Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Paint Pots and Cameras

Paint pots and cameras do mix well....not in a physical sense I hasten to add. I don't mean tip the pot on your camera. More playing with your photographs and seeing what little gems you can come up with by adding a touch of imagination and a little "paint".

I got so carried away last night with some of last years flower photographs. The time just went and I was totally lost in what I was doing, a great relaxer!! I have a habit of playing and the good thing is that I don't mind if it doesn't work, I just enjoy the experiment!! The bad thing is that I never get any work done!!! I tend to be that I start out with one thing and then somehow it morphs into something totally different and I'm off at a tangent, forgetting what I'm meant to be doing!!

How many times have I sat down to make a kit and ended up wandering again. I really have to develop some self discipline on this!!! The strange thing is in most other things I am an organisation freak...but with things like this I am hopeless at staying on track.

Anyway....look what I did!!! (Yes, I know, I sound like a little girl tugging to momma's skirt to show her something!).

What do you think...good/bad? I am so biased because I LOVE it!!!! Perhaps a "could do better" would be on my report card on this...but trying to do better will be something I'll enjoy!!



 This is the result of merging photos, masks, brushes, lighting effects and a few things more....and for me it works.  Not bad from a few flowers!!! If anyone wants to know how to do it..let me know and I'll do a more detailed "how to". If anyone wants a full size JPG of the image let me know and I can let you have a download link.

After all that...a gift for you!! A simple and elegant quick page 12x12, 300dpi in Png format. I can think of some of more formal or romantic photographs that this would about you?


You can download it here at Media Fire

or at 4shared here


We have had some sun today but it's still cold.....and we had frost last night!! But for now the sun is sinking and shining in through my the window behind me. I can feel the warmth on my back and it's good! Roll on summer!! Have a great evening where ever you are and see you soon!!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Brain Freeze and Crazy Dots!!


The brain freeze is mine...the crazy dots are the result of my doodling.

Too much thinking is bad for me, it's given me brain freeze!!! It's a bit like eating real, really cold ice cream, your brain hurts!! I've been trying to workout installing WordPress and using it as CMS. Not that I'm doing it, Cindy Reilly is patiently putting up with me and my constant indecision. First one thing and then the next, the idea being that I setup a website with a gallery etc.

I have done a website for my Family History work using DreamWeaver but it was a while ago and I'm struggling to get back into things. Today was my worst day yet, reading too much, swaying one way and then the other until my little brain was doing triple flips!!! Warning...brain freeze!! So, I have stopped reading for now..tomorrow is an other day.

The news from our house is that Charlie is back in disgrace. He has naughty down to a fine art and he adds to his talents in this field all the time.....unfortunately!! Over the weekend he was all leaded up for his walk, sitting at the door quite excited, but then again dogs always are when a walk is in the offing. DH got him to sit, opened the door....and Charlie put his now famous Houdini move into action and DH was left with a dog....just a limp lead.

Well, the yell told me something was not quite put it mildly. So, it was all hands to action stations. My son did not appreciate being hauled out of the shower...yet again!! Charlie always seems to escape when Chris is in playing water babies.

It was an other chase me Charlie...literally!! Eventually, after many a heart in mouth moment, the rogue was caught and brought home. Was he sorry ....or even a little ashamed? Not a vague chance!!! His tail was wagging, eyes bright and he was bouncing!! I swear that dog is going in shackles or my hair will turn gray!!

I am happy to say that Lilly is doing well, no further problems with her walking. She came to see us last week and she and Charlie were as buddy buddy as usual.,Or I should say she and "Cha" (her name for Charlie) were buddy buddy. He really is great with her but Lilly always wants to share everything with him...which can be a problem!!

Lilly was bathed and ready for bed and she wanted to give a dog biscuit to Charlie before she went to bed.




One for Charlie before I go to bed.

