Friday, 30 May 2008

Freebie Commercial Use OK and a Fast Post!

Well, Miss Lilly has been reunited with her mum and gone back home. The house here has returned to normal and all the baby things were packed away last night. Silence is so unnerving!! It was lovely to see Lilly with her mum again and to wave them off when they left..but we had got used to the nappies and bottles and coos and goos..and who is going to spray me with food three times a day? My DH certainly won't volunteer for that one!! Neither will he submit to my baby chatter "Who's a clever boy then?"..he says talking to babies like that sounds the same as talking to a budgie...and it certainly has to stop now Lilly has left..mind you she loved grandmas high little budgie voice!! I even miss our sparring sessions, when she was determined to win..and she did loads of times...I am such a wimp!!! But never mind she'll be back soon with some more new tricks to keep me on my toes!! The upside of it is the cat has stopped his evil looks and stalking past me tail in air. He has decided that now that awful creature has gone he will fuss me and try to re-educate me to his way of things. He will be magnanimous and forgive my defection to the other side..if..I admit he was right all alone and pay him the homage he is due......he has been taking lessons from Lilly...or perhaps she took them from him!! Cheeky puss!! He won't look so pleased when he discovers that I am deserting him and leaving him with Chris!! Which reminds me, I need to leave Chris a BIG reminder on how to open the packet of cat biscuits or he will claim he forgot to feed the cat because he didn't know how to open the box! Lol!!

This morning I'm off to Holland, loads of travelling and not much time there but it's a change and a chance to catch up with relatives, so it will be good. I'll be going through the channel tunnel is so fast compared to the ferry. Just drive on the train, read a magazine and 30minutes later your in Calais!! Mind you still a lot of ground to cover before we get through northern France, Belgium and finally into Holland. Thank goodness Belgium is so small!!

Before I go here's one more little personal and cu use goodie, some Flirty Flowers. OK, so there are pretty basic..but still fun..mix and match and layer and stack..loads of possibilities!!! Go wild with styles, colours, textures!! The examples are included plus greyscale png files for you to make your own and as a bonus there is psd file too.

Have fun playing and see you all Monday!! Have a great weekend and stay safe!!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Two Freebies..and more Lilly!!

There are 2 freebies today, so stay with it and you will find them in the post! There is a great bracket book page and a CU overlay. But... first our Lilly!! She has to come first or granny will be in the dog house!! She is one little lady who knows her place..and it's top of the list!! Lol!
Yesterday saw Lilly's return and I have to admit that I was more than a little worried that she would not take kindly to being shunted backwards and forwards. A rebellion of mammoth proportions could have be on the horizon...but I should have know not to try to second guess our think I would have learned that by now!!

The little lady appeared with dad and slowly and solemnly looked around her...and when she spotted me...well that little face just cracked wide with a huge smile and a big laugh...she was happy to see me!! That kid sure knows how to reel me in!! Dad duly departed for work and Lilly and I decided to have a play, but what was this..Lilly was pale and quite listless by about 3.00pm. I thought she was just tired but no she couldn't settle and seemed just a tad crotchety. I started to wonder if she was missing dad, but if that was the case then she normally bites back!! Bedtime and bath time were half hearted attempts at smiles and yes, I was starting to get worried. But she settled and went to sleep without too much trouble...that really started me thinking then!!

Yesterday morning I was standing over the cot waiting for her to wake up...was she breathing? was everything OK? Well, eventually she woke up at 9.00am!! To a very worried grandma!! She was warm and by her nappy it was clear what the problem was, she had tummy trouble. She was a definite candidate for the bath..after she had been cleaned up a bit first..not to put too fine a point on it...she was plastered!! She must have felt dreadful...I did just sorting her out!! She still looked pale but the spirit was starting to revive and the bath got a few splashes and even a couple of giggles. But just as I made up my mind it could be a doctors visit job, she perked up and the big smiles returned. I could not believe the speed of her recovery...within a couple of hours she was so much better. The wicked grin was back and the arms were flapping like a bird about to take off...a sure sign in Lilly that something is sooo exciting!! Mind you she was not quite back to normal because she actually sat and let me cuddle her for about 5 minutes without twisting and trying to escape!! It was lovely..not that she was under the weather but that grandma had a cuddly little bundle, even if for a short while. By the evening she was back to normal and bouncing around everywhere!! Kids...they go down quick but come up even faster..I wish I could do that!!

