Thursday, 6 November 2008

No, It's Not the Oscars!!!

Having been a bad blogger for a while I really want to catchup on the awards that several wonderful people have passed to me. I apologise that some of them have taken me so long to acknowledge!! The gap in my blogging has caused a bit of a pileup. But I do appreciate them and so I want to say a big, big thank you to all who thought of me for the awards. They are much appreciated!!

I want to thank Esther from Jumping from One Idea to the Next and Shanners at

Shanners' Family Scrap and Stuff for both giving me this wonderful award. I am really touched that they thought of my blog to pass this award to...thank you ladies for being visitors and friends!!

blog_has a heart

The rules of the award are
1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you've nominated.
The  blogs I'd like to nominate that I think have hearts are:

Rhonda at Crafty Mumz Creations - A great blog with loads of heart!!

Kim's Scrapping - Kim gives so much to the scrapping community and does it with so much generosity and kindness, she deserves this.

Susie of Susie2Shoes, an other Hampshire girl, passed me the next award, the Kreative Blogger Award. Susie I apologise for taking so long on this!!! But a HUGE thank is valued, believe me!


For this one I have to tell you 6 things you love and then pass it on to 6 people.

So here goes!! Six things I love...

1. A cup of tea first thing in the morning - I'm sub-human until I've had it!!

2. My long suffering DH and my family, life would be more peaceful without them but I would be so lonely and sad if they were not in my world.

3. Warm clothes in winter...I don't do cold unless I'm hidden under loads of layers!! I'm thin but believe me in winter I look like the Michelin Man!! Lol!

4. Artichoke hearts with Hollandaise sauce...I could eat them for ever...and then some!

5. Walking in the forest, it's peaceful and quiet..the ideal place to just let your mind wander and recharge.

6. Being me......I'm not special in anyway but I'm comfy with myself.....just like an old pair of shoes!! I like being who I am, warts and all.

I pass it to:

Maryse - her blog is a treasure trove of goodies and wonderful creations...I love the figures!!

Glynis  - at Ghunibee Scraps checkout her wonderful photos whilst your there!!

Michelle at The Scrappin Sunflower, I love her blog layout too!!

Ok, I didn't make it to 6 but the ones I did are special!!

Today's little freebie download to add to the papers of Wee Willie Winkie is the first of the element packs with a selection of 4 frames plus the background paper. Believe the textures on these is great...Ok, so I'm biased!!


You can download them here

Before I go take a look at this exquisite layout from Maureen showing her three grandchildren. She has been really clever her and extracted some of the mice to put on the page. I love the blending down the right side too..a spectacular layout with a lovely picture to finish it perfectly, thank you for sharing it Maureen.


Credits: October's Nursery Collection kit - Hickory Dickory Dock from Cens Stuff

I have an other card with a wonderful message...everyone can always use a hug..I know I can!! Su made this great card with the fairy giving out the hug, I love the torn paper and that row of flowers...a truly lovely card Su, thank you!!


Credits: Little Blossoms from Cens Stuff, Fairy is one Su downloaded, sorry I don't have the details to credit.

Time to go but see you all tomorrow for the next part of this months Nursery Collection. Stay warm and safe!!


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Remember, Remember the 5th November!!

Today was a damp gray start here in England, a typical November day. But it's a special day here, it's Guy Fawkes Day commemorating the day in 1605 that a group of plotters tried to blow up our king as he opened parliament. Ok, so we have long memories, but it is still a good excuse for a celebration on a cold dark evening.

On the 5 November every year we have bonfires and fireworks. We call it Guy Fawkes Night, after one of the conspirators, or simple Bonfire Night. The bonfires always have a "Guy", normally an old pair of trouser and shirt stuffed with straw with a hat and mask. This strange looking figure is burnt on the fire and the fireworks symbolise the explosion that would have been had the plotters succeeded!! But apart from that it's a great time for kids and hot potatoes and soup...yummy!!

guy fawkes

We even have a rhyme that children learn:

"Remember, remember the 5th November

Gun Powder, Treason and Plot,

We see no reason why Gun Powder treason

Should ever be forgot."

This year I'm sitting it out as my older granddaughters are busy and Lilly is way too young for the loads of bangs and cold.....but next year perhaps. Many a Bonfire night I have waved sparklers and nibbled on sausages.....burnt a few too, lol!!

OK, today is the second part of the papers for Wee Willie Winkie. Today there are a couple of extra textured papers not shown in the preview thrown in for good measure, so I hope you enjoy them. Here's a reminder of the Paper Pack. (If you missed yesterday download check the previous post.)


You can download Part 2 of the Wee Willie Winkie freebie Paper Pack here

(Link working now...sorry!! Thanks Robbi!!)

Have a look at tomorrow's's a selection of frames to add to the kit, plus you get the background paper too!! The frames I have kept uncluttered as the papers are quite heavy but the preview doesn't do the textures on these frames justice..they are scrummy...even though I do say it myself!! Lol!


So check back tomorrow for the frames download link!!

Now...I have to show you these cards...they are fandabbidozy!!!!! Chris was trying out some new figures that I will be using in some kits to see if they printed out OK. She made two cards, one with the little boy, Jo and one with the little girl Ellie and they printed out GREAT in two Christmas cards Chris made!! Have a look, and don't forget to check out Chris's blog for more great craft ideas.



And what about these two cards...Chris was playing with some of the silhouettes for me and again great results!! I will have some of the silhouettes as a freebie PDF download next week for crafters and png files for scrappers so don't miss them!! But for now look at the fantastic cards she made.




See you all tomorrow for the first part of the elements for this nursery rhyme and I hope that anyone celebrating Guy Fawkes Night has a great time!! Be good!!!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I'm Back!!

Yes...I have been gone a long time!!! Sorry about that..real life can be a bitch...but it's where I live. But I'm back and so pleased to be chatting again. This blog is my main's my baby and a way to meet and greet so many's home!!

Life has been busy, lots of work but more to the point lots of family issues to resolve.

You'll be delighted to hear that Miss Lilly is thriving and rapidly approaching her first birthday...where has this year gone? She's one on the 22 December and I think for her it has been a good year safe in the heart of the family. She has a wonderful mum and dad and the rest of us dote on her..but she takes it all in her stride and emerges as unspoiled and sunny natured as ever.

Lots of news this week, so I will bring you up to date as the week goes on. For now I have an other of the Nursery Rhyme theme kits for you to collect this week...this time it's Wee Willie Winkie.

I have the papers split over today and tomorrow for you, so start collecting today and add to the kit through out the week...elements too.

This rhyme is about night time and so the colours are darker and there are lots of stars!


Download Part 1 of the Paper Pack here 

I'm running a challenge this month over at Cottage Scrapbooks. This one is about the Flavour of the Month.....what's happening in your part of the world in November? Choose at least 3 colours from the set palette and do a layout that gives a flavour of November in your neck of the woods.


In UK it's Guy Fawkes Night and fireworks, in US I know it's Thanks Giving..what happens where you live?Post your layout and receive the posting bonus. The theme this month at CS for all the challenges is Music Room, here's the bonus for my challenge.


Here's the challenge thread for Flavour of the month Challenge at Cottage Scrapbooks


If you haven't already snagged Kim's fantastic Turkey Time Pack then head over to Kim's Scrapping now and start's large!!! And so cute!!!


Check out Linda's fantastic QP Collection this week on her blog. She is posting new ones everyday!!



Don't you just love that teddy!!!

Well, got to dash, I'll be back tomorrow with the download link for the second part of the Wee Willie Winkie papers and a peek at some elements. Have a great day/evening!!