We didn't anticipate that her curiosity would get the better of her.  She just had to try the new dog biscuits before Charlie did. All went well as she took the biscuit from the tin....then she wandered in the opposite direct to Charlie. The mouth opened ....and in it went, her mouth not his!! There was a little bit sticking out...just!! I grab the camera as her mum grabbed for her....she little madam just strolled over biscuit in mouth!! I know, trust me to go for the camera..but her mum was moving in Lilly's direction, so it was OK.



Look at me...I've got a biscuit.

After we had extracted the offending biscuit both she and Charlie looked with pleading eyes asking for an other biscuit...the cheeky pair!!


Please..just one!!! We'll be good!! (Those two good...not a chance!)

And still with the photographs, I thought you might like this one of the first wall flower in my garden, a touch of brightness, struggling through a sea of green.


Now, the Crazy Dots Paper Pack. I drew some doodles and ended up using them for a pattern which I thought I'd share with you.


You can download them at 4shared here

or at Media Fire here

Have a great evening and hopefully next time I post my brain will be "unfrozen"!!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Adding A Snagable Blinkie To Blogger that a new word? know what I mean!!

A while ago I did a tut on making your own blinkie......but I didn't do the follow up on how to add your blinkie to your blog so that people can snag it with a clickable link back to your blog or website. I've  been slow in doing this and have now updated my own blinkie to include the instructions on how to snag it (see my sidebar). I kept meaning to do it...but, you know what it's like.

So after much  tying myself in knots I've come up with this tutorial, which I hope is not too complicated!! (I'll do an other post that will listed instructions on adding other peoples blinkies to your blog after you've snagged them.)

I use Blogger, so the instructions are based on Blogger and how to add your blinkie and link using the Blogger Dashboard.

1. To do this properly there are two things you need to do before we start:

First, you need to upload your blinkie image to your photo hosting....which ever one you use, I use Photobucket. Copy the URL of the link to your image as you'll need it later.

Secondly, you need to write a blog post telling people how to snag your blinkie. I have backdated mine so that it's not on the front page of my blog. You can backdate a post by going to POST OPTIONS at the bottom left of the screen you use to write your post on Blogger. Click Post Options and choose any date you want to post your instructions. It's easy to change for those of you who use Windows Live Writer too.I choose a date last October for mine.

You need to write something like this in your post:

If you'd like to snag my blinkie and add it to you blog, with a clickable link back to Name of Your Blog, here's how you do it!

1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard and Select LAYOUT.

2. Now choose PAGE ELEMENTS and then select ADD A GADGET.

3. From the choices pick HTML/JavaScript, then in the content box paste in the  following code: (You would add the following in your post to give the link)

<a href="your blog url" target="_blank"><img border="0" alt="your blog name" src="your image url or direct link" ></a>"

Then save your post to the date you want, it doesn't matter what date really. After it's posted to your blog get a copy of the page URL as you'll need it later too.

2. Next go to you Blogger Dashboard and click the tag that says Layout and select Page Elements. This will take you to the Add and Arrange Page Elements screen.





2. Click Add a Gadget






3. This will give you a pop up window that allows you to make a choice in what you want to add to the side bar. Scroll down until you see add Picture and click.






4. This gives you a new window Configure Image.






5. Where it says LINK, put in the link to the post on your blog on how to snag your blinkie.

Where it says IMAGE, click on the circle next to "From the web" and paste in the URL for your Blinkie Image from the web. (The one we copied at the beginning from Photobucket or similar hosting.)

If you want to give it a title such as "Click to Snag" then type it into the TITLE box, it's a matter of choice on this one.

Click Save in the bottom right corner and your done!! The blinkie will be at the top of your sidebar so you may want to move it's up to you but it's saved to your blog!!

If you want to download the tutorial as a PDF you'll find it here

Now people can click on your blinkie, go to your post and learn how to snag it with the code included. I just hope that I haven't made this as clear as mud, lol!! Any questions just email me and I'll get back to you. If you manage to do it using the tut...let me know so I can drop by and take a look. Good luck!!!

Watch out for the tut on how to add other peoples blinkies to your blog after you've snagged them!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and take care.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Sing Louder!!

