Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Life Really is a Beach!

First things first...I changed the size of the type this post as some found the other too small. What do you think? Let me know.

OK, the paints bought and the rollers are ready..everything's washed down and I'm ready to rumba!!!! Yesterday I went to get the supplies and pick the colour. I checked the charts and hummed and hawed over what would look stunning....then bought the same colours I already have!! I was going to be bold and adventurous, make a splash and change it radically..but so many colour confused me.

I kept remembering when my mum painted the kitchen red and white so that every time I eat my cornflakes the milk looked, being an imaginative child, I thought of blood!! So cornflakes were of the menu for me!! Or imagine green as the backdrop for me first thing in the morning when I'm looking peaky.... Nah!! It wouldn't we have the same as before, but that's good, it worked last time, lol!

It's a huge haul for you today from Kim and a little freebie from me.

My freebie is to co-ordinate with the CT Collab and it's a journaling card to remind you of the sunny days in your photos.


You can download the Journaling Card here

Now for the serious business....the Ct Collab Kit continues with some terrific stuff so take a look at Kim's's awesome!! She has really spoilt you!!





Drop by Kim's blog and add these wonderful parts to your CT Collab Stash!

Before you go take a look at this great layout that Tracy made with last months CT Collab Kit. I love the frame border and the stitches are a great touch that she added. Fantastic page Tracy!!


OK, my painting brushes are calling me.....well, I think their screaming actually...can't make out if it's "Put me down" or "Hurry Up"..but duty calls!!

Have a great day and see you tomorrow!!


Kim's Scrappin' said...

I love the journaling card June! It is a great addition to the kits . I will be thinking of you, having to do all that painting and picturing you all speckled up. :) Thanks for the comments on my part of the CT Collab.

Cindyrelly said...

These beachy goodies are wonderful. Wow, are we on the same wave or what? I actually decided to go to the beach this coming weekend as the kids will have Thur. AND Fri. off before the Fall Term starts up on Mon. the 18th. As of yesterday I decided it will definitely be an overnighter if I can get a resv. at a respectable hotel. They have actually NEVER been to the Beach so I'm gonna be charging up all my camera batteries :) Have fun painting... I definitely don't envy you that project :)

Anonymous said...

June, thank you for your lovely journaling card!

What a beautiful layout by Tracy - love how she has spotlighted her hobby.

And, what a generous share from Kim!! Wonderful addition to the collab kit.

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 13 Aug [LA 12:05am, NY 02:05am, UK 07:05am, OZ 05:05pm] ).

Jaye said...

Thank you for making the text larger!!
Much better :D Is it the eyes or the memory that goes first? I can't remember. ;)