Monday, 28 April 2008

Monday Challenge

The new computer has arrived!!! I did a really happy dance for about an hour...then after I had started loading all the programs I use and configuring them, the realisation set in that this was one mammoth job!! I have done loads so far and it's taken me all day plus nothing else has got done! Still lots to do and a couple of programs are giving me trouble but I hope that I will have everything in shape by tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crossed!! I still haven't got an Internet connection my old PC is being dragged screaming into service, lol!! So bear with me if this post is a little disjointed. I have one PC that I can't get on the Internet and one that can't find its its drives half the time, lol!! What a mix!!

So here's this weeks Monday Challenge:
To qualify for the Posting Bonus you have to make a layout using only items from the freebie April Supa Digi Kit from Scrappin Digi Kreations. It still gives you lots to choose from as you have kits from Sue, Lorie, Herald, Kim and me all in different styles but with the same colour theme. You can mix and match if you want. The only part of the kit you can't use is Sammy's beautiful Quick Pages but snag them whilst your there, they are gorgeous!!
The rules are:
You can only use items from the April Supa Digi Kit in your layout.
It can be about any subject and you have to send a link to your layout or a copy to me at by Monday 5 May.
It's simple so get over Scrappin Digi kreations and start downloading!!
Here's a look at the April Supa Digi Kit

If you love Quick Pages, you'll love these beauties by SammyD. Drop by and enjoy them free as part of the April Supa Digi Kit.

Last weeks challenge had some more brilliant entries from you ladies which I will upload tomorrow in an extra post. I don't dare push this PC to hard it might self destruct before I'm finished with it, lol!!! So tomorrow the new one should make it's maiden voyage !This wonderful layout is from Jessica with a kit she made using the colour scheme. It is really gorgeous and I love that Kit!

Credits: Cens Colours by Scrapaholics

Linda's layout is so soft and gentle..I love it!! Again she made all the items except the overlay!! They are a clever lot these ladies!!

Credits: All Items in the page created by LindaJD
Overlay - autrefois freebies by digiscrap_ch

Dorys too has made her kit and it has turned out brilliantly!! I cannot believe that three this week have made their kits and made such a fantastic job of it!! The layout is in tune with Spring and it has a bright Spring feel to it with those lovely flowers! Great work Dorys!!

Credits: Kit by Dorys, 3 of the flowers by Fuzzy flowers (

OK, I'm off. It has taken me 3 hopping to finally manage to persuade my old PC to upload all that's more than enough for one day, lol!!

Don't forget tomorrow is Chat Day at SDK and this week we are talking tags!! So check out the thread in the site news for details. See you Wednesday!!


LindaJD said...

Hi June, thank Heavens you have it and seem to be doing OK with all the reinstalling :) thats the worst thing when you get a new PC isn't it, never mind, just think how fast it will go now..zoooommmmm!!
Great Challenge and what lovely kits to usee too, I already have them all so I am going to do mine now :)

Anonymous said...

I sent you a LO for this Mondays challnege. Love that April Collab Kit. The LO's from last weeks Monday challenge are all so nice. Great job to everyone.
Good Luck with the new computer. Its always fuin getting something NEW! :)