Singing is not something I do often. The fact that I'm tone deaf discourages me from scaring the neighbours too often...but yesterday was one of those days when I made an exception.

Monday was full of appointments and really busy so I was geared up for fighting my way through traffic and dealing with people all day...a busy but productive day, nothing more. Just an other Monday.

I know that times are worrying and hard for so many of us at the moment, no matter where we are around this great big world..but yesterday was just about the limit. By 12.00 midday a few mobile texts and calls had come through. News and updates from family...good news normally, but they just confirmed that now all of my children and grandchildren each had quite a large problem. The problems varied..but they all had one, health, job, money, stress etc. Now, me being me, I tend to have a policy of "Your problem is my problem", especially with family.

So, I felt just a little swamped...well, more like my rubber ring had deflated and left me struggling in the water. Where was it all going to end...and there was still the rest of the day to fight my way through!! I could feel that depressed feeling setting in....the slow sinking in the stomach, the "oh no" feeling...the water slowing covering my head feeling!!! Aaaaah!!

But people..... you can either sink or swim..... and I hate water up my nose!! So, I grabbed my emergency "save me" of my  old music CD's!! I shut the windows, banged my CD into the drive and turned the volume way up and started to sing...LOUD!!! This would be real cat wailing stuff!!

In times of emotional stress...get it out...sing!! If I am sad, I have a good cry to soft, slow stuff...but this called for LOUD!!!   This was me against the world, de-stressing, lung stretching wailing!! The fact I was in my car and driving along belting out the songs...totally off key, who cares. (I did still drive carefully...I just did it loudly). For me it has to be songs I know and for me it has to be old ones...and for goodness sake, today not sad ones or slow ones...they have to be upbeat and sing-along friendly. My only exception was "Wild Eyed and Legless" I'm not a drunk, but it is such a good one to give your lungs a bit of a break in between!!

I ran through my whole playlist..Good Vibrations, Rock Me Baby, I Want to Break Free, Is this the Way to Amarillo...etc, the words don't really matter it's the beat. Mind you I had to skip "Spirit in the Sky" halfway through, I kept wanting to click my fingers to the beat...not a good idea when your driving!! I think I'll save that one for my funeral, a great one to play me out...I think I need to put that in my last requests as a must have!!!

The list wouldn't have been complete without one for Charlie (he has constant problems!). Charlie's song was "Who Let the Dogs Out" by Baha Men!!! I barked so well on that one!!! This song brings back those warm Caribbean days when life was sunny and I get to sing and bark....what more could a girl ask for? You Tube  have a video that goes with this song that I hope Charlie never would give him too many bad ideas!!

So, I arrived at my destination exhausted and a little dry in the throat...but feeling so much better! My fight was back, the waters had receded and this girl was ready for anything...bring it on!!

Take a tip..pick out your music, stick it on CD' sad, one loud, one happy etc and when ever the mood changes...reach for the stack and find yourself a spot. Shut the windows and go!! Sing it out, what ever "it" is. Really fill your lungs and sing! Just close the windows and let rip, you'll feel so much better...and it's so much cheaper and easier than therapy!!!

Time for me to go but before I do..a gift from me to you. A Wishing good wishes to you.


You can download it here at Media Fire 

(Edit: I just checked the Media Fire link and it should be OK now...sorry!)


here at 4shared

Have a wonderful evening and start getting that music never know when you may need it!!

Friday, 17 April 2009

What a Week and Don't Forget the Friday Freebie

This has been a long week full of surprises, not all of them good. One of the not so good was Lilly had to go back into hospital overnight. She needed some tests done as she was unable to walk for a couple of days. On Tuesday she suddenly had problems with her walking, one of her legs kept collapsing and she just kept falling over. She was sent to hospital and they ran some tests to try to find out what the problem was.

Lilly being Lilly she let them take blood and things and even laughed for the nurse. She had an ultra sound of her hip and was really interested in watching the  funny "TV". The strange thing was she had no fever, nor did she seem ill....she just couldn't walk. She looked so puzzled when she kept falling over.......she must have wondered what was happening.

