Thursday, 16 October 2008

Witches, Warlocks, Spookies and Beasties!

Yes, it's almost that time again....Halloween. The 31 October is normally a date in our diaries in this family as it's my mum's birthday too.....thus the same recurring comments about her being "an old witch"...well that's the excuse  they use anyway, lol!!

Several card makers and other crafters have asked for some of my work in pdf files so they could print it out, so today I have done just on!

To help get you in the mood for all those scary, spooky pages your soon going to have in abundance, my gift today is some Halloween Fun figures. I hope they add some fun to your pages!!!

I have done the downloads so you have a choice of digital png files or pdf files for those other craft projects like ATC's, Cards etc. Let me know if you think this is a good idea? The pdf's are in two sizes, hopefully to cover cards and ATC's.


You can download Halloween Fun png files here

You can download Halloween Fun pdf files (printable) here

The luck is with you today's post is a short one..Ok, stop breathing that sigh of relief!! I'm just off to the doctors and then before I start work, it's a couple of hours sorting through cuddly toys. My DH decided that he would have a clear out of stuff that we got stuck with from our kids. He found bags full of soft toys, some of them are so cute!! I did intend to sort them last night but I got carried away with remembering who's toy each had been and when they got them...I always was a sucker for that sort of thing. I think good memories should be taken out once in a while and given an airing!!

But I have to admit that I did get just the tiny, weeniest bit carried away!! Ok, a lot a way!! But I found some real gems that Lilly can play with after they have had a quick swirl in the washing machine.

I even found the badger hand puppet that I used to have when my older son's daughters were little. For years those girls thought he was real and would chat and stroke him as he nestled in the crook of grandma's elbow. Bless!! They used to get so excited when he waved or moved!!

But I did say this was going to be short I will stop here and start on the days business! Take care and see you all soon!! Have a wonderful day and take care of each other!!



Glynis said...

Well your mum is a special witch! She was born on a day when only the best are born ;)))))))))))
I like the halloween lo, but then I do love Halloween ;)
Ah the cuddly toy memories, when we emigrated I had a hard job sorting out so I gave them to the kids and told them to do it themselves, they have still got them!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning June!!!!!
How cool my younger sister's BDay is the 31st too!!!!!!
I always thought it funny I was born on the 1st & her on the 31st!!!! LOL
Hope you dont mind I DL both of these to USE!!!!!
They are so ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The story about the toys gave me chills. That is too precious. I miss my babies so much!!!
Happy B-Day to your Mom.
Love those Halloween Figures and TY for sharing them. :)

Maryse said...

The best friends of my husband is also born on the 31st,but here in France that not so important!!
Tomorrow is the birthday of my brother,october is the good season for poisonous mushrooms!!!I'm joking!
Have a nice day,happy birthday to the old...oops to your mother and of course that's a good idea!!!
I love the black cat :))
Thank you so much :))

Elaine said...

Thank you so much, so cute!

tajicat said...

Loved the story about the toys. I kept a few of each of my sons' for someday they may want them to remember or show their children if any of them ever have any! I like thinking about those days when they were little too. Thanks so much for the cute Halloween goodies! :)

LindaJD said...

Hi June, had to chuckle at the soft toy bit, yesterday I was sorting our Ellie's bedroom with her mum, she was all Dora but now she is into Disney Prinncess's so all the Dora stuff got packed up to pass on (after I have nabbed a few to put away until she is older)and the Princess stuff bought, they cost a fortune! the ammount of soft toys and other toys is Staggering that a little 3year old has aquired! But she was so pleased when she got in from Nursery, today she is even tydying up after herself too! although how long that last's is anyone's
TYSM for the Halloween treats :) I think it's a great Idea for the PDF's

Over The Top Aprons said...

June, Thanks for visiting my new blog; love your Witches, etc. Fun, Fun, Fun!