Friday, 23 May 2008

Part 5 the Lilly Diaries and last Part CT Collab

It's amazing, four days ago I was a sane and relatively normal woman, now I talk to washing machines and dance around the room singing like a lune, make noises that I never knew were within my vocal range and wear sweet potato and vegetable puree like it was Channel!! It's amazing what a baby in the house can do!!

I now know that Lilly's mum has brought her up well and installed firm values into her tiny head. During one of our frequent chat's this morning Lilly explained, via the odd coo, goo and yah, that the problem was all mine. I didn't do thinks like mummy did. OK, so I did try..but as they say in your report "Could try harder". But hey, we are getting there...we have both been compromising and its good. I wear a feeder at meal times and it works great...saves my clothes getting any stains from the apple and mango breakfast and stops me moaning..doesn't work so well saving the face. I had thought of some sort of a face shield but that seemed extreme, well so Lilly thought. I have to admit I could be scary with a gum shield and face protector and she is still young..don't want to frighten her. But never mind there's still the trusty wet wipes and they do a wonderful job. I wish I knew who invented them, I'd write them a thank you!!

Yesterday afternoon we decided that dancing could be fun. So on went the music, fast music, Lilly preferred that and she loved it!! She giggled and squealed for about 30mins, but by then I was just about managing to stagger around with exhaustion, let alone dance! Lilly was just a little tired too, sitting there laughing at silly grandma is sooo tiring. I think the only thing in the house that was more tired than me at that moment was the washing has put in for a transfer to a feels it would be more relaxed there and less work!! I cannot believe how often I change that child!! She is like a little magnet for any dirt, fluff, food,milk...the list is endless and I've tried to keep it clean!! But with a little bribery I have persuaded the washing machine to stay and we are both now looking forward to next week and a more relaxed pace of life!! (See what I mean...talking to washing machines..I need to get a grip!)

I thought that Lilly might like some soft and gentle music in the evening and she did. Pre-bath time she had a chill session...check her out that chilled or what?
"Oooh..mood music!" "She wants me to if!!...but it is nice!"

OK, so it didn't work..but it was worth a try!! Bedtime was a little easier but she still did not go gracefully!! Our Lilly has the motto "make 'em work for it!!" and she does!! But she surrendered eventually and we had a very, very late dinner and then I was back to work and catchup. So everyone who got the wrong email from me or the wrong info...bear with day soon I will return to sanity and normality....should be about the middle of next week!!!

Today is bonanza again for you all!! Loads of freebies!! There is Part 5 of the CT Collab Kit, plus a QP from Chris and later on today Tracy will have a QP on her blog made using the Collab Kit.
It's Chris's turn today with her part of the Collab Kit. It's a lovely summery, flowery concoction!! I think you like it!! Thank you Chris, I know how busy you have been. Chris has been setting up the new Fiskars blog for crafters and scrappers and she has done loads of work on it!! So thank you for taking the time to make this!!And Chris has made you a Quick Page too!!

You can download Chris's Quick Page here

You can download Chris's Kit here on her blog

And don't forget to snag Tracy's great QP too!!

Here's one Tracy did with a photograph to let you see how great it looks!!

Later today drop by Tracy's Blog, Scappin A Latte and snag her QP

Debi has just joined my CT and sent me her links for the next two fantastic heritage layouts, they are stunning. These photographs just shout out be scrapped, they are gorgeous and so are the pages that Debi has made!! Beautiful Debi,t he look you have achieved is just right for the photographs! Brilliant!!

Credits: Both of Debi's layouts were done using Faded Beauty from Cens Stuff

Leaonna's is an other new CT Team member and her wonderful layout is celebrating a great achievement by Franny, a special event to save and remember with pride. And what a marvellous way to do it with this beautiful page. It's one to be proud of Leaonna!! Great work!

Credits: Kit - Bella by Cens Stuff

Well, that's the end of the CT Collab Kit but why not enter the QP Swap? Send a QP or BB to me by Monday evening and you'll get a link for all the QP's!!

See you tomorrow for the next part of the Lilly Diaries!! Wish me luck for today!!


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY ALL so very much for this MARVELOUS Collab kit & QPs!!!!!!!!!!
Love the pic of Miss Lilly just to adorable!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word..I haven't laughed so much in an age!! I for one will be sad when Lilly returns to her mum she has been a breath of fresh air. What a little character and you tell it so well June...ROFL

Debsg said...

Great post. Adore the baby picture. Deb x

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Kim's Scrappin' said...

LOL Love the chill session! I love your stories of Lilly, June. I will miss her and her antics when shen returns to her Mum. Off to grab Chris' part of the Collab kit.

cindiaskew said...

thank you for sharing this wonderful kit. appreciate it