Ok now the news and freebies!!!

First, I have two great new Bracket Book Albums and a Combo Set in the shop at Scrappin Digi Kreations, all at 40% off for the first there is a freebie page for you all to try!! They are made with my Bella Kit and the layouts were done by the marvellous Tragedy Anne. They are so cute!! If you like cute little frames then I have a set of those too just gone in the store. Have a look below and see what you think!!First freebie - Bella Bracket Book Page Freebie find it here at SDK (no purchase necessary)
Bella Bracket Book Album Set 1 , 40% off the first week at SDK
Bella Bracket Book Album Set Two 40% off the first week at SDK

Great Combo Set of Album 1 and 2, 40% off for the first week at SDK

Little Cutie Frames, 40% off the first week at SDK

The second freebie is a commercial use one. It's an overlay to help make you make your patterned papers. The examples are included too.
You can download it here

Well, it's time for me to run. It's late here and tomorrow is an early start. I don't think it will be a late start for Lilly tomorrow. I have a post for Friday which I will do before I leave for Holland. I am going just for the weekend to an annual reunion of my husbands family. Lots of travelling and not a lot of time there I'm afraid but should be fun!! So watch out for Friday's post and an other little freebie!!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Commercial Use Freebie..and She's Coming Back!!

I posted on Sunday..just to keep you guessing!! Well the truth is I had some space and took advantage of it. Yesterday I rushed around like a headless chicken trying to catch up on the things I hadn't done last week with Lilly being here. I'd love to say I'm all up to date...but it would be a lie, lol!
Scrappin Digi Kreations moved server recently and had just come back online but no sooner was it back than there were problems with the downloads and so it is having to move server again!! So no uploading things to the shop there and I don't know if my chat for this evening will be on. I'll need to check later and see. So I may get the evening off!!

Today the little beauty is back, Miss Lilly! I wonder how her dad got on...well, I'll find out soon as she is due any time. If I see a man with white hair and a tired look then I'll know it's him, lol!! Mind you I did miss excuse for three showers a day due to bubble and spit or for making all those lovely noises! I did find myself cooing at my DH and the look I got soon brought me back to reality!!! Ooops!!
The freebie today is a little Commercial Use one, it's good for personal use too!! Try playing with it like I did. Apply a style or cut some paper and then an edge..just play, have fun!!

I have some new girls on my CT Team and they are fabulous new additions!! Add them to the brilliant girls I already have on my team and they make for a stunning group. I am so lucky to have them!! The new girls are Debi, AB, Monica, Erica, Leaonna and Bina. So watch out for some wonderful layouts! Talking of CT girls, Kim is a star!! She works so hard and still finds time to share some tremendous freebies on her blog. Today she has a memorial Day Kit to share with you so drop by her blog and don't forget to leave her some love!!

You can download her freebie kit here on her blog

Now for some lovely layouts I want to share.Bina used Little Darling for this great circular layout. I love circles!! Great job on this!! Monica really got those animals prowling through the jungle on this layout! Beautiful pictures and a great fun page! She use my Go Wild Kit on this one.
Tracy used Graffiti and what a marvellous page she has done!! The skater photos go so well with the Graffiti Kit. Love it Tracy!!
I love this brag book page that Kim made for me, it's one of two and they are beautiful!! Miss Lilly is looking great and so is the layout Kim!! Love the circles and that journaling!Thanks so much!! Kim used the Go Wild Kit.

This cute layout from Alisa is an other one made with Little Darling and it shows her little darling! I love the blending and photo cutting, it is brilliant Alisa, I love that cute little face!! Wonderful page!!

I love the way Monica has got a floor and dance bar, everything......her gorgeous little ballerina is dancing along with Tina Ballerina and what a great pair. Clever page!

This lovely soft page from Linda is beautiful!! Lots of details and wonderful journaling! Looks like a fun day! Fantastic page Linda! Linda used the Monets Garden Kit for this one.

OK, I will leave you with these gorgeous pages and go and get ready for the rest of the day. Take care and check back for an other little CU freebie next post!!

