Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Part 1 of The Boy Zone and News of The Blog Carnival!!

Today's Freebie - Part 1 of The Boy Zone Kit

The new computer is almost fully loaded. It is amazing the stuff we have on our PCs!! I cannot believe that my old one ever ran with all the crud I had on it. I suppose that I'm a "got to keep it/got to try it" girl. So everything was case I needed it. Mind you the new one is getting so much put on that I actually need it has taken days to load it, lol! All is now going well has rebooted twice now on its own...scary!! Hopefully I will sort that problem out and quickly!!

Last nights chat on tags was great to use them, make them everything about tags!! This week we are having a tag swap to go with the great papers that we all made last week for the paper swap. I love the chats and its great seeing the things that the ladies make afterwards. last weeks papers were brilliant!!

OK, so tonight the freebie is the first part of the two parts that make up this kit. The elements are the freebie on Friday so don't miss them and you will have the kit!! I thought these would work well for the males in our lives. It's so hard to find man stuff, lots of stuff for us girls but not so much for the guys, so I hope you can use it!

You can down load The Boy Zone Paper Pack here

I'm so excited...tomorrow is 1 May and I will be hosting The Blog Carnival!!! So watch out for the post tomorrow. Lots of great articles for you!!

Saturday is NSD 3 May and lots of things are happening at Scrappin Digi Kreations to celebrate!! I have a One Day 50% off Sale on Saturday!! Plus I'm hosting a chat at with Kim Smith at 2.00pm EST, 7.00pm GMT. Come to the chat and collect the links for a new kit!!
Plus I have a fantastic Template Challenge too!!
Check out all the great happenings at SDK in the forum. There is a special NSD thread with all the details.

The layouts for this weeks challenge are quite stunning! Cheryl sent me in a layout with some fantastic photos of her daughter as the basis. The page she has made is wonderful!! I love the shaped paper curves, it adds emphasis to the photographs and drams the eye in. Wonderful job Cheryl!!

Credits: Scrappin Digi Kreations freebie April Supa Digi Kit

Tracy's lay out again shows her daughter. It is a special occasion and a page that will be looked back on with fond memories. A brilliant job Tracy on the folded paper, again it leads the eye to the journaling and photograph. Brilliant!! Well done!!

Credits: Scrappin Digi Kreations freebie April Supa Digi Kit

Kim has been working hard on her blog. She has a great freebie kit and a preview of her contribution to the Autism Kit. They are both gorgeous!!

Drop by Kims blog and snag this gorgeous freebie

See you tomorrow for the Blog Carnival!! And don't forget Friday is Part 2 of The Boy Zone!!

Monday, 28 April 2008

Monday Challenge

The new computer has arrived!!! I did a really happy dance for about an hour...then after I had started loading all the programs I use and configuring them, the realisation set in that this was one mammoth job!! I have done loads so far and it's taken me all day plus nothing else has got done! Still lots to do and a couple of programs are giving me trouble but I hope that I will have everything in shape by tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crossed!! I still haven't got an Internet connection my old PC is being dragged screaming into service, lol!! So bear with me if this post is a little disjointed. I have one PC that I can't get on the Internet and one that can't find its its drives half the time, lol!! What a mix!!

So here's this weeks Monday Challenge:
To qualify for the Posting Bonus you have to make a layout using only items from the freebie April Supa Digi Kit from Scrappin Digi Kreations. It still gives you lots to choose from as you have kits from Sue, Lorie, Herald, Kim and me all in different styles but with the same colour theme. You can mix and match if you want. The only part of the kit you can't use is Sammy's beautiful Quick Pages but snag them whilst your there, they are gorgeous!!
The rules are:
You can only use items from the April Supa Digi Kit in your layout.
It can be about any subject and you have to send a link to your layout or a copy to me at by Monday 5 May.
It's simple so get over Scrappin Digi kreations and start downloading!!
Here's a look at the April Supa Digi Kit

If you love Quick Pages, you'll love these beauties by SammyD. Drop by and enjoy them free as part of the April Supa Digi Kit.

Last weeks challenge had some more brilliant entries from you ladies which I will upload tomorrow in an extra post. I don't dare push this PC to hard it might self destruct before I'm finished with it, lol!!! So tomorrow the new one should make it's maiden voyage !This wonderful layout is from Jessica with a kit she made using the colour scheme. It is really gorgeous and I love that Kit!

