Thursday, 2 April 2009

What to Do - Opinions Sought

Hi all. I nearly didn't post tonight because I can't decide what to do!! Cen's Loft started out as a place for my scrapbook freebies with a little bit of me. In the last week, since I said I would post everyday...but only post freebies Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I have received not one but quite a few emails that I found a bit disconcerting. I do have my email address freely available, that's not the problem.

Now, don't get me wrong I love a freebie as much as the next girl but....... I also like to blog hop and read blogs too. If I find a great freebie then I look on it as a bonus. But I have had some less than flattering emails  this week saying that I have ruined my blog..not enough freebies and too much of my "boring life...who cares what you do" (to quote one). It's the fact that I have received several that has made me stop and think if I should change things.

So I have rather a heavy heart tonight and am thinking that perhaps I should get an other blog to write on and just have Cen's Loft for freebies. I must admit it rather took the shine of things a bit for me, which I know is stupid. I have been blessed with the lovely people who visit and leave comments and become my far away friends but I should have realised that there are people who just come for the freebies and the rest of my ramblings are just so much nonsense they have to scroll through to get to the freebie.  They are not happy when they scroll down and find...shock freebie!!! All that scrolling for nothing!!

So the question is.....should I split it into two blogs, or perhaps just keep Cen's Loft but just stick to scrapbook speak? Banish the Charlie and Lilly tales and the rest of the rambling. I was thinking of changing the timing of the blog updates as well...perhaps I should just send those out on freebie days but if I split the blog then then that one won't matter anyway.

I really don't know which way to jump. I know I sound a bit lame on this but I am quite shocked that some people would go to the trouble to email me to be rude!!! I feel a little silly on this one and perhaps I have rambled on too much and lost the point....but please don't email me your complaints tonight!!! Lol!!

Well, now I have got it off my chest I'm off but if you have an opinion on split or not too split then please say. I could use some honest opinions...but not rude comments, lol!

Anyway I'll be back tomorrow night with the Friday freebie, till then be good and take care!


eilajean said...

OH MY!!!!! and yes that is SCREAMING? How dare you even consider to let a bunch of freebie hounds make you move away from your comfort zone. I am just blown away at how ungracious people can be, and I DO NOT mean you. I love to come by an read your blog. I love of your freebies as well, although I have so much scrap stuff, I don't always take advantage of your gift... But I do read, and enjoy what you have to say. If it is inconvenient for someone to get through your blog, then I say "TUFF TACOS" - they can go to Digi-Free and download to their heart's content. OH my, I am just FUMING over the very thought that anyone could be so rude as to tell you how to handle your blog. You keep doing what you are doing. I mean that!

And I had meant to comment on your story about the dog bed... LOL. Our dog, Morgan was a bit of a chewer when we first got him... but thankfully he grew out of it. Once, a few years ago, we had gone to Washington to visit family for Thanksgiving. A friend stayed with her dog (Morgan's Buddy Cory). We had a towel by the back door that they liked to play tug with. They had it pretty tattered, so Libby decided to throw it away... but did not replace it. What did those naughty labs do? They decided to play tug with Morgan's very large stuffed bed. I guess when she came home the entire living room was covered with white stuffing. The dogs had no remorse. We did wait a month to get him a new bed. He was in the Dog House so to speak. We do tolerate a great bit more form our pooches than we do our children... LOL.

June, have a wonderful evening, and please do not be bullied into doing anything differently.

Hugs from across the world LOL

eila (the girl who lives in a snow globe)

Macshelly said...

Ohmigosh, what low life, white trash wrote you like that????
This is YOUR blog, to do with as you choose. I for one love to read about what other people have going on, and if you throw in the occasional freebie, then great!
How DARE they try to tell you what do to with YOUR blog???!!!!
OOOOOh...I am so blown away to hear that, can you tell???? I don't even have a blog, and I am just so mad about it!
Just tell them to go elsewhere, and you keep doing what you do best.

catlady aka catslave said...

June, your blog is always entertaining, interesting, brightens my day and makes me smile or chuckle. On the days you post your freebies, I always feel fortunate and say a thank you, Cen, out loud. I do hope you will not change things because after all, this is your blog. I wish the lowlifes who make ugly demands would all crawl under their rocks, stay there, and quit intentionally hurting generous, loving people like you.

txbubbles said...

Hi June,
Eila emailed me to come read this post. I have had my share of rude, ungrateful, grab and run, nasty comment idiots. I shut them down real quick with a post that it was MY BLOG to do with as I pleased and if they didn't like it they were no longer welcome and don't let the door hit them in the butt on the way out. The main problem is having a feed with Digi-Free, that seems to be where a lot of them come from. Another thing, I don't give out freebies, I give gifts, it's funny what the choice of words has. So, my advice what YOU want to do. Personally, I would keep everything the same and if they don't want to read your blog, then let them go elsewhere. I actually have received a lot of comments that say they love reading about my life happenings. There are nice people out there, don't let the idiots get you down.
Big hugs,
Vicki in Texas

Linda said...

Don't let the bad guys win. YOU do whatever moves your heart. We all deal with ungracious people but we can choose not to acknowleddge it or condone it. It's as if they speak a whole other language and will never understand your point. You go girl!!

Jude said...

Personally I'd tell them to take a flying leap. I stop by to read about your life and pets and would hate to see you stop posting about those things that matter to you.

Danyale said...

