Monday, 19 May 2008

The Lilly Diaries Part 1 and a CT Collab Kit!!

It's Monday Morning and I am posting this bright and early it's the start of the Lilly Diaries and also the CT Collab Kit, so lots in the post today!!

It was an early start as our little flower wokeup and made sure that grandma woke too!! Yesterday Lilly's mum and dad dropped her off and stayed to get her settled. They looked rather worried as they left...much more so than Lilly who continued to play happily. It didn't take her long to find out who was boss...her of course, lol!! She found a new game...grandma gives her toys on her tray...she looks, laughs..picks them up and one by one drops them over the side. Next shout at grandma...if she doesn't pick them up, shout some more until she does. She loved this game, it's got to be her favourite. When that naughty grandma gets the message and does as Lilly tells her she gets her reward of a HUGE smile and a gigle!! Cheeky madam!!! But seriously she (Lilly not grandma!) is a real little cutey, she has settled in well and even though it took her a while to settle last night, she slept through until 6.00am. So I can't complain. Today I am going to take her out in her pushchair to have a look around. No car today but we will go for a walk. Have a look at the photographs they show cheeky with lots of toys, then almost gone and then..last one going, but best of all her glee when she gets them back!! Not the best pictures in the world but some of the sweetest!!

"OOOh Loads of toys!!!"

"Look grandma...only one left!"

"If I do this quietly she won't notice...last the fun!!"

"Hurrah!!! All back!! I knew she would fall for it, lol!!
Have you ever seen such joy!!
Mind you Lilly is not popular with all the cat thinks she is a fiend from hell!! He runs past her and a cringes when she cries...the looks he gives her say "Oh my God...the aliens have landed!! This one looks dangerous!" He steers well clear of her. But he obviously feels that he needs to do something to get win back my straying affections....he went out hunting in the fields last night and brought his mum back a present...a rather large rat and left it down the garden as a special present...he knows better than bringing it close to the house!!! It was dead thank goodness!! So that's a job for my DH to move this morning...babies I do...rats no chance!!!
OK, now news of what's happening on the blog this week!! Some of the great girls on my CT Team have made you a May Collaboration Kit and during this week I'll be giving you the download links so that you can collect it all. This is the colour palette the girls worked with.
So I thought that instead of a challenge this week we would have a Quick Page/Brag Book Swap using the CT Collaboration Kit.
So get collecting and send me your quick pages to take part in the swap. You can do one or's up to you.You have until next Monday evening to make and send me your qps. Email me your download link to and get all the quick pages that are sent in to add to the kit from the girls!!

The first part of the kit is from Melanie, it is her first kit..Melanie you have done a brilliant job!! It is lovely!

There are so many lovely little elements in this kit and the papers are beautiful. Plus a template...this girl is spoiling you!!

This is how it works..every day there will be two freebies, a part of the kit and a template or QP. There will be one link here on my blog and I will give you the link to the CT members blog to download the kit. Simple!!

You can download Melanie's template here
To snag her part of the kit visit Melanie's blog for the download link. It's worth the trip, it is a wonderful addition to the May CT Kit and she has a great post on her blog today too. So leave her lots of love!

Don't forget check back here tomorrow for the next part of the kit.

A couple of layouts from last weeks challenge that I would like to share. Kim's layout is a real success, she has lots of twos!! What wonderful photos in this one, her granddaughter looks a real little cherub! I love the two folded papers they fit with the challenge and work really well with the layout too!! Great page Kim...I love it!! Thanks for playing along.

Credits...Bella by June Schutrups aka Cen's Stuff, EASY-PEASY Folded Corner Templates (set 4) by Karah Fredricks, Font used is Carmen CapsInside & Bickham Script Pro Regular

Feeding the Ducks is the layout from Linda and the it is gorgeous! I like the journaling on this one. We have the twos again, two flowers, hangers and torn paper corners. Great job Linda a brilliant page!!

Credits: Monet's Garden by June Schutrups aka Cen'Stuff, Fonts Used - Bradley Hand - Girls are Wierd

That's all for today folks but check back tomorrow for more of the Lilly Diaries and the next part of the CT Collab Kit. Have a great day...I will!!


Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Kim's Scrappin' said...

LOL I love the story about Lilly :) Sounds like she is in control of Grandma. Great pictures of her as well. The CT collab kit has really turned out great! No-one should miss a day of this!

makeyesup said...

Lilly is a little cutie. Love those cheeks and she sure seems like she laughs a lot. You are going to have so much fun and it will be a good exhaustion when she goes back home.

Anonymous said...

Lily is absolutely adorable. Melanies part of the CT collab kit looks pretty and the LO's using the "Two's Challenge" are the best I've seen yet. Great entry today. So many things to look at and participate in. TY. :)

Anonymous said...

Your granddaughter is gorgeous! I love how intent she is on dropping her toys. (She looks like a little laughing Buddha in that last photo!)

Leaonna said...

such a precious little one...What a great subject to scrap...((hugs))

Chris said...

OMG... June how ADORABLE is Lilly and those photos!!! I almost choked over my coffee when I saw that look of glee on her face in the last photo. Just wonderful :) I just know you are going to have a wonderful time with her :)
Loving those layouts too they are stunning :)