Credits: Cens Colours by Scrapaholics

Linda's layout is so soft and gentle..I love it!! Again she made all the items except the overlay!! They are a clever lot these ladies!!

Credits: All Items in the page created by LindaJD
Overlay - autrefois freebies by digiscrap_ch

Dorys too has made her kit and it has turned out brilliantly!! I cannot believe that three this week have made their kits and made such a fantastic job of it!! The layout is in tune with Spring and it has a bright Spring feel to it with those lovely flowers! Great work Dorys!!

Credits: Kit by Dorys, 3 of the flowers by Fuzzy flowers (

OK, I'm off. It has taken me 3 hopping to finally manage to persuade my old PC to upload all that's more than enough for one day, lol!!

Don't forget tomorrow is Chat Day at SDK and this week we are talking tags!! So check out the thread in the site news for details. See you Wednesday!!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Beautiful Blooms Paper Pack

I'm like the white rabit in Alice in Wonderland again..."I'm late, I'm late!!". I have had computer problems recently and so I ordered a new one, shouldn't really, but I did, thank goodness too! But..mistake!! Someone must have told my PC and it can't take all today it has played me up. Not only has my main drive been going wonky but one of my external drives has been refusing to play as well!! The waves of panic were washing over me believe me, I almost was looking for a brown paper bag to breath into, lol! So, the result was I had to coax it along. My new one will come on Monday after a lot of pleading!! So lets hope everything holds together until after then...fingers crossed!!

Anyway I'm not going to push my luck so I will post and run while all is still working.

Tonights freebie is a paper pack with Spring in mind. It's called Beautiful Blooms because my garden is coming alive and the blooms are starting so it seemed just right...don't you just love the Spring!!

Hope you like the papers! You can download them here

Take care and see you Monday!! Don't forget the Colour Challenge runs till Monday so if you like a challenge have a go!!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Old Paper and Bits freebie

Wow, where has the day gone!! It's evening again and I only blinked!!! Some days are like that they fly by.
Last night we had quite a time at the chat and I am so looking forward to seeing the papers that come in for the Paper Swap! I have some already,two speedy ladies have sent me their links, Grannyb and Jaye, well done girls those papers are gorgeous!! So it looks like we are all going to have fun with this swap, playing with all the papers!! I'd best get cooking on mine!!

This evening I have some old paper and book covers for you. I have been working on some of these and just got carried away and I did a couple more as I was enjoying myself so much, so you benefit and get the extras!! I love history and anything...that's why every day I like myself a little more!! Seriously, I hope you like them. Bits like this are great for heritage layouts but also wonderful for layering and matting photos in other layout give them a try its fun.

You can download them here

Dorys sent me in this layout for last weeks challenge and it is so good that I had to show you it. I adore the colours, its bright and fun!! This kit is a real eye catcher and so are those photos!! A fantastic challenge layout Dorys thanks for sharing it!

Credits: Kit In Den Fruling Spring from

A favourite from this week is this cute layout, it is gorgeous!! Elaine sent it in for this weeks colour challenge and what a wonderful job she has done...the statue in the photo looks like it's just about to give the kids a hug!! The flowers and rabbits are ideal for a little ones layout and I really like the use of white space...I try this technique often and always end up adding and adding, lol! So well done Elaine for making such a wonderful job of it!!

Credits: Lorie M - Tan Frame, Green Swirl, WordArt and FlowersSugarplum Paperie - Greenish Paper (recolored)Kim Hill - Diamond and Peachy Papers (Peachy recolored)Design by Mary - BunnyFranzika Altmann - Lace StripHotSpotScrap Easter Freebie - Green Frame

If you want some more freebies then don't forget to check out the On the House Section at Scrappin Digi Kreations. There are five parts out now of April's Supa Digi Kit, Blooming Spring and it's gorgeous!! So drop by and start collecting..its a wonder collab kit and "It's On The House"!!
Have a look at some of the parts:

Kims bouquet of flowers

SammyD's beautiful Quick Pages
Lorie's lovely blooms

Heralds fantastic contribution

My Cen's Stuff contribution

So head over there now after you have downloaded here and check them out!! Have a look around there are fantastic challenge in the forum and we have a wonderful blog too!! So don't miss out check it out at Scrappin Digi Kreations

Well bye for now, have a great day tomorrow and have fun!!