Well, my sound off will be like everyone else's....this is your what you want. period. I would e-mail them back and ask them not to share their personal opinions because you don't want to hear it. If they sound off their name so we can all avoid them around, it ain't all that big a world here in blog land....they clearly want to leave an impressions.....let us do it, LOL!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog! I enjoy reading all about Charlie, and Lily, and anything else you want to throw in.
I often get a giggle to brighten my day. I love your freebies, but I don't come for those alone. I come to get the next installment in the saga of your life. Please, please, keep your blog just the way it is. Don't let ignorant, rude people dictate what you do on your own blog!
Maybe you could just delete rude emails as soon as you recognise them for what they are. Don't bother to read the whole thing.

Ann said...

I'm with everyone else here. It's YOUR blog, do it the way you want. It's not that I don't love your freebies but I very rarely take advantage of them. I mostly stop by because your stuff is wonderful and it sometimes gives me inspiration in creating my own freebies for my blog. Personally I don't find blogs that just post the freebie alone that interesting. I enjoy a blogger who shares a little bit of her life with you. The people who emailed you are rude and inconsiderate and obviously learned nothing when they were growing up about manners and appreciation. You keep your blog just the way it is. I LOVE IT

Mac's Wifey said...

I enjoy reading your blog .. and honestly, for those who have the audacity to say such a thing to you should just move on. If they hate having to scroll just to read your posts.. then they dont have to look at your blog. It is YOUR blog not theirs!!

Keep up with what your doing (which is an awesome job btw!!) and tell them to get over it.

Julianne said...

Well, my goodness. Whoever sent you those emails is actually an embarrassment to the human race. Seriously. The selfishness just astounds me. This is your blog, and you should feel comfortable posting whatever the heck you want -- freebies, life stories, even listings from the dictionary if those please you. I am grateful for any freebie you choose to so graciously share, but also for the lovely stories and tidbits into your life. Please, keep on doing what you're doing, and what makes you happy! I am very impressed that you would even consider posting any more freebies after receiving those hateful emails.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the other comments! Please don't change your blog in any way - I look forward to reading your 'ramblings' and tales of Charlie and Miss Lilly. :o)

yensid said...

Please don't listen to those idiots! I love your blog! Your writing is very entertaining and I love hearing stories about Lily and especially Charlie! How ungrateful can people be? I feel as you do - I love to blog hop and a freebie is just an added extra. So my vote is that you don't change a thing!

Susie2shoes said...

I simply cannot believe the cheek and rudeness of some people. June your blog is fab and funny and I love the way it is. I really enjoy reading about your life and that of you cute dog and family. I'm also happy when you give aways your gifts, but it's not why I visit. So don't waste another moment of your precious time. Ya boo suck to all the meanies who emailed you moaning.

Big hugs

Pat said...

June, don't let the rude, inconsider people out there get ya down! It's your blog, don't change a thing, unless YOU want to!

Leaonna said...

awwwww sweetie....We Love you and I think there are more of US then THEY so dont let them make you change the way YOU like to do things...I LOVE your stories BUT I dont think you should push yourself to post everday unless you WANT too...the ones that dont like it though should just NOT come to your blog....who cares about THEM your not gaingin from the ones who are rude enuff to say those things....I think you should not have to post on 2 seperate blogs....a blog is a blog for people to speak theyre minds and OR adventures Has Those People
FORGOTTEN what a blog is for in the FIRST place....LOL

LadyPatsFan said...

Maybe I'm the wrong one to ask, but I don't think you need to change anything. It's your blog, and most of us enjoy reading about the lives of the designers we collect from. One thing I love about the digiscrapping world is how close everyone is thanks to forums and blogs.

I'm blown away by the rudeness of some people. This post and some others I have read on other blogs - I don't understand how these posters/emailers can feel so entitled and take the time to complain about something someone is giving out for FREE!!! And here I'm worried about not having time to post much more than a thank you most days!

I say, delete the nasty emails and try to put them out of your head. A lot of us enjoy reading about your life. And on those days when time is short and we can't manage take the time to enjoy your words - well, that's what scroll bars and next buttons are for!

Keep your chin up hon.

~Liz~ said...

Hi June,

If I were you, I'd just pity those illiterate fools who emailed you all that degrading nonsense!
Yes they have to be illiterate cause your blog header clearly states - Cen's thoughts & a little bit of me... so for those who are either jealous or just have nothing else to do - get a bloody life and stop harassing!

Anonymous said...

oh, for heavens sake, i can not believe people would rant and rave over your blog! you write what ever you want and if all they want are freebies let them never come back. i actually read some blogs simply because i dont have a life outside my family. thats fine by me, so i like to read others. ignore the rude to dogs, they never 'talk' back :)

Anonymous said...

I say, ignore the little @##@#! and do what you want to do! It's your blog- your freebies and I for one, enjoy reading and getting the freebies! I just don't see where people get the nerve to do things like that!

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I say Pffft to them. Don't change a thing!

Stash Empress said...

Good grief! How could anyone be so rude as to say they're not interested in your "boring" life???? So who told them to come to your blog????? (And its not boring -- I don't always d/l your freebies -- but I do read most of your posts!) Here's what I suggest -- keep on blogging about your life -- and give freebies now & again WHEN you feel like it -- BUT ---- how about you put a password on the download... but put the password somewhere in middle of your post... so.... if they want the d/l they can just *Read* the post!!! LOL! Evil, aren't I?????
{{{{{HUGS}}}}} Don't let the meanies get you down!

