope I don't stop her blog traffic! It even has a photograph of yours truly with the lovely Miss Lilly. Make the most of the picture girls if you check it out...there are not many showing me in existence, lol! My place is firmly behind the camera lens....Helen of Troy's face launched a thousand ships, mine looks like the bottle they smashed after the launch, lol!! So camera's and I do not mix. I went to the page and thought "that's Lilly..who's that with her?". I can be so stupid...sometimes my brain was me sent Corline the photo!! It was just so strange to see me!! But the lovely Miss Lilly is looking good as usual. When the photo was taken we were having a little chat about my watch..she wanted it and I was explaining she had to be five to get one. She wasn't too impressed by that, that girl thinks she's ready now. My daughter did a crafty and sneaked up on us..two clicks and then she ran! It takes a brave person to photograph me..or a fast runner!!

Now for the freebie, today is a Personal and CU OK one. It's a fun "Make your own doodle flower". In the zip you get the sample flowers, psd files of each doodle flower plus a psd with all the "bits". Just for luck you get the doodle flowers and all the parts in png format too. So have a play and make a flower!! You can make doodles, apply styles or even use them to cutout paper shapes..experiment and have fun!!

Download  Make your own Flower here

It's my lucky week, I also got an award from two people, the lovely Jessica of Scrapaholic Designs and my friend Kim from Kim's Scrappin .Thank you ladies for being so kind

Here are the rules for those who get this award:
1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you've nominated


Oh boy 7 people! After some thought I nominate:

1. The wonderful Karen from Scraps of Mind..she is a brilliant blogger and her blog is bursting with info.

2. The marvelous Candee of Can Designs for her blog, Mermaid's Haven..I love it there and visit often..she is great!

3. KimB, of KimB Designs. I had to nominate her as her blog is awesome!!

4. And I can't forget Ab!! Ab has just setup her blog, The Adventures of Ab and it is looking fantastic!!

5. The there's Agi from Grumpy Cow..that girl makes a mean blogger template.

6. Corline of Mommy and Me Boutique..she deserves this award ..she had me on her blog and she makes the most wonderful speciality aprons.

7. Last but least, Laura. She has two blogs My Treasured Scraps and CU freebies Only and she does a great job!

Kat of Tragedy Anne's blog made the visit to read my profile and snagged the photo and she's made me a beautiful brag book page with that rare photo! I have to admit Kat you have done a marvelous job on this..despite me being in it!! It's cute and precious and one I will keep and treasure, thank you so much for taking the time to make it.


Credits: Summer Chicklettes by Cens Stuff, WA from Spring Wingding Kit by Kay Miller

It's Happy birthday to an other Lili, she's six!!! Bettina has celebrated by making this beautiful layout of her. I love the frame and the quote is just so perfect!! But the real star of the page is the birthday girl!! A wonderful job Bettina and thank you for sharing it!!


Credits: Petals Frame by Cens Stuff, Wordart Pooh-six-ALFP

That's me done...I'm all typed out..fingers are going and the eyes are crossing. So, it's goodbye from me for today. Take care and see you soon!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Oooops..It's Gone!


Yesterday was an average day..well average for me at least! Rushed too much, stressed too much and multitasked with everything I, not true, my left leg was doing nothing!! It was an other full day and as usual I ended the day..way behind, still loads more I should have done. In the evening I went for a relaxing time and sorted papers and shredded myself a mountain. I need to get my mums papers sorted out before she gets back on not a lot of time to fit it in. I've already done loads but still more to go. All went least to start with. I do have a tendency to do one thing and at the same time be planning an other twenty things..which can be tricky!! I sifted through the heap in front of me saying;;;..old, old, very old, where did that come from, need it, as I sorted. Old got shredded as I went, so did very old and the "where did that come from" and "need that" put aside. By now the shredded paper was just about to take over the world and my mind was planning a research strategy mixed with tomorrow nights you can see automatic mode had set in. "Old, old, aaaaaah!!!". My god, I had just put the tax return needed for my stepfather's final return into the shredder!!!!! I tried to turn it off..pressed the wrong button and sped the stupid machine up faster!! It just snatched the rest in...ooops!! I only panicked for a moment..honest! Then the organised part of me came back and solemnly wrote Phone Tax Office for new form on my "to do - urgent list". See I am organised. Feeling just a little calmer I decided that I would stop for the evening and struggled to the bins with two large sacks of paper confetti....somewhere in there a tax form lurks!

