Thursday, 6 November 2008

No, It's Not the Oscars!!!

Having been a bad blogger for a while I really want to catchup on the awards that several wonderful people have passed to me. I apologise that some of them have taken me so long to acknowledge!! The gap in my blogging has caused a bit of a pileup. But I do appreciate them and so I want to say a big, big thank you to all who thought of me for the awards. They are much appreciated!!

I want to thank Esther from Jumping from One Idea to the Next and Shanners at

Shanners' Family Scrap and Stuff for both giving me this wonderful award. I am really touched that they thought of my blog to pass this award to...thank you ladies for being visitors and friends!!

blog_has a heart

The rules of the award are
1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you've nominated.
The  blogs I'd like to nominate that I think have hearts are:

Rhonda at Crafty Mumz Creations - A great blog with loads of heart!!

Kim's Scrapping - Kim gives so much to the scrapping community and does it with so much generosity and kindness, she deserves this.

Susie of Susie2Shoes, an other Hampshire girl, passed me the next award, the Kreative Blogger Award. Susie I apologise for taking so long on this!!! But a HUGE thank is valued, believe me!


For this one I have to tell you 6 things you love and then pass it on to 6 people.

So here goes!! Six things I love...

1. A cup of tea first thing in the morning - I'm sub-human until I've had it!!

2. My long suffering DH and my family, life would be more peaceful without them but I would be so lonely and sad if they were not in my world.

3. Warm clothes in winter...I don't do cold unless I'm hidden under loads of layers!! I'm thin but believe me in winter I look like the Michelin Man!! Lol!

4. Artichoke hearts with Hollandaise sauce...I could eat them for ever...and then some!

5. Walking in the forest, it's peaceful and quiet..the ideal place to just let your mind wander and recharge.

6. Being me......I'm not special in anyway but I'm comfy with myself.....just like an old pair of shoes!! I like being who I am, warts and all.

I pass it to:

Maryse - her blog is a treasure trove of goodies and wonderful creations...I love the figures!!

Glynis  - at Ghunibee Scraps checkout her wonderful photos whilst your there!!

Michelle at The Scrappin Sunflower, I love her blog layout too!!

Ok, I didn't make it to 6 but the ones I did are special!!

Today's little freebie download to add to the papers of Wee Willie Winkie is the first of the element packs with a selection of 4 frames plus the background paper. Believe the textures on these is great...Ok, so I'm biased!!


You can download them here

Before I go take a look at this exquisite layout from Maureen showing her three grandchildren. She has been really clever her and extracted some of the mice to put on the page. I love the blending down the right side too..a spectacular layout with a lovely picture to finish it perfectly, thank you for sharing it Maureen.


Credits: October's Nursery Collection kit - Hickory Dickory Dock from Cens Stuff

I have an other card with a wonderful message...everyone can always use a hug..I know I can!! Su made this great card with the fairy giving out the hug, I love the torn paper and that row of flowers...a truly lovely card Su, thank you!!


Credits: Little Blossoms from Cens Stuff, Fairy is one Su downloaded, sorry I don't have the details to credit.

Time to go but see you all tomorrow for the next part of this months Nursery Collection. Stay warm and safe!!


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Remember, Remember the 5th November!!

Today was a damp gray start here in England, a typical November day. But it's a special day here, it's Guy Fawkes Day commemorating the day in 1605 that a group of plotters tried to blow up our king as he opened parliament. Ok, so we have long memories, but it is still a good excuse for a celebration on a cold dark evening.

On the 5 November every year we have bonfires and fireworks. We call it Guy Fawkes Night, after one of the conspirators, or simple Bonfire Night. The bonfires always have a "Guy", normally an old pair of trouser and shirt stuffed with straw with a hat and mask. This strange looking figure is burnt on the fire and the fireworks symbolise the explosion that would have been had the plotters succeeded!! But apart from that it's a great time for kids and hot potatoes and soup...yummy!!

guy fawkes

We even have a rhyme that children learn:

"Remember, remember the 5th November

Gun Powder, Treason and Plot,

We see no reason why Gun Powder treason

Should ever be forgot."

