Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Monitor Calibration, yuk!

I hope you all had a great NSD and scrapped until you dropped!! There was so much going on over the weekend and so many sales and freebies it was unbelievable.I did a chat and challenge and I also had the beautiful Lilly for the day so things were busy!! I ended the day with a visit to Stella's chat, by that time it was midnight here in the I didn't make a lot of sense, lol!! Unfortunately last week the server went down at the Scrappin Digi Kreations Shop and it was not fixed for we are now in the process of changing provider and having to upload everything again to the shop. It is a headache but most of all for poor SammyD. She has worked so hard to get things sorted she deserves an award!! But the good news is that we will be having a huge sale and fun day soon, a "its not NSD" celebration...why wait until next year!! So watch out for more news of this.
My daytime job has been busy too, lots of ancestors to find for people and loads of reports to write. So I apologise that there is no challenge this week but it will be back next week.
Today is just a little freebie frame. I hope you can find a use for it.
You can download it here
Monitor calibration is a real pain!! As you know I have a new PC and so a new monitor but suddenly everything looks different..and not for the better. Have I really been designing with those awful colours...I pray that my old monitor was right and that this one is wrong!! Lol!! I have tried all the website advice on calibration but it still looks wrong for everything. It really makes it hard to design anything as I am not sure what the colours really look like. So if you have any wonderful ideas one what I can do...even little tips would be good!! I would be grateful for all the tips I can get. I have tried to find someone to do it for me but so far no joy. If I find out any good tips then I'll let you all know..just in case you need it too!
Last weeks competition was spoilt for a lot of you because you couldn't download the freebie collab kit for April from SDK because of the shop server problem, I apologise for that but I just had bad timing picking that challenge, or should I say the server had bad timing...sorry!!
I did still get some lovely layouts, like this one from Dorys. I love the way she has repeated the photo several times and stacked them. Great effect Dorys!
Ab's layout with that gorgeous kitty is beautiful! The photos show what a beautiful cat he/she is and the layout is gorgeous. An other little beauty!! Great job!

Well, back to work for me and I hope that you have a great day!!


mellowbutterfly said...

Hey June - I don't know if you've already tried some of the monitor calibration charts out there - but this one is particularly useful (at least it was for me!) Be sure to read the info he's typed below the image for more information too.

Also, you might want to play around with the color profiles and settings in Photoshop. I don't remember exactly WHERE but I know you can choose the monitor profile and color profile in there to best match your workspace. Maybe that's the problem for you!

Hope it helps!

Maria said...

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