Tuesday, 1 July 2008

More Goodies...Lots of them!!

Today is a goodie bag that is crammed full of lovely things for you all. Make sure you don't miss any of the download links!! There a little Add On from me, Jessica's Kit and QP's plus the versatile and brilliant Templates from Tragedy Anne (our Kat!). These girls are too much!!

But first a little one of life's gems to share with you!
Recently life has shown me that even in the sad moments there are little bubbles of humour in the most unlikely places to bring a gentle smile to our faces...even if we don't spot them at the time! A prime example of this happened last week. As it turned out that in my effort to keep the peace with everyone I ended up having to arrange two services before the funeral, both on the same day, one after the other. Complicated...yes, but it worked in the end! One elderly family friend was going to only one of the services and she called to clarify the details about time and place. My stepfather was called Freddy and had been a friend of this lady for years. I had given her the details and as the call was ending the lady in question politely said "That's good, I have the all details now..ah, but one last question. Is Freddy going to be there, I'd hate not to see him?"

What do you say to that?!! Perhaps I have a strange way of looking at thing but even at the time it made me smile but I solemnly reassured her. Yes he would be there. She promptly replied "Good, I haven't seen him for a while and I would be sorry to not miss him." I did wonder if we were talking about the same thing or if we had our wires crossed but I know for sure that Freddy too would have seen the humour in this and smiled.

Today's freebies start with mine, a small gift of the Garden Signs - Add On 2.
If you'd like them to go with your growing Mega Kit then:
Download them here

Also today are Jessica and Kat's great parts of the CT Collab Kit. They have both made brilliant contributions...just take a look. Be sure to keep scrolling down to collect all the download links..there are three more!!
Jessica has made some cute QP's from her part of the Kit which you can download here

Her part of the Kit has great signs and more lovely flowers plus some brilliant papers.

Drop by Jessica's blog and collect her part of this great CT Collab kit
But there's more!!

How about these fantastic Templates from Kat, made with her usual flair!! Just what you need to go with the other parts of this brilliant Mega Kit. So don't forget to snag these too from Kat's blog
Get these at Tragedy Anne's (Kat) Blog

Well, it's time for me to say bye for today, but come back tomorrow for the next part of this awesome Mega Collab Kit!! Take care and have a great day!!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous freebies for the Collab kit...Wow!! they are great.

Loving your stories too June.. you always make me smile :)

Judy said...

Love these little garden signs thankyou. Had to smile about the little old lady.....did she get to see Freddy?

Cindyrelly said...

Funny Story ;) Good that you can see the humor! Thanks for the cute stuff and chin up! Have a Great Day!

Maria said...

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