This year I'm sitting it out as my older granddaughters are busy and Lilly is way too young for the loads of bangs and cold.....but next year perhaps. Many a Bonfire night I have waved sparklers and nibbled on sausages.....burnt a few too, lol!!

OK, today is the second part of the papers for Wee Willie Winkie. Today there are a couple of extra textured papers not shown in the preview thrown in for good measure, so I hope you enjoy them. Here's a reminder of the Paper Pack. (If you missed yesterday download check the previous post.)


You can download Part 2 of the Wee Willie Winkie freebie Paper Pack here

(Link working now...sorry!! Thanks Robbi!!)

Have a look at tomorrow's's a selection of frames to add to the kit, plus you get the background paper too!! The frames I have kept uncluttered as the papers are quite heavy but the preview doesn't do the textures on these frames justice..they are scrummy...even though I do say it myself!! Lol!


So check back tomorrow for the frames download link!!

Now...I have to show you these cards...they are fandabbidozy!!!!! Chris was trying out some new figures that I will be using in some kits to see if they printed out OK. She made two cards, one with the little boy, Jo and one with the little girl Ellie and they printed out GREAT in two Christmas cards Chris made!! Have a look, and don't forget to check out Chris's blog for more great craft ideas.



And what about these two cards...Chris was playing with some of the silhouettes for me and again great results!! I will have some of the silhouettes as a freebie PDF download next week for crafters and png files for scrappers so don't miss them!! But for now look at the fantastic cards she made.




See you all tomorrow for the first part of the elements for this nursery rhyme and I hope that anyone celebrating Guy Fawkes Night has a great time!! Be good!!!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I'm Back!!

Yes...I have been gone a long time!!! Sorry about that..real life can be a bitch...but it's where I live. But I'm back and so pleased to be chatting again. This blog is my main's my baby and a way to meet and greet so many's home!!

Life has been busy, lots of work but more to the point lots of family issues to resolve.

You'll be delighted to hear that Miss Lilly is thriving and rapidly approaching her first birthday...where has this year gone? She's one on the 22 December and I think for her it has been a good year safe in the heart of the family. She has a wonderful mum and dad and the rest of us dote on her..but she takes it all in her stride and emerges as unspoiled and sunny natured as ever.

Lots of news this week, so I will bring you up to date as the week goes on. For now I have an other of the Nursery Rhyme theme kits for you to collect this week...this time it's Wee Willie Winkie.

I have the papers split over today and tomorrow for you, so start collecting today and add to the kit through out the week...elements too.

This rhyme is about night time and so the colours are darker and there are lots of stars!


Download Part 1 of the Paper Pack here 

I'm running a challenge this month over at Cottage Scrapbooks. This one is about the Flavour of the Month.....what's happening in your part of the world in November? Choose at least 3 colours from the set palette and do a layout that gives a flavour of November in your neck of the woods.


In UK it's Guy Fawkes Night and fireworks, in US I know it's Thanks Giving..what happens where you live?Post your layout and receive the posting bonus. The theme this month at CS for all the challenges is Music Room, here's the bonus for my challenge.


Here's the challenge thread for Flavour of the month Challenge at Cottage Scrapbooks


If you haven't already snagged Kim's fantastic Turkey Time Pack then head over to Kim's Scrapping now and start's large!!! And so cute!!!


Check out Linda's fantastic QP Collection this week on her blog. She is posting new ones everyday!!



Don't you just love that teddy!!!

Well, got to dash, I'll be back tomorrow with the download link for the second part of the Wee Willie Winkie papers and a peek at some elements. Have a great day/evening!!


Sunday, 26 October 2008

Snagging My Blinkie

If you'd like to snag my blinkie and add it to you blog, with a clickable link back to Cen's Loft, here's how you do it!

1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard and Select LAYOUT.

2. Now choose PAGE ELEMENTS and then select ADD A GADGET.

3. From the choices pick HTML/JavaScript, then in the content box paste in the  following code:

<a href="http:/" target="_blank"><img border="0" alt="Cens Loft"  src=" "></a>

Click Save and your done!!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Final Part of Hickory Dickory Dock

The start of today was not quite what I would have wished other family disaster....we do those really well and often, lol!!