Deenie said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe the level of rudeness and inconsideration of some people!! If all you want is freebies then fine, but keep the totally ignorant comments to yourself :p

I love reading the blurbs on your blog and Charlie just has me shaking my head lol Having no life of my own I live vicariously ;)

Anonymous said...

I for one agree with all that I have read,I love to read your messages,in fact I downright enjoy them, forget who ever wrote you something like that, they are not worth you time.

I also do enjoy the freebies , but as others have said,I believe I enjoy reading your messages more.
Thank You ever so much for sharing with us.

Penny S said...

Absolutely not - you should not be made to feel that you need to split into 2 blogs. This is your blog. If people don't like to read about you then they should not be following your blog. I enjoy the freebies but I enjoy reading about others more. Keep one blog and ignore the grumblers! Keep smiling and keep telling us about your adventures.

Sue/ aka Scrappy Schnooks said...

SHAME ON THEM!!!!! Do you hear me all of you rude people!!!! How dare you tell someone what they should and shouldnt do on their blog!! Some of us enjoy reading the story's....

Keryn said...

DON'T CHANGE YOUR BLOG JUNE - that is why I love you and your blog so much. Your writings are as wonderful as your gifts and I would be here each day reading about your exploits even if you weren't offering freebies.

This is YOUR blog and NOT theirs and as such is for you to do and write however you want. Just ignor them and hopefully they will go away and find a life somewhere else.

Big Aussie Hugs to you, Keryn

Erin said...

I love your blog.. I come by nearly every day... you do with it as you like and delete those who don't like you. And.. I came by to say, I have an award for you on my blog.

mhsands said...

I can't believe that; well, actually I can. I am new to blogging and digital scraps and I must say that it is artist like you that keep me on the computer all night (my husband may be happy if you stopped offering me such good stuff so I'd log off --LOL--, but I'D HATE IT). I must admit I don't always leave a comment when I download something, but I am extremely appreciative! God has given you a gift and I wouldn't let anyone steal your spirit, dreams or passions. Keep the faith!

ccynden said...

Oh my goodness - you can see how upset we all are at the thought that you would allow someone or a number of someones to force you to change your life because it does not suit them!! DO NOT CHANGE ONE IOTA. I would be more than disappointed if you give in to those very ungrateful people (I am saying ungrateful mildly). Get your strength from those who love you and are sticking with you, and that's an order.

Anonymous said...

I am going to put it this way!!!!!!!!!!H with capital letters!!!! I don't swear so fill in the blanks. There are some days that I can and love to read your blog and then there are days I just don't have the time so, how easy is it to just go to the bottom and find your freebie. Sometimes there is one and sometime there isn't so how hard is that????? Don't let a few spoil it. I love sharing your life and its very inheartning. So take my opinion with much appreciation, besides then I would have to visit your other blog, too!!! Hugs to you, Deb P

Ajila said...

Cen, One of the things I love about your blog is your blogging. I always enjoy reading your blog. Your's is one of my favorites to read. You are so witty and kind. No need at all to split your blog. To bad for those knuckle heads who just want their freebie. I like freebies of course but I've come to look at some of you wonderful ladies as friends because of your sharing from the heart. I can't tell you how many mornings you have brought cheer to my heart. Don't split it up. Your blogging is the main event. The freebie, if you have one, is a bonus. Tough luck to the others. I can see by the number of posts that I'm not alone in my feelings about this. Keep on writing, please, and in my humble opinion there is no need to split it up. Thank you for everything, and as always, leaving you some love.

Dana said...

Your blog is just that, YOUR blog. If a person doesn't want to read the content of Your blog, they should just skip it. For heaven's sake, what is there to complain about? I love the fact that you throw in freebies but I also love the peek we get of your life and happiness. Do not split unless YOU want to split. I enjoy what you do and will be happy with your decision either way.

Anonymous said...

I find your stories very funny. I thought things like your dog chewing his bed only happened to people like me. If they don't want to read your post every day they don't have to visit.I'm sure they can find plenty of freebies else where!

Vana63 said...

yes June, I am with the way can you let the ungrateful jerks tell you what to put on your blog! I visit your blog daily and totally enjoy it just the way it is :-)

trifaith said...

no no no do only one blog those people are crazy! we love you and yes some days I do not have time to read but on other days it is fun to catch up! I have had a few bad emails to and I do a bible study on my blog how crazy am I? LOL!!

thanks for sharing this as i feel that most people do not realize that this is normal to get these emails. sorry it had to happen to you!

rebecca said...

please don't let them stop you from telling us about your days!I need them so I don't feel so alone in this crazy world!Your life is so like mine! Minus the charming Charlie .I love your blog,please keep it that way.

Kim said...

You wouldn't let anyone tell you how to live your life, or run your business would you? Then DO NOT let anyone dictate what you should or should not do on YOUR blog.

Stay with your heart and keep posting how you choose to post.

Don't let a few mean-spirited people change your groove at all.....

It's just like watching tv when there's a program on you don't want to change the channel, right? Well tell those bullies to change the channel and go to the next blog. You don't need them!

Stay true to yourself and big hugs,


Anonymous said...

No, no, no...don't change a thing!! I sometimes download freebies and sometimes don't from blogs out here in cyberspace, but I also enjoy reading how similar I am to others out there in this silly world of ours!!

The other night, I started reading your blog post, "Ate a What.." OUTLOUD while sitting in bed next to my husband and we both started laughing hysterically!! Your pictures combined with your marvelous storytelling really had us in stitches!! We have a "chewer" also, and the thought of you backing over the dog bed...oh my see...anyone could have these things happen to them!! And I LOVE THAT HUMAN CONNECTION that you share on your blog!!