Was allowed home late on Wednesday and by last night she was walking strange is that? So we have to wait until next week when all the tests are back...hopefully it is a one off event!! But it is really worrying her mum and dad as to what could have caused it and if it will happen again.

Charlie has been an average naughty pup..nothing ultra bad...thank goodness!! But I am sure that he will come up with something new...he never stays "good" for long!! So watch this space!!

My head has felt a little like it was filled with cotton wool this you ever get that? Thinking is happening, but slower than usual....I need to blow those cotton cobwebs away and get a clear head...perhaps the hair dryer in my ear would work, on cool of course!! But you know what they say laughter is the best medicine for anything that ails you and so I think I just need a good giggling session to clear the air and release the tension. Was it Victor Hugo said that "laughter is the sun that drives Winter from the face"...whoever said it...they are right!!

Perhaps a girlie night in and a few face packs will do the certainly gets me giggling to watch the others. That why my mask never seems to work..I laugh too much and crack it before I'm cooked!!

The weather is cold and wet, so this evening I grab my cosy socks and jumper again. I think Spring is temporarily on hold for a few days. Lets hope it comes back soon before I freeze. There is nothing so comforting as being warm and cosy, it makes you feel safe sheltered. I can remember as a child on those dark Winter evenings curling up by the fire and toasting bread and my toes...mmmm, gorgeous! Great for toast...bad for getting chilblains but so comforting!!

Now to this Fridays Commercial Use OK gift. It is two overlays to help add some texture to your paper there are some sample papers in a separate download to give you an idea of what they can do. I hope that someone can find a use for them.




You can download the overlays here

or here from Media Fire


You can download the example papers here

or here from Media Fire

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy yourselves!!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Holiday Over..Now Time for a Rest!!

Goodness..who said Easter was a holiday? I think it's one of the busiest times of year, at least it was here!!

Saturday was cooking and cleaning and getting organised and then Sunday was just none stop all day!! It was lovely, though Lilly thought it was very strange that the birdies left their eggs in the garden..naughty birdies!! Never mind, next year we'll explain properly to her what it's all about.

The highlight of her day was "cooking". Well, she thinks she's cooking. It involves her gathering stones, twigs, leaves etc and putting them carefully into the stone birdbath...then she takes a stick and stirs. She worked this one out on her own and she just loves much so that it's the first thing she wants to do when she gets out into the garden. The good thing is she doesn't expect us all to eat it!!

The other thing that caused a tricky moment was Lilly had two dresses and she wanted to wear both...together!! Okay, it was Easter and she didn't look her best but...she got to wear both...together...and she thought she looked great!! And at the end of the day, that's what counts.


"Come on Upsey a good girl and play nicely!"


"Nice stones for cooking, have to have some of those!"


"Now...just an other little stir and it's done."

By the end of the day I was in a heap..tired but happy. Monday was more of the same and by the end of "the holiday" my head was spinning. It's funny how we mum's always end up with such busy "holidays", the word just seems a contradiction to the reality. But it was I'm not complaining...just exhausted!!

This evening was a big event for Charlie...he got to go out with Chris to the common. Normally he's not allowed to go as he does tend to escape...well, he always escapes!! But this evening we took a chance..and a very strong lead, plus a harness and a collar...the whole shebang!!

He loved it..and more to the point he didn't run off..but..yes, it's that but again!! He did manage to fall in a very smelly pond. Thank goodness it was not the back of my car that he travelled home in!! Needless to say when he got back I smelt him before I saw him. He was so proud of himself and he looked so offended when he was  dragged off to have a bath.

Now Charlie is not too keen on baths. Okay what I really mean is he HATES them! So, it was a very wet event with lots of noise. In fact it was total chaos...Charlie trying to escape, me trying to washing him, Chris trying to hang on to him and everyone getting soaked through.

The best bit was when he was finished.....there he was dancing around with Chris acting as ballast on his collar to slow him down. I was trying to catch him with a very large towel....but of course before I did he shook all over everyone. The only consolation was this water was clean!

