Saturday, 28 February 2009

Beware the Ikea Time Warp!

First before I start on my ramblings I'd  like to thank all of you who take the time to comment and leave suggestions on my are stars and your comments are all so appreciated!! You make my day!! I so wish I could shrink the world for a day so we could all meet up for a coffee and a chat..can you imagine that!! OK, so I have a vivid imagination, but it would be nice.

Now I have to tell you...I lost a, it wasn't a blow to the head or sudden amnesia but a visit to the new Ikea store in Southampton. It was wonderful but such a strange experience. Not only that but it was like taking a day trip it took me so long. I didn't just get a little distracted...I got totally carried along in the whole thing. By the time I had come out of there I had redone my whole house....well in my imagination at least.

It didn't start well as I was more than a little surprised to find that I had to go to the fourth floor to find the entrance!! Worse still was that the only way in was by escalators on the outside of the building..yes right up to the fourth floor...eek!! Before today I wasn't aware that I was bothered by heights...but believe me, when your on the outside of the building on a little moving band of metal, climbing higher and higher you realise how easy it would be to kiss the pavement hello...and quickly.

So there I was, trying to look cool and calm..gripping the hand rail until my little knuckles were white. "Don't  look down, don't look down" became my mantra!! After what seemed like an eternity we got to the fourth floor and the long awaited entrance to the store. In my relief I did rather rush the getting off fact you could almost call it a jump.....sort of, a young gazelle. OK, perhaps not a gazelle.......more like a frightened old sheep bolting!!

Then they got really clever, your stuck four floors up with only one way down....but first you have to find it...the escalators that you came up on don't have a down one!! You are funnelled around each level looking at room settings, kitchens, shelving, soft furnishings etc until you feel like you couldn't find your way out again if your life depended on it!! A bit like being blind folded and spun around then being asked to find the door in the dark!!

I have to admit after the first few minutes (after the panic died down) I was hooked into the whole was amazing what they had and it was so reasonably priced. Before I have always ordered online from Ikea but it was a shadow of the real thing.

Most things you  want ,you note the pick up section numbers and when you get to the ground floor you load up your trolley and pay...but the little things you can collect as you go. Believe me, slowly my poor DH disappeared behind a growing mountain that he was bravely struggling with!! By the second floor he was almost invisible. I had assured him when we started that we wouldn't need a trolley as I was only getting ideas.....well I was..but I had a "few" things too.

We finally made it to the ground floor and paid and only then did I realise...I had been in a time warp and a large part of the day had gone....but it only seemed like an hour or so.....mind you my DH said he felt like he'd been in there a week!! I felt slightly jet lagged..a bit like I had been on the starship Enterprise for a trip, lol!!

But I'm hooked...I have planned out my son's bedroom, the new hall storage etc etc. So Ikea Goddess...I'm with you....they have an other!! I plan to visit and take them by storm next time.....if I can find a van or car big enough to hold it all, lol!! Mind you I did grab a leaflet without my DH noticing that says they have contractors that deliver to your door...just what I need, lol!!

OK, now that I have bored you all to distraction...scrapbooking!! I do have a tiny goodie for you today which I hope someone can use. Its a grid overlay and CU Use is OK. It's the first of a set and I will post a new Overlay every start collecting if overlays are your thing!!



You can download the Overlay 01 here 

Well, that's all folks!! I'm off to do the chores and then get my stuff ready for the March 1 Blog Train!!! So drop by tomorrow and collect my contribution to the wonderful Springtime collection that's on offer.

Todays post may look very balck and white but tomorrows will be bright with Spring colours!! See you then!!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Great Escape

OK, it's me...I admit it...I was a crazy woman, at least I was for an evening. But believe me you would have been too!! would.

Charlie as you know is an adorable dog....but...there is always a but in life. He  arrived to us as wild as the heather..cute but all over the place. In the past few weeks he has come on so well and he gave a convincing portrayal of a well behaved dog, sometimes even a calm dog.  It just shows what can lurk hidden just below the surface (no not sharks again!!).