I have not started my blog, even though I have one, but I know you put time and energy into your designs AND into your blog. Don't take time away from your life to possibly satisfy people who have turned on you. No, no, please keep it up, just as it is. You are a gifted storyteller and it is YOUR blog!!

I agree with several of the other ladies who have commented...that makes me really angry that some people would actually take the time to email you to be MEAN!!
I would email them back and tell them to "pucker-up, buttercup and kiss my lily-white butt"!!

Better yet, post their email addresses on your blog, and ask them not to visit you again!! Ha Ha!!

Chin-up, sister!! Don't spend the time and energy worrying about them!! We're here for ya!!


teaching_texas said...

Oh, June, please don't stop giving us your day-to-day comments! I just love the Miss Lilly and the Charlie adventures. I was just thinking of your dog today as I was cleaning house...your very own Marley. You don't know me, but I love "peeking" into your life. LOL. Mine is pretty boring, and I just love to hear about yours.

I love your freebies, but I love your life, too! Please don't stop.

Sharon from Texas

Mary Ann said...

Please don't change a thing on how you do your blog. I for one enjoy reading about Miss Lilly and though I like freebies just as much as anyone else with your blog I very much enjoy your sharing of your days. There are always going to be self-righteous, rude, people who think their opinion is the only one that matters and they are selfish and self centered and really do only care about the freebies "Ignore Them" they are PNC (persons of no consequence). Your fun to read, interesting and give me a laugh usually just when I need it. Again, please don't change or split your blog as I like the mix you have going now. Your freebies are always top quality and absolutely worth waiting for.

Randi said...

Proud to be the 42nd(!!) comment telling you not to change a thing. People like that will find fault with anything and your blog has always brought me nothing but smiles. Stay strong. :)

Swapna said...

Gosh June... I have actually not paid attention to your freebies at all since I haven't quite figured out what to do with them?? but I so love to get the glimpses of your life... makes me feel closer to is great to know that a very warm and giving person writes the blog... in my opinion, this is a fab blog just the way it is... your freebies dont matter to me ...dont change at all....and don't care about those grumps.. please do cheer up...

Judy said...

I have got nothing to add.....everyone has already said what I would have said before me.
I LOVE coming to your blog to read of your goings on, about you, the dog and the gorgeous Miss Lilly.
I don't always download your gifties but I do love reading your blog, so please keep it as one,
do not split it up.
Let the morons scroll through your lifes tales to get the freebie. If they don't like it they can move on to someone else's blog.
WE LOVE what you do just the way you do it NOW!!!!!

Sue E. said...

I am afraid there are mean minded people out there, but most of us are nice . It is YOU we come by for, the freebies are just a bonus. Stay put we love what you do ! If you change the meanies have won.
Sending warm thoughts to you x

Made by Mandy said...

I can't really say much more than has already been written. I agree, it is your blog and you should do what you want to do. if people only visit you for freebies they are selfish anyway and should not be given too much consideration.

I quite like Stash Empress's idea about hiding a password within your post to make them 'read' your blog and not just grab your freebie, that would get the meanies back !!

((( Big Hugs )))

Duni said...

It's your blog, June, so you may do as you wish. Don't let a few rude comments make you feel insecure about your posts - and certainly don't consider them important. Just carry on as before. I love your blog just as it is, with all the tidbits about you life thrown in!

Anonymous said...

Dear June, I am just blown away that there are people out there who have the NERVE to tell you that what you write on YOUR BLOG is boring. HOW DARE THEY? I could go on and on about those ungrateful, mean-spirited nasty individuals... but I just want you to know that I love your blog just the way it is. Your freebies are stunning and your musings often make me laugh and brighten my day - don't change! Keep smiling and God bless, MoosieD

LazyKay said...

Some people have very sad lives is all I can say.

I love your blog - gives me a smile when I find you're link in my e-mail box.

I can fully understand how upsetting you've found their comments.

I hope you continue as you are - I LOVE your freebies but would visit your blog anyway because it cheers me up.

Cyberhugs to you and cyberpunches to the silly burgers who spoil things.


Ellay said...

You know, for the most part, I find the digi-scrapping community to be friendly; so it never ceases to amaze me at how rude some people can be. Don't let them change your blog. It's YOUR blog.
(Personally, I enjoy having something to read while I'm downloading.) I enjoy your blog and come by most days. The freebies are bonuses! Please stay as you are and ignore all the bad people!! {{hugs}}

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Please don't change things because of some greedy and selfish people's rudeness and spite.
Your blog is lovely exactly as it is and I love reading it.
Sending you hugs and thanks for your kindness and generosity x

Chris Allport said...

Don't worry what they think or say. You are truly appreciated for all that you give away.

I enjoy coming to your blog each day and reading your tales about Lilly and Charlie.

Keep up the good work.

Luv and {{{hugs}}}


Esther said...

It was your gifts that got me to your blog in the first place and I adore your style BUT it is you and your life that makes me jump to read your posts every time I see them come up on my follow list! Please don't let a few greedy, selfish louts tell you what to do on YOUR blog. YOUR blog - YOUR rules. you write what you want my dear and I for one will always read it with glee.

kaffp said...

Hear hear to what everyone else has said - we love to come & visit, see what's happening & read your stories. I love to see the gifts you share with us, sometimes I take them, sometimes I don't but I always appreciate them & you! Don't change what you are doing for a bunch of people who obviously don't appreciate you (and have the cheek to be so rude about it). And don't let them upset you - they are not worth worrying over.

sue said...