Charlotte rang with some bad news, her work on the computer at university had become corrupt and when she saved her work this morning it corrupted her pen drive...aaaaah!!!

She has two projects with a deadline of Monday and all the work she was doing on them was on the university computers or...yes, you got it... on her pen drive. Normally it's only when they are completed that she loads them onto her own hard drive for permanent storage.

She works so hard. like this morning with a 6.00am study start, that I really felt angry with the university too, as it appears their backups don't cover the files that students save to their own that stupid or what? They state that they have a new policy and in it they are trying to discourage students from using their personal storage folders on the university system!!! What is that about?

That sounds like they are discouraging students working on university computers at all.

So till Monday her life will be manic, well a bit more manic than usual..and no doubt so will ours!! Lilly will be taken care of by dad tomorrow and by her aunt on Friday, all in her own home to minimise any disruption to her routine. Come Friday evening she will be grandma's girl for the weekend!! So this weekend is allocated for the greater's drop everything and start bailing out the boat, lol!! But isn't that what families are all about?

And it gets better...tomorrow I have a's time for my annual flu jab...some treat!! But I suppose it's better than getting the real thing, lol!!

OK, for those of you who wanted to see "the nails", here's the photo I took yesterday. I have just transferred it from my camera and later I will do a layout to save as a reminder of Emma's first assessment.


She really had a challenge with my work worn hands!! Note, I even have a burnt index finger...I told you this girl had her work cut out for her!! These hands have hard usage and are total strangers to rubber gloves!! My nails have daily challenges like being used as tools to get in the rim of things, household detergents etc...come to think about it perhaps I should have a be kind to hands week!!

Now for the last part of Hickory Dickory Dock!! It's the second part of the elements and that will complete the kit.


You can download the Second Part of the Elements here

Oops..I forgot the clock!! I have corrected the download now, sorry about that.

I hope you've enjoyed collecting the kit!

Now for a laugh...I just rolled about when I saw this fantastic layout from really made me laugh. Not that I was heartless..but I could just imagine this little guy thinking he was in hamster heaven..and look at that he saying sorry or is it a tummy ache? A wonderful layout with great journaling!! I love how you used the papers and tags Su...a fantastic page!! Thanks for sharing it and making me smile..I hope Gims has made a full recovery!!


Credits: Hickory Dickory Dock papers and elements

That's all from me for today...enough play time I'm back to work now! Have great day and see you soon!!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Immaculate Nails and a Water Leak!


Hickory Dickory elements to go with the freebie papers

Yesterday went well and my nails are looking fantastic after all that loving care..shame it won't last!!

It was Emma's first assessment and she was just a bit nervous, not sure if it was just first assessment fears or my weather worn hands that gave her the jitters!  Mind you, it didn't help that her water bowl leaked all over her trolley, her nerves really started jangling then, the trolley was awash!!

But like a true professional she discreetly and efficiently moved her things and replaced anything which had got water logged and continued from there. I was so proud of her!!

Emma has been know to be one for tears..she's a real girlie, if you know what I mean, and the thought did flash oh so briefly through my mind "Oh no!! No tears Emma!! Not now!!"  It would have been a bit of a disaster if Emma had added her tears to the flood!!

But she was BRILLIANT and smiled and chatted as if I was a real client...not her grandma, lol!! Perhaps it helped that I was. Let's face it if you can't comfortably chat to your grandma...even under stress then who can you chat too!! I tried to do my bit by continuing to smiling encouragingly and chatting in the hope that I could reassure her and she would not feel too stressed. It may have helped, who knows...or she may have thought I jinxed her, lol!!

But she did brilliantly and the tutor praised her work...and I have my fingers crossed, well after the varnish had dried, that she gets good marks for it. I know that I am really pleased with her handiwork , I even took a photo of my nails when I got home as a memento of her first assessment. Mind you it was a trifle tricky doing it with one hand..but I think I did it justice.

Now to scrapping!! Today you can see the elements that go with the Hickory Dickory Dock Papers. Over the next two days you can download them, I just hope those little mice find some good homes!!