I had been working with him doing lead work and after a little tussle, he was a star!!!! No pulling and a happy face for both of us. OK, now here's where the but comes in. Things were looking good...always a bad sign, lol.

So..... imagine the's evening, dark outside and just about dinner time.

I got the lead and the poop bags, jacket and rewards...perfect all ready to go.

Charlie sat like an angel...lead on...told him to wait...and opened the front door.

Why, oh why do I not quit whilst I'm ahead? Do I never learn? The answer

In a flash without moving his rear end from the floor, he twisted his head, thrust his head forward and in the flash of an eye...I was standing there with a lead in my hand and a terrific view of a dogs butt disappearing into the darkness down the path!!!!

My heart was in my mouth as I rushed after him and he ran towards the main was rush hour!!!! I called loud...trying to sound playful of course....trying to tempt him into coming back......fat chance!!! He stuck his head down and ran!!

It's at this point it gets really bizarre!!! In answer to all my noise my son came running into the street.......... in his dressing gown, wet hair, no shoes and face covered in shaving foam...but we did what you do...we both ran in the opposite direction calling Charlie's name..back towards the garden. Skipping almost, trying to tempt him back (we must have looked totally crazy!!).

Success!!! He was following us, he wanted to play!!! But......instead of turning into our path...he ran off down the road in the other direct........aaaah!!!!

At the other end of our road is a country lane..narrow..dark..but used as  a rat run in the rush, very busy at this time. We stood and watched Charlie disappear at speed into the night, not even a backward glance at we stupid humans...just nose down and totally focused. By this time I was breathless, upset and totally wound up.

We rushed for our cars to find him, praying that he would not cause an accident and get hurt or hurt someone else. Eventually my son found him a long way down the lane standing in bright headlights from stopped cars, but was Charlie frightened or worried, not a bit!! Not him. .(is this dog stupid?)

My son had to lure him with a laser torch, then he grabbed him and bundled him into his car....only to have him jump out the open window the other side. It was open a bit where he had been calling the dogs name.

But all was not lost, the trusty laser torch lured him again and this time the windows were shut!!

You can imagine what was said when we finally met up at home......dogs were not a popular subject!! But Charlie....he still was bouncing from his adventure and despite being well and truly "in the dog house" he was obviously very pleased with himself!! We on the other hand had jangling nerves and were prancing around like over strung puppets!! By this point I really felt like I was a crazy woman and I think that half my street would have agreed, after seeing my dog chasing display!!

Before I go, I painted the Two little Boys I promised. I found the boys much harder to do..don't know why. But they are finished and I hope that someone can use them.


You can download them here

Have a great day and don't walk any dogs!!!!!

Thursday, 19 February 2009


Hi all!! I hope that you are all having a great week and enjoying reasonable weather where you are.

The lovely Polly from Angels in My Garden has tagged me and I'm meant to tell 6 weird things about myself........what only six!! It's so hard to know which six to pick. But I'll give it a go.

1. I love sugar in coffee but HATE it in tea.

2. I HAVE to put my socks on before my jeans or it doesn't feel right.

3. I love walking in quiet places, like the forest, in the rain (only with a coat on!!).

4. I like to soak with my ears under water in the bath (it drowns out the noise).

5. I love cheese on fruit bread...doesn't everyone?

6. When ever I have to do something I dread, I get myself through it by telling myself it's only going to last a 15 minutes, 1 day, a week etc and then it will be over. It's amazing...but it works. If I remind myself that something has a limit I get through it.

Ok, so that's my weird for the day!! I should pass this on to six people but as I'm weird, lol....I pass it on to all of you. Post six weird things about you..and come back and leave a link to your post in the comments for today, so we can all check out how weird you are!!!! Or if you don't have a blog...leave 6 weird things about you in the comments.

