Saturday, 30 August 2008


Firstly apologies to anyone who had problems with my store at Studio Style Designs showing only 35% off on my stuff instead of the 50%. Someone kindly pointed it out and I have made sure it now shows 50% and not 35% as the rest of the store!!! Sorry!! Email me if anyone bought at 35% and I'll sort it out.

It's later than I thought!! I have been multitasking...sounds impressive, eh? Part of the time I was uploading and working on the PC and when my conscience got the better of me I was carpet shampooing...not a lot of difference!!

I have a machine to shampoo them, I don't do scrubbing, no matter what you heard!! Lol!

But I am always so shocked at what comes out of the carpets when I do them. It's not like we are very messy or that we have hoards of people with dirty where does all that grit and fluff and....well...muck...come from!!! So far I have done the hall rugs and the dinning room ..only an other million square yards to do...OK, so I'm exaggerating again..but that's how it feels!! But I'll take it a bit at a time..or I could forget or get too busy!! You never know how long my enthusiasm for multitasking will last.

Right it's the weekend and I won't waste any more of your time with nonsense...I have a little kit for you, to make up for my absence earlier this week. It is split into 2 downloads for you so that it doesn't take too long. I hope like it.


Download Emma 01 here

Download Emma 02 here


I'm going to post again tomorrow evening but this time I have a tutorial for you..if your interested and finally a bit of news!! So it will be a long post tomorrow. Have a great evening/day and see you tomorrow! Back to the shampooing for me!!


Friday, 29 August 2008

CU Freebie and News of a Sale!!

This week has been as they say "one of those weeks"! Lilly went home on Thursday...complete with sore bottom..nothing that I or the pharmacist did would shift it!! So I'm hanging my head in shame!!

I tried pink cream, white cream, yellow cream..but not a change!! I tried lots of fluids..thorough washing...with baby soap and then changed to without, just water, lots of water, wipes, no wipes!! Multiple nappy changes, leaving it open to the air etc...I think you get the message!!

It must be her teeth, or is that wistful thinking? Why do some of them get such bad nappy rash then? She's had the mouth stuff and cream for thrush but still it's's indestructible!! Poor Lilly she looks like she has been in the wars.

Just before she went I lost my Internet connection. I didn't worry to start with as I was too busy to get a chance to use it anyway, but when I checked later...still no Internet...grrr!!

I called my provider and my call went through to India...yep India. I explained the problem I was having and eventually we were both on the same wave took a bit of time but we got there. The man was very nice and after several hours and calls I finally got back online.

The world is a funny place when it is more cost effective for companies to send their calls halfway around the world to be dealt with! But if it works then I'm not knocking it.

There is so much going on at the moment, lots of planning and a few surprises in the pipeline for watch this space!!

If you like a great bargain then check out my store at Studio Style Designs this weekend. Saturday and Sunday everything is 50% off and I mean everything!! There is a sale in the whole store at the moment but Saturday and Sunday I have marked to set my designs at a real discount, so don't miss it!!

Today's freebie is Commercial Use OK. It's something that I have been working on, layered tag templates. They are great to have in your stash, then when you want a tag just dress it up with styles or papers and each time it's different!


The download includes the example tag, a layered psd file and png files. So have a go and see what you come up with.

You can download it here

I love seeing other peoples layouts and I am lucky as I get to see some beautiful ones. Take a look at the fantastic extraction on this photo...those hula hoops must have been fiddley!Great work Tracy, you did a brilliant job!! A fun layout with lots of colour detail, I love it!!


Credits: Simple Things from Cen's Stuff

Kat's card is one of the cutest I have seen and I would certainly love to get one like this!! I adore those photos and the choice of Alpha is just right!


Credits: Purrfect from Cen's Stuff, Template by Dracy Baldwin, Cardboard Alpha by Jasmin-Olya

Well, time for me to go but I'll be back tomorrow with some thing nice for you, so drop by and check it out!!


Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Sleep Challenged!!



I have been missing folks because I have the lovely Miss Lilly staying for 5 days, starting last Saturday. Unfortunately for her,  she has not been so well. Her little tummy has been naughty and her teeth are on the move, so she has been pale and flushed in turn. I feel so sorry for her as there really is so little I can do except give her Calpol and cuddles. The Calpol has been carefully measured but the cuddles have been unlimited.