I was asked if I could do the clock and mouse as an element..and so I have plus two curled ribbon borders with mice running up and down them, two frames, tow tags, two different sorts of bows and two buttons....I could have gone on but time ran out!! Lol!! Oh yes and one little flower!!

You can download today's elements here

Now a big thank you to some people who have given me awards!!

I received this great friendship award from three great friends, Linda, Kim and Glynis. Thank you so much ladies, I count you all as special friends and I am so glad that you look on me as a friend too...thank you for your friendship, it is treasured!

It's the "Proximidade Award" or the "Friendship Around The World Award". I need to pass it to 6 other people.

PremioProximidade1_friendship award glynis

I pass it to:




Kim Smith



Before I go Kim from Kim's Scrappin has a great Pumpkin freebie on her blog, drop by and check it out!!


That's all for today folks...take care and see you tomorrow for the second part of the Hickory Dickory elements. Have fun!!


Monday, 20 October 2008

I'm all Mice and Spooks Today!

I was really thrilled last night because Chris sent me a photo of her Boo Bag!! She made it with the Halloween Figures from last week. It is great to see, as this one of the first things in pdf as well as png that I have done so they can be used for other craft projects as well as scrapping....and it looks like they work well!!

Chris you are a genius and I just adore the Boo Bag, thanks for sharing it with us!! To make it really yummy Chris has filled it with sweeties for her grandson...that sounds just up my street.. I like a sweet or ten, lol!!


For more great crafting projects drop by Chris's blog and get loads of ideas on hybrid, ATC's and cards.

I just got a phone call sweetly asking me to help out one of my older granddaughters. She has just started training as a beautician and needs a "case study" pronto for a manicure. Well of course me being me, I had already told her that I would volunteer for anything going...waxing, manicure, I need all the help I can get. What I didn't reckon on was it being at such sort notice!!

So it's down tools and off I run. It takes me about just over an hour to get there so I will need to fly as my appointment with her is at 11.30am and it's now 9.50am!!!So the rest of my post will have to wait until tomorrow and my working day will just start a little later, lol...well a lot later by the time I'm back..but hey it sounds like fun plus great nails and what are grandmas for?

Before I go though you need download link for the last of the Hickory Dickory Dock Papers.

Download them here


See you all tomorrow...with some wonderful nails..... and some elements to add to the Hickory Dickory Dock Papers!!

Have a wonderful day and no matter the and make someone else's day!!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Nursery Rhyme Papers


Yesterday was a good day with four generations of the ladies in my family together, that's my mum, me, Charlotte and Lilly. We went to a church bazaar and then had lunch, Lilly was really good and patient with all the ladies at the bazaar wanting to talk to her and as usual, on queue she smiled and chatted in her own little language. She even gives the royal's a new skill so everyone was treated to a wave...I swear she looks like the queen. Ok, so she's is younger but the wave is the same!! Lol! She definitely is no shrinking violet and crowds don't phase her one little fact I think she thought that everyone had come just to see her, lol!!

By the end of the afternoon when it was almost time for her to go home I bathed her and got her ready for her mum to take in the car. It was fun....but slightly unnerving!! Since she  started going to the pool with her dad she is convinced that she is a fish or a mermaid!!! Don't know who told her she had gills and could breath under water but she certainly believed it and so I spent the whole of bath time retrieving her back to the surface...scarey for me...but she got a little impatient when she couldn't convince me that under water was good.

As I wrapped her in the towel she looked at me as if to say "Grandma's! They are such fussers, anyone would think they knew best!". But she was good with me and didn't punish me too hard!!

Now Hickory Dickory Dock. I decided it was only fair to show you all the papers in the Hickory Dickory Dock rather than a few at a here they are!! There are 10 papers in the pack. Yesterday's download was just two papers but I have split the rest into 4 papers x2.

So today and tomorrow you can collect the rest of the papers and then it's on to the elements!!

You can download today's papers for Hickory Dickory Dock here

If you missed the first ones then check the previous post for the download link and then back tomorrow for the final papers.

A bit of news before I go of a free Gift Voucher........would you like a $5.00 voucher to spend in Scrappin Digi Kreations? Well if you do make sure you are registered in the forum and then get a friend to register and you get a gift voucher voucher for recommending them!!