It's an other huge one!!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I enjoyed mine, it was busy but good! Saturday was spent with the wonderful Lilly. She is such a little bundle of joy that I look forward to my Saturdays and nothing...but nothing stops the visits. They are really precious to me, time that I can watch her grow and witness the changes as she turns from a helpless little scrap into an animated tiny person. It's pure joy!! OK..I know, enough of that!! But it's so true! I also managed to get some new stuff up into the on for details and a great bargain!!
But first this weeks challenge! It's a colour one and I hope you agree the colours I picked are ideal for Spring. Have a look at the palette.

The challenge is to use 3 or more of the colours in a layout. I'm flexible on this meaning start with these colours and if you end up with a shade lighter or darker..fine but you must use the palette as the basis. You can make your own kit or use any kit of your choice, it doesn't have to be mine.If you send a link to your layout or a copy of it to me at by next Monday 28 April you'll receive a download link for the posting bonus.

Please include full credits for any items used so that I can list them (check the designers TOU to see if recolouring is OK, it normally is).

If you could let me know in your email if it's OK for me to post your layout to my blog I would be grateful. I would hate to upset anyone. So come on give it a go and play along! Have a look at the Posting Bonus..these should go with your new colourscheme too!

Get in on the Great paper Swap!! Check out my chat tomorrow at SDK it's going to be fun!! Last week we talked about background papers and this week there is a freebie download with items to make some papers. Download it before the chat and then come along and get some tips and a links to download some tuts on how to use them to make some great papers.
The idea is that you all make 2-3 papers by next week and then send me a download link. I'll package them up and...we have a great Paper Share!! All welcome no matter what level of scrapper you are. If your an experienced scrapper come along and share your knowledge or if your a newbie drop by and learn loads of great stuff!
Chat Times are Tusday 22 April 3.30pm EST (8.30pm GMT)12.30pm PST
So check out the thread in the forum at SDK for full details and get the download link to get in on the Great Paper Share!!

Now to the new stuff in my shop. I have a new kit, Monet's Garden inspired by impressionist paintings and a French garden. It's soft and gentle and lends itself to lots of different layouts. Full of flowers and lace. Like all new items it's 40% off for the first week in the shop so if you like it get it now!!
Monet's Garden in my shop at 40% off this week

An other new addition are my doodles. I have some already "dressed up" for you to pop into your layout and some that are just waiting to be "prettied up"!
The doodle sets are the start of a series and parts 1 and 2 are now in the shop. The basic doodles are for personal or commercial use.

Brackets and Stuff in my shop at 40% off this week

en's Doodles Set 2 in my shop at 40% off this week

Good news! I have redone my TOU to bring it up to date to include OK for S4H. If you want to check the new TOU in full, click on the Designers TOU blinkie in the top left of the page to go to it. I have uploaded a copy of my personal/S4H and Commercial Use to Designers Terms of Use, a great site where designers lodge a copy of their TOU for you to check easily.

I will just manage to fit one layout in today and thats a fantastic horsey one from Jessica. I lvoe the angle these photographs were taken at!! It's a brilliant layout using a variety of kits and will make a great addition to your album Jessica! Wonderful!!

Credits: Frames Wild Things, Boys Mini freebie and Ingeborg's Garden all by Cen's Stuff.
Jessica also has a great freebie on her blog at Scrapaholics today. Check it out. I love that dragon fly!!

OK finger dyslexia is setting in so I need to go!! I hope that you managed it to the end and that I'll see you at tomorrows chat..if not I'll be back Wednesday...hopefully with a smaller post, lol!!
Take care and stay safe!

Friday, 18 April 2008

Doodle Flower Swirl Freebie and a Photoshop Tip!

Hi all!! An other week over and almost at the weekend..hurrah!! This week has been so full of things to sort out and I am glad to report my husband is doing well. I am so relieved!!! He really gave me a fright last week, I have only just about got over the shock....I think he got over it faster than me. I always find that if its family or someone close to you that has something bad happen then you get so scared for them. They are so caught up in whats happening and you are just looking on feeling helpless. I think I'm just used to being in not quite a control freak, but getting there!! So, if I can't control a situation then I really feel lost. But for the moment all is well.