Guess what...I've been painting and drawing again..the digital kind. I have a tablet and pen but I just never have stuck with learning it properly. So I decided to draw with it and then out came the paint pot and the end result was I had great fun!!...I know, I know...I should be working..but....

I just started doing figures with drawing and then painting in the hair in Photoshop. I had such a brilliant but I'm not too sure about the results...could be I need a bit more practice with my brush strokes!! But I decided that the first two, which are little girls I would share with you all. They are quite large, 6 inches tall!! But that way you will be able to scale them down without loosing the details. Hopefully I will have a go at two little boys at the if you want this space!!


You can download the Two Little Girls here

It's time to go but I didn't forget to finish my challenge...more news of that next post!!

Have a wonderful day and be good to each other.

Monday, 16 February 2009

I'm Doing the Challenge and It's Great!!

I hope that you all had a great weekend and that life is being kind to you. I have been trying hard to achieve my challenge goals and hopefully I'll continue with the effort after the challenge has finished.

But, today I'm going to do it differently.....the freebie first..... and then the update on how I'm doing with the challenge. Variety is the spice of life, so they say.

It's brushes and papers made using the brushes. They are least that's the best to describe them. The brushes are quite large!! The download includes the brushes as an .abr file for Photoshop, but I have also included the .png files of the brushes too so that more people can use them. They're for Commercial and Personal Use.


You can download the brushes and Png files here

You know me... .I like to play and during my play time with the brushes I made some papers. I decided to include a download for the four sample papers too, just incase anyone is looking for some bright fun backgrounds.


You can download the Sample Papers here

So have fun playing with the brushes and papers and I'd love to see what you come up with.

Now for as update on how my challenge is going. I promise I won't get too mushy!! Lol!


On Day 1 morning I spent the time being the guinea pig for my middle granddaughter, Emma for her mock waxing exam.....sounds painful but she is so good at it that it didn't hurt a bit..well, perhaps a little for a second, lol!!

There was one was her Mock Exam....with the real thing being in two weeks. The down side was that she only did ONE side of my body. She is saving the other half for the exam. I don't really look strange with one side of my body hairless and the other side like King Kong...perhaps a little different but nothing that warm winter clothes and a brown paper bag won't hide, lol!! But seriously it was great to spend time with her and volunteer to help with something that was important for her.

Afterwards we went for lunch with her mum and dad (my eldest son) and my mum, four generations on a week day for lunch!! We all made time and it was special. In the evening I had the lovely Lilly to stay and telling her I loved her was so easy.

I covered on Day 1:

  • Giving a little time and letting them know I cared. I told them I loved them (I have to admit that I normally do) and I spent some quality time with them all. I also thanked Emma for doing such a great job and told her that I appreciated her skills and talents.

Day 2, I spent with Lilly and my oldest granddaughter, Cheryl. We shopped and then came home for a late lunch and again some talk time. I have to admit that I'm not really a shopping person but I enjoyed the time looking around with them and just being in the same space. Lilly stayed over Friday night and made sure she got some more quality 3,00am..and my undivided attention, lol!!

I covered on Day 2:

  • Giving a little time and letting them know I cared and I also said sorry. I apologised that Cheryl and we didn't spend more time together as the norm. I also told her how marvelous she was with Lilly and how her help was appreciated.

Day 3, Saturday was mostly taken up with Charlotte and Lilly and the errands that I had my DH very kindly did for me so that the "girls" and I could take our time. Even though it was Valentines Day!! My DH is a star...and I told him so.

Life for Charlotte is difficult at the moment with study and her partner's job under threat. So we talked about some of the problems that she felt could pop up in the near future and how if we all mucked in we could deal with them. It's a scary time for people and they need to know that others are there to help spread the load.

I covered on Day 3:

  • Giving a little time and showing I cared plus listening.

