Sunday, 19 October 2008

Nursery Rhyme Papers


Yesterday was a good day with four generations of the ladies in my family together, that's my mum, me, Charlotte and Lilly. We went to a church bazaar and then had lunch, Lilly was really good and patient with all the ladies at the bazaar wanting to talk to her and as usual, on queue she smiled and chatted in her own little language. She even gives the royal's a new skill so everyone was treated to a wave...I swear she looks like the queen. Ok, so she's is younger but the wave is the same!! Lol! She definitely is no shrinking violet and crowds don't phase her one little fact I think she thought that everyone had come just to see her, lol!!

By the end of the afternoon when it was almost time for her to go home I bathed her and got her ready for her mum to take in the car. It was fun....but slightly unnerving!! Since she  started going to the pool with her dad she is convinced that she is a fish or a mermaid!!! Don't know who told her she had gills and could breath under water but she certainly believed it and so I spent the whole of bath time retrieving her back to the surface...scarey for me...but she got a little impatient when she couldn't convince me that under water was good.

As I wrapped her in the towel she looked at me as if to say "Grandma's! They are such fussers, anyone would think they knew best!". But she was good with me and didn't punish me too hard!!

Now Hickory Dickory Dock. I decided it was only fair to show you all the papers in the Hickory Dickory Dock rather than a few at a here they are!! There are 10 papers in the pack. Yesterday's download was just two papers but I have split the rest into 4 papers x2.

So today and tomorrow you can collect the rest of the papers and then it's on to the elements!!

You can download today's papers for Hickory Dickory Dock here

If you missed the first ones then check the previous post for the download link and then back tomorrow for the final papers.

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Well, time to go but see you tomorrow!!




Anonymous said...

The Nursery Rhyme papers are beyond amazing. O how I wish I could make papers like that. Lilly will be one fine young lady with all of you teaching her the finer things in life. You sound like the perfect G'ma. I cant wait for the day that I have a grandchild. Bliss! :)

Beth said...

Thank you :)

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for the FANTASTIC BGs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sounds like you had your hands full in the bathroom!!! LOL

makeyesup said...

Nursery Rhyme is so cute, can't wait to see the many layouts that you make with Lily as the star in this.

Kim said...

June, first let me say that Lilly is totally a girly-girl and princess, lol! She's gonna be a real heartbreaker when she's older.

Your Nursery Rhyme is GORGEOUS! I love the color choices you've made and your designing is awesome. I can't wait to collect all pieces to this outstanding kit!

Thanks so much for sharing!


Elisabeth said...

Wow ! They are so lovely these papers.

Glynis said...

I love those papers June!!! I admire your skill. I have used your little darling kit and blossoms one ~they are on my blog~
You relax after bathtime fun now. :)

Judy said...

June, these papers are astounding....thankyou so very much for creating and sharing them with all of us.
Miss Lily sounds like so much fun to have around. Treasure every moment as they grow up so fast.

Esther said...

Oh I love the look of these papers. It's one of my favourite rhymes too.

Thank you so much

Su said...

I love the colours in these papers...thanks! Sounds like you had a great day, aren't grandchildren brill!

ccynden said...

Grandchildren are your heart aren't they - God bless them. Thank you for the wonderful Nursery Rhyme series.

Susie2shoes said...

Hi June

Because I love your blog so much I would like to give you the Kreativ Blogger Award. Pop over to my blog and pick it up.

All you have to do it tell us 6 things you love and then pass it on to 6 people.

Thank you again for all your wonderful kind words and freebies.

Big Hugs

Anonymous said...

How adorable these papers are! Such talent and then wonderful generosity in sharing that talent with us. Thank you so much for this gift!

Arianna said...

your designs are always very nice, but this one kit, it's really gorgeous. I absolutely love the "fairy tales" in old english style feeling.
I'd love to see other kits, or elements (whatever you want) with this theme.
Ciao, Ari

Maryse said...

Oh my god!!!
Your papers are so beautiful!!!
thank you so much :))

eilajean said...

these are great!!! Your talent in endless! TY for sharing!

scrapulette said...

These papers are so cute, I love them !
Thank you for sharing with us !