Sleep has not been easy for her...and thus not a lot for me either. I look a fright...I am not the prettiest picture in the box at the best of times, but at the moment I could audition for one of the witches in Macbeth and get the role with flying colours...just on looks!! I would only need to learn how to cackle and I would be ideal!! I just hope that Lilly feels better soon, poor little mite or we will both be basket cases!!

But, I have managed to rock her off to sleep and so I decided to have a go and see if I could get a post done. So far this week I have been too tired to post or too busy.  So here's hoping her sleep last's for a little while longer.

So its just a little freebie from me tonight, two vintage stamps. I hope some of you can find a use for them. And check out the wonderful layouts below..they are gorgeous!!

You can download the Vintage Stamps here

All but one fo these these wonderful layouts was made with my new kit Simple Things. The layouts are beautiful ladies thank you for sharing them!


Leaonna has made such great use of white space in her layout..the eye is just drawn to that great photo!! A wonderful page Leaonna!!


The patchwork effect that Linda made for the background works really well and look at that photo it just pops out of the frame at you...great extraction Linda!!


Look at Kim's gorgeous page...I love the angle the photo is set and the flower clusters add that extra touch. An other great use of white space too!! brilliant!


Bina made this terrific layout with Cens Loft blog freebies (check the posts and download them) and look at the variety of things she has all hangs together beautifully. The date tab and the torn paper are clever little touches and look at that photograph...that takes flexibility and skill!! Fantastic page!


The clustering around the frame and the striped panel make this page standout other great job Linda!! You have made this kit look great!


These flowers are lovely and the quote is so true! Love it, a soft and gentle page, so apt for the photos. Wonderful layout Kim!


Last but not least is an other one from Linda. look at the radiating word art!! It's a fun page full of nice little touches...marvelous!


Well, I hear a little voice calling me, it may be from a little one but the voice is BIG!! Believe it or not, it has taken me 6 hours to get this post small bits!! I had forgotten how much attention a sick little one takes!! So I take my hat off to all mothers who still have young ones!!

I hope to see you tomorrow but that's a new day and as I still have Lilly..who knows!! I'm off to find 2 matchsticks for my eyelids!! Lol!

Friday, 22 August 2008

New Stuff and a CU Freebie Too!

The world has gone mad!! I was working on an idea for a kit and was explaining about the idea to my DH. Basically when I was a young child and still living in Scotland there was a children's rhyme "Wee Willie Winkie".

This is how the rhyme goes:

Wee Willie Winkie running through the town, Upstairs and downstairs in his nightgown. Chapping at the windows and crying through the locks "are all the children in their beds it's past 8 o'clock".

I thought that this would make a good basis for a kit, with a little boy in a nightgown carrying a candlestick etc. I had all sorts of pictures and word art in my head.......all cute!! But then my DH said.."You can't call it that!!". Shock, horror!! That would be so un-PC.

I'm afraid that I am perhaps not as aware, so to speak as I should be and political correctness goes over my head most of the time. "Can you imagine the search engines picking that up" he kindly pointed out..."they'd assume it was something not very nice!!"

Just to wind him up I replied "What do you mean..not very nice?". OK, so he was not amused or fooled by my apparent stupidity.

But what is happening to the's a nursery rhyme!!! But OK, I've taken onboard what he says and I won't do it. He did suggest that I called it Little William....but I never was one to compromise on something I saw as a principle...not even a small one like this!!! It's Wee Willie Winkie or nothing!! So I have shelved the idea...the world is not ready for it!So I'll just stamp my foot and have a tantrum instead!! Lol!

Apart from my rant,  there's news of new things in my store and things to come, plus a commercial use freebie too! So read on!

Today's freebie is personal and commercial use. I had so many comment on the stamped borders that I decided to play around with stamped frames. I have made a few for the shop but I thought I would share some of the others with you.