Afterwards he had to be kept in to stop him finding a nice muddy bit to roll in. Being clean is not Charlie's favourite state. Give him something nice and smelly and he's in seventh heaven...but clean...yuck!! And no...I didn't take pictures. I wouldn't risk my camera in the chaos and water, lol!!

Now, enough rambling. Before I go I have a little freebie, a quick page in two different colours with a doodle flower border and a little word art.


You can download them here

Well, I'm off to bed. All that bath stuff is tiring. Take care and see you soon.


Saturday, 11 April 2009

Fish and Chips

(Sorry this is a late post...Blogger wouldn't let me post it last night.)

So, I'm bad..not only that but I'm making other people bad!! I'm leading them into bad ways...well, one at least. Shame on me!!

I worked this morning, the whole time watching the rain fall in a never ending stream down the window. Where had all the sunshine gone? Gloomy was not the word!! But, I told myself sternly to WORK...concentrate! I know it's a holiday today, Good Friday, but I don't know about where you seems that here holidays like today are vanishing fast and people are working them more and more. As the others were all working I thought I would too....but it was hard! Good Friday should be Hot Cross Buns and rolling eggs!!

I settled down and concentrated, well at least until 1.00pm then I'd had enough and thought..."to heck with this" and I grabbed my keys and off I went. I decided that despite the rain I was going to drive and pick up my Mum....... then go get some Fish and Chips (yep, we Brits are great at these) .  We could drive to a cliff overlooking the sea and just sit and watch the rain and the sea do their thing.

Not productive I know, but I thought it would blow my cobwebs away from what has been an unsettling week and get me in the Easter mood. The fact that I am helping clogging our arteries with fat is not the is just once in a while after all....and today I didn't care!!

It was cold and wet and very windy....a bit of a disaster day weather wise...but it was beautiful. The tossing waves with the white horses ridding the crests, gray skies low and threatening and the rain falling sideways....I could feel the emotions and stresses of the week draining away as I watch nature vent itself.

In a calm moment..between wind and rain...I got out and took a couple of pictures. Look how gray and misty it was. The shadow on the horizon is the Isle of Wight, normally you can see it clearly but it was shrouded in sea mist...and this was afternoon!!





The windows of the car steamed up and I knew the chip smell would be there for days, but I was would act as a reminder of Mum and I and the sea...and some gorgeous Fish and Chips!! I felt quite calm and at peace with the world as I sucked the salt and grease from my fingers.....yes, tradition says Fish and Chips have to be eaten with your fingers to taste their best!! So it was an afternoon well spent.

This week is the anniversary of Dad's death and so it is normally a thoughtful time for us, full of memories of when the sun shone and Dad was still here laughing. We had our space and quiet time...well not so quiet really...lot of talking as usual. But now...Easter..I'm ready for you. Bring on the family, lots of cooking, eggs and starting to explain to Lilly what Easter is all about..the latter could take a least a couple more years!!

This weeks CU OK gift is a knotted frame. The download includes 1 grayscale frame and the samples that I have done. They can all be used for personal/S4H/CU.


You can download them here

Enjoy the rest of the holiday and be good!!


Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Value of Time

Hi All!! Things are back to normal here after the barbeque..even Charlie has recovered from acting as unofficial dustbin for Chris's burnt offerings. He positioned himself next to the barbeque and despite warnings not to feed him, it just happened that the over done bits "fell" onto the patio. Strange that isn't it? Why do kids, no matter how large, try to kill of our pets with kindness? But despite that they all survived even with the cold weather and bad cooking!

I was thinking today about time...yes, too busy again and trying to catch my tail. We say such funny things about buying time, costs time and time is money. All of these link time with money...does that just signify that we feel time is precious or does it mean that we feel our time is wasted if we're not doing something? Or do we think that time not spent earning money is a lost opportunity?