I can only echo what everyone else has said, take no notice, some people must enjoy upsetting people, ignore them they are not worth it, your blog is great and what you want it to be

cherscrap23 said...

Wow, am shocked that some people have the nerve to email you and say such things. Hun, this is YOUR blog! Yours to do with as YOU wish! I say keep it just the way it is....most of us enjoy reading, not just receiving!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

I'm going to give you a GOOD SWIFT kick in the BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll be the first to admit I come for the freebies BUT I do READ ALL of YOUR POST even if I don't comment everday!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why make more work for yourself & keep 1 blog!!!!!!!!!!!!
SO SCREW THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So sorry for the shouting but they piss me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HUGE GIANT HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

txbubbles said...

Hi June,
I popped back in to see how it was going. I think by now you should have a good idea of what to do. LOL! Thankfully, it's obvious that the nice people outnumber the rude idiots by a great number. I noted the suggestion by several that you put a password somewhere in the post. I've been doing that for over a year now, and I still get the occasional complaint that I should make it easier for them to download. I just blow them off, because after all, it's my blog!
Vicki in Texas

Van said...

Please DO NOT take any notice of a few horrible, selfish, ungrateful people!! Your blog is fine just as it is!

Holly said...

I must admit, my main motivation for following your blog is the freebies--I love your work--but come on people, if someone is giving you their creation for FREE, have a little appreciation and at the very least some tact! June, THANK YOU for all the freebies AND the stories from your day-don't let what I am sure is a small, albeit, obnoxious, minority make you change how you want to handle your blog. If they can't handle it, let them go elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

June, you just keep being you. Cens Loft is my favorite place to visit. I love the tales of Charlie and Lilly. Thye makem e smile.
We will never please everyone, soplease continue doing what you do for you! After all, it is YOUR blog. :)
I will always be here for you because you have been the kindest paerson I have ever me. Your patience and frienship are beyond wonderful.
Love ya tons. :)

Jeff said...

I think that you should just keep ONE blog and not worry about these other trashy people!! Please don't change a thing as I for one enjoy everything that you do and am very grateful for all that you offer. You give character not only to your blog but also the freebies that you have to offer. My computer comes with the GREATEST KEY of all, it is called the DELETE KEY and works wonders. People like this do not even deserve a reply! What the need is to develop a personal relationship with the one that has saved us all and that is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! The best that you can do is pray for these people that they may someday see their ways and realize how many people that they have hurt and how many people's lives that they have negatively effected.

eilajean said...

I guess you have your answer.



Kim's Scrappin' said...

June, I have to agree with what everyone else before me has already said. This is YOUR blog, and YOU should do things YOUR way! I for one enjoy your stories of Miss Lilly and Charlie they often bring a smile to my face, and at times I even laugh out loud. I can't believe the nerve of the rude & obnoxious people, that only come by to grab and run, and think that they have the right to tell you how to run your blog! I have to say that I agree with Stash Empress' and maybe you should start adding a password IF and WHEN you do decide to offer a GIFT (for that is what it truly is) on YOUR blog. And hide it somewhere in the middle of one of your wonderful stories. That would be good enough for the rude people. June, don't change a thing my friend!!! I love your blog and the stories that you tell so great!!!

sdwrdt said...

Please DON'T stop letting us know about your life! Some of my biggest laughs during the day is from reading your blog!

Peanutnut said...

OMG How can people be so mean ??
I have loved your blog since the first day I stumbled upon it , I recommend it to my freinds , not just for the freebies ( although they are excellent and I have found some of your graphics invaluable in my card making for special people in my life.) but I also enjoy reading about your day to day life ..I wish my life was so boring !!!!
There are hundreds of free sites on the web but I still think yours is the best so please don't give up because a handful of selfish people are only in it for the free stuff ..they don't even deserve to share
keep it up I LOVE IT !!!

makeyesup said...

Well, I see there have been 66 comments already. Does that tell you something? We love your blog just the way it is. I do love to get freebies and love to read the various blogs. If I don't have time to do both, then it's my choice what I do. Noone should tell you what to do, do what you feel is right. I love your freebies and also love the stories. Have had many laughs from them and they are often much better pick-me-ups than any inanimate object that I can get for free. Thanks for all you do.

Jody said...

My goodness some people are so rude. Keep the blog the way it is for sure. I enjoy your ramblings and your freebies too. You have an interesting way of writing and I enjoy reading it all.

Tami said...

Oh good grief! I can't believe people are that insane that they would complain about what you do ON YOUR BLOG! Please don't let them change your blog. If you make any changes it needs to be because YOU think its the right thing to do for YOU.
I can tell you from experience that running more than one blog is incredibly time consuming. If my main blog wasn't so dedicated to our family and adoption experience I would bring in the elements from my other blogs. But that's me.
This is YOUR do what YOU want. And tell those other people to just take a hike. ;>)

reindeergal said...

What can I say that the others haven't already said. It's YOUR blog, they don't have to read it. I wouldn't change a thing.

One Creative Queen said...

People are something else, aren't they?? You offer up a freebie, taking your time and attention to give virtual strangers something FREE - and they react like they have? Pfft!

I like reading your ramblings - so much so that there has been more than once when I've gotten involved in a post and totally forgotten to drop on you! lol

Please don't let those people deter you from doing what YOU want to do with YOUR blog. I ramble on all the time - and don't really care if anyone reads it or not. (Of course I hope they do, but ya know...) I'm sure quite a bit of my visitors are either just quickly dropping (and not reading) OR just there to enter my contest. You would believe how many times I've given away jewelry I've made - and not gotten so much as a "thank you".