You can Download the Stamped Frames here

I'm really excited - today my new kit went in the shop at Scrappin Digi Kreations and's 40% off until next Friday!! Can't put my finger on it but I really love this one...It's just what it says..simple. But that makes it more versatile.  Take a look - the kit consists of 12 papers and 30 elements: 4 frames, 4 bows, 4 flowers, 4 flower brads, 1 rikrak, 5 ribbons, 4 journaling blocks, 4 buttons.


You'll find it here 40% off

And my new Commercial use overlays (preview in yesterday post) are 40% off drop by and take a look at the crazy ones!!!!

Well, that's all for today folks..see you all soon!!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

A Little Old Fashioned

Yesterday I finished working early afternoon and went over to my mum's house as she had some bank people coming to help organise her banking set up. So, I appeared trying to look suitably intelligent and sensible. A lady and a gentleman duly arrived and they proved to be both patient and efficient.  My mum has a tendency to wander of the thread...must be a family trait, lol! But all was concluded well and they left late afternoon.

By this time the rain was coming down in sheets, so I thought I'd hang on for half an hour before attempting the drive home but the rain kept coming. The roads around mums are country roads with no mains drainage so they get pretty covered in water at times like that. I set off thinking I'd just take it slow.

I had opened the window a crack as my windows kept misting up and was negotiating the twisting road at a reasonably slow pace..when round the corner came a fast car on my side of the road!! Aaah!! I swerved over just on the verge but he just ploughed on through a huge puddle and disappeared.........and to add insult to injury.....I by this time was sitting, face and one side of my body soaked!! I must have looked a sight...I certainly felt it!! The "small crack" I had opened the window had allowed a tsunami of water from the puddle in when the other car drove through it!

I just hope my car seat is dried out by today as by the time I got home I was more than doing a drowned rat impression!

Now for today's freebie. It's kind of old fashioned...not true vintage but with kids in a style and colours that are just a bit old fashioned. What do you think?



There are two papers and a frame for you to play least I hope you will!!

You can download the today's freebie sampler here

Leaonna's Mexican Sunflowers layout has a gorgeous photo and some great it totally gorgeous page! I love this! It is one of those layouts the more you look the more you see...great work!


Credits: Little Weeds from Cen's Stuff

This weekend I have a new kit and some overlays, to mention just two things going into my shop. Take a peek at the overlays and watch this space for the new previews at the end of the week. Don't forget everything is always 40% off the first week it hits the shops!!



Kim very kindly acted as tester for my overlays and whilst she was playing she made a beautiful set of papers to drop by here blog and snag these...have a look at what a great job she did with these overlays.


Snag them on Kim's Blog

I'm off to work now...hopefully with a dry seat!! Have a good day and stay away from puddles!!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Award Time!

I think yesterdays post title had my husband thinking I was calling him a pig...poor soul!! But I'm afraid he can't hold a candle to those little now he's playing second fiddle to a pig he's not too happy, lol!

Today's gift is a Lacy Mat. Simple, but hopefully you'll find it useful. You can change the size and it stays looking good!! I hope you can find a home for it and I'd love to se what you do with it in your layouts.


You can download it here

Guess what....I have been passed two awards!! One "Trusted Friend Award" and one "I Love Your Blog Award".

OK, first I have to thank Linda for passing me the Trusted Friend Award, what a lovely surprise!! Linda is on my CT but we are also good friends, so thank you Linda I am honoured to be able to count you as a friend and thank you so much for this.

trusted friend_award

Now I have to pass it on. I pass it to three people who are trusted friends..and they most probably are sick of me giving them things like this, lol! But really this one is different..I mean what it says.

This is so hard choosing but I give it to:

Kim from Kim's Scrapping, she and I are friends and I value her friendship and opinions.

Kat from Tragedy Scrappin Anne's Blog, I look on Kat as one of my own.

I got the I love your blog Award from Dawn  of Dawns Scraps. She has some fantastic freebies on her blog so drop by and have a look. Thank you Dawn for giving me this!! I must admit that I love my blog but it's nice to know that others do too!


The rules of the award are:
1.The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3.Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4.Put links of those blogs on yours.
5.Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you’ve nominated...

So the blogs I love are:





That's my seven!!

It's was Linda over at Linda's Lot's birthday yesterday..she kept that one quiet before hand but as part of her birthday she has made a great Quick Page from her part of the CT Collab Kit. All tropical and sunny..gorgeous!! So drop by her blog and snag it and don't forget to say happy birthday!!


