Thursday, 3 April 2008

Doodle Ditsy

I've been awol again! Its been busy this week some weeks are just like that and this week I ahve not had a lot of energy after my bug at the weekend. But today I had to take time off and do some shopping, not my favourite thing to do but as I have gotten so thin, nothing seems to to the shops I went. It is amazing how many shops there least in our town. I think I must have visited most of them today, lol! Finding the right size was a problem but I really didn't appreciate one shop assistance asking me I was looking for clothes for a child!! As if!! I really draw the line at gong to the childrens department!! But in the end I did find something....2 pairs of jeans. Yep,jeans! All that effort and all I have to show is jeans. I thought I would come back with a lovely skirt, some smart trousers a jacket and perhaps something cute in a shirt or chance. perhaps I should have gone into the childrens section after all!! Lol! Mind you as I am 5'7" it may have been challenging there too!
This evening's freebie is a little set of papers that I made using some of the doodles I have been working on. Its called Doodle Ditsy. I have been drawing lots of doodles this week, some flowers, some cute things, swirls and lots more. You will be seeing some of them soon.
Anyway I hope you like the Doodle Ditsy Papers.
I have only one layout for this weeks challenge so far. Lots of people have downloaded the bits but not many takers for the challenge. I thought I was sticking my kneck out a bit on this one! The one I have received is beautiful it comes from Lois and she has completed it with her gorgeous sheltie Laser's pedigree. Great blending and extraction on the photo Lois!! She has printed it out and she tells me it looks great. Thank you for sharing it with us it is brilliant!

Kim has been busy not only for the CT but on her blog. She did a fantastic layout awhile ago with beautiful bubbles. She is being really generous and sharing the bubbles with us all as a freebie on her blog. Unfortunately, Kim has had a rough time this week as her daughters home was destroyed by a fire, lucky no one was hurt. It is tragic when you loose all your things, yes insurance can replace somethings but other things money can't buy, like kids drawings and family items from grandma. So, leave Kim some love if you drop by for the Bubbles, I am sure she would appreciate it.

Drop and snag the Bubbles at Kims Blog
I have been tagged twice this week, once by Carol and once by my next post I will have to have my answers ready!! Well, that s all for tonight..take care and see you soon!!


Annapurna said...

Glad you are feeling better. I wish I lost weight like that and had to buy new clothes. Thanks for sharing the doodles. I downloaded the LO, but haven't decided what to do with it yet.

A from Aus said...

Love your doodles and good to see you are back on the road to recovery.....hhhhhmmmmmm losing weight to the point of buying new clothes....I wish.....LOL

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Love the doodle papers June. Seems we have the opposite problems when it comes to finding clothes to fit, I'm no longer the smaller size that I used to be. I want to thank you again for EVERYTHING June, it has been a very hetic week, with more to come.

verabear said...

wow, i always have a hard time looking for clothes - because i'm too big! all the plus size clothes tend to make me look much older! hahaha.

I'd hope for the day I lose a LOT of weight that i'd need to go shopping for skinny clothes. hahaha! :)

thanks for the yummy papers

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

My FAV color too!!!!!!
TY so very much!!!!!!!!

ccynden said...

Lovely doodle papers, love the colors you chose, thank you.

Robin L said...

Youve been tagged, please check my blog. Thank you!

master mistery said...

Love your sight. The artworks are really cool. And it's also great to see a blog that is not based on the minima template. G-d! I'm so sick of seeing that on two thirds or more of the blogs on the web. I've added Doodle Ditsy to my blogroll and hope you might return the favor for doodlemania. If not, no biggie, I'll still come and visit regularly.


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