Sunday, 25 May 2008

More Lilly Diaries and a CU Freebie

I'm late posting this...sorry!! Yesterday was busy, busy..lots to do and places to go. Everyone wanted to see Lilly. Miss Popularity!! Lilly enjoyed the day and as usual played to the audience, bestowing her best smile on all around. She even had on her party bubbles, spitting or yelling...unless the attention started to drift away from her and then she just politely reminded people who they had come to see. When she had refocused their attention she was gracious again, a bit like the queen holding court! But they loved her!!

On Friday we actually had some sun so we spent a bit of time in the garden. Does anyone know if daisies are toxic? Lilly loves them and as with everything she loves she has to put them in her mouth and chew. I rescued several, with a bit of manhandling she eventually gave them up. It was amazing we sat on the grass and she stayed still for 5 minutes just looking and watching...following things with her eyes but not a move or sound. It was lovely to see. Mind you my DH spoilt it a bit as he said Lilly was just pondering her next move!!

Not only have I got the hang of how to duck and dive from bubble and spit but bedtime has taken a turn for the better. The good news is I cracked it!! Well..let's get this right..Lilly was graceful and allowed me to crack it!! Last night's bedtime went like clockwork.....well, sort of! It was only a minor skirmish instead of a full scale battle. That has got to be good! No, it didn't happen on schedule but getting closer to it. Bath time was great fun, wet but enjoyed by all. The wind down period afterwards was relaxed, no huffing or puffing over it. Sure there was a little protest (I'm understating again, lol) but then the girl finally said " What the hell! Lets make old grandma smile and I am just a teeny tiny bit tired" and she smiled sweetly and in no time she slowly slipped away to the land of nod.

Lilly's daddy is not working Sunday and Monday so he called and said he would pick her up today and take her home and bring her back Tuesday morning...awh!! That's lovely!! I was really pleased for Lilly...but me being me....I started to worry!! Will she get confused, all this tooing and froing? Will she not settle when she comes back? So after a restless night pondering every possible problem, I emerged at 5.45am looking like the monster from the Blue Lagoon!! As I walked into the room I was enough to scare the bravest of men and send them screaming in terror...but.....the moment she saw me the tears stopped and there it was....her best smile!! She really didn't care that I was looking like I could stop traffic, she just was pleased to see me and her little arms went up. What more can I say? (Sigh.)

Today I have made a little personal and commercial use freebie. I hope you enjoy them! I have included the three recoloured flowers and the two grey scale ones. Have fun!!

You can download them here

That's all for today folks, catch you tomorrow!! Hope you enjoy what's left of the weekend.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Part 5 the Lilly Diaries and last Part CT Collab

It's amazing, four days ago I was a sane and relatively normal woman, now I talk to washing machines and dance around the room singing like a lune, make noises that I never knew were within my vocal range and wear sweet potato and vegetable puree like it was Channel!! It's amazing what a baby in the house can do!!

I now know that Lilly's mum has brought her up well and installed firm values into her tiny head. During one of our frequent chat's this morning Lilly explained, via the odd coo, goo and yah, that the problem was all mine. I didn't do thinks like mummy did. OK, so I did try..but as they say in your report "Could try harder". But hey, we are getting there...we have both been compromising and its good. I wear a feeder at meal times and it works great...saves my clothes getting any stains from the apple and mango breakfast and stops me moaning..doesn't work so well saving the face. I had thought of some sort of a face shield but that seemed extreme, well so Lilly thought. I have to admit I could be scary with a gum shield and face protector and she is still young..don't want to frighten her. But never mind there's still the trusty wet wipes and they do a wonderful job. I wish I knew who invented them, I'd write them a thank you!!

Yesterday afternoon we decided that dancing could be fun. So on went the music, fast music, Lilly preferred that and she loved it!! She giggled and squealed for about 30mins, but by then I was just about managing to stagger around with exhaustion, let alone dance! Lilly was just a little tired too, sitting there laughing at silly grandma is sooo tiring. I think the only thing in the house that was more tired than me at that moment was the washing has put in for a transfer to a feels it would be more relaxed there and less work!! I cannot believe how often I change that child!! She is like a little magnet for any dirt, fluff, food,milk...the list is endless and I've tried to keep it clean!! But with a little bribery I have persuaded the washing machine to stay and we are both now looking forward to next week and a more relaxed pace of life!! (See what I mean...talking to washing machines..I need to get a grip!)