Quick Page from Linda's Lot

Time to go and see what's happening with the rest of them in the house!! I hate to imagine! Take care and be good!!

Monday, 18 August 2008

I'm in love- with a Pig (or two)!!

Today has been one of those days when I have had great difficulty concentrating. I had some reports to write and then get stuff ready for the shop and guess what! I'm just about halfway through the reports and nothing is packed up for the shop...oops!! I just couldn't settle and spent my time getting distracted by any excuse that I could think of.

After getting sidetracked on one my reports and ending up reading a history book...all in the cause of being accurate you understand. The fact that I was interested in reading the book had nothing at all to do with if I would..what when I should be working?

Having finally managed to drag myself away from the book I then fell victim to an other distraction. I have fallen in love with a pig!! Well, two piggies actually. Recently Herald very kindly let me play with her new action, Precious Piggies and those little piggies are so cute that I ended up make every colour you can think of and then some!! Today I ran across them and decided to make a few more...OK, so I'm childish, but I couldn't resist them. They remind me of the rhyme "This little Piggie went to market", I still do the rhyme with Lillie, she loves it especially the last bit when she gets tickled!

So I've used Heralds action to help make a little freebie for you all. Let's face it the piggie is the star of the show here. It's a cute tag with a cloth stitched border and one of the little adorable girl piggies...yes, the action does a little boy pig and a little girl one...the girl has the bow on her tail. I've done one tag with string and one without, to give you a choice in how you use it.

So check out Herald's Precious Piggies Action in her shop at

This action is so's idiot proof..even I could use it with out any problems. In fact it was just like magic!

Have a look at the tag.


You can download the Piggie Tag here

Now it's back to work for me or I'll get the boot!Lol! Have a great day and see you all with a longer post tomorrow full of news and of course a freebie!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

You've Been Framed!

Good morning! Today's post is a hit and run job...but... I do have a Saturday freebie for you. But first I want to say a few thank you's. TI have to thank my wonderful CT girls for their hard work, talent and generosity. You did a brilliant job ladies on this months Ct Collab Kit...thank you!! You are the best!!

Secondly, thank you to all of you who have leave me comments. I really appreciate it, you make it all worth while!!!

Now two quick questions, I'm doing my own little survey, lol!! How many of you attend chats? If you do what are your favourites? Or if you don't, what is it you don't like about them?...Ok, so that was three questions, lol!

Now for the's a stitched frame for commercial or personal use and includes the example shown, 1 grayscale psd and grayscale png files. The stitching in the psd file has a separate layer for the holes. Have a play.. change the colours, scale etc and have fun!! At least that's the theory..I hope you do!


You can download the Stitched Frame here

Have a great weekend and I hope the sun shines on you all! See you Monday!!

Friday, 15 August 2008

Last Day!

I'm feeling better this morning and I'm ready to start finishing off my decorating..(that does make sense, honestly). Not a moment too soon because my son comes home this evening and he's an other one that hates chaos. Not enough to help sort it out though, lol!!

As I took it easy yesterday I had time to think...always dangerous!! With a headache and the wind and rain playing havoc outside, there wasn't really a lot left to do but think. But I was good, I decided that I would keep it light and just let my mind wander...well, it normally wanders, that's half my trouble, lol! It's amazing how much useless trivia started to come floating up that had been stored away and was hiding in my little head.

One point did I remember was that it took 150 calories to bang your head against the wall for an hour. So, the good news is that I didn't burn up many calories when I banged my head yesterday!!

A few more that I had stored away, obviously in case I needed them on my travels were now drifting up from the deep if a crocodile grabs you then pushing your thumb in it's eyeballs will make it open it's jaws wonder this bit of trivia was stored deep!! Not your everyday useful one like knowing that a lot of lipsticks contain fish scales!!

An other useful one that every woman should know is you can't beat your wife with anything wider than your thumb, well in England anyway, it was an an old English law and that's where we get the phrase "rule of thumb". Mind you, as a law that one most probably won't hold good now and is out of date and I suppose it was only of limited help to woman anyway as some iron bars are no wider than a mans thumb!!

