Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Great Escape

OK, it's me...I admit it...I was a crazy woman, at least I was for an evening. But believe me you would have been too!! would.

Charlie as you know is an adorable dog....but...there is always a but in life. He  arrived to us as wild as the heather..cute but all over the place. In the past few weeks he has come on so well and he gave a convincing portrayal of a well behaved dog, sometimes even a calm dog.  It just shows what can lurk hidden just below the surface (no not sharks again!!).

I had been working with him doing lead work and after a little tussle, he was a star!!!! No pulling and a happy face for both of us. OK, now here's where the but comes in. Things were looking good...always a bad sign, lol.

So..... imagine the's evening, dark outside and just about dinner time.

I got the lead and the poop bags, jacket and rewards...perfect all ready to go.

Charlie sat like an angel...lead on...told him to wait...and opened the front door.

Why, oh why do I not quit whilst I'm ahead? Do I never learn? The answer

In a flash without moving his rear end from the floor, he twisted his head, thrust his head forward and in the flash of an eye...I was standing there with a lead in my hand and a terrific view of a dogs butt disappearing into the darkness down the path!!!!

My heart was in my mouth as I rushed after him and he ran towards the main was rush hour!!!! I called loud...trying to sound playful of course....trying to tempt him into coming back......fat chance!!! He stuck his head down and ran!!

It's at this point it gets really bizarre!!! In answer to all my noise my son came running into the street.......... in his dressing gown, wet hair, no shoes and face covered in shaving foam...but we did what you do...we both ran in the opposite direction calling Charlie's name..back towards the garden. Skipping almost, trying to tempt him back (we must have looked totally crazy!!).

Success!!! He was following us, he wanted to play!!! But......instead of turning into our path...he ran off down the road in the other direct........aaaah!!!!

At the other end of our road is a country lane..narrow..dark..but used as  a rat run in the rush, very busy at this time. We stood and watched Charlie disappear at speed into the night, not even a backward glance at we stupid humans...just nose down and totally focused. By this time I was breathless, upset and totally wound up.

We rushed for our cars to find him, praying that he would not cause an accident and get hurt or hurt someone else. Eventually my son found him a long way down the lane standing in bright headlights from stopped cars, but was Charlie frightened or worried, not a bit!! Not him. .(is this dog stupid?)

My son had to lure him with a laser torch, then he grabbed him and bundled him into his car....only to have him jump out the open window the other side. It was open a bit where he had been calling the dogs name.

But all was not lost, the trusty laser torch lured him again and this time the windows were shut!!

You can imagine what was said when we finally met up at home......dogs were not a popular subject!! But Charlie....he still was bouncing from his adventure and despite being well and truly "in the dog house" he was obviously very pleased with himself!! We on the other hand had jangling nerves and were prancing around like over strung puppets!! By this point I really felt like I was a crazy woman and I think that half my street would have agreed, after seeing my dog chasing display!!

Before I go, I painted the Two little Boys I promised. I found the boys much harder to do..don't know why. But they are finished and I hope that someone can use them.


You can download them here

Have a great day and don't walk any dogs!!!!!


Elisabeth said...

Thank you very much. They're very cute.

makeyesup said...

The boys are adorable, thanks. But even more, I thank you for the belly laugh. Can just see the 2 of you running down the streets, but the jump out of the car window is priceless. Hope that you can laugh about it now.

Van said...

Thank you - for "Charlie's great adventure story"!! and for the Boys, they are great!

Maryse said...

Try to take care of a rabbit :))
thank you so much for the boys :)

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Sweety!!!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for both the ADORABLE girls & boths!!!!!!!!!!!
Can picture you chasing him!!!!!! LOL
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaye said...

We have two dogs, and one is just like your Charlie.
...Your artwork is lovely

Veronica Lee said...

The boys are sooo adorable.

Carol said...

Oh, Cen! My heart was in my mouth the whole time I read this posting until I saw he was finally safe at home!! I've never formally 'trained' my two poodles. I guess they're just spoiled little home-dogs, as they've never run....thank the good Lord!

The two boys are darling!

Sue/ aka Scrappy Schnooks said...

I just love your story! I can relate. Our dog a black lab/boxer will bolt at any chance she can get. My one Son is able to ususally catch her, but she gives him a good run also. If she gets away when he is not around. I just jump in the car right away. She loves car rides, so when we do find her we open the door and she will usually jump in!

I love reading your blog! You should writing some time!! I would inded read it..... :)

Lady Shannon said...

Please visit my blog to pick up your newest award.

Carole N. said...

June, what a wonderful start to my day to be able to read of the antics of your precious Charlie. You have a gift for writing...interesting, drama, and facts. LOL Thank you for sharing your story. It put a smile on my face even thought I doubt you and your son were smiling until AFTER you had Charlie safe at home.

Oh, the boys are so adorable. I can see why they were harder. Thank you so much and they will be so cute with your sweet little girls. How talented you are.