Even easier, when your friend fills out the registration form there is a box to put the Referring Members screen name. Once your friend's registration is approved, a GV will be on it's way to the Referring Member. Limit of one GV per member applies. Offer only available during the month of October. So what are you waiting for!!!

This has to be one of the easiest ways to get a GV! November is our third birthday at SDK and we have lots going on for you, sales, challenges, chats, kits and lots don't miss out!!


Well, time to go but see you tomorrow!!



Saturday, 18 October 2008

Hickory Dickory Dock - It's Nursery Rhyme Time!


Hi all, I hope that things are going well in your world and that life is being kind. I'm late today in posting

A little while ago I spoke of Nursery Rhyme things and I finally decided to work on some of my ideas.

Today starts the Nursery Rhyme Theme, it starts with Hickory Dickory Dock...remember that one...with the mouse running up the clock? My kids loved it and it was a firm favourite with them. Today it's just two papers to start you off, but there is word art and some elements to come based on this nursery rhyme so watch out for the rest!

At the  moment my cat is having a strut!!!! And don't we all know it!!! Whilst we were away my son was in charge (well that was the theory) but I'm afraid it was the cat that was really the boss! He spent the whole of the time begging and bullying for ham and titbits from the fridge and my son gave in every time...grrr!!

Now the cat is far from happy..."What!! You expect me to eat THAT!!!" is his is written all over his face, when he gets no joy he sticks his nose in the air and struts off...but then he comes back..and that's the bad bit!! Be afraid, be very afraid when he comes back!!

If the first tactic doesn't work, then he has taken to coming back and looking hurt..before he nips us on the leg! I ask you..where does that come from..he hasn't learnt it from me. I never nip, even when I don't get my own way!! I think there must be something that my DH isn't telling me...perhaps it's him the cat got it from, lol!

So it's tough love I'm afraid for the next few days or we will end up living with a feral moggy and that is not on!!

Back to sensible stuff now.

If you'd like today's Part 1 of Hickory Dickory Dock you can download it here

Before I go I have an other card from Su and again it's a beauty!! I love the Sweet memories tag on it! Birthdays are for memories...well they are if you've had as many as I've had, lol!! Thank you Su for sharing it,it's gorgeous!


Well, I'm off to bed as it's midnight here and tomorrow is Saturday....Lilly Day!! So I will need all my strength, that girl can move believe me!!

Have a great Saturday and check back for the next part of Hickory Dickery Dock.


Thursday, 16 October 2008

Witches, Warlocks, Spookies and Beasties!

Yes, it's almost that time again....Halloween. The 31 October is normally a date in our diaries in this family as it's my mum's birthday too.....thus the same recurring comments about her being "an old witch"...well that's the excuse  they use anyway, lol!!

Several card makers and other crafters have asked for some of my work in pdf files so they could print it out, so today I have done just on!

To help get you in the mood for all those scary, spooky pages your soon going to have in abundance, my gift today is some Halloween Fun figures. I hope they add some fun to your pages!!!

I have done the downloads so you have a choice of digital png files or pdf files for those other craft projects like ATC's, Cards etc. Let me know if you think this is a good idea? The pdf's are in two sizes, hopefully to cover cards and ATC's.


You can download Halloween Fun png files here

You can download Halloween Fun pdf files (printable) here

The luck is with you today's post is a short one..Ok, stop breathing that sigh of relief!! I'm just off to the doctors and then before I start work, it's a couple of hours sorting through cuddly toys. My DH decided that he would have a clear out of stuff that we got stuck with from our kids. He found bags full of soft toys, some of them are so cute!! I did intend to sort them last night but I got carried away with remembering who's toy each had been and when they got them...I always was a sucker for that sort of thing. I think good memories should be taken out once in a while and given an airing!!

But I have to admit that I did get just the tiny, weeniest bit carried away!! Ok, a lot a way!! But I found some real gems that Lilly can play with after they have had a quick swirl in the washing machine.