By Day 4, Sunday, I was a little frazzled around the edges but I had mum for lunch and spent part of the day giving my DH some much deserved TLC. Hopefully they both enjoyed the quiet time.

I covered on Day 4:

  • Giving a little time and letting people know I cared. I also said sorry to DH that he had to do so much the day before and I assured him that it really was much appreciated.

Today Day 5, I really had to do some work!!!!! But I did manage to do some errands for my youngest son who really didn't have the time to do them himself and they were Charlotte had some bad news re her partners job and I spent some time listening and letting her talk on the phone.

I covered on Day 5:

  • Listening and giving some time....and this evening I am going to call my friend Chris and say sorry for not having rung her for so long!!!

So there you have it..not much I know but I have enjoyed the time spent and the conversations that I have had. It is lovely to let people know you care in different give it a try, even in a small way.

Remember that one of the most precious things that you can give to someone is your where you can...share it!!!

Well, time to run..I have loads to catch up on after taking so much time out, lol!! Have a wonderful day and see you soon!!!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Looking Inwards's an other rambling post....again!! So grab the coffee and get comfy...or just scroll to the end and grab the Elements for A Little Love and run!! The choice is yours. I hope you stay and read on.

Don't ask me why but today has been a looking inward day for me. I had just read a blog post and thought how well that the person was dealing with a mammoth problem and yet still coping with the rest of their life. It made me think about my own life...past and present, but more than that it made me think of the people around me and how I was treating them. Was I a nice person to be around? Was I selfish? So many questions so few answers!!!

I am sure that I fall short on so many of these questions. But that doesn't make me a bad person. But there is not a person made that couldn't get better!!! So I decided to try to get better...there is ALWAYS room for improvement!!

"How could I become a better person?" I asked myself. OK, I know that you can't just do these things to order and a lot of you will think I'm crazy (if you don't already!! lol!). But if you don't try it won't happen...........besides it should be a "Work in Progress".

So here's what I've come up with...a Challenge. A Challenge to me and to you too if you want to take part.

I decided that for the next 7 days I am going to do a little something that is selfless each day that will give to others in someway. I don't mean something physical but a meaningful gesture, kind act etc. It's a sort of Better Me I did a little blinkie for it..I's really basic!! But snag it if you want to take part,  it's in my side bar. 

For the 7 day Challenge these are the Aims I hope to achieve. They are not in any order but I aim to do one or more per day for at least the next week...depending on how opportunities develop. Hopefully I will then continue with them as part of my everyday life if they are not there already.

The Aims of the Challenge are:

  • Let People Know I Care - Tell someone I love them..and mean it, think about it and say it with meaning.
  • Listen - Be a good listener and allow someone to unburden themselves and just vent off!! They may be mad or sad but I will let them bend my ear and get rid it. Don't you always feel better after you have sounded off? I do!! Being a good listener is an art and one we all need to practice!! We talk much more than we listen and often don't really listen to what people say. So, this week we are going to really listen when people talk to us..multitasking doesn't help this one!!
  • Give a Little Time - life is so busy we often can't cram everything in, so make sure that you make a little space to do something with one or more of your family or friends...without distractions or worrying about the things your not doing. In other words even if it's just 10 will be quality time with your undivided attention. That can be a difficult one to do sometimes with all the multitasking!! Hopefully it will let them know we care and want to spend time with them...they are more important than anything else during that period. You don't want to think in the future if only you had spent a little more time with him/her/ do it now.
  • Say Sorry - we all have times in our past and present when we should say sorry but we don't. In the next week think about situations when perhaps you should have said sorry and didn't. If you can't find one then make sure that you say sorry at the right time this next week. An apology need not be an admission of being in the wrong but that your sorry something happened...say an argument or a long gap in being in contact.
  • Appreciate People and Tell Them So - often we don't do this when we should and it is something that can mean a lot to people. It lets them see you notice and you don't take them for granted. You appreciate their skills, time, effort, kindness or what ever. We all like to be appreciated... so show someone you do appreciate them!!
  • Try to Be a True Friend - not to be judgemental, but be trustworthy, a friend they can count on to encourage them and console them.... a friend who can keep their secrets and be loyal. Often we say "We're good friends" but we don't make time to be one!! This one is an ongoing thing to keep doing. That's why they say that "true friends are rare like pearls". Make yourself a pearl!!
  • Say Something Good About People - say something good about and to people. Build them up..don't knock them down. Trying not to be judgemental goes with this one too..people are different, that doesn't make them bad...just different.

