Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Who Said Life Was All Fun?


Retiring for Ever!! Collect the kit free, today and tomorrow as my gift to you!!

I finally made it to post....I got back after a nice break away that turned out totally different to how I thought. The countryside was peaceful but unfortunately the financial crisis started cooking up a storm as soon as we left and much of the time was spent watching Sky News and calling bankers!!! It's not my money I was worrying about but my mothers and I would have felt awful if I had taken my eye off the ball at such a critical time and she had lost it. Hopefully the bank rescue will help the situation but only time will tell for us all!! Fingers crossed. Now we wait and see.

Ok, grizzle comes an other grizzle.....My shoulder has also continued to be literally a pain!! The break from the PC has not helped, in fact it has got even more painful so a trip to the doctors is on my agenda on Thursday. It must be all those mobile calls and hugging the phone thta made it worse, lol!!

I admit it, I am a disaster area, lol!! But that's life I think, up and down like a roller coaster, you just have to go with the flow and try to enjoy the ride even when it gets scary or sore!!!!

Thursday was the high point of our break we escaped with just a few phone calls and then went to Bath for the day. It is such a lovely old city, lots of regency buildings and the wonderful Roman Baths. In some parts it's like walking back in time. We walked along the river through the town in bright Autumn sunshine soaking in the view as well as the lovely sun. The trip round the baths with amazing...even though the water is green now. In Roman times the baths would have been covered and so the water was clear. But it was still lovely to wander through it trying to see those lone past days and wondering at the sites the baths had seen.

I took some pictures which I'll post later in the week to give you a taste of Bath.

The retiring goodies have been taken down at Scrappin Digi Kreations and have gone into storage but there is a bundle of the last ones still available at Studio Style Design until next the end of the week. In fact I have a Sale on at SSD 30% off all my products!!!

But today and tomorrow you can collect Little Blossoms for free before it vanishes for good!!!

Download Part 1 of Little Blossoms here

Now I have a whole bunch of gorgeous layouts to share with you, each one is special and unique.

Kim really showcases the photo of the house her son made from popsicles sticks with wonderful word art and terrific use of white space. It's an eye catching page and I love the font she used for the word art. It just pops!!


Credits: Little Weeds by Cen's Stuff
Template by ChrissyW
Wordart by Kims Scrappin

If you'd like Kim's Word Art she has it as a freebie on her blog so drop by and snag it!

Leaonna's grandmother was certainly a lovely lady, this beautiful heritage layout captures the spirit of the 1900's with this special photo. A beautiful page with some great details and wonderful journaling. Thanks for sharing it Leaonna!!!


Credits: Forgotten Dreams by Cen's Stuff

And how's this for lush colours and excellent blending!! Tracy's layout of her son is a real tribute. I love the border and buttons!! Layouts for men always seem difficult to me...we ladies are so much easier to scrap but this is a wonderful job! An other beautiful page for the album!!


Credits: Fall Splendour - Cen's Stuff contribution

This next one is a wonderful romantic memory of two people from Linda's family. It's a terrific layout with so many lovely details. I love the heart with their initials and that word art is perfect!! I could go on but look for yourself and see what I mean.


Credits: Forgotten Dreams by Cen's Stuff

Su sent me tow fantastic cards she had made...and they are just that...fantastic!! The first is so cute, it's the sort of card we would all love to receive!! What a brilliant way to say Hallo to someone you haven't seen for a while! These little piggies are certainly favourites of mine!! It's wonderful Su!


The second is one that really made me describes me perfectly!! Lol!!

Over the Hill_su

Credits for both cards: Animals, Animals July Supa Digi Kit Free Mega kit, Scrappin Digi Kreations

If you'd like the my part of Animals, Animals SDK for July it's available still as a freebie in my section of the store, so drop by and snag it!

Well, that's all for today but drop back for more great goodies and some pictures of Bath!! Take care and have a great day despite the financial gloom!!


Brenda said...

Those cards are CUTE!

And so are the freebies. :) Thanks for sharing.

Stella said...

Great Layouts and what a beautiful kit! I can't believe you are giving it away!
thanks so much!!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning June!!!!!!!
Glad to see your back SAFE & SOUND!!!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for the AWESOME 1st part & all the WONDERFUL LOs!!!!!!!!!!!