So please keep doing your thing - for those of us who like to read your posts...but most of all, for you. xx

Carl said...

I would think that just be who you are is the best. Your blog can feature different things on different days of the week. I don't think there is anything wrong with it. If those who only care about freebies, but not you, are they the readers you really want? Your blog is Cen's Loft. I didn't see Cen's Freebies, come and get it anywhere.

beulahmom said...

Who's blog is this anyway?!?! It is YOURS! You should do just as you please with it. If all the ones complaining are here just to get freebies, then that is just too bad. Let them go somewhere else. I think your stories are rather entertaining. If we get a bonus (freebie) every now and then...well that's just what it is...a bonus! Please keep doing things the way you have been doing them. You are so talented and I do so appreciate all of the things you share with us. That includes your story-telling abilities too!! :o)

pauline said...

Hi June - Pauline from Newcastle upon Tyne here - I love to read your blog (OK maybe it's because we are in the same country that I can relate!) I don't always get your freebies, but love the ones that I do use. You don't have to pander to those who only want freebies, I just think myself very lucky to get what you so freely give.

Michele said...

I think I am poster #71 (or maybe later by now because I read everyone's comments before I posted! lol)

I absolutely agree with everyone else. First, this is your blog you do what you want with your blog. I am sure those people do what they want with their blog! Second, I LOVE your little adventures and seriously think you need to write a book. I read them to my DH all the time and he just chuckles! So for someone to say that they don't like to hear about your "boring life" must have one hip hopping life and I can't imagine they even have TIME to come read about your "boring" one!!! lol

I originally came to your blog (who knows how I got here! lol) for the freebies. But I have stuck around even though there haven't been as many because I LOVE your stories and I feel like we have become "digi friends" :-)

I agree, people should be grateful anyone is giving away free stuff. All of you designers could just say "screw it" we are all selling our stuff and if you want it you have to buy it. But you don't and I am very grateful for that. But some people are just plain rude and eventually they will get what is coming to them, maybe not in the life but certainly in the afterlife! ;-)

You do what you want and don't let those other nasties outweigh the 70+ other people who love you and the way your blog is currently! :-)

HUGS and have a wonderful day!!!!

suruha said...

I had to come weigh in, June. The people who come looking for just freebies, tell them to go to the freebie search engine sites.

Your blog is what it is because is it what it is! Does that make sense? You have the following because of you and your blog entries. One day, or another, it doesn't matter - it's June. The freebies are sort of a 'bonus', like you say.

Never mind those people. I'm sorry they've upset you. I guess it would upset me, too. Feel comforted in the fact that

You can please some of the people all of the time

You can please all of the people some of the time

You can't please all of the people all of the time, though.

Love ya,

Su (smiling)

wilmo said...

Don't split please!
i enjoy so much reading your stories - and fiding a feebee is quite fun - but i come here more for the stories and the way you tell them.
Il feel like a friend, sitting in the sunny kitchen with a cup of coffee - rather like in a rosamund pilcher storie!
please, don't change!

sandy said...

Oh please keep your blog like it is now. It is so much fun, challenge, and inspiration to hear all that is happening. The freebie is a bonus but your adventures add so much.

Yvette said...

I come to your blogs because I enjoy reading what you have to say. If there is a freebie that is a bonus. I only go to blogs that have something to say. There are blogs out there that just offer freebies and nothing else I don't download and I don't go back. I don't think you should change things I like the way you have your blog. I read what people have to say before I even look to see if there are freebies or not. What good is a blog that just offers freebies. Please don't get discouraged by the ungrateful people out there.

Your writing and what you have to say is very enjoyable. I look forward to going to your blog everyday. I would be very upset if you did change your blog. This is your little part of the world and you have the right to say what you want to.

Please, Please don't stop your Charlie and Lilly tales and your other ramblings. The post about Charlie eating his bed made me laugh and the post about "Not All Changes Are Bad" was very interesting.

All I ask is please keep doing what you are doing with or without freebies. The freebies is not why I come to your blog. Thank you very much for your Charlie and Lilly tales and all of your ramblings and the freebies. You are the best. Thank you for being here.

Jaydensmama said...

wow, I like to have never found the comment box with all these supportive comments lol. but at the risk of repeating what everyone else is saying I say I love reading about your dogs escapades(sp?) They are so funny. As a freebie hound, I have to say that for someone to complain about what you type on YOUR blog I find it appalling, if they want to find a blog that is just freebies go to mine lol, I am not a good blogger and am not even a good freebie person lol. I think it was January or February the last time I posted lol, mainly cause since I don't have Photoshop any more, I haven't found a way to do my previews. Any freebie psp scripts out there to do previews with? LOL j/k but would really like to know. Now that I have added to this long comment I will just end it and say to just put the bad emails on your blocked emails and keep on blogging!

Jaydensmama said...

ps. I see that you have 136 followers of your blog, so atleast you are pleasing them, and you have 131 more than me lol

John_n_Tascha_Piatt said...

i haven't been on in a couple days and just saw your posts... I enjoy reading about your -what did they say? "boring life"... my blog is mostly just pics for the grandparents... but i enjoy knowing when others stop by (though most dont leave a comment:( ) please dont split it up - it looks like your not.. and please know that people who take the time to be rude like that - well, they are just rude, and need to be ignored if we are not in a position to correct them...
looking forward to hearing more about whatever :)

Kristine said...