Sadly, we no longer have dogs in our home and I miss them. When I had my joint replacements they advised against pets in the home that can get underfoot and trip you. I was relieved that we no longer had any as I couldn't have parted with them.

Have a great day! Hugs!

Becky said...

These are just darling! With two grandsons I know I can use them!

Boy, I feel for you and dogs. We had one that NEVER quit running if let out w/o a leash. We live in the country and had to hunt her down. But since you are starting with a puppy I think you will get that solved soon. Training really helps! Good luck and thanks for the chuckles.

Judy said...

Oh June I hope you can laugh about it now, just as I did while reading it. So glad you got Charlie home without him causing any havoc on the roads. Didn't want to see you on Sky News UK hehehehe.
The little boys are a real treat....thankyou for sharing.

Janarae said...

Just wanted to say thanks for a great blog. I have something for you over at my blog.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Thanks for the adorable boys, June and the heartening story. Do you have a backyard that is fenced in? I thought I seen that in your photos a while back. I think it even had a gate. You could try going out that way instead of the front door just in case Charlie decides to set you to your paces again. He won't be able to go any further then the back yard and it would save your heart from skipping a beat or two. pwd

Anonymous said...

LOL. Thanks for the adorable boys, June and the heartening story. Do you have a backyard that is fenced in? I thought I seen that in your photos a while back. I think it even had a gate. You could try going out that way instead of the front door just in case Charlie decides to set you to your paces again. He won't be able to go any further then the back yard and it would save your heart from skipping a beat or two. pwd

suruha said...

That darned Charlie! LOL You have a way with a story, June. I so enjoy reading your blog! As always, "Thank you!"

LOL I can just see the two of you running down the street.



Michele said...

I don't know what to tell you about that dog lady! lol You are getting to the point where YOU could be in the book Marley and Me!! Have you read it? I swear you sound just like that book! lol

Love the boys, they are so cute!

tigger said...

I am so relieved that Charlie is home safe and sound! I was feeling your terror the entire time I read your post. Our Husky got out of our yard because of an electrician who didn't close the gate. I chased El Dog down, with help from a neighbor and his car, and once I caught El Dog I sat in a stranger's driveway, sobbing that I had my furbaby back and unharmed. Electrician was fired on the spot once I got back to the house. Moral of the story: never hire an electrician named Sparky. Seriously! That should have been a warning sign to me, don't you think? Hugs to you and Charlie!

Anonymous said...

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TerriM said...

OMG June, I can just imagine the scene...and you know why? Because it's happened to me too. LOL. Talk about a good laugh, however at that particular moment it's no laughing matter. So in the spirit of dogs and their pranks on us humans, I had to laugh to the point I almost fell off my chair reading your post. Okay, enough about that, I'm sure it's only now you can look back at perhaps giggle a bit about it. I don't know if everyone goes through this at one point of their lives with a "dog". I'm glad Charlie is safe and sound and he needs to be punished. It's a good thing you all remained safe while chasing after him. Thanks for the boys. I think it's just hard to make boy things...if you know what I mean. Hugs -- xoxo! (terri - hawaii)

Mira said...

Omg! That was one exhausting experience with Charlie huh, I felt like I was chasing him myself, LOL. We once had a dog who always disappeared at a particular time. We were crazy too running up and down streets looking for him. One day he came home with a note attached to his collar saying "Pls restrain your dog, he's messing up with our flower beds." Apparently he's going all the time to one particular street to see a female doggie'Probably he's plucking flowers to give his gf ;-)

Btw, June how do you make those interactive button on your sidebar? Do you have a tutorial? *wink*

Mira said...

I meant blinking buttons ;-)

Mira said...

Hi June, the blinkie button "I Love Censtuff" under "Grab a Blinkie ;-)

Sandi said...

I cannot tell you how often I have had to chase my dog down like this. She is a Husky and LOVES to run. If she sees so much as a chance of running she takes it. She has a large fenced in yard to run but she has still managed to get out a few times. It's so stressful until they are safe at home again. :)

Susie2shoes said...
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Susie2shoes said...
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Susie2shoes said...

Ha ha BAD Charlie! I laughed my pants off! ONLY YOU :D I think it would be so much fun to live in your road.

I know you are busy, but I couldn't help but tag you! If you've got a moment pop over to my little old blog and see what it's all about. I'm keen to see the photo you post if you participate.

Have a great weekend and I hope you spoil your son for getting you out of 'Another Fine Mess'.


Susie2shoes said...

So sorry about double posting, I think there is a gremlin lurking on Blogger!


Keryn said...

Oh June, I do enjoy your posts. Please never give up your wonderful absolutely make my day. We have a labrador years ago who was so much like charlie so your stories really take me back to Sheba's antics. I just love it.

Oops - before I forget - thanks too for the little boys.

Hugs, Keryn

deerwilderness said...

Thank you for sharing these cute boys. Thank you for sharing your great story with us.