Leaonna said...

WOW!! Nice splash of color on a dreary day here...thanks for the lovely kit hun!!! and ALL the layouts are fab as usual!!!

Anonymous said...

Littel Blossoms is one of my favs.
Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Always something. Right? The LO's are all so pretty, but your kits help them out quite a bit too.
Bath is a place most of us dream about and you went there for a weekend??? Lucky girl. Can't wait to see the pics. :)

Carole N. said...

June, I am so very sorry to hear your shoulder is causing you so much pain and I am glad you are going to the Dr. Please take care of it. Having been through a hip and knee replacement and back surgery all in the past two years I know how painful life can become. I was one that tried to put off surgery, but in the end I think it did more damage and made it harder to recover. Just a word of advise. LOL

I hope it is just bursitis. While very painful it wouldn't require surgery.

Thank you for the first part of Little Blossoms. It's beautiful.

Oh my gosh! How I enjoyed ALL the layout shares today and the darling cards. How lucky you are to have such talented ladies showcasing your wonderful kits. I have to remember the "Over the Hill" quote.

I hope you find out what's wrong and that they can treat it so you will feel better soon. I will say a prayer for you.

Big "Gentle" Hugs!

Carole N. said...

I wanted to share something with you.
I am almost positive (as positive as I can be with a 63 year old that you were the one that told the story about having your eyebrows died. I can remember laughing so hard at the way you told it...not that they were too dark.

I am going this week to have mine dyed and when getting my hair cut last week I told my hairdresser about your story on your blog and I did not want them black. We are going for a medium brown. I started turning gray in high school. I guess I should be grateful my eyebrows are just catching up. ROFLOL

See you never know when you are being talked about...but it was ALL good....I promise.

Feel better soon and I am looking forward to the photos of Bath.

Big Hugs!

Glynis said...

Welcome back my friend! I am sorry your mum has had to be put thru the crisis, I have been on the phone with my parents in the UK, they are ok, we lost a fair bit tho :( with 2 weddings it really bites. Anyway thanks for the free gift and I hope your shoulder is ok soon. x

Esther said...

sorry to hear your shoulders are still bad. thanks for the freebee though and love thelayouts and particularly the cards

tigger said...

Hi all. This is Tigger from MajorTiggerScraps. It's a very serious day today. Someone has stolen my 4shared account with the help from 4shared. Someone was allowed to go in and change the name and password and now I haven't got my account anymore.
Except that they forgot about cookies. I was able to go in and delete everything from the account and the recycle bin. Go to my blog to read the full details and please safeguard your artwork. 4shared is no longer a safe place to store your files if anyone can come in and request a name and password change under the guise of an abuse report.
I am leaving the blog intact with all of the photos of all of my artwork. Please if you see anything of mine on any blog other than MajorTiggerScraps please contact me. I don't think this thief had time to copy everything but I don't know for certain.
Thank you all and I hope to be blogging again soon. There are upcoming posts that have images that were also in the 4shared account that was stolen from me.
Please forgive my rambling. I'm rather furious today.

tigger said...

Thanks. I do have all of my source files. That's what makes this so frustrating. I can't get a reply from 4shared. I'm not even given the chance to prove that all of this work is mine and doesn't belong to the thief who has their name now on my account. I try to sign in with my id and password and I get an error that it's all invalid. The only good thing is that the cookie was still active. DH has always said that cookies aren't all bad and now I believe him. It was my only way of acessing my files and deleting them before(hopefully) they could be copied.
Thanks for listening. I'm a wreck today and I haven't any chocolate at all. Swollen eyes and no chocolate. Not a good day.

Keryn said...

Thankyou June, what a beautiful kit. Sorry to hear that your shoulder has been playing up - hope it settles down soon. (Hugs) Keryn

karen(karooch from scraps of mind) said...

I love Bath, June. So much of it is still like walking through a Jane Austen novel. And the Roman Baths are so impressive. I actually like the green water. It's hard to imagine what they would be like with crystal clear water.

Hope you get relief for your shoulder soon and that all goes well for you and your Mum through this financially difficult time.

Su said...

Sorry to hear about your is never without its hiccups for you is it? Great Layouts as usual! Thanks for the kit and the lovely comments about my cards!

Michele said...

What a cute kit! Thanks for sharing it with us!