Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Part 2 of the Lilly Diaries and the CT Collab Kit!

OK, so the morning went well yesterday..smiles and laughs and a really fun walk with the pushchair..I talked Lilly listened and cooed along.......but!! Come afternoon I began to think the cat was right...she was a fiend from hell!!Lol! Yesterday afternoon I would not have described her as the wonderful Lilly!! It was "No..I don't want to sleep"..."No, I don't want to play! Aaaagh"...."No..I don't like you grandma". It was written all over her little face "You are not my mummy..and you won't do!!! I want my mummy!! I want my daddy!! Not you!!"

I felt so sorry for first...but by 6.30pm, I felt so sorry for me too, lol!! Things picked up at bath time..was that as smile I saw? But, then Lilly left and the little demon returned!! How can something so loud come out of such a tiny body...and for so long!! She has a great future as an Olympic Yodeler!! She has the lungs of a long distance runner, hardly needing to pause for breath even!! But when all was looking grime and grandma was feeling about 100 years old and was searching for that long forgotten set of ear plugs...suddenly all fell silent! It was sooo unnerving!! For a moment I thought I had gone deaf..but then I realised that the little bundle on my knee had stopped kicking and squirming and had gone limp in my arms. Well, then it was she OK, is she breathing. I know you can't win with me!! She screams I complain..she's quiet I want to poke her to make sure she is OK, lol!

I crept up the stairs, one step at a time to the spare room and very, very, very gently lowered her into her cot...afraid that the next movement would awaken the sleeping dragon...gently, gently and finally she was down and not a flicker!! I staggered down stairs and got a cup of tea and just sat there enjoying the silence...not a sound, even my DH and son were out and nothing moved. Absolute bliss!! My ears were ringing and my head was spinning.

It was then that the cat crawled out from behind the sofa..he shot me a superior look which shouted "I told you so" and stalked off..head high..he was right she was a fiend from hell and he had warned me, but me being human I hadn't listened! His patience had run out and he was going. So let's hope that tomorrow is a better day..or more to the point that the silence lasts all night!!
Find out tomorrow how I get on in part 3 of the Lilly Diaries.

Now on to today's part of the Collab Kit which was made by Kim of Kims Scrappin. It's got that sunshine feeling again..something we could all use!! I love the frames Kim and the border is just what I need..some fun in the sun!! Its an other great part for you to collect and add to the collection. Great work Kim! Kim has been sick plus lots of other things going on for her at the moment but she still took the time to make this for you all. She's also made a QP for you..she is spoiling you!!

You can download Kims QP here

To download Kims part of the CT Collab Kit visit her blog and don't forget to leave some love!

I have some more new stuff just gone into my stores and as is usual for new products it is 40% off at the moment. Have a look:

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The layouts today are both unique and very clever ideas, have a look. Dorys challenge layout is really one of a kind. She used a mirror image to get the two them e in and what an original way to do it!! It is brilliant and a wonderful page! Thanks for sharing this wonderful layout and brilliant idea with us Dorys!

Credits: April Supa Digi Kit Blooming Spring from mega kit Bloom spring from

This layout is one from Tracy that I thought I had posted last must be my age!! Lol! It is called Shoe Garden. I think it's funny and quirky plus what a great gardening idea too!! The framing is much detail! I love it Tracy, thanks for sharing it!

Credits: Spice of Life from Cens Stuff - Blog Freebie, Curled Edges-Jess Gordon; Leaf Brushes-Robert Redwood

OK, I need to go..a little voice is calling me, lol!! See you all tomorrow with more Lilly Diaries and the next part of the CT Collab Kit. Take care and have a peaceful day..I hope I do!!


Kim's Scrappin' said...

Oh you poor dear, I can just imagine the fit Lilly must have thrown wanting her Mommy & Daddy. I hope that today is much better for the both of you! I love the new releases June, something I'd like to play around with when I get a free minute to call my own.
I have been tagged and chose you as one of my 7 to tag.
Check it out at Kim's Scrappin'

Karen (Karooch from Scraps of Mind) said...

This Grandmother caper sounds like hard yakka June. Don't think I'll be encouraging my daughter to head down that path for a while yet.

And cat's are always right.

LindaJD said...

lol!! oh June, I laughed so much at your dairies..this nana stuff is hard work isn't it at times! just you wait until you have a few more!! I will lend you a couple of mine, we won't miss one or 2 out of 5..:)
I am sure she will settle down soon, it's a good job there are the fun parts too though isn't
All the new stuff in your stores look great!! can't wait to get to play either like Kim..
Try to take a rest yourself when the little one has her sleep or you will be shattered by the time your Daughter gets back home, I am looking forward to the next installment of the diary :)
Have fune...xx

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for the GREAT QP & template from yesterday!!!!!!
Hope things go better for you today with your little SWEETY!!!!!
HUGE HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your story about Lilly is so funny. I Got the beautiful happy Sunshiny QP and on my way to get Kim's part of the CT collab kit.

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Anonymous said...

LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL I can't stop laughing over your adventures with your granddaughter. And, of course, I love all babies so much the only thing I can say is you let the poor darling scream and holler as much as she wants. I know... I'm such a marshmallow. boy you sure had me rolling this morning. Now I'm going to head back to the post and see what else is there. Just had to leave you a comment thanking you for starting my morning off with such rollicking laughter!