I thought that Lilly might like some soft and gentle music in the evening and she did. Pre-bath time she had a chill session...check her out that chilled or what?
"Oooh..mood music!" "She wants me to if!!...but it is nice!"

OK, so it didn't work..but it was worth a try!! Bedtime was a little easier but she still did not go gracefully!! Our Lilly has the motto "make 'em work for it!!" and she does!! But she surrendered eventually and we had a very, very late dinner and then I was back to work and catchup. So everyone who got the wrong email from me or the wrong info...bear with day soon I will return to sanity and normality....should be about the middle of next week!!!

Today is bonanza again for you all!! Loads of freebies!! There is Part 5 of the CT Collab Kit, plus a QP from Chris and later on today Tracy will have a QP on her blog made using the Collab Kit.
It's Chris's turn today with her part of the Collab Kit. It's a lovely summery, flowery concoction!! I think you like it!! Thank you Chris, I know how busy you have been. Chris has been setting up the new Fiskars blog for crafters and scrappers and she has done loads of work on it!! So thank you for taking the time to make this!!And Chris has made you a Quick Page too!!

You can download Chris's Quick Page here

You can download Chris's Kit here on her blog

And don't forget to snag Tracy's great QP too!!

Here's one Tracy did with a photograph to let you see how great it looks!!

Later today drop by Tracy's Blog, Scappin A Latte and snag her QP

Debi has just joined my CT and sent me her links for the next two fantastic heritage layouts, they are stunning. These photographs just shout out be scrapped, they are gorgeous and so are the pages that Debi has made!! Beautiful Debi,t he look you have achieved is just right for the photographs! Brilliant!!

Credits: Both of Debi's layouts were done using Faded Beauty from Cens Stuff

Leaonna's is an other new CT Team member and her wonderful layout is celebrating a great achievement by Franny, a special event to save and remember with pride. And what a marvellous way to do it with this beautiful page. It's one to be proud of Leaonna!! Great work!

Credits: Kit - Bella by Cens Stuff

Well, that's the end of the CT Collab Kit but why not enter the QP Swap? Send a QP or BB to me by Monday evening and you'll get a link for all the QP's!!

See you tomorrow for the next part of the Lilly Diaries!! Wish me luck for today!!

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Part 4 the Lilly Diaries and More CT Collab Kit!

Yesterday Lilly and I agreed terms...well I did..we have yet to see if she sticks to her side of the bargain!! By the time Lilly surfaced I had been up and hard at work on my blog and emails but as soon as her ladyship's voice called, it was down tools and focus..on her of course. It was the usual bubble and spit breakfast time after which we had to add an other impromptu bath time..wet ones were not was my impromptu bath time, not Lilly's, she was on the sending end..not nearly so messy!

We spent the morning in what has become our routine over the last few days, I say "Let grandma do.." Lilly says "No chance!! I'm here and I want..", but we got by. We made an agreement..I do what she says and if I'm very, very good then she will let me do one thing I want to do!! Like the laundry, lol!! Just so long as it only takes about 15 seconds to do!!

In the afternoon we went for a drive to visit my mum, Lilly's great grandma. On the way there Lilly sang to me..sort "yah! Yah yah! Eeeeeek!" at least it could have been singing..I'm sure she thought it was lovely..and it was, but it was the volume that was worrying!! Tell me, don't you think that all children should be born with a volume control? I really believe that would help us grown ups a lot, lol! Of course when we arrived Lilly was the centre of attention, she loved it!! The smiles were everywhere...I spent the afternoon thinking off all the things I could be doing whilst mum occupied her..but they were all at home and too far to go back to do quickly. The journey home was great..she surrendered to the motion and slept for the whole hour!! OK, so every good has it's bad. It did mean that after the bath fun and feeding, Lilly was bright eyed and bushy tailed...ready to party!!! Darn it..why did I let her sleep so late in the day!!

