Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Two Freebies..and more Lilly!!

There are 2 freebies today, so stay with it and you will find them in the post! There is a great bracket book page and a CU overlay. But... first our Lilly!! She has to come first or granny will be in the dog house!! She is one little lady who knows her place..and it's top of the list!! Lol!
Yesterday saw Lilly's return and I have to admit that I was more than a little worried that she would not take kindly to being shunted backwards and forwards. A rebellion of mammoth proportions could have be on the horizon...but I should have know not to try to second guess our think I would have learned that by now!!

The little lady appeared with dad and slowly and solemnly looked around her...and when she spotted me...well that little face just cracked wide with a huge smile and a big laugh...she was happy to see me!! That kid sure knows how to reel me in!! Dad duly departed for work and Lilly and I decided to have a play, but what was this..Lilly was pale and quite listless by about 3.00pm. I thought she was just tired but no she couldn't settle and seemed just a tad crotchety. I started to wonder if she was missing dad, but if that was the case then she normally bites back!! Bedtime and bath time were half hearted attempts at smiles and yes, I was starting to get worried. But she settled and went to sleep without too much trouble...that really started me thinking then!!

Yesterday morning I was standing over the cot waiting for her to wake up...was she breathing? was everything OK? Well, eventually she woke up at 9.00am!! To a very worried grandma!! She was warm and by her nappy it was clear what the problem was, she had tummy trouble. She was a definite candidate for the bath..after she had been cleaned up a bit first..not to put too fine a point on it...she was plastered!! She must have felt dreadful...I did just sorting her out!! She still looked pale but the spirit was starting to revive and the bath got a few splashes and even a couple of giggles. But just as I made up my mind it could be a doctors visit job, she perked up and the big smiles returned. I could not believe the speed of her recovery...within a couple of hours she was so much better. The wicked grin was back and the arms were flapping like a bird about to take off...a sure sign in Lilly that something is sooo exciting!! Mind you she was not quite back to normal because she actually sat and let me cuddle her for about 5 minutes without twisting and trying to escape!! It was lovely..not that she was under the weather but that grandma had a cuddly little bundle, even if for a short while. By the evening she was back to normal and bouncing around everywhere!! Kids...they go down quick but come up even faster..I wish I could do that!!

Ok now the news and freebies!!!

First, I have two great new Bracket Book Albums and a Combo Set in the shop at Scrappin Digi Kreations, all at 40% off for the first there is a freebie page for you all to try!! They are made with my Bella Kit and the layouts were done by the marvellous Tragedy Anne. They are so cute!! If you like cute little frames then I have a set of those too just gone in the store. Have a look below and see what you think!!First freebie - Bella Bracket Book Page Freebie find it here at SDK (no purchase necessary)
Bella Bracket Book Album Set 1 , 40% off the first week at SDK
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Little Cutie Frames, 40% off the first week at SDK

The second freebie is a commercial use one. It's an overlay to help make you make your patterned papers. The examples are included too.
You can download it here

Well, it's time for me to run. It's late here and tomorrow is an early start. I don't think it will be a late start for Lilly tomorrow. I have a post for Friday which I will do before I leave for Holland. I am going just for the weekend to an annual reunion of my husbands family. Lots of travelling and not a lot of time there I'm afraid but should be fun!! So watch out for Friday's post and an other little freebie!!


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh June, Lilly sounds SO charming, bless her heart .... and YOURS! I've just experienced having my first (blood) grandchild nearly two months ago and it is such a WONDROUS part of my life!

Holland? LOVELY!!! I would SO love to visit there some day ... always adored the wooden shoes, windmills and tulips as a young girl! Come to think of it, I still do!

Thank you SO much for the COMMERCIAL layover. I think it shall be perfect for a new project I need to get going!!!

Have a WONDERFUL time at your DH's reunion, safe travels and see you when you return!


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

LOL!!! Can you tell I am WAY past my bedtime (it is 4 am here on the west coast) ... I stated "layover" rather than "overlay"!!! Perhaps my thinking was focused on your trip and I was subconsciously hoping that you don't experience a layover while traveling to Holland!!! LOL! Okay, it was a good try wasn't it? I'd better put myself to bed now!

Sweet dreams ...
Linda :)

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for both AWESOME goodies!!!!!!!!!!!!
So glad thaMiss Lilly is fine & back to herself!!!!!!!

LindaJD said...

Hi June, poor little one, glad she perked up some though it's lovely to be able to have a cuddle isn't it! and most of the time with some of my lot it's when they are poorly, Thanks so much for another Great Gift...Have a Wonderful reunion, and have a safe trip..Take Care - Love - Linda x

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

stacy said...

Thanks so much!

Laura said...

Thank you!
sent me!