I'll be posting how I get on with the challenge and I'd love to know how you get on if you decided to try it too.

Now for scrapbooking!!!

I'm so lucky that I get to see so many lovely layouts that people do using my work. It really is a joy and one I look forward find out what others do with the things I make, how they bring them to life as part of their wonderful pages.

Bettina has done just that be sharing with me these two beautiful pages from her album. The first is of her granddaughter Lily and the journaling was dictated to her teacher in First Grade by Lily herself. It is truly amazing!! The page really shows of Lily's crowning glory and is one to treasure for the future.



Bettina's second page is of her grandson having a wonderful time in the playground, look at that energy!! Her clever use of the template really conveys the speed and motion of this very energetic young man!!



Credits both layouts: Papers - Colour Basics by Cens Stuff, Hearts - not known, Template 01 - Cens Stuff, Talent by Bettina!!!

Bettina a brilliant job on both layouts and a huge thank you for sharing them!!

And Finally..I know... I really took my time in getting to it!! Lol!!


You can download the Elements for A Little Love here

Have a great day and I hope you decide to take the challenge!! Check back

for how I'm getting on with mine.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

It's My Brit Awards!!

I hope that you had a great weekend and that the week has started well for you all. I also hope you are feeling strong...this is a LARGE post!! Bear with me and I promise that there is a goodie at the end of it all, lol!!

I have been slow in dealing with the awards that some lovely people have given me, for this I,,,,,I decided to take a leaf out of my good friend Chris's book and have an award ceremony!!! As I'm in UK..I thought I'd have my own Brit I hope you all have on your best frocks and tiara's!!! This is a posh event, there is even a red settle down and get ready to clap all the great people who are getting their "Brit Awards" today!! Now no cat calling, only nice applause please!

As for me, I have on my pearls and diamonds, a haute couture dress and I'm looking oh so grand...I wish!!

The first up is Polly from Angels in My Garden. Polly has a wonderful blog with some really thought inspiring favourite is still the one about her Mama's Dishes..take a look, I'm sure you'll agree. Thank you Polly for doing me the honour of passing this award to me.


The award is presented to bloggers who display consistency in any one or a combination:

1.The blogger manifests exemplary attitude, respecting the nuances that pervades amongst different cultures and beliefs.

2.The blog contents inspire; strives to encourage and offers solutions.

3.There is a clear purpose at the blog; one that fosters a better understanding on Social, Political, Economics, the Arts, Culture and Sciences and Beliefs.

4.The blog is refreshing and creative.

5.The blogger promotes friendship and positive thinking.

The blogger who receives this award will need to perform the following steps:

1.Create a post with a mention and a link to the person who presented the Noblesse Oblige Award.

2.The award conditions must be displayed at the post.

3.Write a short article about what the blog has thus far achieved - preferably citing one or more older posts to support.

4.The blogger must present the Noblesse Oblige Award in concurrence with the award conditions.

5.The blogger must display the award at any location on the blog.

Ok, so now I have to say what my blog has thus far achieved, a difficult one!

I originally started Cen's Loft as a place for scrapbookers and crafters to visit and hopefully get to know me just a little. I hope it has become somewhere that readers feel they are friends, as I have made so many new ones through this wonderful little dot in cyberspace. It has given me a place to share some of my work and put something back into the online community that has given me such pleasure. I love it...and I hope that at least some others do too!!! Lol!!  As far as having achieved anything, I think that's for others to decided if it has done that.