I was right and after 3 hours of trying to settle her..I gave up and did as I was told and got her up. Well, all I can say is the Chelsea v Manchester United football match was quite fun..I don't like football but Lilly loved it!! She cheered with the crowd at every goal (I think she thought it was for her). Just as I was giving up the will to live and even the penalty shoot out was over in the football.. she made a pact with me...she would sleep now because I had been such a good grandma, hurrah!! I took my chance and quick as you like she was in the cot and I was running in the opposite my well earned bed!

If you are collecting this weeks CT Collab Kit don't forget the Quick Page Swap that we are having. If you make a Quick Page or Brag Book add send in a download link too it by next Monday evening to me then you get ALL the QPs and Brag Books by download on Tuesday emailed to you.So get paging ladies and take part!! You can do one or more if the mood takes you! I'm taking part in the QP/BB Swap and you get mine too...cause I'll get yours, lol!!

Jessica from Scrapaholics Designs has made the next part of the CT Collab Kit. thank you Jessica for such a cute addition to the kit!! There's a QP too, made with Jessica's kit..again a double freebie!!

To download Jessica's part of the CT Collab Kit head over to Scrapaholics Designs Blog

You can download the QP with Jessica's Kit here

I've been tagged 4 times!!!! But I can only find 3 names now I look...sorry, I lost one!!

So I am going to do them all together!!

Here's who tagged me:


Kim Smith @

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Here is what I'm supposed to do...

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7 Facts about Me...

1. I love artichoke hearts...I could eat them until they come out of my ears...well, not literally!!

2. I used to live in St Kits in the West Indies..loved it there, all that sun..even made up for the rainy season!!

3. I used to have the ambition to write a book..then reality dawned, no talent and even less time, lol!

4. One of my feet is bigger than the other..more than average, makes shoe buying difficult! They should sell shoes separately..sort of mix and match!!

5. I hate ice makes my throat hurt.

6. I can touch my nose with my tongue..great skill that sooo useful..not!

7. I live life at a run, I'm sure that the clock I use has at least three hours missing every 24!

Now who to tag? I checked my list and so many people I would have tagged have been done or they shout at you for tagging them!! For example if I tag Linda or Chris they would be soo cross with me!! But a couple of names come to mind, who may just do it and who haven't already been done. I do so hate to tag strangers, they could send me a rude email, lol!!

Here's who I've decided to tag, I know its not seven but....I've ran out of time and that little voice is calling!!!

Melanie @

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Have a great day and see you tomorrow!!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Lilly Diaries Part 3 and a Stunning New part of the CT Collab!

Yesterday was busy, an early start again and a demanding day!! Lilly started the day with a smile and ended it with loads of screams!! The middle bit was a bit like riding the ocean...loads of dips and troughs and a slightly queasy feeling, lol!! Breakfast was fun...she loves blowing bubbles...and now she's learnt to spit!!!! The first time I thought was a bubble gone wrong but the second and third blob of breakfast in the eye just confirmed that the girl had a new skill!! And she was in the champion stakes..what power!! Take the food away and it just fits with the bubble blowing..looks sort of cute (I'm still a bit dubious on that)...add the food and it is a social dilemma!! Well the rest of the morning passed with the usual throwing things away and wanting them back..really just an other little ploy to make grandma keep fit, my waist should be so trim and my tummy should toned and firm..all that stooping and bending was better than the gym any day! Mind you she did surrender one in her pushchair when she went for a walk and actually went to sleep!! But not for long folks and she was back!!

Just recharging her battery after all that spitting!!

Then came lunchtime - yes, you got it the spit again!! One spoonful for Lilly, one blob for grandma....and so it anyone got a cure for spitting? By the end of it we both looked like Picasso masterpieces..any art gallery would have been proud to display us!! But it's amazing what a wet one can cure and after about half a pack..each... we were both looking good again...well better anyway!

The afternoon was jam packed with lots of noise and looks which clearly said "No..I don't like that".."No..I don't like you" "It's me I'm over here..don't ignore me" all followed by very hearty screams and shouts. So by tea time even Uncle Chris had run through his entertainment routine and fled the house!! This child is a serious contender for a South American Dictatorship!! She really loves power, big time!!