The thoughts and trivia just seemed to drift from the sublime to the ridiculous after that so I won't bore you any more with my random thoughts or we'll be here all day!!

Not only is today hopefully the last of decorating...(barring accidents)..but it's also the last day of the CT Collab Kit. The Beach Kit has been wonderful and the girls should all take a round of applause for their great kits!!

Today my little Add On is a Paper Pack with a Beach Music theme but wait till you see Ab's Kit!!!


You can download the Beach Add On Paper Pack from me here

Now for Ab's preview and look at the cute mermaid!!This is a lovely addition to the CT Collab, thank you AB!It's beautiful!! So don't miss this great part!!


Today it's different as you can download Abs part of the Collab kit directly from here

Well, it's that time again and I must get back to the paint brushes. Have a great day and see you soon.

Check back tomorrow if you like CU freebies as I may have a little something for you!!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Late again!!

Hi all....I'm late posting today, sorry but I have been nursing a headache this morning and hoping it would go away, but despite a couple of tablets it's still pounding away. It's a bit like there is a little man in there with a small but efficient hammer!! No it's not the hangover sort of headache...I don't do those!!

The decorating is coming on well...or was until this morning. Mind you I think my painting style may have something to do with the headache. Last night I was merrily (OK not quite merrily but... quite happily) painting away under the arch between the kitchen and dinning room. It's a bit awkward standing on the steps and bending in under the arch, so I was concentrating hard on painting and staying on the steps...hopefully both at the same time!! All done so I straightened up...wrong thing to's an's lower than the ceiling either side. So my head made contact with the arch and wasn't too happy at having done it!! But that's one of the hazards with any DIY as done by idiots!! But I'll live...could have been worse...I could have fallen off the steps after I did have to look on the bright side!! Lol!

Anyway enough of my's freebies are waiting!!

From me its a little add on to go with the girls kits of some 3 brads and  2 tags but from Leaonna it's a truly exotic beach kit..... palm trees, dolphins, beautiful flowers and so much is a feast of wonderful goodies!!! Here's mine.


You can download the Add On Brads and Tags here

See what I mean about Leaonna's Ct Collab's exotic and special so pop by her blog and download it.


Leaonna's Blog has the download for her part of the CT Collab, Exotic Beach.

That's all from me for today folks....I think I'll just go and put my feet up and my head down!!

See you all tomorrow and take care.......I should have listened to that one myself, lol!!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

I'm Doing Pale and Interesting.

I look just a little like a figure from a pre-raphelite painting this morning...sort of pale and interesting...but slightly more painted. I tried scrubbing the little dots that fell on me from the roller as I did the ceilings yesterday but now I have more than a rosy glow to my face!! Of course it didn't help that I suddenly remembered at 8.30pm that I needed something quickly from the shop. I was in such a rush to get there that I quickly washed my face and hands, pulled on some other clothes and headed to the store. It was only when a lady at the checkout asked me how the decorating was going that I realised that the backs of my arms were splattered with paint....well, I don't have eyes in the back of my head!! I must not have been a pretty face and splodgy arms...I ask you! But, I just casually told her it was going great and asked if she liked the colour!! So I've decided...until I finish this I think I'll stay at home before I embarrass myself'd think I'd be used to it by now! Lol!

Now for today's freebies before I return to the paint pot.

I have a little freebie to co-ordinate with these lovely kits the CT Girls have made you. It's a little frame with a hint of beach fun!


You can download the Add On Frame here

Today is an other riot of beach splendour with a really brilliant addition from Linda. It's full of Shells and lighthouses...all reminders of the sea. Take a look.


Drop by Linda's Blog and add this lovely kit to your CT Collab Collection

But for now it's back to the paint and decorating for me!! Have a great day and drop back tomorrow to add to your CT Collab, there's an other great part for you this time from Leaonna!!


Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Life Really is a Beach!

First things first...I changed the size of the type this post as some found the other too small. What do you think? Let me know.

OK, the paints bought and the rollers are ready..everything's washed down and I'm ready to rumba!!!! Yesterday I went to get the supplies and pick the colour. I checked the charts and hummed and hawed over what would look stunning....then bought the same colours I already have!! I was going to be bold and adventurous, make a splash and change it radically..but so many colour confused me.

