Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Immaculate Nails and a Water Leak!


Hickory Dickory elements to go with the freebie papers

Yesterday went well and my nails are looking fantastic after all that loving care..shame it won't last!!

It was Emma's first assessment and she was just a bit nervous, not sure if it was just first assessment fears or my weather worn hands that gave her the jitters!  Mind you, it didn't help that her water bowl leaked all over her trolley, her nerves really started jangling then, the trolley was awash!!

But like a true professional she discreetly and efficiently moved her things and replaced anything which had got water logged and continued from there. I was so proud of her!!

Emma has been know to be one for tears..she's a real girlie, if you know what I mean, and the thought did flash oh so briefly through my mind "Oh no!! No tears Emma!! Not now!!"  It would have been a bit of a disaster if Emma had added her tears to the flood!!

But she was BRILLIANT and smiled and chatted as if I was a real client...not her grandma, lol!! Perhaps it helped that I was. Let's face it if you can't comfortably chat to your grandma...even under stress then who can you chat too!! I tried to do my bit by continuing to smiling encouragingly and chatting in the hope that I could reassure her and she would not feel too stressed. It may have helped, who knows...or she may have thought I jinxed her, lol!!

But she did brilliantly and the tutor praised her work...and I have my fingers crossed, well after the varnish had dried, that she gets good marks for it. I know that I am really pleased with her handiwork , I even took a photo of my nails when I got home as a memento of her first assessment. Mind you it was a trifle tricky doing it with one hand..but I think I did it justice.

Now to scrapping!! Today you can see the elements that go with the Hickory Dickory Dock Papers. Over the next two days you can download them, I just hope those little mice find some good homes!!

I was asked if I could do the clock and mouse as an element..and so I have plus two curled ribbon borders with mice running up and down them, two frames, tow tags, two different sorts of bows and two buttons....I could have gone on but time ran out!! Lol!! Oh yes and one little flower!!

You can download today's elements here

Now a big thank you to some people who have given me awards!!

I received this great friendship award from three great friends, Linda, Kim and Glynis. Thank you so much ladies, I count you all as special friends and I am so glad that you look on me as a friend too...thank you for your friendship, it is treasured!

It's the "Proximidade Award" or the "Friendship Around The World Award". I need to pass it to 6 other people.

PremioProximidade1_friendship award glynis

I pass it to:




Kim Smith



Before I go Kim from Kim's Scrappin has a great Pumpkin freebie on her blog, drop by and check it out!!


That's all for today folks...take care and see you tomorrow for the second part of the Hickory Dickory elements. Have fun!!



Su said...

Thanks June...loving this kit! Pleased you had a good time yester but where is the photo of the nails?

Maryse said...

thank you so much :))

Elaine said...

Thank you so much, darling kit!!

Kim said...

I am so glad your nails turned out well and your granddaughter didn't break down in front of her assessor. But where's the pic of your nails??? LOL

This kit is so wonderful - I love it!

Thank you for the award, my friend, it means a lot to me!

Hugs and love,

Cindyrelly said...

What a wonderful Grandma you are! I too want to see the pic?

Thank You for the award :)) and the freebies!


eilajean said...

the mice HAVE found a good home... OH, you mean the ones on the site. I was thining of the ones who are finding their way into my house! EEEKK!!! LOL! Thanks for sharing - the pumpkin seeds are in the oven as I type :0)

Chris said...

oh fancy having a flood... poor darling she must have been soooo nervous!! Glad that everything turned out well in the end though that's great :D
Must admit I was expecting a pic of the nails too... you always keep us in
Thanks for the award too... I think of you of one of my best buddies so it means a lot :D
Chris xx

Keryn said...

Thanks so much June, this kit is going to be absolutely gorgeous. I love your stories too.

Michele said...

Okay I was expecting to see the photo of your nails! hehehe You got us all hooked, just to leave us hangin'! lol Glad to hear she did so well on them!

Thanks for the elements! Too cute!

Penny S said...

Love the elements but was looking for the picture of the nails! ;)

Cindyrelly said...

Okay ;) I passed the torch!

Glynis said...

I am so glad Emma came through (would you believe my beautician daughter is Emma too???!! ) I wish her well. I am looking forward to seeing the pic :)

the3chickens said...

Thanks very much, much appreciated & it's lovely!! :)

AandJScrapDesigns said...

WOW, this is such a pretty pretty kit! And what a sweet theme! This would be great for a baby lay out... your work is amazing, I will definately be following your blog:D Thank you so much for this gift!

- A&J Scrap (from Alaska)

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning June!!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for the MARVELOUS elements & award!!!!!!
I dont bother with them though since I dont know how to get them on my blog!!! Dummy me!!!!! LOL