By tea time only grandma was left..the others had conveniently found things they really HAD to do. Granddad had decided that he really had to do some LAUNDRY..yes laundry. It was so difficult that he had to watch the washing machine to make sure it was OK.. No he couldn't drag himself away to feed fact..he suddenly remembered he had to go out. So I braced myself for the bubble and spit routine!! Near the end we ran out of wet ones so I thought I would just get some more...wrong!!! Ten seconds and there she was spoon in hand and food on the floor..mind you there was a little on her too...take a look!!

"Yummy..tastes good. Told you I could do it..its easy"

To add to the general confusion last night I had my Tuesday chat at SDK and as the bath and gently approach to bedtime had not worked..Granddad got her for the hour I was in chat. I could hear her protests in the background as I sat at my computer and felt rather smug that she was giving someone else a telling off. But all ended well..later than scheduled I admit..but eventually the wonderful Lilly succumbed to the trials of the day and gentle fell asleep. We were left with the ringing in the ears and a feeling of having been through the washing machine ourselves!! So ended the Lilly's day and I could do some work!!Lol!! But we love her really!!

The next part of the CT Collab Kit is an other attractive and original part, this time it's from Linda of Linda's Lot. It's a truly lovely kit and a wonderful addition to the collection. Linda has been super generous and made a QP for you too, so it's a double freebie again today!!

Download Linda's QP here

And look at her great Kit!!

Download Linda's part of the CT Collab Kit here on her blog Linda's Lot

I've got to run now..but come back tomorrow for an other part of the CT Collab Kit and a further installment of the Lilly Diaries. I have been tagged 4 times so I will do them tomorrow in a one, I haven't forgotten..but her ladyships little voice is calling!!! Have a great day!!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Part 2 of the Lilly Diaries and the CT Collab Kit!

OK, so the morning went well yesterday..smiles and laughs and a really fun walk with the pushchair..I talked Lilly listened and cooed along.......but!! Come afternoon I began to think the cat was right...she was a fiend from hell!!Lol! Yesterday afternoon I would not have described her as the wonderful Lilly!! It was "No..I don't want to sleep"..."No, I don't want to play! Aaaagh"...."No..I don't like you grandma". It was written all over her little face "You are not my mummy..and you won't do!!! I want my mummy!! I want my daddy!! Not you!!"

I felt so sorry for first...but by 6.30pm, I felt so sorry for me too, lol!! Things picked up at bath time..was that as smile I saw? But, then Lilly left and the little demon returned!! How can something so loud come out of such a tiny body...and for so long!! She has a great future as an Olympic Yodeler!! She has the lungs of a long distance runner, hardly needing to pause for breath even!! But when all was looking grime and grandma was feeling about 100 years old and was searching for that long forgotten set of ear plugs...suddenly all fell silent! It was sooo unnerving!! For a moment I thought I had gone deaf..but then I realised that the little bundle on my knee had stopped kicking and squirming and had gone limp in my arms. Well, then it was she OK, is she breathing. I know you can't win with me!! She screams I complain..she's quiet I want to poke her to make sure she is OK, lol!

I crept up the stairs, one step at a time to the spare room and very, very, very gently lowered her into her cot...afraid that the next movement would awaken the sleeping dragon...gently, gently and finally she was down and not a flicker!! I staggered down stairs and got a cup of tea and just sat there enjoying the silence...not a sound, even my DH and son were out and nothing moved. Absolute bliss!! My ears were ringing and my head was spinning.

It was then that the cat crawled out from behind the sofa..he shot me a superior look which shouted "I told you so" and stalked off..head high..he was right she was a fiend from hell and he had warned me, but me being human I hadn't listened! His patience had run out and he was going. So let's hope that tomorrow is a better day..or more to the point that the silence lasts all night!!
Find out tomorrow how I get on in part 3 of the Lilly Diaries.

Now on to today's part of the Collab Kit which was made by Kim of Kims Scrappin. It's got that sunshine feeling again..something we could all use!! I love the frames Kim and the border is just what I need..some fun in the sun!! Its an other great part for you to collect and add to the collection. Great work Kim! Kim has been sick plus lots of other things going on for her at the moment but she still took the time to make this for you all. She's also made a QP for you..she is spoiling you!!

You can download Kims QP here

To download Kims part of the CT Collab Kit visit her blog and don't forget to leave some love!