I kept remembering when my mum painted the kitchen red and white so that every time I eat my cornflakes the milk looked, being an imaginative child, I thought of blood!! So cornflakes were of the menu for me!! Or imagine green as the backdrop for me first thing in the morning when I'm looking peaky.... Nah!! It wouldn't we have the same as before, but that's good, it worked last time, lol!

It's a huge haul for you today from Kim and a little freebie from me.

My freebie is to co-ordinate with the CT Collab and it's a journaling card to remind you of the sunny days in your photos.


You can download the Journaling Card here

Now for the serious business....the Ct Collab Kit continues with some terrific stuff so take a look at Kim's's awesome!! She has really spoilt you!!





Drop by Kim's blog and add these wonderful parts to your CT Collab Stash!

Before you go take a look at this great layout that Tracy made with last months CT Collab Kit. I love the frame border and the stitches are a great touch that she added. Fantastic page Tracy!!


OK, my painting brushes are calling me.....well, I think their screaming actually...can't make out if it's "Put me down" or "Hurry Up"..but duty calls!!

Have a great day and see you tomorrow!!

Monday, 11 August 2008

Two delights...and a New Ct Collab!!

How was your weekend? Good I hope..mine was wet and busy. I'm still on schedule to do some decorating this week as my son is away it works well but I have to add my DH is living in fear of the chaos that he is sure I will cause...Oh yea of little faith!! As if I would!!

My kitchen and dinning room lead off each other, so once I start it's all or nothing. Hopefully it's all. Last time I decorated the hall and stairs everyone knew about it, could have been they were psychic or it could have been the paint in my hair that lingered. Is it just me that ends up with all those little white dots when they paint the ceiling? They are tiny but they have great coverage!! I just thought I looked pale and interesting..most people used other words to describe me, like messy, sick looking etc. Lets face can dust sheet all you want but not your head..I suppose I could wear a balaclava, goggles and a mask...could work, but imagine the shock value if I answered the door!! Or worse still the lowered visibility could produce all sorts of strange results.

OK, enough of that..scrapping and treats now....lots of gifts for you today, a Quick page and a Page Kit from me AND my brilliant CT girls have made an other Collab Kit this month for you, their theme is the Beach! There will be a new part everyday from them..and what a week they have planned for you, packed full of goodies! So be prepared to blog hop and collect them during the next few days.


Here's my first freebie, a Quick Page, yes it's the Beach theme! I had so much fun making the Beach Hut and I used a paper from Leaonna's kit, a paper and the anchor came from Bina's kits and the great deck chair and Sand Dollars are from Kim's kit. just to give you a taste of things to come!

You can download the Quick Page here

PLUS today Bina is sharing her wonderful mini kit with you all. It has some lovely papers and some exotic elements, ideal for that tropical beach!!

You can download it at Bina's blog, so drop by and don't forget to leave her some love!!

(I fixed the link to Bina's blog, sorry about that!)


And then I have an other freebie for you to snag, it's my part of the great free August Supa Digi Kit at Scrappin Digi Kreations. Don't forget to check out the other parts of this great free Mega Kit, those ladies have made some great stuff as usual!!



Snag my part of the great freebie August Supa Digi Kit at Scrappin Digi Kreations

Well, I'm off to get the paint before I find an excuse to put it off!! See you all tomorrow for a progress report and some more goodies.

Have a lovely day and think positive...each day is an adventure...some are just tougher than others, lol!


Friday, 8 August 2008

Commercial Use OK Freebie and a Sale!



Just a quick post tonight. I have one more freebie to post for this week and as 4shared played up earlier in the week, it has left me running late with the freebies.  So I thought I would post it before the weekend really started. I hope you have some fun playing with it!

It's a  flower today, a bit different from the last flowers and it's Commercial Use OK. The download includes the two coloured flowers plus a psd file in grayscale and png files in grayscale. Hopefully this means that more people will be able to use them and design their own flower.

You can download it here

Great news too if you like a bargain, check out my store at Studio Style Designs as everything, commercial use and new products included are on sale at 40% off this Saturday and Sunday!! So drop by and check it out!

