Friday, 25 July 2008

Template Freebie and a Little of Life's Magic!


I haven't done a template for I thought I'd have one as my freebie today. The download is in psd and png files, so more of you can use it.

But first...........

Today my DH was at home and so we decided (OK, I decided) to escape to the forest for a walk..far away from everyone..just a little peace for an hour or two. So we left, me armed with my trusty camera and my DH with the bottles of water and a quick snack. As you can see our priorities are slightly different...his were on the food, mine were more on the soul food, lol! OK, he's practical..I was a little more.....less practical!!

The "forest" near us is the huge New Forest, a mixture of forest enclosures and open heath land. Not that it's new, its got it's name in the 11th century! We picked the heath land today as, yes, I blinked and the sun disappeared!! It was overcast with a stiff wind, so on went the jackets and off we went.

We'd agreed that we would take our time and just wander...we me taking the odd picture. I have to tell you I normally leave DH at home when I go on my forest rambles as I love to stop and look and take my pictures. Let's just say it was walk..stop,click,.. walk...stop, click. There were just so many beautiful things to see!! The ponies who run wild, highland cattle who had been turned out, flowers, insects, butterflies....and on and on!!

My poor DH tried hard to be patient but I would try a saints patience!! I think he almost lost it when I kept lying down on my tummy in the grass or wriggling into bushes...but he was really good and only politely enquired if we would have time to get back to the car before tea!! So many times he ended up wandering along talking to his I had found a new delight and was happily looking and clicking, totally oblivious to the fact he had walked on. For a man not renowned for being tactful...he was brilliant!! Bless! He must have felt like he was out with a five year old, lol!

We did eventually make it back to the car before the search party was launched...and yes he did get his tea!! But...I just had to share some of the wonderful sites we saw. Here's just a taste...unedited, straight from the camera. Gosh the worlds a wonderful place..even on our own doorsteps!


Look at that butterfly on the looks like a leaf!


The busy bee on the blackberry flowers


The ragwort and heather


The highland cattle having a drink


And look at this incredible fungus!!!


I could go on..but I'd better stop there! Just take it from me it was a delight to just slowdown and spot the little things going on around us. The things we could so easily walk past and miss. It's things like those that mend our souls!

Now I'll concentrate, I promise!! For those of you who would like the Template:

You can download the layered template here

And I had a wonderful surprise from the lovely Kim from Kim's Scrappin she made two wonderful layouts of the fantastic Miss Lilly for me and they are beautiful....look at the leg popping out of the frame!! Kim you did a marvelous job on these, thank you so much!!




All parts are from the 'June CT Collab' by Cen's Stuff & CT Team
Ribbons, sign, flowers (at bottom of page) by June Schutrups-(Cen's Stuff)
Background paper by me - (Kim's Scrappin')
Paper for mat by Monica Rampani - (Random Inspirations)
Flower by Debi Cooper - (Sweet Adeline Designs)
Grass by Melanie Meijer de Oliveira - (Sweet As Mel)                                                               Dragonfly by June Schutrups-(Cen's Stuff)
Background paper, frame, Paper for mat, word art by Kim's Scrappin

Template by Kat - (TragedyScrappinAnne)
Cute baby is Miss Lilly , the beautiful smiling granddaughter of June


And....if you'd like the Quick Pages that Kim made of these lovely layouts then drop by her blog and snag them...they are great!!

Time to go and do some work after all this slacking!! I've had a great day it's a same to spoil it with work, lol!! Take care and remember...slowdown once in a while and smell the flowers!


Cindyrelly said...

Great pics ;) I know what you mean... I have withdrawals if I leave the camera @ home! My hubby has given up on me just enjoying life without the camera :) I just put some flowers on my blog! Have a Great Weekend :))

Amberlee said...

Love the photos! Glad I am not the only one who does this. :)

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 26 Jul [LA 12:06am, NY 02:06am, UK 07:06am, OZ 05:06pm]).

MomSoto said...

Thank you for the freebie :) And what wonderful photos.
Your new freebie was just listed at Twisted Challenges Freebie Listing

pianomama7 said...

Wow! Looks like we both had the same idea with that template! I made a layout for a challenge on the Wizard of Oz at the beginning of this month. So the yellow brick road played a big part in the "look." Check out the layout....
Too cool!! Like minds!!

Anonymous said...

Love those beautiful Pictures. Lucky you to have seen all that beauty in person. :)

Anonymous said...

thank you so much it's a nice template