I have some more new stuff just gone into my stores and as is usual for new products it is 40% off at the moment. Have a look:

You can find them with the rest of my stuff, plus other new items at both my stores: Studio Style Designs and Scrappin Digi Kreations

The layouts today are both unique and very clever ideas, have a look. Dorys challenge layout is really one of a kind. She used a mirror image to get the two them e in and what an original way to do it!! It is brilliant and a wonderful page! Thanks for sharing this wonderful layout and brilliant idea with us Dorys!

Credits: April Supa Digi Kit Blooming Spring from mega kit Bloom spring from

This layout is one from Tracy that I thought I had posted last must be my age!! Lol! It is called Shoe Garden. I think it's funny and quirky plus what a great gardening idea too!! The framing is much detail! I love it Tracy, thanks for sharing it!

Credits: Spice of Life from Cens Stuff - Blog Freebie, Curled Edges-Jess Gordon; Leaf Brushes-Robert Redwood

OK, I need to go..a little voice is calling me, lol!! See you all tomorrow with more Lilly Diaries and the next part of the CT Collab Kit. Take care and have a peaceful day..I hope I do!!

Monday, 19 May 2008

The Lilly Diaries Part 1 and a CT Collab Kit!!

It's Monday Morning and I am posting this bright and early it's the start of the Lilly Diaries and also the CT Collab Kit, so lots in the post today!!

It was an early start as our little flower wokeup and made sure that grandma woke too!! Yesterday Lilly's mum and dad dropped her off and stayed to get her settled. They looked rather worried as they left...much more so than Lilly who continued to play happily. It didn't take her long to find out who was boss...her of course, lol!! She found a new game...grandma gives her toys on her tray...she looks, laughs..picks them up and one by one drops them over the side. Next shout at grandma...if she doesn't pick them up, shout some more until she does. She loved this game, it's got to be her favourite. When that naughty grandma gets the message and does as Lilly tells her she gets her reward of a HUGE smile and a gigle!! Cheeky madam!!! But seriously she (Lilly not grandma!) is a real little cutey, she has settled in well and even though it took her a while to settle last night, she slept through until 6.00am. So I can't complain. Today I am going to take her out in her pushchair to have a look around. No car today but we will go for a walk. Have a look at the photographs they show cheeky with lots of toys, then almost gone and then..last one going, but best of all her glee when she gets them back!! Not the best pictures in the world but some of the sweetest!!

"OOOh Loads of toys!!!"

"Look grandma...only one left!"

"If I do this quietly she won't notice...last the fun!!"

"Hurrah!!! All back!! I knew she would fall for it, lol!!
Have you ever seen such joy!!
Mind you Lilly is not popular with all the cat thinks she is a fiend from hell!! He runs past her and a cringes when she cries...the looks he gives her say "Oh my God...the aliens have landed!! This one looks dangerous!" He steers well clear of her. But he obviously feels that he needs to do something to get win back my straying affections....he went out hunting in the fields last night and brought his mum back a present...a rather large rat and left it down the garden as a special present...he knows better than bringing it close to the house!!! It was dead thank goodness!! So that's a job for my DH to move this morning...babies I do...rats no chance!!!
OK, now news of what's happening on the blog this week!! Some of the great girls on my CT Team have made you a May Collaboration Kit and during this week I'll be giving you the download links so that you can collect it all. This is the colour palette the girls worked with.
So I thought that instead of a challenge this week we would have a Quick Page/Brag Book Swap using the CT Collaboration Kit.
So get collecting and send me your quick pages to take part in the swap. You can do one or's up to you.You have until next Monday evening to make and send me your qps. Email me your download link to and get all the quick pages that are sent in to add to the kit from the girls!!

The first part of the kit is from Melanie, it is her first kit..Melanie you have done a brilliant job!! It is lovely!

There are so many lovely little elements in this kit and the papers are beautiful. Plus a template...this girl is spoiling you!!

This is how it works..every day there will be two freebies, a part of the kit and a template or QP. There will be one link here on my blog and I will give you the link to the CT members blog to download the kit. Simple!!

You can download Melanie's template here
To snag her part of the kit visit Melanie's blog for the download link. It's worth the trip, it is a wonderful addition to the May CT Kit and she has a great post on her blog today too. So leave her lots of love!

