Friday, 29 August 2008

CU Freebie and News of a Sale!!

This week has been as they say "one of those weeks"! Lilly went home on Thursday...complete with sore bottom..nothing that I or the pharmacist did would shift it!! So I'm hanging my head in shame!!

I tried pink cream, white cream, yellow cream..but not a change!! I tried lots of fluids..thorough washing...with baby soap and then changed to without, just water, lots of water, wipes, no wipes!! Multiple nappy changes, leaving it open to the air etc...I think you get the message!!

It must be her teeth, or is that wistful thinking? Why do some of them get such bad nappy rash then? She's had the mouth stuff and cream for thrush but still it's's indestructible!! Poor Lilly she looks like she has been in the wars.

Just before she went I lost my Internet connection. I didn't worry to start with as I was too busy to get a chance to use it anyway, but when I checked later...still no Internet...grrr!!

I called my provider and my call went through to India...yep India. I explained the problem I was having and eventually we were both on the same wave took a bit of time but we got there. The man was very nice and after several hours and calls I finally got back online.

The world is a funny place when it is more cost effective for companies to send their calls halfway around the world to be dealt with! But if it works then I'm not knocking it.

There is so much going on at the moment, lots of planning and a few surprises in the pipeline for watch this space!!

If you like a great bargain then check out my store at Studio Style Designs this weekend. Saturday and Sunday everything is 50% off and I mean everything!! There is a sale in the whole store at the moment but Saturday and Sunday I have marked to set my designs at a real discount, so don't miss it!!

Today's freebie is Commercial Use OK. It's something that I have been working on, layered tag templates. They are great to have in your stash, then when you want a tag just dress it up with styles or papers and each time it's different!


The download includes the example tag, a layered psd file and png files. So have a go and see what you come up with.

You can download it here

I love seeing other peoples layouts and I am lucky as I get to see some beautiful ones. Take a look at the fantastic extraction on this photo...those hula hoops must have been fiddley!Great work Tracy, you did a brilliant job!! A fun layout with lots of colour detail, I love it!!


Credits: Simple Things from Cen's Stuff

Kat's card is one of the cutest I have seen and I would certainly love to get one like this!! I adore those photos and the choice of Alpha is just right!


Credits: Purrfect from Cen's Stuff, Template by Dracy Baldwin, Cardboard Alpha by Jasmin-Olya

Well, time for me to go but I'll be back tomorrow with some thing nice for you, so drop by and check it out!!



lwlittlebit said...

Thanks so much for the pretty tag! Thrush is very hard to get rid of sometimes. It could be a yeast infection on her bottom and you need a cream that treats that
if that's what it is. Thrush is yeast so can occur in both places. It's usually red with little bumps. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Poor Lilly(and you) . It will pass in time so take a deep breath. Love those tags. TY:)

Cindyrelly said...

Hey June ;) I agree... it does sound like a yeast infection. Our Pediatrician prescribes Nystatin Cream and it is a wonder! I have always found that Caldesene Powder works wonderfully for just about anything else but although it was everywhere when my girls were babies I only find it at Walgreens which is a chain here in the U.S. for all the grandkids diaper rashes I have been through! Thanks for freebie and I can't wait to hear about the NEWS!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 30 Aug [LA 12:55am, NY 02:55am, UK 07:55am, OZ 05:55pm] ).

Carlota said...

Thanks for the great savings.

Anonymous said...

Looking in your store and it is showing as 35% off not 50%.

mumsy said...

Thank you Cen for a great freebie love the tags
Hugs for Lilly's nappy rash it so so painful for them too. Not sure how old she is but if she is on solids or juices it could be that. orange juice even broken down with water did that to one of my grandchildren

Cathy said...

Hey girl, love your pages.

I added you by the way for my scrapping resources. I don't design elements or papers, I buy them and I love your stuff.

Keep up the good job!

Suz said...

You are long overdue for some of my...♥Link Love♥...! Thank you from the bottom of my heart…and may you have a suuuuuper great day!
Suzee Q's Stuff

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this template! web application