Thursday, 5 June 2008

New Kit and a New Freebie

Hi..I'm back. Well, I cam back on Sunday evening as planned from my Holland trip. Monday was busy!! I was rushing around all day, I do rushing quite well having had so much practise. My emails had mounted up and were almost overflowing out of the PC!! How do they do that? I was still trying to do three things at once in the evening...until I forgot that when you turn quickly and move away...your feet need to turn first. OK, so it's elementary...I know..but my mind was three steps ahead of my body and the body just didn't catchup!! So bang down I went!! The result was a really sore hand..with rather large sausage fingers, lol!! I look like I borrowed them from a friend...a friend who was several times larger than me, lol!! So Tuesday was a no day as it was my right hand the one I use most......especially for falling!! Wednesday I was back after some painkillers and a support but the support irritated me so much that I took it off......that was when I think I irritated the fat sausages more than the support had got to me!! OK, so I thought they couldn't get much bigger...wrong...again!! Last night they had excelled themselves and if it hadn't been that they hurt so much I could have sworn they weren't mine...but they were, unfortunately!! So today I am treating them with a little more respect in the hope that I can get my old fingers back...these ones have attitude..and they don't fit on my hand!!! So it's one finger, left handed typing today and it is so slow..I don't do slow!! I suppose I have to accept it will be a whole morning job at this rate. I did try to persuade my DH that he would type for me...that didn't last long as he kept trying to "adjust" my wording!!! So back to one finger!! Lol!!

Today's freebie is one I had made a couple of weeks ago and I hope you like it. It reminds me of the nursery rhyme "Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow" Hence the title.
The papers a little grungy and I used some of my little flower faces doodles. I told my DH that I had made some grungy papers and he thought I was saying I was As if I would, lol!! Poor man must have thought he was in for a hard ride!! But it was worth the misunderstanding to see the look of relief when I told him he had misheard, lol!!

You can download them here

Got to tell you about my new Kit. It is in the shop at Studio Stlye designs and yes for the first week it's 40% off as usual! It's called Summer Chicklettes. I just loved those little ladies and so I thought I would do an updated version with Lilly in mind. It's full of summer colours, scalloped edges and felt bits. You get a choice of two different frames which I think makes it more versatile. Have a look.

Summer Chicklettes 40% off this week

I did a fast little layout of Lilly last week using the kit and as usual she looked great..that cute little face!! I wish I had her skin..perhaps I shouldn't wish for that...I already have a strangers fingers and that's not working too well!! Lol! It's a pretty basic layout but for me Lilly's picture makes it one worth keeping!
I have been really lucky and Jessica, Kim and Linda have done fantastic layouts trying out the new kit, they put mine to shame, lol!!. First is Kim's and what a bright fun page it is!! I love the word art and the way she has used the little felt butterflies. This picture is just perfect!! A beautiful layout Kim!!

Credits: Summer Chicklettes by Cens Stuff, Blog template 101 by Bunny Cates - tweaked, Font is Mia's Scribblings

Jessica used the two types of frames and what a brilliant job she made of it!! The scalloped heart looks great tucked just behind the frames. I love the pictures and those lovely little faces! The folded paper edge works so well here Jessica, nice touch! A lovely page!
Linda's layout has some great extraction on it. It's clever how she did it, that baby is just popping out of the frame, lol! I love how she used the papers too. It looks like it was a great birthday. Thanks Linda for an other great layout!!

Before I go Kim has a brilliant freebie kit on her blog called My Guy. Ideal for fathers Day, don't you just love those colours!! Drop by and snag it!!OK, so my one finger type is getting too big a I am away!! See you all soon and remember when you turn...feet go first, lol!!


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

I hope that you go & get your hand checked out if the swelling doesn't go down you may have broken your fingers & dont know it!!!!
Take care & keep it elevated!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for these AWESOME BGs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love your new kit its so ADORABLE unforunately I don't have any extra money to buy it right now so its going to have to wait till I do!!!! LOL
Rest that hand too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gabrielle said...

thanks for the freebie June, Lilly is looking beautiful as usual, I second the first comment, go get your hand seen to! NOW!!! sorry, but you need bossing.
I have a new freebie Qp on the blog you might like, hope you get a chance to visit. As always, love and a big hug

Stefani said...

So sorry about your hand! I hope it gets better soon!! Thanks for the adorable pages, too! :)

Patamomma said...

Bless your heart. I hope your hand gets better soon, and if not get it checked out. Love your blog. I read even if I don't download. Patty

the3chickens said...

Thank you very much! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing!

Jen said...

These papers are the cutest. Thank you so much!

Suz said...

Super cute papers!!!
Btw…thank you for sharing your fantabulous designs and I hope this...♥"”Link Love”"♥...will brighten your day!
Suzee Q's Stuff

Liz said...

You do beautiful work. The color combination is lovely!