Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Lilly Diaries Part 3 and a Stunning New part of the CT Collab!

Yesterday was busy, an early start again and a demanding day!! Lilly started the day with a smile and ended it with loads of screams!! The middle bit was a bit like riding the ocean...loads of dips and troughs and a slightly queasy feeling, lol!! Breakfast was fun...she loves blowing bubbles...and now she's learnt to spit!!!! The first time I thought was a bubble gone wrong but the second and third blob of breakfast in the eye just confirmed that the girl had a new skill!! And she was in the champion stakes..what power!! Take the food away and it just fits with the bubble blowing..looks sort of cute (I'm still a bit dubious on that)...add the food and it is a social dilemma!! Well the rest of the morning passed with the usual throwing things away and wanting them back..really just an other little ploy to make grandma keep fit, my waist should be so trim and my tummy should toned and firm..all that stooping and bending was better than the gym any day! Mind you she did surrender one in her pushchair when she went for a walk and actually went to sleep!! But not for long folks and she was back!!

Just recharging her battery after all that spitting!!

Then came lunchtime - yes, you got it the spit again!! One spoonful for Lilly, one blob for grandma....and so it anyone got a cure for spitting? By the end of it we both looked like Picasso masterpieces..any art gallery would have been proud to display us!! But it's amazing what a wet one can cure and after about half a pack..each... we were both looking good again...well better anyway!

The afternoon was jam packed with lots of noise and looks which clearly said "No..I don't like that".."No..I don't like you" "It's me I'm over here..don't ignore me" all followed by very hearty screams and shouts. So by tea time even Uncle Chris had run through his entertainment routine and fled the house!! This child is a serious contender for a South American Dictatorship!! She really loves power, big time!!

By tea time only grandma was left..the others had conveniently found things they really HAD to do. Granddad had decided that he really had to do some LAUNDRY..yes laundry. It was so difficult that he had to watch the washing machine to make sure it was OK.. No he couldn't drag himself away to feed fact..he suddenly remembered he had to go out. So I braced myself for the bubble and spit routine!! Near the end we ran out of wet ones so I thought I would just get some more...wrong!!! Ten seconds and there she was spoon in hand and food on the floor..mind you there was a little on her too...take a look!!

"Yummy..tastes good. Told you I could do it..its easy"

To add to the general confusion last night I had my Tuesday chat at SDK and as the bath and gently approach to bedtime had not worked..Granddad got her for the hour I was in chat. I could hear her protests in the background as I sat at my computer and felt rather smug that she was giving someone else a telling off. But all ended well..later than scheduled I admit..but eventually the wonderful Lilly succumbed to the trials of the day and gentle fell asleep. We were left with the ringing in the ears and a feeling of having been through the washing machine ourselves!! So ended the Lilly's day and I could do some work!!Lol!! But we love her really!!

The next part of the CT Collab Kit is an other attractive and original part, this time it's from Linda of Linda's Lot. It's a truly lovely kit and a wonderful addition to the collection. Linda has been super generous and made a QP for you too, so it's a double freebie again today!!

Download Linda's QP here

And look at her great Kit!!

Download Linda's part of the CT Collab Kit here on her blog Linda's Lot

I've got to run now..but come back tomorrow for an other part of the CT Collab Kit and a further installment of the Lilly Diaries. I have been tagged 4 times so I will do them tomorrow in a one, I haven't forgotten..but her ladyships little voice is calling!!! Have a great day!!


LindaJD said...

hahahaha! oh June I have been waiting for ages to see this post! I am splitting my sides here just imagining what you are going through, I remember the foody this soooo well :D I must send you a layout I did of one of ours with Spaghetti! a sight to behold..why is it men chicken out!! although I must admit in our house it's me that gets flustered and Tony is so calm :S
Thanks for adding such lovely comments about my kit :) it was a pleasure working on it, as it is working with you, bless you..
Oh the dreaded Tagged syndrome! I have been tagged 3 times so you beat me! I am begging no more!!!
((hugs)) _ Linda x

Debsg said...

Awww adorable pictures. Deb x

JudyK said...

Hhahahaha please forgive me for laughing but I am really enjoying the Lily diaries. She looks so gorgeous and not just when she is asleep. Thanks to Linda for a very nice kit.

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Kim's Scrappin' said...

LOL I love these stories of Lilly, June. Great picture as well, takes me back in time :) . Sorry I missed the chat again, I can never remember it.