I even found the badger hand puppet that I used to have when my older son's daughters were little. For years those girls thought he was real and would chat and stroke him as he nestled in the crook of grandma's elbow. Bless!! They used to get so excited when he waved or moved!!

But I did say this was going to be short I will stop here and start on the days business! Take care and see you all soon!! Have a wonderful day and take care of each other!!


Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Bath Time!!

I apologise at the start that this post is sooo long!! I just have so much to make up!!

I promised you pictures of Bath and I have just had time to make some bits for a layout of the Roman Baths that we visited there. I wanted the layout to look a bit Roman..don't know if I succeeded but I had fun doing it. It's not often I make time for making my own photos normally end up waiting patiently until they are nearly vintage, lol!!


Credits: All items by me, Font: Mistral

Here are a few of the photos that I haven't had time yet to scrap that may give you a flavour of Bath.


This is the street opposite the baths and Pump Room. It has wonderful columns and and a real Regency feel!!


How's this for a perfect Autumn day on the river? The sun was shining brightly but the warmth was gone and only the brightness remained.


Imagine walking by the river along this covered walkway on a rainy day in the early 1800's.

Bath was really beautiful, it had an elegant but slightly worn look, not surprising considering how long it has been there!!It must have been striking when the buildings were new and the stone was bright and clean...before pollution and age came along and tarnished it. (I know how it feels, lol) Shabby chic perhaps but certainly a stylish "old lady".

Now it's time for me to focus!! Not easy at the best of times, lol!!

You can download Part 2 of the retiring kit, Little Blossoms here

Here's an other look at the preview for those of you who missed it.


Today there are more great layouts to share. I am amazed at the standard of the pages that people send me and the ones from the CT girls. I am not the worlds best scrapper and I really admire so many of the pages, they make me vow to try harder!!!

The next two layouts are from Linda and it is like a walk back in time!! In the first one Jasmine looks just like she has walked out of a book and the papers have that soft faded look, elegant but faded with time. I love how the photo is framed it gives a great contrast and makes it pop!! A lovely layout and terrific work!!


Her second page is so romantic!! Look at that word art and the stitches are a great touch!! The heart with their initials really personalises the layout and adds to that romantic feel. These wonderful photographs have found a great place to live on in Linda's album to remind the next generation of two important family members. I love it Linda, a perfect heritage page!!


Credits for both layouts: Kit Forgotten Dreams by Cen's Stuff,

Fonts Used - Vivaldi and Vivaldi Old Typewriter

And finally to let you see how versatile this kit is, have a look at Melanie's page. I love the way she has some of the photo's colour and some black and white/tinted, it works so well and really has a dramatic effect...great contrast!! The torn paper mat is a clever touch too! A beautiful page Melanie!!


Credits: Kit Forgotten Dreams by Cen´s stuff, Fonts: Lucida Handwriting and Stencil

Before I go checkout the CT girls blogs, they have some great goodies for you all.

Kim's has some great new freebies for you! on her blog! She has two recipe cards and check further down for her great word art too!!


I also forgot to tell you that Linda had some great butterflies on her blog too. Drop by and snag them!!


And if coffee is your passion, head over to Tracy's blog as she has a terrific coffee tag up for grabs!!


Well....that's me done folks for today!! I hope you enjoyed the layouts as much as I did!! See you soon!!


Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Who Said Life Was All Fun?


Retiring for Ever!! Collect the kit free, today and tomorrow as my gift to you!!

I finally made it to post....I got back after a nice break away that turned out totally different to how I thought. The countryside was peaceful but unfortunately the financial crisis started cooking up a storm as soon as we left and much of the time was spent watching Sky News and calling bankers!!! It's not my money I was worrying about but my mothers and I would have felt awful if I had taken my eye off the ball at such a critical time and she had lost it. Hopefully the bank rescue will help the situation but only time will tell for us all!! Fingers crossed. Now we wait and see.

Ok, grizzle comes an other grizzle.....My shoulder has also continued to be literally a pain!! The break from the PC has not helped, in fact it has got even more painful so a trip to the doctors is on my agenda on Thursday. It must be all those mobile calls and hugging the phone thta made it worse, lol!!

