Saturday, 28 February 2009

Beware the Ikea Time Warp!

First before I start on my ramblings I'd  like to thank all of you who take the time to comment and leave suggestions on my are stars and your comments are all so appreciated!! You make my day!! I so wish I could shrink the world for a day so we could all meet up for a coffee and a chat..can you imagine that!! OK, so I have a vivid imagination, but it would be nice.

Now I have to tell you...I lost a, it wasn't a blow to the head or sudden amnesia but a visit to the new Ikea store in Southampton. It was wonderful but such a strange experience. Not only that but it was like taking a day trip it took me so long. I didn't just get a little distracted...I got totally carried along in the whole thing. By the time I had come out of there I had redone my whole house....well in my imagination at least.

It didn't start well as I was more than a little surprised to find that I had to go to the fourth floor to find the entrance!! Worse still was that the only way in was by escalators on the outside of the building..yes right up to the fourth floor...eek!! Before today I wasn't aware that I was bothered by heights...but believe me, when your on the outside of the building on a little moving band of metal, climbing higher and higher you realise how easy it would be to kiss the pavement hello...and quickly.

So there I was, trying to look cool and calm..gripping the hand rail until my little knuckles were white. "Don't  look down, don't look down" became my mantra!! After what seemed like an eternity we got to the fourth floor and the long awaited entrance to the store. In my relief I did rather rush the getting off fact you could almost call it a jump.....sort of, a young gazelle. OK, perhaps not a gazelle.......more like a frightened old sheep bolting!!

Then they got really clever, your stuck four floors up with only one way down....but first you have to find it...the escalators that you came up on don't have a down one!! You are funnelled around each level looking at room settings, kitchens, shelving, soft furnishings etc until you feel like you couldn't find your way out again if your life depended on it!! A bit like being blind folded and spun around then being asked to find the door in the dark!!

I have to admit after the first few minutes (after the panic died down) I was hooked into the whole was amazing what they had and it was so reasonably priced. Before I have always ordered online from Ikea but it was a shadow of the real thing.

Most things you  want ,you note the pick up section numbers and when you get to the ground floor you load up your trolley and pay...but the little things you can collect as you go. Believe me, slowly my poor DH disappeared behind a growing mountain that he was bravely struggling with!! By the second floor he was almost invisible. I had assured him when we started that we wouldn't need a trolley as I was only getting ideas.....well I was..but I had a "few" things too.

We finally made it to the ground floor and paid and only then did I realise...I had been in a time warp and a large part of the day had gone....but it only seemed like an hour or so.....mind you my DH said he felt like he'd been in there a week!! I felt slightly jet lagged..a bit like I had been on the starship Enterprise for a trip, lol!!

But I'm hooked...I have planned out my son's bedroom, the new hall storage etc etc. So Ikea Goddess...I'm with you....they have an other!! I plan to visit and take them by storm next time.....if I can find a van or car big enough to hold it all, lol!! Mind you I did grab a leaflet without my DH noticing that says they have contractors that deliver to your door...just what I need, lol!!

OK, now that I have bored you all to distraction...scrapbooking!! I do have a tiny goodie for you today which I hope someone can use. Its a grid overlay and CU Use is OK. It's the first of a set and I will post a new Overlay every start collecting if overlays are your thing!!



You can download the Overlay 01 here 

Well, that's all folks!! I'm off to do the chores and then get my stuff ready for the March 1 Blog Train!!! So drop by tomorrow and collect my contribution to the wonderful Springtime collection that's on offer.

Todays post may look very balck and white but tomorrows will be bright with Spring colours!! See you then!!


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning June!!!!!!!!!
Boy I havent been to Ikea in over 10 years but I sure know what your talking about every time when we went ther I was always in awe of all the cool things they have!!!!!! LOL
TY so very much for this GRAND overlay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maryse said...

It's a warp for your purse too!!!
That's the same thing here,only one way!!Once I lost my husband and it took me more than one hour to find him!!!!I think he had found a bed somewhere in this parallel universe ;p
Thank you so much fot the overlay :))

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the overlay. I can totally relate regarding Ikea.....sounds like the one in my part of the UK - and I can never come out of there empty handed!! My DH now refuses to go with me....but my daughter is a willing volunteer! Thank goodness for their delivery thing - I've managed to cram a ton of things into my car at times but there are some things you would look a little silly bringing home in an ordinary car!! :o)))))))))
Barbara - UK

Esther said...