My thanks go to all the people that have commented and emailed me about the horrid caterpillars, soon to be horrid moths!! I appreciate all the info and have accepted the fact that unless I want to kill off half the family with toxic pesticides, I have to let nature run its course and hope that the moths head away from the house...not into it..... when they hatch!!

Next week I am planning to decorate my kitchen and dinning room...that should be fun..not!! Hopefully it will be uneventful and boring but with me around you just never know, so watch this space! At the moment my DH is looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights....he hates decorating and tries to stay away from it as much as possible...especially if I'm doing it. It always brings disruption surprises...or so he says! Lol! But we shall see.

This must be my shortest post ever...told you it would be quick!! I hope you all have a relaxing weekend and take care of each other.

It's Official - I'm a Wylde Woman!!


Today's freebie is a template, it is in psd and png files to make it usable for more of you.

But first............this could be a long post, so grab the coffee/tea/juice etc and put your feet up...could be awkward doing that, so give the feet bit a miss! But get comfy!

First, yes it's official...I'm a Wylde woman! No, not the shouting, arm waving's for nice people! Ok, you ask..why give it to me! But seriously I got the award from the lovely Susie2shoes. I'm honoured that Susie thought of me, thank you so much Susie!


holly award


The Purpose of the Award: To send love and acknowledgment to women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy.

The rules are :-

1. You can give it to one or one hundred or any number in between - it's up to you. Make sure you link to their site in your post.

2. Link back to this blogsite (http:// so Tammy can go visit all these wonderful women we've given it to.

So after some thought I would like to pass it to:

1. Kim of Kim's Scrapping as no matter how busy she is with her own life, she always has time to share and help others. Her generosity is amazing and I'm also honoured to count her as my friend.

2. Someone else that I feel deserves this award is Kat or Tragedy Anne, she is one lady with courage who often makes me smile when I feel down. Kat has taught me so much about people and of course advertising, lol! As you may be aware Kat has been very sick recently and I don't expect her to pass this on...but I wanted to give it to her to acknowledge the fact that she really deserves it.

3. My last one is Irene Alexeeva. When I first started scrapbooking  she was my inspiration,and still is. I love her work and I used to enjoy her chats. She is a truly talented designer and one who shares readily and takes such pleasure in her family and work. A lovely lady with real style!

That's me I'm done!! And now to scrapping! I have two new Paper packs in my shop at SDK and as usual they are 40% off for the first week. Each pack has 12 papers, not all are shown in the previews.


Mixed Medley Papers Volume 1 - 40% off this week at Scrappin Digi Kreations


Mixed Medley Papers Volume 2 - 40% off this week at Scrappin Digi Kreations


And no I haven't forgotten, the download for the template....

You can download the Template here

Here's a layout I made of the lovely Lilly using it. I made a little adaptation and didn't use the journaling box. I played around with the photos, first I made them black and white and then after a little more playing I gave them a tint. I like the effect it gave.



On our last sunny day I had the paddling pool out and Lilly just loved the water!! She laugh and splashed and reminded me how little things we take for granted can bring such pleasure. I even smiled as I got soaked by her!! That girls a fast learner and it didn't take her long to workout that those plastic tubs were great for throwing grandma!!

The cheek of her!!

I found out a bit more about those awful caterpillar. Susie told me that they can give you skin irritation if you touch them...yuck!! And Rachel told me they turn into big ugly moths...Tussock Moths. So I am going to scour the Internet for a picture of them to see what is going to be invading me next! I have this picture in my mind of my son being attacked by clouds of giant not tell him that though!! Lol!!

Well, I had best go and climb into my bed, it's really late fact it's tomorrow already!! Bye for now and take care!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

I've Been Invaded!!



I've been invaded...not aliens, worse, much worse!! I know, I sound hysterical...I am!!! Ok, I'll explain so read on, all will eventually become clear. But first the freebie!!

Today's freebie is called a Little Dutch paper Pack. I named it that as it reminds me of some tiles I saw in Holland. I was playing around with brushes and this is the result. I hope some one likes them...I do!

