Monday, 6 April 2009

The Smoke Gets in My Eyes

The sun has been shining earlier today and Spring is definitely here. It should have been a peaceful evening..chilly now the sun has gone in, but peaceful. But...(there's always a but) my youngest son seems to think it's summer!! He has holiday from work this week and so he's really in the mood to have some fun. I don't mind this, but I think loosing touch with reality on a temporary basis must be genetic!!

He decided whilst he was out that a barbeque for dinner would be a good idea and so he shopped for some stuff. Loads and loads of stuff!!  Now I know he's a big guy but there is a limit to how much you can eat.

Cooking is not his strongest point and his food shopping skills finish with chips, orange juice and when he shopped for the barbeque he bought enough for a small army of starving giants!! If we were to cook it all we could ask our half of town to dinner. (Mind you I am sure that Charlie would volunteer to suffer leftovers for the good of the cause.) It doesn't help that the barbeque is just a little basic too...he would be up for a couple of days if he had to cook everything on it.

Now the sun has gone in the temperature has dropped and there he is on the patio in T-shirt and shorts warming up the barbeque!!! I say warming up loosely..what I really mean is he's filling the house with smoke..cough, cough. Now I know how a fish in the smoke house feels. My eyes are stinging and I keep shutting the door....but will it stay shut? No...he keeps remembering something else that he has forgotten and really, really now!!

Of course he set it up right next to the back would be silly to walk any more than he has too, or so he thinks. Now we Brits are not renowned for our barbequeing skills....I mean with our weather there are normally only about four weekends a year we can have one for a start! But this is the guy who had a barbeque on the common with his friends and they had to bring the stuff home to cook it as they couldn't get it going.

That said he is sitting on the patio with his long suffering girlfriend chatting...through the smoke. Perhaps I should take out a paper fan so she can waft it away or maybe an electric fan and a scarf and gloves would be more help.

Me...I'll stick with the lasagne that I least I will get to eat it before midnight and it will be smoke and burnt bit free. My DH just shakes his head and retires to his computer "Call me when he's done" drifts after him as he wanders off.

And yes...there goes the smoke alarm..again! "Shut the door..and keep it shut!!!" if he will. The only way that door will stay shut is if Charlie learns really fast, which is not likely..learning is not his strong point. Anyway at the moment Charlie's just sitting watching his "friend" Chris burning something with a really puzzled look on his face and is much too interested in what's happening to bother with learning.

All I can say is I hope they come in before they turn blue with cold. I can imagine that my freezer will get a few contributions of uncooked food too. The downside is that it means he'll want to do it again to use the stuff up. Who said they less trouble as they grown up?'s just different, lol!!

A little gift from me to you, today is a pretty little girl kitty and on Wednesday you can add the big boy then you have one for those cute girls and one for your "big" little boys!!

Have a look and if you like them then download Pretty Kitty (girl) today. (The download is a direct link so you don't go to the 4shared page, I know a lot of people worry about going there.)


Download Pretty Kitty here


Check back on Wednesday and download Big Boy Kitty then

Well, I'm off to air the house to get rid of the smoke smell and to drag Charlie away from scrounging more sausages!!

Take care and have a peaceful evening.



amsangel said...

June, this is so cute! Thanks so much for sharing! ROFL... barbeque...

angelfaye said...

too cute,June! the kitties are lovely!

Ann said...

the kitties are adorable. I loved the story about your sons barbeque though. It's nice to know I'm not alone when it comes to kids with crazy

Susie2shoes said...

Cute kitties June, thank you so much. Another mad day in you houshold again I see. Are your young 'uns going to Reading Festival this year? Mine have given up the ghost as they are more Spanish villa than Reading camping. :D

Judy said...

Hehehehe....takes me back to when my son was at home, mates over, the barbie lit, meat on and what were they doing.....kicking the soccer ball. No-one looking after the cooking so it was dear old mum who had to look after the cooking and dad who had to end up cleaning the barbie when all was finished.
This kitty is so sweet....thankyou and can't wait for Wednesdays boy one.

eilajean said...

those are too cute. Thank you for sharing!

BBQ - YUM... Still laughing at the adventures of your son. We will hopefully be lighting the BBQ tomorrow. It is finally feeling like Spring - YAY! I do all the prep - and make sure DH has everything he needs. Funny how they take credit for "cooking" the meal when they BBQ - but I do all the prep and all the cleanup... HMMM pretty suspect if you ask me!

Have a lovely day tomorrow -



Shawie said...

"Who said they less trouble as they grown up?'s just different, lol!!"... that is so true!
thanks for sharing such wits...
and oh, the kitties are very pretty:)

Keryn said...

Good Morning June, thanks so much for this gorgeous share.

Well here is an invitation to you - when you decide to come to Australia for a holiday we will treat you to a good old Aussie BBQ.

Hugs, Keryn

Leaonna said...

awwww....Im with you Id rather eat the Lasagna....LOL....I dont care for the taste of the grill My DH Loves to do it....yukko
thanks for the kitty

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the kitty's very much appreciated. Funny you should mention BBQ - my son had the same idea this spite of the fact that it was pretty windy and chilly out there and it was starting to rain!! It's good to know I'm not the only Mum whose son appears to think it's Summer! *G*
Barbara - UK

Anonymous said...

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Raaga said...

when we go shopping for a party for 8 people, my husband ensures we get stuff that could last us a year... all in the name of "more is better than less"


Pauline(UK) said...

You have a son just like my 27 yr old version! Maybe it's because we Brits don't have much experience BBQing. Thank you for the kitty

Ellay said...

LOL!!!!! That's hilarious!!! I think I would stick with the lasagne, too!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Oh so CUTE!!!!!!!!
TY so very much June
I feel for you & your son's girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Van said...

These kitties are so cute, thank you!

eilajean said...

Hi June,

Thank you for stopping by my place. You are so thoughtful... it is why I come back. I wanted to give a quick note t let you know that I am responsible for only a portion of the journaling. I have been fortunate, in that some ancestors a way back have typed up info about the family... and I have been fortunate enough to come across it. I took the pages of old type into Photoshop, and deleted all of the white - and am left with text. It is less than perfect, but my keyboard (the expensive - wireless one - is always skipping letters and spaces. It would take me forever. I was just thrilled when I figured out how to eliminate all of the white... I did one letter by letter with the magic wand, and it took forever - but then I figured it out... and wha-la!!!

Have a great day!!!!

Sunny and warm today - YAY!

Swapna said...

Wow June.. I want to know how the BBQ ended !!! it was a good post :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The Papers are so cute, thank you. Its been awhile since I have been here and I am glad you didn't let the rude people win. I blog hop once or twice a week and its nice to laugh with others on the antics of life or to know that when bad things happen I am not alone as well as the ability the travel the globe from my own home. I don't always comment as I do more reading then DL now,(I have no place to put it) I will end with something an Aunt of mine use to say "Don't let the bad eggs get you down, make egg salad"


Glynis said...

LOL how I loved your bbq story!!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Afternoon:)
I just caught up on reading your blog.I am soo glad you didn't let a few people persuade you to change your way of doing things.There's an old saying you will prolly recognize..and that is what I try to live by....
You can please SOME of the people..
SOME of the time..but ALL of the people..NONE of the time.:)Just continue being yourself.Seems to have been doing a great job so far.LOL Thanks for sharing your life stories with us and also for the freebies.:)


mungo said...

Thank you for this lovely cutie