The overlay looks fun thanks.

The IKEA timewarp is well known here we have shopped there since they first come over here but now we have on in the CENTRE of Coventry.. the first inner city one because the council refused to allow them to build it on the outskirts. I was sceptical at first but actually i think it's a good thing the city centre needs life not more people hiving off to the edges of town.

Anyway tips on IKEA. look for the map which shows you the layout, very lightly and easy to miss there will be shortcuts.. learn them they are your friend :) Also look out for the info computers as once you start going to get specific things you can use them to find out where they are so you don't have to do the whole store every time.

Get a friends and family card if only to get the free cups of tea but some of the offers are good to.

Made by Mandy said...

Oh boy, you have made me chuckle. I too went to Ikea in Wednesbury yesterday and it was dark by the time we came out. I think we were there for about 3.5 hours altogether, my best mate was there at the same time and I didn't even know !!

Definitely get an IKEA Family card, one of the offers yesterday was a foldaway suitcase on wheels for £8.80 (25% off normal price) and it is perfect for taking to crops and crafty days.

Shinade said...

Oh my I am afraid of heights too so thanks for the warning.

Also thanks for the laughs. I enjoyed this so much. I have added you in my favorites at my new blog.

Would you be so kind as to drop on my main blog at too...that is if you drop on me at all. I would also love to have you added in my favorites there as well!!

Oh this was just so so funny...sorry to laugh at your predicament but you told the story so well!!

Happy Weekend:-)

Manu said...

Thank you so much for the overlay!! :)

IkeaGoddess said...

Wow, what a trip! Thanks for sharing your experience. I was laughing and reading parts out loud to my DH. The part about the outside escalator sure sounds scary - I feel with you. Can't wait to see some photos.

Staci said...

I drool over the Ikea catalog every year, but I have yet to go, even though a store opened up in Atlanta a couple of years ago. I know that it will be an all day event, and I'll end up spending money that I don't have. Worse, I'm scared that I'll let a sales associate talk me into the Ikea credit card, and things will just go down hill from there.

Keryn said...

Good Morning June, pleased to see you aren't sitting idle at home nor out chasing Charlie in your nightie - LoL. A bit of retail therapy is always beneficial. I am really going to have to visit Ikea now. Our only store is a good hours drive away but I can see me having poor hubby take me there on his next RDO.

Thank you so much for the overlay.

Hugs, Keryn

Michele said...

LOL...I haven't ever been to an Ikea, but I have heard about them, but never in such great detail as you always share! :-) I am thinking once they get the one built here in town I will need to take a little peak too!! lol

Okay and I need to admit something too...I don't know how to use these type of overlays. I know how to use the outside border type ones, but not this that goes over the whole page. What do you do with them? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 28 Feb [LA 07:00pm, NY 10:00pm] - 01 Mar [UK 03:00am, OZ 02:00pm] ).

Ann said...

Thank you so much for sharing

suruha said...

You are a hoot, June! I love reading your tales. LOL I can see you, DH in tow, spiraling your way down through Ikea's vast array of....goodies. You are a good writer, too, and that helps.

Oh, thanks, too, for the overlay.


Glynis said...

We have an Ikea store in Cyprus now, but they know there is no point in trying to get a Cypriot to follow the rules, so we wander where we want! The expat community has a coach trip there now! :))

Brimful Curiosities said...

We are thinking about getting some Ikea bookshelves.

Vana63 said...

Oh, Ive been to the Ikea store too...Once, LOL. Sounds like it was more or less the same adventure except the escalator (up only) was inside the store, ggg. Thanx for the Overlay's, how'd ya know :-)

Jeff said...

Thank you for the great work that you do and all that you give! There is no Ikea store here and love to read what is happening up north, now in SC for health. Lived in Quakertown, Macungie, and Hatfield over the past 20 years.

Mary said...

thanks for the overlay
escalators on the outside of the building- egad!that lacks basic sanity