What about lost time......this one is do we loose it? Does it just creep past us hoping we won't catch it...or do we drop it on our way to the shops. I can just imagine someone asking "Excuse me you haven't seen my time have you? I seem to have lost it". It just goes to show how silly some of the things we say are if you stop to think about them.

We talk about free time.....implying that it's time we give away without charge, or that we waste. It's strange but I had never realised that time and money are linked so often in our day to day speech. 

I like many others never have enough hours in a day and often worry about wasting time. Why are we so driven by the clock many times do you look at your watch or clock in a day..even on weekends? I feel naked without my watch, the only times I don't wear it is in the shower and in bed.

I think it's a shame that we are so clock driven. I know we need to be punctual for appointments but surely our whole day shouldn't be time orientated?  The next chance I get I'm going to leave off my watch for the day and just do things in my own time...what a luxury!! Knowing me I'll forget and go searching for the clock!!

What I should do is take the time to watch the sunset, see nature come alive, feel the rain, hear the birds sing and so many other things that I often miss in my frantic chase to follow the clock hands.

The good news is this weekend is Easter the family are all gathering here and yes, the lovely Lilly is coming too. I am happy to announce that she is staying with me for a couple of days and I have got lots of plans to keep her occupied. I thought a walk in the forest...well the edge of it...her little legs are small and perhaps some finger painting..if I can keep Charlie out of it. I can just imagine him lending a paw!!! The kitchen would be in a fine mess. I think I'll take a few photos to add to my Lilly 0-5 albums. There will be quite a few of them by the time she has reached the ripe old age of 5 years!!

It's almost time for Charlie's last walk and so I need to go (see, time is rearing it's ugly head again!). So check below if you want the link for Big Boy Kitty, for those little gentlemen.


Download Big Boy Kitty here

(If you missed the girl Pretty Kitty then check Monday's post for the download link.)

Be good and see you soon!! Watch and see how often you think about time in your will surprise you!!

Monday, 6 April 2009

The Smoke Gets in My Eyes

The sun has been shining earlier today and Spring is definitely here. It should have been a peaceful evening..chilly now the sun has gone in, but peaceful. But...(there's always a but) my youngest son seems to think it's summer!! He has holiday from work this week and so he's really in the mood to have some fun. I don't mind this, but I think loosing touch with reality on a temporary basis must be genetic!!

He decided whilst he was out that a barbeque for dinner would be a good idea and so he shopped for some stuff. Loads and loads of stuff!!  Now I know he's a big guy but there is a limit to how much you can eat.

Cooking is not his strongest point and his food shopping skills finish with chips, orange juice and when he shopped for the barbeque he bought enough for a small army of starving giants!! If we were to cook it all we could ask our half of town to dinner. (Mind you I am sure that Charlie would volunteer to suffer leftovers for the good of the cause.) It doesn't help that the barbeque is just a little basic too...he would be up for a couple of days if he had to cook everything on it.

Now the sun has gone in the temperature has dropped and there he is on the patio in T-shirt and shorts warming up the barbeque!!! I say warming up loosely..what I really mean is he's filling the house with smoke..cough, cough. Now I know how a fish in the smoke house feels. My eyes are stinging and I keep shutting the door....but will it stay shut? No...he keeps remembering something else that he has forgotten and really, really now!!

Of course he set it up right next to the back would be silly to walk any more than he has too, or so he thinks. Now we Brits are not renowned for our barbequeing skills....I mean with our weather there are normally only about four weekends a year we can have one for a start! But this is the guy who had a barbeque on the common with his friends and they had to bring the stuff home to cook it as they couldn't get it going.

That said he is sitting on the patio with his long suffering girlfriend chatting...through the smoke. Perhaps I should take out a paper fan so she can waft it away or maybe an electric fan and a scarf and gloves would be more help.

Me...I'll stick with the lasagne that I least I will get to eat it before midnight and it will be smoke and burnt bit free. My DH just shakes his head and retires to his computer "Call me when he's done" drifts after him as he wanders off.

