Friday, 30 May 2008

Freebie Commercial Use OK and a Fast Post!

Well, Miss Lilly has been reunited with her mum and gone back home. The house here has returned to normal and all the baby things were packed away last night. Silence is so unnerving!! It was lovely to see Lilly with her mum again and to wave them off when they left..but we had got used to the nappies and bottles and coos and goos..and who is going to spray me with food three times a day? My DH certainly won't volunteer for that one!! Neither will he submit to my baby chatter "Who's a clever boy then?"..he says talking to babies like that sounds the same as talking to a budgie...and it certainly has to stop now Lilly has left..mind you she loved grandmas high little budgie voice!! I even miss our sparring sessions, when she was determined to win..and she did loads of times...I am such a wimp!!! But never mind she'll be back soon with some more new tricks to keep me on my toes!! The upside of it is the cat has stopped his evil looks and stalking past me tail in air. He has decided that now that awful creature has gone he will fuss me and try to re-educate me to his way of things. He will be magnanimous and forgive my defection to the other side..if..I admit he was right all alone and pay him the homage he is due......he has been taking lessons from Lilly...or perhaps she took them from him!! Cheeky puss!! He won't look so pleased when he discovers that I am deserting him and leaving him with Chris!! Which reminds me, I need to leave Chris a BIG reminder on how to open the packet of cat biscuits or he will claim he forgot to feed the cat because he didn't know how to open the box! Lol!!

This morning I'm off to Holland, loads of travelling and not much time there but it's a change and a chance to catch up with relatives, so it will be good. I'll be going through the channel tunnel is so fast compared to the ferry. Just drive on the train, read a magazine and 30minutes later your in Calais!! Mind you still a lot of ground to cover before we get through northern France, Belgium and finally into Holland. Thank goodness Belgium is so small!!

Before I go here's one more little personal and cu use goodie, some Flirty Flowers. OK, so there are pretty basic..but still fun..mix and match and layer and stack..loads of possibilities!!! Go wild with styles, colours, textures!! The examples are included plus greyscale png files for you to make your own and as a bonus there is psd file too.

Have fun playing and see you all Monday!! Have a great weekend and stay safe!!


Andrea said...

These are wonderful! Thank you. Have a safe trip.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Have a safe & relaxing time!!!!!!
TY so very much for these cool goodies!!!!!

Chriss Rollins said...

Have a great weekend.
I dont do digi but love what you have on offer to those that do.
may have to have a go at it.
thanx for sharing your stories you do know how to write to bring a smile and a giggle.
chriss x

Connie said...

Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.

Barb said...

I have loved all the stories about Lilly--so true
thanks for the freebies

makeyesup said...

thanks for the treat. Will miss reading about Lilly everyday. My GD's and GS's are beyond that stage so it was very enjoyable as it brought back memories to me. Enjoy your vacation, you've earned it.

Amy said...

Thanks so very much!!

Anonymous said...

ooooh I have soooo enjoyed reading the Lilly Diaries :) I can see you need to recharge your batteries
Enjoy your little break June... have a safe trip and hope you have some fun :)
hugs Chris xx

p.s. if there's any vino going have a glass for me

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these cute flowers and such! I'm gonna miss reading about Lilly. You gotta get her back soon.

Cathy/ Mommy Motivation said...

thank you so much for the CU goodies!

LindaJD said...

Hi June, I said you would miss her once she went home!! lol...TYSM for the wonderful freebie once again..hope the trip went well :)

Kim's Scrappin' said...

I'm going to miss reading the Lilly diaries. Hope you had a great trip. Thanks for the lovely freebie.

Stella said...

Hi June ~
You've just been tagged!
Come to my blog to see what to do next!

Anonymous said...

LOL LOL LOL LOL I have subscribed to your blog so it comes straight to my email but this time I had to come out here and leave you some love for this funny, funny post! You have a great writing style! Thanks for being so entertaining!!!

Dinphy said...

Oh lol. I was still looking through all your stuff, when I got an email that you've been on my blog leaving a comment! (thanks for that!)
Well, I wasn't finished here, because I also found these beauty's! Thank you so much for sharing, love the flowers, and I'll make good use of it! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. Very cute flowers. I love that I can choose to recolor them.