I admit it, I am a disaster area, lol!! But that's life I think, up and down like a roller coaster, you just have to go with the flow and try to enjoy the ride even when it gets scary or sore!!!!

Thursday was the high point of our break we escaped with just a few phone calls and then went to Bath for the day. It is such a lovely old city, lots of regency buildings and the wonderful Roman Baths. In some parts it's like walking back in time. We walked along the river through the town in bright Autumn sunshine soaking in the view as well as the lovely sun. The trip round the baths with amazing...even though the water is green now. In Roman times the baths would have been covered and so the water was clear. But it was still lovely to wander through it trying to see those lone past days and wondering at the sites the baths had seen.

I took some pictures which I'll post later in the week to give you a taste of Bath.

The retiring goodies have been taken down at Scrappin Digi Kreations and have gone into storage but there is a bundle of the last ones still available at Studio Style Design until next the end of the week. In fact I have a Sale on at SSD 30% off all my products!!!

But today and tomorrow you can collect Little Blossoms for free before it vanishes for good!!!

Download Part 1 of Little Blossoms here

Now I have a whole bunch of gorgeous layouts to share with you, each one is special and unique.

Kim really showcases the photo of the house her son made from popsicles sticks with wonderful word art and terrific use of white space. It's an eye catching page and I love the font she used for the word art. It just pops!!


Credits: Little Weeds by Cen's Stuff
Template by ChrissyW
Wordart by Kims Scrappin

If you'd like Kim's Word Art she has it as a freebie on her blog so drop by and snag it!

Leaonna's grandmother was certainly a lovely lady, this beautiful heritage layout captures the spirit of the 1900's with this special photo. A beautiful page with some great details and wonderful journaling. Thanks for sharing it Leaonna!!!


Credits: Forgotten Dreams by Cen's Stuff

And how's this for lush colours and excellent blending!! Tracy's layout of her son is a real tribute. I love the border and buttons!! Layouts for men always seem difficult to me...we ladies are so much easier to scrap but this is a wonderful job! An other beautiful page for the album!!


Credits: Fall Splendour - Cen's Stuff contribution

This next one is a wonderful romantic memory of two people from Linda's family. It's a terrific layout with so many lovely details. I love the heart with their initials and that word art is perfect!! I could go on but look for yourself and see what I mean.


Credits: Forgotten Dreams by Cen's Stuff

Su sent me tow fantastic cards she had made...and they are just that...fantastic!! The first is so cute, it's the sort of card we would all love to receive!! What a brilliant way to say Hallo to someone you haven't seen for a while! These little piggies are certainly favourites of mine!! It's wonderful Su!


The second is one that really made me describes me perfectly!! Lol!!

Over the Hill_su

Credits for both cards: Animals, Animals July Supa Digi Kit Free Mega kit, Scrappin Digi Kreations

If you'd like the my part of Animals, Animals SDK for July it's available still as a freebie in my section of the store, so drop by and snag it!

Well, that's all for today but drop back for more great goodies and some pictures of Bath!! Take care and have a great day despite the financial gloom!!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Last Part of Game Time and No Me!


Still no me...yes, I should still be enjoying myself, lol!!

But here's the last part of the Game Time Kit for you.

You can download it here

Have a look at these two wonderful pages from Janeal. These are ones she made and posted at Scrappin Digi Kreations and what a fantastic page! It shows a great day out with great journaling and terrific photos. I love how she set out the photos, a really fun page for the album and so well done!!


Credits: Pirates Treasure by Cen's Stuff, fonts: Vtks Revolt, Viner Hand ITC

This one has such clever use of the papers...look at all those shapes!! The way she framed these photos works really well!! Brilliant Janeal, thank you!!

mixed medley_janeal

Credits: Mixed Medley Papers Volume 1 by Cen's Stuff ; font: Rage Italic


And last but not least!! Esther has a stunning layout on her blog. It's one from a role-play portrait series which are brilliant. She used a using the selective colouring technique on the photo that I learnt from Go Digital Scrapbooking that's worth taking a look at! It works so well. A beautiful layout and a gorgeous result on that photo!

Well, that's all for today folks!! See you all when I get back and thanks for visiting!!