Saturday, 18 October 2008

Hickory Dickory Dock - It's Nursery Rhyme Time!


Hi all, I hope that things are going well in your world and that life is being kind. I'm late today in posting

A little while ago I spoke of Nursery Rhyme things and I finally decided to work on some of my ideas.

Today starts the Nursery Rhyme Theme, it starts with Hickory Dickory Dock...remember that one...with the mouse running up the clock? My kids loved it and it was a firm favourite with them. Today it's just two papers to start you off, but there is word art and some elements to come based on this nursery rhyme so watch out for the rest!

At the  moment my cat is having a strut!!!! And don't we all know it!!! Whilst we were away my son was in charge (well that was the theory) but I'm afraid it was the cat that was really the boss! He spent the whole of the time begging and bullying for ham and titbits from the fridge and my son gave in every time...grrr!!

Now the cat is far from happy..."What!! You expect me to eat THAT!!!" is his is written all over his face, when he gets no joy he sticks his nose in the air and struts off...but then he comes back..and that's the bad bit!! Be afraid, be very afraid when he comes back!!

If the first tactic doesn't work, then he has taken to coming back and looking hurt..before he nips us on the leg! I ask you..where does that come from..he hasn't learnt it from me. I never nip, even when I don't get my own way!! I think there must be something that my DH isn't telling me...perhaps it's him the cat got it from, lol!

So it's tough love I'm afraid for the next few days or we will end up living with a feral moggy and that is not on!!

Back to sensible stuff now.

If you'd like today's Part 1 of Hickory Dickory Dock you can download it here

Before I go I have an other card from Su and again it's a beauty!! I love the Sweet memories tag on it! Birthdays are for memories...well they are if you've had as many as I've had, lol!! Thank you Su for sharing it,it's gorgeous!


Well, I'm off to bed as it's midnight here and tomorrow is Saturday....Lilly Day!! So I will need all my strength, that girl can move believe me!!

Have a great Saturday and check back for the next part of Hickory Dickery Dock.



Anonymous said...

What a neat theme. Creative papers. So so cute. The card that Su made is really cool too.
Cats.......Hmmmmmmm. Finicky!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good Morning!!!!!!
My Pom is the same way!!! LOL
TY so very much for the 1st MARVELOUS DL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Going to LOVE this with the new grandbaby!!!!! LOL

Kim's Scrappin' said...

LOL love the story of your cat. The card Su made is beautiful. Cute papers June, thanks for sharing :)

Barb said...

It's tough love all the way with cats I let mine think they are in charge!!! Love the story
thanks for the papers

Cindyrelly said...

Hiya June :) Your cat story is too funny. My cat wouldn't think of touching table scraps or canned cat food... wierdo only likes dry cat food!! He is a Siames but what a lover boy. Have fun with that silly little Lilly and Thank You for the fun papers. BFN...Cindy

ccynden said...

Love the nursery rhyme theme, thank you very much; have a restful weekend.

Su said...

Yes my cat used to run my life too but now he has gone I miss the 'bullying' lol! Brill papers thanks!

tajicat said...

The cat story is so funny, but they sure are that way! Thanks so much for the goodies! :)

the3chickens said...

Thanks so much! Love the Hickory Dock papers, they would be lovely for my nursery rhyme book :) I hope you would pls consider doing a few of the elements used in the papers too, for creating the scene. Pretty pretty pls :) Thanks again!

Peggie said...

Thank you. I love these papers.