You can download the Little Dutch Paper Pack here

I didn't post this yesterday as 4shared was being a pain again. What has been wrong with it these past couple of days? Monday I just posted my blog and after that I couldn't use 4shared until Tuesday morning and then by evening it was no joy again,  I couldn't get the download link as it was on the blink again. Also if you didn't manage to download Mondays linked frame, it wasn't the link it was 4shared!!

And the invasion!

I have a beautiful wisteria over the back of the house, covering the back wall and over my the double doors from my dinning room, it also goes under my son's fact it's...big! The wisteria is no's the visitors in it that are!! Eeek!!

They are nasty little and not so little caterpillars, not only are they creepy but they're hairy!! Take a look! These two are little ones! Any ideas?



These little monsters have been hiding in the wisteria where their lovely mum left them and now they have all hatched or what ever they do and are crawling everywhere..not to mention eating my wisteria!!

They're energetic little chaps too.....there I was having one of my rare deep clean sessions and I looked up and there it was...crawling across my son's bedroom ceiling...the cheek! Luckily he was out or he would have thought I had planted it for revenge over the moth thing. Not content with that..I nearly died when I flopped down in a garden chair this afternoon to take a well earned rest for five minutes and felt my hand itch, or was it twitch? Well anyway...there he was...or she, not too sure on that one, crawling from the chair onto me. and proceeding up my arm.....double Eeek!! It's a good job that the neighbours already know I'm insane!! So now the first person who opens a window is in serious trouble!!

So tomorrow I need to ring Charlotte..she'll know what to do with them. Anything creepy crawly and natural that girl has stored somewhere in her head. I just hope that she knows how to get rid of them as some are starting to go on to the next stage and pupate!! My god..what are they going to change into just doesn't bear thinking about!!!!! I swear to you there are hundreds of the things, they pear out of the foliage and almost stick their little tongues out saying "ha ha you can't reach me!" and it's true they are way above this is war!!

Now, I'll concentrate...promise, unless one climbs onto me..I'm getting paranoid!! Every tickle and I am convinced it's them.

Well, I'm off to work!!

See you all tomorrow and take care and I hope the sun shines for you!


Monday, 4 August 2008

Linked and Stylish!



No it's not me that's linked and stylish...I'm more like disjointed and frazzled!! It's today little freebie frame.

But first...............

Today's  trivia is based on things I came across during my work. I often run across some amusing and not so amusing laws that were in force at some time in the past, thank goodness that most of them have gone. Some make me smile and others make me shiver!!

This is one that makes me smile.....almost all the female population would be found guilty of this one now - Elizabeth I passed a law banning women from wearing make-up, false hair, false hips (what are they implants?),high heeled shoes or "other devices" (I wonder iwhat these were?). The punishment was not pleasant as it carried the same penalty as being found guilty of witchcraft!!

Obesity we think of as a modern curse but if you believe that...your wrong. In1336 it was a problem too and so Edward III passed an Act that prohibited anyone from having more than two course at a meal, only on feast days were three courses permitted...and no, soup did not count as a sauce!! Some people tried this dodge to get in an extra course! But I must admit I would have thought it unenforceable unless they employed people to run around at dinner time peering through windows. Lol!

OK, enough..I know..but fact is often stranger than fiction!!

Guess what I've made my first styles for the shop and I have to admit that I had great fun making them. My CT girls tested them for me in CS2, CS3, PE6 and PE5 and they worked!! You have to know where to load styles in PE5/6 but I have included instructions on loading them in with the styles sets. It's been a learning curve for me finding out how to make them and then how to load them in different in software. The CT girls have been great!! Thank you ladies!

So I decided to try some of the styles out on some thing big!! I made a frame and then two...linking them seemed a good idea and so your little freebie was born! It's a bit of fun that I hope you can use. Take a look.

So if you like the my trial run with the styles:

You can download the Freebie Linked Frame here


Here's my new styles, they are in the shop at Scrappin Digi Kreations from today.



Personal and Commercial Use and they are 40% off, that's $1.50 each set until next Sunday!! So drop by Scrappin Digi Kreations and have a look

Well, it's that time again. Before I go I would like to thank all you lovely people who leave comments. I really do appreciate them and they brighten my day. I feel that I know some of you well now and it is a pleasure! to have made such lovely friends! See you tomorrow and have a great evening.