And yes...there goes the smoke alarm..again! "Shut the door..and keep it shut!!!" if he will. The only way that door will stay shut is if Charlie learns really fast, which is not likely..learning is not his strong point. Anyway at the moment Charlie's just sitting watching his "friend" Chris burning something with a really puzzled look on his face and is much too interested in what's happening to bother with learning.

All I can say is I hope they come in before they turn blue with cold. I can imagine that my freezer will get a few contributions of uncooked food too. The downside is that it means he'll want to do it again to use the stuff up. Who said they less trouble as they grown up?'s just different, lol!!

A little gift from me to you, today is a pretty little girl kitty and on Wednesday you can add the big boy then you have one for those cute girls and one for your "big" little boys!!

Have a look and if you like them then download Pretty Kitty (girl) today. (The download is a direct link so you don't go to the 4shared page, I know a lot of people worry about going there.)


Download Pretty Kitty here


Check back on Wednesday and download Big Boy Kitty then

Well, I'm off to air the house to get rid of the smoke smell and to drag Charlie away from scrounging more sausages!!

Take care and have a peaceful evening.


Friday, 3 April 2009

Thank You!!

What can I say but a HUGE thank you to all who let comments on my last post. I was overwhelmed when I saw all the responses to my requests for an opinion... I actually felt a lump come to my throat. Thank you all for being so brilliant and sensible...unlike me!!

I appreciate all the sensible opinions and words of advice and your right, I should do what I feel is right on my own blog.  I need to give myself a reality check and say "Who Cares!". My initial reaction was shock that people would take the time to be so mistake was to react. Your right..if they don't like the way I do things it's just tough. So I am staying as I blog, this one!! I feel a little silly for being such a baby now!!

Now I have said that...I'll move on.

Lilly is doing well this week and is back to her normal rushing around self. When she was ill she was such a sad little soul that grandma just had to try something to make her smile. So, knowing Lilly's passion for dressing up I got her a hat, one with a ribbon down the back and a fancy brim.....her mother looked a little doubtful when I pulled it out of the bag and proudly perched it on my head. Lilly often proudly struts her stuff in a variety items to achieve her own unique fashion style. Fashion Lilly style is a stunning ensemble.....her Father's high visibility vest combined with a contrasting set of  Mummy's beads, granddad's winter scarf and..... for that "Tres Chic" touch.....a pair of Uncle Chris's size 13 shoes. The effect is eye catching to say the least!!

The thing with Lilly is she only likes to dress up with other people's's no good with something she already owns!!

 You can understand that to get her interest I had to make her think the hat mine...a hat she would just long to wear. So...I gazed in the mirror and posed and preened, exclaiming how much I loved my new bonnet!! A strutted and twisted and walked up and down an imaginary catwalk. Mind you, for a while she stayed silent and watchful...most probably thinking why did she get such a weird grandma when they gave them out!!

But....then came the suggestion of a smile, that the hand came out in the hat's direction....and then a loud "Tah". She wanted it!! They say everything has it's drawback..and it does, even little hats (that is apart from the fact I had spent 30 minutes acting like a lunatic with a tiny hat perched on my far from tidy hair). Bath time was just a teeny, tiny bit difficult with a one year old in a straw hat!!! Ducks and a straw hat...yep, now I know she's one of mine!!! A true blue eccentric!! Lol!

Have a look, here she is after she first claimed the hat...and yes, it does look terrific with a high visibility vest...or ducks. I know because the next day I bought her the smallest visibility vest Ikea had.  She now has her very own....but we don't tell her that! Oh gosh no, she thinks it's Charlie's vest she wears. It's a bit large still but it's a lot smaller than her dads!!


I've got "grandma's" new hat....and half a smile.

As it's Friday there is a gift, one I hope will prove has for me. It's a set of brushes(.abr) and custom shapes (.csh), plus 5 png files for making labels or adapting to make other's your imagination!! Hopefully having them in several formats will make them useful to more of you. Commercial Use is Ok for these enjoy them and make some great goodies for your pages!!



You can download them here

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you once again for being the "wind beneath my wings".