Hi June,

I get an awful lot of flak myself about freebies, or lack thereof. Folks whine about not getting free kits and me talking too much about my pathetic life. There are sooo many places to get freebies and so many freebies floating around that folks have forgotten that freebies are a bonus. They EXPECT freebies now. They expect full kits. They dont want to actually read the blog. They just come for the link. It really is sad what it has come to. If you ask me I personally read the blogs. I rarely download myself simply because my connection is too slow. When I download, I say thanks. Most people weren't raised with the same set of manners as I was I guess...

Keep up the great work June. I for one will keep on reading!!


terilew said...

I'm pretty new at digital scrap booking and so far haven't learned how to make all the neat embellishments and kits on my own so I appreciate all the work you put into your craft and graciously share. You work hard at providing these things free of charge and put them on your blog...which I understand a blog is something of an online diary so I would expect you to write something about your day, to vent, or share a funny story. I wouldn't dare presume to tell you what to do with your blog and I say to heck with those that do!! You should keep doing what makes you feel good and ignore the rude people, it's not worth the time worrying and stressing over what they have say.
Thanks for taking the time to make and post freebies to your blog.

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Thank you so much to everyone who's taken the time leave a comment and their opinion, they are much appreciated.
I promise I'll be a grown up now and as advised delete the stupid nasty emails!!!
I'll try and drop by you all to say thank you and check out your blogs. Those who don't have blogs or that I don't have an email address for...thank you!!!

Amberpony Creates said...

You Are You and You Are Perfect just the way you are!!! So is your Blog!!!
I believe that Blog Freebies are either from a Sweet Soul that loves to Share their gift. Or from people doing the BS Politics All those people that emailed you with nothing nice to say belong over at the BS Politic Blogs not yours. Maybe to prove that point you should incorporate your Freebie Link into your ramblings like many others do. This way those of use who appreciate your Sharing can actually get the download without waiting for the those other people to get theirs. After all how many of those Freebie chasers actually use anything they collect? If they did use it they wouldn't tell you so you could go see it with a Warm Fuzzy Feeling.
I read you are not changing Good For You!

Connie said...

I can't believe some people can be so rude to such a generous person. If they don't like your blog then they need to go on to the next one. I personally love reading your blog. It always makes me smile. Don't change a thing and don't give it another thought.

Joan said...

Please don't let a few soreheads get you down. I love your blog as it is. Your stories are delightful and brighten my day. If you happen to give us one of your wonderful gifts, then that is just icing on the cake (and the cake you make here is delicious even if one of your real life ones didn't turn out so good - LOL.)

brenny said...

I have to agree with everyone else. Keep you blog the way it is. To me your life is funny, touching and so full of life that I feel I have a friend in Great Britain every day I read your little tidbits. I don't speak often but I do enjoy hearing of your grands, your dog, you dh and your life. It is like you are writing just to me about your life and gives me an insite into what is good about this world. People who love to talk about their life and how good it is even with the bad. So I say it is your blog, it is your life and don't change the way you are, because personally I like your crazyness it makes me feel there are others out their like me. As I always say get High on Life. Oh yeah and I do like the freebies but I like your life a whole lot better. Guess you could say I like to thank you for your life. ;-)

amsangel said...

Good golly! 89 comments - I guess I really don't need to leave my 2 cents, but... OMGosh!!!! How can anyone say your life is boring?!?! I just finished the Charlie's bed story and I'm lucky I didn't pee my pants! Good Heavens people! Grow up and skip this blog if you don't see anything to your taste!!

Hugs, Angel

Ruth said...

Holy Cow! I just recently found your blog & I have read every single "boring word". I like it just the way it is! Don't you dare to let people like that upset you. They obviously have no other life than sitting at their PC & trying to make other people miserable. I mean, WHAT KIND OF "human being" acts that way? REALLY!? They don't deserve anything but our pity & prayers for TRULY they must be miserable souls.
Don't you give them a second thought. I know how hurtful it is because my husband has a web site & use to get emails from jerks like this (yes, they are JERKS) & it took both of us a long while to stop being hurt by their words. You will be much better off when you take a step back & seriously think about what kind of poor, miserable, soul would do things like this.
Hang in there, hun & don't let them get you down. I love your blog just the way it is!

Staci said...

I know that you've already made your decision to do as you please with in your own blog--a decision I whole-heartedly agree with--but I wanted to put in my 2 cents.

People who come here looking for your freebies but have no desire to hear what you have to say are, in my opinion, the online equivalent of those cool kids in high school who would never have anything to do with me until they forgot their homework, and then suddenly I was their best friend. They were just using me, and anyone who has the audacity to tell you what to do on your own blog because they're too lazy to read or scroll between the interim posts to get to the freebies are just using you.

Write what you want. Post what you want to post, even if it's a picture of you mooning the naysayers daily. (Now there's a concept.) If they don't like it, they can go elsewhere, assuming they're not too lazy to type a new address into the search bar.

Okay, maybe that was more like my 4 cents, LOL.

Jolene said...

IGNORE THE TWITS AND FREEBIE HOE's! Yeah i know i yelled but dangit it IS YOUR BLOG and don't let them get to you! I am a bad blogger but I love reading other's blogs and sometimes just getting a lift from another person's day is well worth it! Yeah i love freebies too but to those on a strict feebie hunts let them go elsewhere if they don't feel like reading! You are not obligated to give anyone anything sweetie so don't you dare let them get to you! Know that tons of others love you just the way you are :-)
Hugs and blessings

Mary said...