Tonight I have some flower swirl doodles for the freebie and you can use them for personal or commercial use.
You can download the Flower Swirl Freebie set here
I have 3 doodle sets going in my shop at Scrappin Digi Kreations over the weekend so watch out for them. Here's is a little peek at one of the sets to give you an idea what there like.

I thought I'd share one of my favourite tips for Photoshop, I use CS2. It took me ages to work this one out..I can be slow at times, lol!
If you want to paint an a solid object that has a transparent background (png file) this is the tip for you. You want to use your brush, but you don't want to get it on to the background. Deleting the messy bits is a pain so how do you do it without getting messy?
The secret is to click the preserve transparency thumb in the layer palette, this means you can paint to your hearts content and the background will stay transparent!!

So here's how to do it.
1. Make sure your layer you are working on is the active layer.
2. Go to the layers palette and click on the preserve transparency thumbnail (look at the top for "Lock" and its the first thumbnail on the right of this) This locks the transparency of the layer. See below.

So now just use that brush and enjoy it!! Here is an example of how it works. No messy over painting to clear up!

Hope this helps!!

The Quote Challenge has brought some wonderful layouts to my mail box this week. I love the different styles and clever ideas that people use, it is always a pleasure to see them.Bright, clear and fun, that's the layout from Elisa. It uses white space brilliantly and draws the eye to that great photo! It is understated but extremely effective...fantastic layout Elisa!! Great job!!

Credits: Paper: Cherry Cheesecake by Anne Schlegel; Frame: Bea_Couleur_de_l'Inde_Cadre2, Corners: Journaling Delights/Picnic Basket; Alpha: Puddles of Sunshine

This is a cute girlie layout...two cute little ladies taking afternoon tea. Lina has recoloured some items to make for an eye catching and pretty layout. Brilliant job it

Credits: Ribbon Little Blossoms, Flower Tina Prima Ballerina, Frame Commercial Use Freebie, Paper swirly freebie, Striped Paper Shabby Chic all by Cens Stuff

These three look like eating was fun!! I love the wonderful photos and the fourth frame is a great place for the quote!! The label about Thorr gives it a humorous note and I love the pizza buddies bit too...fabulous idea and a really great layout Leaonna!! Thanks for sharing it!!

Credits: Kit by Leaonna at Scrapoholics, fonts are Antigoni Medium and Ballpark

I am so lucky with my CT girls, they really are a talented lot. Today Kim has a freebie on her blog. She has made a Mini Kit and is sharing it with people who drop by and visit her. So don't miss out!

Drop by Kims Scrappin' and snag it
Well bye from me and have a great weekend!! Take care and enjoy yourselves!!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Wednesday Freebie, Commercial Use OK

Two frames and psd layered template file
Just a short post this evening but it's Wednesday and that means a freebie day again. Today it's two little frames in neutral colours for a psd layered template shape file for you to make your own frame using papers/colours or styles of your choice.
Commercial Use is OK. I hope you have fun playing with it!!
You can download them here

Some great layouts again for you to share..what about this one from Chris. I adore that alpha you used for the title and that flower is brilliant!! Love it, love it!! (no pun intended, lol!)

Credits: Happy Easter freebie(letters)Blossom and shine freebie(flower) and doodled paper hearts freebie from Kate Hatfield. Cens Stuff Country Check papers and Windy Washday Freebies(flowers) and bubbles freebie from Kim's Scrappin'
And what about this Boys Games....little cars and...yes the now traditional gaming hand piece, lol!! This is a clever mix of of kits and of high tech and traditional, great job!!

Credits: Pumpkin pie alpha- Boys mini freebie, Arrows and blog overlay(recoloured) and Graffiti Sampler frame all by Cens Stuff
Kim has used some wonderful colours and brackets in her challenge for this week. Ideal photos for this word art Kim, well done!! The photos have the girls faces whited out. A lot of people don't like their children's pictures on the Internet, I can understand this. Kim has made a Face White Out freebie and is offering it as a freebie on her blog. This means you can still share a layout without showing those little faces!! So if you could use this for your layouts, pop by and snag it. She also has some great Word Art for you as well.