Thursday, 2 April 2009

What to Do - Opinions Sought

Hi all. I nearly didn't post tonight because I can't decide what to do!! Cen's Loft started out as a place for my scrapbook freebies with a little bit of me. In the last week, since I said I would post everyday...but only post freebies Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I have received not one but quite a few emails that I found a bit disconcerting. I do have my email address freely available, that's not the problem.

Now, don't get me wrong I love a freebie as much as the next girl but....... I also like to blog hop and read blogs too. If I find a great freebie then I look on it as a bonus. But I have had some less than flattering emails  this week saying that I have ruined my blog..not enough freebies and too much of my "boring life...who cares what you do" (to quote one). It's the fact that I have received several that has made me stop and think if I should change things.

So I have rather a heavy heart tonight and am thinking that perhaps I should get an other blog to write on and just have Cen's Loft for freebies. I must admit it rather took the shine of things a bit for me, which I know is stupid. I have been blessed with the lovely people who visit and leave comments and become my far away friends but I should have realised that there are people who just come for the freebies and the rest of my ramblings are just so much nonsense they have to scroll through to get to the freebie.  They are not happy when they scroll down and find...shock freebie!!! All that scrolling for nothing!!

So the question is.....should I split it into two blogs, or perhaps just keep Cen's Loft but just stick to scrapbook speak? Banish the Charlie and Lilly tales and the rest of the rambling. I was thinking of changing the timing of the blog updates as well...perhaps I should just send those out on freebie days but if I split the blog then then that one won't matter anyway.

I really don't know which way to jump. I know I sound a bit lame on this but I am quite shocked that some people would go to the trouble to email me to be rude!!! I feel a little silly on this one and perhaps I have rambled on too much and lost the point....but please don't email me your complaints tonight!!! Lol!!

Well, now I have got it off my chest I'm off but if you have an opinion on split or not too split then please say. I could use some honest opinions...but not rude comments, lol!

Anyway I'll be back tomorrow night with the Friday freebie, till then be good and take care!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

It's April Fools Day!!

I was tempted to do something silly, well sillier than usual if you can believe it, for April Fools Day but I decided that I was a big enough fool without making an extra special effort. Perhaps I should try to be sensible today...well, I did but that doesn't work either, so you just get me as I am and today I actually managed to stay out of trouble.

Well, it's late in the day as I spent time with my middle granddaughter, Emma and what with the rest of my day I wasn't in until this evening. We went and watched Marley and Me and it sent goose bumps down my spine.....I thought...Charlie!!! Those shredded cushions were just like his bed...and the shoe. The rushing off and the ability to ignore someone yelling at the top of their's him, it's him. I think they must have cloned Marley's personality and made Charlie's. I did have to admire the couple, I would never be brave enough to let Charlie have the run of the house when I went out, not a chance!!

But the was so sad!! Emma cried buckets, I should have taken a life preserver to keep us afloat...we nearly drowned in all those tears. She started, then I could feel the tears coming and then a girl behind use topped us both and really started sobbing!! I know it does you good to cry once in a while but this was a tsunami!!

As the credits started to roll Emma rushed for the exit with me stumbling in the dark to keep up. When we reached daylight she vanished into the toilets "to mend her face"...the mascara had run rather badly with all the tears. Me I didn't have that problem, I hadn't worn any as I was forewarned it was a weepy ending...for once I got it right!!

So tears over I came home to find out what my own little "Marley" had got up to.

Now to the scrapping. First let me share an absolutely stunning layout with a fantastic photo effect that Bina sent me. Cutting the picture in four works so well and I love the hearts, just one of the little details that make this a special page. Thank you Bina for sharing it!! (I apologise for not giving full credits, I do know that she used some of the blog freebie papers but any other credits I missed...I'm sorry!!)


Today's little freebie is some threaded petals. It's really simple but I like simple at the moment. Have a look, I really need to brush up on my preview skills, I always struggle with these. Am I the only one?


You can download them here

Take care and see you soon!!