Friday, 18 April 2008

Doodle Flower Swirl Freebie and a Photoshop Tip!

Hi all!! An other week over and almost at the weekend..hurrah!! This week has been so full of things to sort out and I am glad to report my husband is doing well. I am so relieved!!! He really gave me a fright last week, I have only just about got over the shock....I think he got over it faster than me. I always find that if its family or someone close to you that has something bad happen then you get so scared for them. They are so caught up in whats happening and you are just looking on feeling helpless. I think I'm just used to being in not quite a control freak, but getting there!! So, if I can't control a situation then I really feel lost. But for the moment all is well.

Tonight I have some flower swirl doodles for the freebie and you can use them for personal or commercial use.
You can download the Flower Swirl Freebie set here
I have 3 doodle sets going in my shop at Scrappin Digi Kreations over the weekend so watch out for them. Here's is a little peek at one of the sets to give you an idea what there like.

I thought I'd share one of my favourite tips for Photoshop, I use CS2. It took me ages to work this one out..I can be slow at times, lol!
If you want to paint an a solid object that has a transparent background (png file) this is the tip for you. You want to use your brush, but you don't want to get it on to the background. Deleting the messy bits is a pain so how do you do it without getting messy?
The secret is to click the preserve transparency thumb in the layer palette, this means you can paint to your hearts content and the background will stay transparent!!

So here's how to do it.
1. Make sure your layer you are working on is the active layer.
2. Go to the layers palette and click on the preserve transparency thumbnail (look at the top for "Lock" and its the first thumbnail on the right of this) This locks the transparency of the layer. See below.

So now just use that brush and enjoy it!! Here is an example of how it works. No messy over painting to clear up!

Hope this helps!!

The Quote Challenge has brought some wonderful layouts to my mail box this week. I love the different styles and clever ideas that people use, it is always a pleasure to see them.Bright, clear and fun, that's the layout from Elisa. It uses white space brilliantly and draws the eye to that great photo! It is understated but extremely effective...fantastic layout Elisa!! Great job!!

Credits: Paper: Cherry Cheesecake by Anne Schlegel; Frame: Bea_Couleur_de_l'Inde_Cadre2, Corners: Journaling Delights/Picnic Basket; Alpha: Puddles of Sunshine

This is a cute girlie layout...two cute little ladies taking afternoon tea. Lina has recoloured some items to make for an eye catching and pretty layout. Brilliant job it

Credits: Ribbon Little Blossoms, Flower Tina Prima Ballerina, Frame Commercial Use Freebie, Paper swirly freebie, Striped Paper Shabby Chic all by Cens Stuff

These three look like eating was fun!! I love the wonderful photos and the fourth frame is a great place for the quote!! The label about Thorr gives it a humorous note and I love the pizza buddies bit too...fabulous idea and a really great layout Leaonna!! Thanks for sharing it!!

Credits: Kit by Leaonna at Scrapoholics, fonts are Antigoni Medium and Ballpark

I am so lucky with my CT girls, they really are a talented lot. Today Kim has a freebie on her blog. She has made a Mini Kit and is sharing it with people who drop by and visit her. So don't miss out!

Drop by Kims Scrappin' and snag it
Well bye from me and have a great weekend!! Take care and enjoy yourselves!!


Shannon said...

Thanks for the doodles - they're way cute! :)

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Glad to read that your Hubby is doing better. I know what you mean about feeling helpless when it comes to others being sick. Great LO's that have came in for your challenge. I love the doodles :) thanks a lot.

LindaJD said...

hmm however did I miss this post!!
I am so glad your hubby is doing better, and yes we do tent to make more of the situation and feel for someone when they are ill, I hate to be unable to help someone in pain, epecially kids..
Thanks for the Wonderful Doodles, these are some of my favourite things in scrapping..
what a Great tip too, i must put these tips down in a safe place..:) Thank you

La tĂȘte dans le scrap said...

Thank you so much for these doodles! I love it...

Diginan,Liz said...

Thank you so much for these cute animal doodles:)

Laura said...

Thank you!
sent me!

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