I pass this award to....drum roll please (this is the Brits!!):

Grandmother's Pattern Book, this is a fantastic blog with patterns for knitting from a bye-gone era. It is wonderful!!

The next award I received from the wonderful Chris at Bling-kin-eck...that girl has crafting to die for on her blog!!! Plus this week she has a gorgeous freebie mini kit, Angelic, red and white!! So don't miss it!! Have a look.



Thank you Chris for this wonderful award and for being such a great friend !! Now for the award! It's the Arte y Pico Award...isn't it grand!!


premio arte y pico_chris


I pass this award to:

Candy at Mermaids Haven, she is one talented lady and I think she is a super star!! Drop by and leave her some love.

Now the next one brings a tear to my I'm not over icing it cause it's the Brits!!! It does really bring a tear to my eye...that wonderful young lady Kat, TragedyScrappinAnne passed my this and she has a soft spot in my it means a lot to me that she thought to pass it my way. Thank you Kat!! Kat's blog is just bulging with brilliant layouts....and some gorgeous freebies too!! So drop by and have a look.



I pass this one to:

Kim from Kim's Scrappin'. Kim is such a lovely lady, with a huge heart, she is special. Her work is lovely and she is so generous in sharing it.

And last...but not least...I have been given the next award by two beautiful people.

The first is the lovely Su, Scrappy Schnooks (her quick pages are legend!) and the second is Christy of At the Creek (her blog keeps me reading for hours, the variety is amazing!).

Thank you ladies for both thinking of me!!


The "rules" of this award are that I must:-
1. Put the logo on your blog or post. (Right click on the logo and save to your own computer.)
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great attitude and/or gratitude!
3. Link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post with the person from whom you received your award.

Now this one needs 10 blogs but I don't think I'll make that many!!!!!

Here goes!! I didn't make it to 10..but some of the people I checked already had the award.

So, it's time to put the red carpet away and wave goodbye to the glitz (big sigh). I did promise you a little goodie and as I always try to keep my it is.

A Little Love - from me to you. I didn't want to do the traditional all pink Valentines kit but something with a more varied use that can be used throughout the year perhaps. This is what I came up with, hopefully a set that some of you can use.


You can download the A Little Love Papers here

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for the Elements

Thank you all for your patience in staying with me through this mammoth post!!

Take care and see you tomorrow!!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

It's Almost Tomorrow!!

I'm late tonight, very late with my post. So it will be a quick one before it's tomorrow!!

The snow really started to go today...but, guess what..yep it's started to snow again tonight!!! Bah!!

I have been slow getting things together as I have had an "iffy" tummy (sounds like I'm five years old!). I don't know if it's a bug or something I ate but all day I have had a problem. Hopefully I will wake up in the morning and feel on top of the world, or that's the hope.

The latest on Charlie is he's found a new little friend...Lilly. I think it's a case of worship rather than friendship, lol!! Lilly takes his adoration in her stride..she would, she's still at the age when it hasn't occurred to her that not everyone is a member of her fan club. Have a look at what I mean.


It's a case of where you go I follow!!

But she soon got tired of all his attention and went back to Teddy!!


My little freebie today is a template which I hope someone can use. I have been trying to make some to use with my 365 Project photos but so far none that I have been happy with...I'll need to stick at it!

Anyway here's today's. The download includes a psd and png files.


You can download Template 01 here

I hope that life is being kind to you, it may be cold outside but remember...keep a little warmth in your heart..the world is not so bad.

See you tomorrow and take care!


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Last Part!!

Hi All! I have spent today trying to get my car to me it has decided that it doesn't like the snow and ice!! I started off digging the poor thing was covered in snow. I had parked it next to my neighbours and for one awful moment I thought I was digging out the wrong one as they are a similar colour.