Credits:Little Blossoms kit by June Schutrups aka Cen's Stuff, Brackity Template by Beth Long, Word Art by June of Cen's Loft, Face White Out - by Kims Scrappin'
Font used is Promised Freedom Font for the Face White Out is Vinque

Are these dogs gorgeous? Yes they certainly are. They look like two gentle giants. Jessica made this layout to remember her two dogs that have both now unfortunately passed on. But what wonderful photos to remember them by!!! The layout is wonderful Jessica and I love the way you have blended the edges of the photos!! Fantastic job!!

Credits: Chat Gift Papers 15 April by Cens Stuff, Ingeborg's Garden by Cens Stuff

Time to go!! Hope you have a great week and I'll see you again on Friday with a new freebie and lots of news!!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Challenge, Word Art Freebie, Chat we got it all!!

Download it here
Weekend over and I am feeling much better after some sleep despite my badly behaved Internet connection! So far the Internet connection is behaving, but it has been a nightmare getting it sorted out! I even bought a new router and installed it etc, only to find my PC would not even boot for the phone to speak to my older son!! He is a wiz with computers..thank goodness. He spent ages talking me through things and suffered my screams really well. After a lot of instruction and TLC from him I got the PC up again and UNINSTALLED..yes, uninstalled the new router, put the old one back and played about with a few things, well a lot of things, plus an extra little eventually it worked. Thank goodness for clever sons!!!! So a big hug is due to him!! I am sure my hair has got thinner in the last few days with all my pulling at it, lol! But enough of that let's get on to the goodies!!

This weeks challenge is a Quote one, complete with freebie Word Art.
The rules are simple:
1. Make a layout using either the Word Art provided or make your own using the quote.
2. Send my a copy of the layout or a link to it to
3. Please remember to list the credits for all items you use.
4. It must be in by next Monday 21 April 2008.
5. Let me know if I can share your layout on my blog.
It's that easy!! So join in and have a go...remember there is a great paper pack Posting Bonus!!

Two more parts of the Blooming Spring April Supa Digi Kit are out, so drop by Scrappin Digi Kreations and have get them at the On The House Section. This is a huge kit for you to collect during April. One of new parts is my contribution and the other is a cute set of quick pages 6x8 by Sammy D..they are so cute!! So don't miss out on this great kit, head over there after you have read the rest of the post and start collecting!! Whilst your there sign up for the newsletter for news of the next parts and lots more goodies!! Don't miss out!!

Blooming Spring by Cens Stuff. Part of the April Supa Digi Kit

Four cute Quick Pages 6x8 by Sammy D. Part of the April Supa Digi Kit

This week my Tuesday Chat at SDK has the theme of Background Papers.....What you want, how to make them, in fact anything about papers!! There's a great pack of Papers as the Attendance Gift too, so don't miss out drop by the Chat Room and join in the fun!
Don't forget to have registered before hand in the forum if you haven't already.
Chat times are: Tuesday 3.30pm EST (8.30pm GMT)12.30pm PST

Dorys excelled herself with this layout. I adore those flowers and butterflies!! Look at the great photos too..this one hangs together so well, fantastic job!

Credits: PapiersLilly's Fancy from Cen's Loft, OverlayIt feels like spring from, FrameSpring is in the air from, Stample butterfly fleursnote paper alpha The Promise Collection from, clip blue button green flower Country Check from Cen's Loft. FontBleeding Cowboys from

Linda choice of elements on this layout are wonderful for the back to school photo. That frame is cool!! Love this one, brilliant!!

Credits: MellowButterfly citruspunch stitch, BackToSchoolPaper FanettePreschool Upppercase Glitter Alpha F by LiamsMommy31905, journaling element, button, sticker, frame by Ria Rooks Crinkled Torn Polkadotted_Star - JeanellePaige, Bracket (c)Vickie Fernandez, Font Used - Bambino / Script MT Bold
Nora's Family Reunion layout is a beautiful reminder of a great day! The colours she picked are ideal and look great. An other great layout and a pleasure to share!!

Credits: Templateby Cen's Stuff, Purple Tulip Designs, Flower & Polka Dot Paper Luisa Potter,
Ripped Paper AC Scrapping, Tag MagicMaker , Title Font: Albermarle Swash, Small Font: Agnes
And so we reach the end of an post. Have a go at the challenge or drop into the chat. I love hearing from you all and thank you again for sharing your talent with me!! It is much appreciated. Till Wednesday, take care and I hope your weather is better than mine, lol!!