So what do we have for you today? I thought an other little something that was flower inspired., and it's a frame. This isn't a kit just some random bits I made but I thought I'd share with you.

Download the Petals Frame here

Now for today's little bit of trivia! You know those statues of kings and famous people from history sitting on a horse, well if the horse has both front legs of the ground then the person died in battle, if the horse has only one leg of the ground then the person died of natural causes. (Told you it was trivia! An other bit of useless info!) But one more extra bit, that could be useful...on average men can read smaller print than women but women can hear better!! So, if you want something that your other half may not be too keen on and want a quick agreement.... don't try to put it in the small print to get it past him, just whisper in his ear! Lol!

Just look at this wonderful page from Erica..that white tiger is awesome!! Her journaling is lovely and shows how innocent but perceptive children are. I love the wavy paper edge she has really adds interest. A fantastic layout!!


Credits: Go Wild Kit by Cens Stuff, Template by Maria LaFrance
Font: Tempus Sans

News of a new up-and-coming site I spotted - Are you a newbie to digital scrapbooking..or even if your not..check out Karen's write up on her great new site, Step by Step Digital Scrapbooking. She is also running a Mentoring Program designed specifically to help new digital scrapbookers along their journey of discovery. The mentoring program is based on weekly eclasses which give you video tutorials to teach you new skills and show you how to apply them. All the digitals scrapbooking kits you need to make the demonstrated layouts are included with the eclass. As well as lots of extra tips and tricks and regular feedback on your progress.On the new site you have to register and then enter but it's worth doing it for loads of info and she has freebies too!!! So take a look, I thing this one is a good one as Karen writes brilliant tutorials and really knows how to scrap..big time!!

Step by Step Digital Scrapbook -- Especially for Beginners

Well, time to go and call the Tax Office and see if I can get my email to work. Yahoo is having a laugh with me this morning and is "unavailable"...the cheek!! See you all tomorrow and have a great shredding!!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Where did yesterday go?



I'm late, I meant to post yesterday but just as I was getting used to was today!!

But I'm here now and yes..I have gardens on the brain!! Lol! I just love flowers and this is the season for so many pretty ones. I always find such a peaceful feeling wandering around in my garden..or anyone else's...checking what little gems have sneaked out since I last looked.So this week I have some little freebies inspired by flowers. On Friday I'll even have a CU freebie too!! Today's freebie is tulips..I just love them..and of course my husband is Dutch, so I thought I would start there. You can add to my Petals tomorrow , soon you'll have a little garden!!

Download Tulip Paper here 

(Sorry..I've corrected the zip file now)

I have one of those minds that collects useless trivia, not anything that is vital or relevant..just trivia!! So I thought I would share an item of trivia with you each day..I am so good to you..not!! Lol!!

OK, so here goes - Today's trivia is:

Did you know that in the 16th century mattresses were secured on the bed frame with ropes..when you pulled the ropes the mattress tightened giving you a nice firm bed. That's where the phrase "Goodnight, sleep tight" comes from.

Now I'll get serious again and show you something which isn't trivial. Jessica's layout is absolutely gorgeous...I love the strips she has used, the effect is really eye catching!! An other lovely page and what a cute photograph too, that foal is beautiful!!


Credits: CT Collab Kit and Cens Thank You Papers.

How are these for brilliant? Kat has done some cute pages with Auntie Frogsut pictures of her her "Baby Girl"..this part of the kit from Chris is just made for these photos...that and Kat's talent makes for two great layouts!!!

frogslut_01a frogslut_02a

Credits: Chris's aka CR Designs part of the Cens Stuff CT Collab Kit

I'm having one of my forgetful day..must be the age, well that's my excuse!! So I'd better post this or it will be tomorrow again!! See you then and take care!