I don't know if you're still checking the comments in thid post, but allow me to add my voice.
I love reading about Charlie's latest escapade & seeing pictures of your grandchildren.
Your blog makes me smile & sometimes outright laugh, & that's value beyond the freebies you share, Not that I don't love your freebies, especially your cu freebies, because I do, but I would miss your "ramblings" so much - please don't stop.

TammyJo's Creations said...

Well, I read your post and was fuming that anyone could be so rude and planned to make my first comment -though I've visited several times and never commented. I was reading some of the responses and thinking " Yeah, what she said and yeah what that one said too " and omgosh the list was long and longer and longer yet... and I am sitting here smiling ear to ear ...... it's obvious that MOST of us love your blog the way it is. I can't tell you how many times I sat here with my coffee and started reading something you wrote only to burst out laughing so hard I nearly lost my coffee ! LOL. Don't stop being YOU. Seems to me, if anyone has an issue with your blog ,then they can just not visit it .....I can't believe -well, I can kind of because I've really seen some coldhearted, mean people online and it never fails to shock me that people could be so cruel but it happens.... Just ignore them and go by what everyone here is saying ...... Please..... Keep being YOU and don't let those e-mails that were sent to you bother you - trash em cuz thats what they were- TRASH.... A counselor would say " They have no life so they are trying to take yours " and in a way , their hurtful words do burst the bubble that we build our lives in -so don't give them that pleasure.... its obvious they are miserable - and need some type of help.... 1-800-GetACounselor to those people.
Many out here in Internet land love you the way you are. DON'T CHANGE A THING......
Hugssss and thanks so much for the laughs, the freebies and for being YOU.

Anonymous said...





Judy said...

I'm with everybody else - ignore the idiots and do what you like with YOUR blog. I'm always amazed at the stupid things people do, honestly how can people have the audacity to email such things. Keep on doing what ever you feel like doing with your blog. You have my vote.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone else. I relate your dogs to my two cats. I love reading about them. It's your blog so do what you want with it!!!
Keep up the good stories!!

Melanie said...

Don't worry about the freebie hunters! We all like to get a peek into everyone else's lives, that's what makes us all friends! Just ignore them!

Cindyrelly said...

Hi June ;) Well, I'm back from PA and I must admit, shocked to see this post! Please ignore those rude and greedy animals. If you never posted another freebie, gift or whatever on your blog I would just LOVE to read it! I absolutely love your stories and so many have brightened-up my day with your wonderful sense of humor. It's kind of funny but the word verification I'm being asked for is "mygod"... like "Oh, my God!" How ABSURD! {{{Big Hug}}} Cindyrelly

goodtexan said...

Lemme tell you this. Don't get these freeloaders at you. If anyone does not care about your life and IMO excellent writing I think you do not drag them here in chains. They come here on their free decision. They can stay away and freeload somewhere else. Or: design their own elements. How about that? How about giving something instead of always taking? This gets my pulse up early in the morning. The world is full of nice and lovely people yet the ones that are not shouldn't bother us. I feel so privileged to be with you and I just want to reach out and say: JUNE YOU ROCK, YOU ARE A PEARL, A TRUE GEM.
Lots of love from your fan

FromThe Creek said...

No way! Keep posting here just like always...we love the Lilly and Charlie stories! If the other people only want freebies...maybe they should find them elsewhere. I don't just come here to get the free fact I am only now figuring out what to do with them...I love to hear about you and what all is going on. You are an amazing woman and we all love you!


Anonymous said...

I'd been away from digiscrapping for a few years and these months since I've been back I've been appalled by the greed and arrogance of people chasing after freebies, as if they had some god-given right to it all.

Hey, this is your blog, and you should do exactly as you please with it! There are designer blogs that I choose not to visit for various reasons no matter how good the freebie! The people who don't like your blog also have the freedom of choice to go elsewhere!

Mewsli said...

Ive come to this particular post late . Please DONT let other people dictate the way that you write your blog. Its YOUR blog, not theirs. I for one like to read the *doings* and *stuff* ( often in the wee samll hours of the morning at silly o`clock) ROUHND OBJECTS to your detractors doll . And if *they* wish to know * who is round and to what does he object ?* then send them my way :P

Mewsli said...

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH I typed a whole epistle on freebiehunters/trolls and then I erased it .

I only have a one word answer for people who think that they can tell others what to do with their own personal blog ( well its a two word answer in reality but this is a public blog XD) TOUGH .

I enjoy your *doings* and often read what has been happening in the wee small hours when I cant sleep and it is silly o`clock.

Keep your blog they way YOU want it , not the way others think it should be. If they think they could do better then they are free to go and blog off :)

Cynthia said...

With 105 comments before me I wonder if you'd want another! I'm so sorry about the rude comments! I know how you feel I have had a few myself and almost quite giving away freebies because of it, I thought really?? I'm giving you free stuff and you find it needful to be rude to me? Please don't listen to them! They are a select few and most of enjoy reading your blog! No need to split in my opinion, if they don't like it they don't have to visit your blog!!!


Sue B. said...

Count me among the horrified that ANYONE would be so cheeky as to complain about anyone else's blog. I am one of the hundreds who thoroughly enjoys reading blogs, and yes, the freebies are nice too, but when a blog is well-written, such as yours, it's an added bonus. It is a way to get to know the person behind the creations and I love that! You definitely have a way with words and have brightened my day more than once and your little Lilly is soooo precious - please don't let anyone take that away from us.