Thursday, 22 May 2008

Part 4 the Lilly Diaries and More CT Collab Kit!

Yesterday Lilly and I agreed terms...well I did..we have yet to see if she sticks to her side of the bargain!! By the time Lilly surfaced I had been up and hard at work on my blog and emails but as soon as her ladyship's voice called, it was down tools and focus..on her of course. It was the usual bubble and spit breakfast time after which we had to add an other impromptu bath time..wet ones were not was my impromptu bath time, not Lilly's, she was on the sending end..not nearly so messy!

We spent the morning in what has become our routine over the last few days, I say "Let grandma do.." Lilly says "No chance!! I'm here and I want..", but we got by. We made an agreement..I do what she says and if I'm very, very good then she will let me do one thing I want to do!! Like the laundry, lol!! Just so long as it only takes about 15 seconds to do!!

In the afternoon we went for a drive to visit my mum, Lilly's great grandma. On the way there Lilly sang to me..sort "yah! Yah yah! Eeeeeek!" at least it could have been singing..I'm sure she thought it was lovely..and it was, but it was the volume that was worrying!! Tell me, don't you think that all children should be born with a volume control? I really believe that would help us grown ups a lot, lol! Of course when we arrived Lilly was the centre of attention, she loved it!! The smiles were everywhere...I spent the afternoon thinking off all the things I could be doing whilst mum occupied her..but they were all at home and too far to go back to do quickly. The journey home was great..she surrendered to the motion and slept for the whole hour!! OK, so every good has it's bad. It did mean that after the bath fun and feeding, Lilly was bright eyed and bushy tailed...ready to party!!! Darn it..why did I let her sleep so late in the day!!

I was right and after 3 hours of trying to settle her..I gave up and did as I was told and got her up. Well, all I can say is the Chelsea v Manchester United football match was quite fun..I don't like football but Lilly loved it!! She cheered with the crowd at every goal (I think she thought it was for her). Just as I was giving up the will to live and even the penalty shoot out was over in the football.. she made a pact with me...she would sleep now because I had been such a good grandma, hurrah!! I took my chance and quick as you like she was in the cot and I was running in the opposite my well earned bed!

If you are collecting this weeks CT Collab Kit don't forget the Quick Page Swap that we are having. If you make a Quick Page or Brag Book add send in a download link too it by next Monday evening to me then you get ALL the QPs and Brag Books by download on Tuesday emailed to you.So get paging ladies and take part!! You can do one or more if the mood takes you! I'm taking part in the QP/BB Swap and you get mine too...cause I'll get yours, lol!!

Jessica from Scrapaholics Designs has made the next part of the CT Collab Kit. thank you Jessica for such a cute addition to the kit!! There's a QP too, made with Jessica's kit..again a double freebie!!

To download Jessica's part of the CT Collab Kit head over to Scrapaholics Designs Blog

You can download the QP with Jessica's Kit here

I've been tagged 4 times!!!! But I can only find 3 names now I look...sorry, I lost one!!

So I am going to do them all together!!

Here's who tagged me:


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Here is what I'm supposed to do...

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7 Facts about Me...

1. I love artichoke hearts...I could eat them until they come out of my ears...well, not literally!!

2. I used to live in St Kits in the West Indies..loved it there, all that sun..even made up for the rainy season!!

3. I used to have the ambition to write a book..then reality dawned, no talent and even less time, lol!

4. One of my feet is bigger than the other..more than average, makes shoe buying difficult! They should sell shoes separately..sort of mix and match!!

5. I hate ice makes my throat hurt.

6. I can touch my nose with my tongue..great skill that sooo useful..not!

7. I live life at a run, I'm sure that the clock I use has at least three hours missing every 24!

Now who to tag? I checked my list and so many people I would have tagged have been done or they shout at you for tagging them!! For example if I tag Linda or Chris they would be soo cross with me!! But a couple of names come to mind, who may just do it and who haven't already been done. I do so hate to tag strangers, they could send me a rude email, lol!!

Here's who I've decided to tag, I know its not seven but....I've ran out of time and that little voice is calling!!!

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Have a great day and see you tomorrow!!


Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Kim's Scrappin' said...

You have posted early today June! Came by because I missed yesterday's post and was going to catch up on it, and found today's already up. LOL Loving the Lilly Diaries June :) I enjoyed your tag answers, it's nice to learn more about you, but thought I'd let you know that you have my link posted for both - me and Kim Smith. Now to go back and read yesterday's post. :)

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for both BEAUTIFUL QPs!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the Liliy Diaries. She is too cute. Yes, You could be a writter. :)
I got Jessicas part of the kit. I sent you a QP for the Swap.

makeyesup said...

thanks for the stories. It sound like you are having a very enjoyable exhaustion. Enjoy every minute as they grow up way too fast.