But no, it was my little cutsie under all that white stuff. She was a sorry state, icy, snowie and very cold! Yesterday she started on the first turn of the key but today she gave a pathetic splutter and died. By this time she was not the only one that had almost terminal hands were white..even with gloves on..and wet! My feet..even in boots were tingling, so I decided to adjourn to the kitchen and a warm cup of tea..and a quick call to the RAC, lol!!

The bad news is they have an other weather warning out for more heavy snow on Thursday/Friday!!! Eeek...take it back...I don't need any more!!

I didn't take a photo of my car as I was too busy scraping and digging, but I have one of the garden that I had taken earlier. It looks lovely..if you only have to look at it!!


And here's one of the man himself...I told him not to eat the snow...but would he!! I had cleared the paths yesterday but today I had to do it again. As I was clearing them..yet again..Charlie decided to help and eat them clear!!! Needless to say I had more success than he had...but he had fun, despite a cold tongue.


OK, enough idle chatter!! Today is the last of the Element Packs in the Colour Basic Kit and it's slightly different from the others...this one was made with boys in bows or flower. This should please Bettina as she made a fantastic January Screen Saver Page using a photo of her grandson and of the papers form the Colour Basics Kit....but she would really have liked some boy stuff in the kit.


It is a great page and what a wonderful photo! I love the layout and the hearts are a clever touch, they set it off to perfection...beautiful!! Thank you for sharing it.

So Bettina these are for you...well, and the rest of you too, lol!! Have a look and see what you think.




You can download the last of the Element Packs here

That's it for today, it's evening now in my corner of the world..a dark and icy one too. So, stay warm or cold...depends where you are, lol!! See you tomorrow and there could be a little something for you!!


Monday, 2 February 2009

Computer Problems..Bah!!

Yesterday I thought I'd relax...but my PC thought otherwise!!! I turned on my PC and all looked OK..until..I did anything then it just shut down!!! I tried all day and no joy. I just got more and more frustrated. I growled so much that Charlie was looking rather alarmed and took to his basket!!

Eventually after most of the day and evening I managed to get my virus scanner to run and left it running over night. This morning I got up and..yes...there it was a nasty little bit of malware that had started the problems!!!

So, it got zapped and I have checked my whole PC with a spyware finder and virus scanner again. Success, it all works and nothing is showing. I then reconnected my externals and have scanned both of those and they are good.

I have to admit that my blood ran cold when I first spotted the problem..I had visions of everything going!!! It was definitely hair pulling and growling time yesterday but today I feel so relieved that I am feel really upbeat.

Snow was forecast for last night but I didn't really expect much as we in the south normally escape most of the snow and only have frost..lucky us!! But...imagine my surprise when I woke at 5.30am and wondered why everything looked different. The light was wrong, even although it wasn't yet light.

Yes, you got it.....the weather forecast turned out to be RIGHT this time!! Snow was with us...and quite a lot by our standard.

When I came downstairs Charlie was peering through the glass door looking very puzzled.  What was all this strange white stuff? I opened the door and he was off..running and turning through the snow. He kept up this frantic running for at least 5 minutes and then rushed back into the kitchen...luckily straight into his bed!!! As he is only 2 years old he has never seen snow before. His feet must have got cold because he spent the first 10 minutes cleaning them and making sure there was no snow between his toes. I think he is not so sure what he makes of it all!



The snow at 6.00am with Charlie's paw prints crisscrossing the garden


Today is the second of the Elements packs in the Colour Basics Kit and it is using a few more of the colours from the papers. Orange, brown, green and a touch of yellow all add to the rainbow of colour in this huge kit. I hope you like them.


You can download Elements Part 2 here

I'm off now to see how the snow is going and to see if I can persuade Charlie to go for a walk!! Have a wonderful day and stay warm...I will.

I will be back tomorrow with the final elements pack to complete the Colour Basics Kit...see you then!!