Don't forget check back here tomorrow for the next part of the kit.

A couple of layouts from last weeks challenge that I would like to share. Kim's layout is a real success, she has lots of twos!! What wonderful photos in this one, her granddaughter looks a real little cherub! I love the two folded papers they fit with the challenge and work really well with the layout too!! Great page Kim...I love it!! Thanks for playing along.

Credits...Bella by June Schutrups aka Cen's Stuff, EASY-PEASY Folded Corner Templates (set 4) by Karah Fredricks, Font used is Carmen CapsInside & Bickham Script Pro Regular

Feeding the Ducks is the layout from Linda and the it is gorgeous! I like the journaling on this one. We have the twos again, two flowers, hangers and torn paper corners. Great job Linda a brilliant page!!

Credits: Monet's Garden by June Schutrups aka Cen'Stuff, Fonts Used - Bradley Hand - Girls are Wierd

That's all for today folks but check back tomorrow for more of the Lilly Diaries and the next part of the CT Collab Kit. Have a great day...I will!!

Friday, 16 May 2008

My blog is bulging, a freebie, new stuff and news!

Well its the weekend again and I am so glad!! This Sunday the gorgeous Lilly comes and stays with grandma for 10 days...yes 10 days!! I am sooo excited but a little wary...what if she doesn't like me after the second day...OK so after the first, lol! I hope that I haven't lost the old touch!! My daughter is going on a field trip and I don't know which one is most like a chicken without a head, her or me! We both keep thinking of things that we need to do before Lilly comes. My hubby thinks we are both nuts, its only a say he says! I wonder what he'll say come next Friday, lol!! I was hoping for good weather so that we can go for walks and she can have a bit of time outside but it doesn't look promising so far....fingers crossed. So next week I will keep a Lilly diary to let you know how I get on.
OK so first the freebie for today!! Ever the optimist...well, I need to be with our weather, lol! I have made some summer borders for your layouts. The hint at summer, flowers and sun!! I hope you like them.
You can download the borders here
I've changed the link...sorry I got it wrong. Its the correct one now. Thanks for letting me know.

In preparation for next week I have been trying to get as much done as possible and I've taken the week off from my "day job" so I had to get things organised and finished up there. I had to put my new kit in my stores, the kit is called Bella. It is shades of pinks and blues, lots of white too, ideal for summer. It has two doodle girlies that add a touch of fun! If you like it then its on offer at both my stores Scrappin Digi Kreations and Studio Style Designs for a week. So take a look!
I've also got two new sets of doodles for kids layouts, personal and commercial use.
They are on offer too for a week so check them out.
Personal and Commercial Use Doodles

Personal and Commercial Use Doodles
Find them here at Studio Style Designs and at Scrappin Digi Kreations

If you are into Hybrid Scrapping or crafts then take a look at the new Fiskerettes blog. It has been set up by Chris who is also on my CT team. That girl is great! I know she has worked so hard on this project and what a fantastic site she has just launched today. Tutorial, project, hybrid it's got it all. So check it out and watch that space it will be growing rapidly!! I can now say that I am officially a Fiskerette, I signed up for her newsletter and I look forward to seeing what she does...she tells me there will be video tuts soon to. I am impressed!! Great job Chris!!

This weeks challenge has been slow I am afraid but Maureen has sent me in a wonderful layout for the challenge and she has used two of so many things. It is a brilliant layout and she has stuck to the challenge so well...even two fonts!! Fantastic job on this Maureen you have excelled yourself!! I think your brilliant and thank you sooo much for playing along with the challenge!

Credits: 2 Papers, Lilys Fancy kit - 2 Frames, Doodle Frames - 2 Arrows - 2 Journal Papers, Faded Beauty kit - 2 Buttons, Bear Page kit -2 Flowers, Faded Beauty kit all by Cen Stuff - 2 Photos - 2 Fonts, Forte and Jokerman - Overlay by Kristy Weisman

Well, I have to run..yes me run, lol! So watch out for my Lilly diary's week and news of a CT Collab Kit..some of those girls have been burning the midnight oil to make you some goodies!! Also coming up a QP swap with our collab watch this space!!