Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Sing Louder!!

Singing is not something I do often. The fact that I'm tone deaf discourages me from scaring the neighbours too often...but yesterday was one of those days when I made an exception.

Monday was full of appointments and really busy so I was geared up for fighting my way through traffic and dealing with people all day...a busy but productive day, nothing more. Just an other Monday.

I know that times are worrying and hard for so many of us at the moment, no matter where we are around this great big world..but yesterday was just about the limit. By 12.00 midday a few mobile texts and calls had come through. News and updates from family...good news normally, but they just confirmed that now all of my children and grandchildren each had quite a large problem. The problems varied..but they all had one, health, job, money, stress etc. Now, me being me, I tend to have a policy of "Your problem is my problem", especially with family.

So, I felt just a little swamped...well, more like my rubber ring had deflated and left me struggling in the water. Where was it all going to end...and there was still the rest of the day to fight my way through!! I could feel that depressed feeling setting in....the slow sinking in the stomach, the "oh no" feeling...the water slowing covering my head feeling!!! Aaaaah!!

But people..... you can either sink or swim..... and I hate water up my nose!! So, I grabbed my emergency "save me" of my  old music CD's!! I shut the windows, banged my CD into the drive and turned the volume way up and started to sing...LOUD!!! This would be real cat wailing stuff!!

In times of emotional stress...get it out...sing!! If I am sad, I have a good cry to soft, slow stuff...but this called for LOUD!!!   This was me against the world, de-stressing, lung stretching wailing!! The fact I was in my car and driving along belting out the songs...totally off key, who cares. (I did still drive carefully...I just did it loudly). For me it has to be songs I know and for me it has to be old ones...and for goodness sake, today not sad ones or slow ones...they have to be upbeat and sing-along friendly. My only exception was "Wild Eyed and Legless" I'm not a drunk, but it is such a good one to give your lungs a bit of a break in between!!

I ran through my whole playlist..Good Vibrations, Rock Me Baby, I Want to Break Free, Is this the Way to Amarillo...etc, the words don't really matter it's the beat. Mind you I had to skip "Spirit in the Sky" halfway through, I kept wanting to click my fingers to the beat...not a good idea when your driving!! I think I'll save that one for my funeral, a great one to play me out...I think I need to put that in my last requests as a must have!!!

The list wouldn't have been complete without one for Charlie (he has constant problems!). Charlie's song was "Who Let the Dogs Out" by Baha Men!!! I barked so well on that one!!! This song brings back those warm Caribbean days when life was sunny and I get to sing and bark....what more could a girl ask for? You Tube  have a video that goes with this song that I hope Charlie never would give him too many bad ideas!!

So, I arrived at my destination exhausted and a little dry in the throat...but feeling so much better! My fight was back, the waters had receded and this girl was ready for anything...bring it on!!

Take a tip..pick out your music, stick it on CD' sad, one loud, one happy etc and when ever the mood changes...reach for the stack and find yourself a spot. Shut the windows and go!! Sing it out, what ever "it" is. Really fill your lungs and sing! Just close the windows and let rip, you'll feel so much better...and it's so much cheaper and easier than therapy!!!

Time for me to go but before I do..a gift from me to you. A Wishing good wishes to you.


You can download it here at Media Fire 

(Edit: I just checked the Media Fire link and it should be OK now...sorry!)


here at 4shared

Have a wonderful evening and start getting that music never know when you may need it!!


eilajean said...

what a beautiful spirit you truly are! When my son was in Iraq, I would put in my Third Day CDs and sing at the top of my lungs. Third Day is a Christian rock band... It was my way of destressing and praying, as well as singing praises. I believe it saved my sanity during that time. (I too have to do it with the windows closed, as I cannot carry a tune with a bucket.

Have a good day, June. Life has a way of working itself out. These trying times are just that ... times, and they shall soon pass. On my blog (in my music player - is a song called When the Rain Comes.. pop over and listen to it - it is Third Day. I think you will like it.

Sending you some big hugs, and prayers for a balance in your universe (SOON).


PS - Thanks for the frame. It is beautiful

Mac's Wifey said...

I think that's the great thing about music.. you can change it to your mood and relate to it. I definitely should blare the music a little more than I do , esp with all the strees I've had lately LOL.

The frame is cute too THanka!

Patricia Rockwell said...

Absolutely! You are right about the power of singing! I just wish we could all sing out loud in places other than alone in our cars!

Ladye said...

You know I think all Mother's have that same problem you do, the kids problems become yours in a heartbeat. I loved the thing about music, I do find it very helpful in times of stress as is creating Scrap pages for me.
When I go on a long drive I take a CD I made of old county songs, ones I know by heart so I can sing along if I feel the urge. Most of what is on the radio here in the States is not sing-a-long kind of songs. I get to my destination, like you did with a dry scratchy throat but the miles have passed in a hurry and I feel so much better

LazyKay said...

AND it's so much cheaper than paying for therapy!

I'm an 'out of tune' singer too and have been begged to stop by those within earshot.

TFS your lovely work.


Yvette said...

I have two CD by Chris Spheeris that I listen to while I am driving. His music very calming and therapeutic to me. Thank you for the lovely frame.

Keep sing and have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Elements or Papers post on Apr. 21, 2009. Thanks again.

tajicat said...

Music and singing is a definite lifter! Also the type of music, setting the mood etc. I love that song "Spirit in the Sky" and had to laugh about Charlie and "Who Let the Dogs Out"!!! LOL! Thanks for the great freebie! Hope things look up soon for you and yours and all the world! I wish they would air the old Coke commercial with the people singing "We Are the World" I loved that! :)

tajicat said...

PS_the link for MediaFire said nothing found

Michele said...

Hey are too funny. You crack me up every time I come here and read your latest antics! lol :-)

The frame is adorable! Thank you so much.

I also stopped by to ask for some help. You mentioned awhile ago about using a quarantine file and now that I have a brand new EHD and laptop I want to do that, but I have no idea how to do it. Could you either post info here in case anyone else wants to know or email me directly at leavy at Thanks!

Ann said...

What a beautiful frame. And I so agree with you on the music thing, perfect way to relieve all the stresses of life.

Keryn said...

Thank you June - your posts truly brighten my day. How is dear Lilly going now - I hope she hasn't had any more wobbly legs.

Thank you so for this lovely frame. Just going now to put some cd's in the player.

Hugs, Keryn

Anonymous said...

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tajicat said...

Thanks for fixing the link! :)

Vana63 said...

Oh June, Thanx for wonderful lift at the end of another trying day here! DH and I got a great chuckle watching the video and please dont mention burning cd's...that was only one of the very "trying" things I faced today, LOL :-)

Thanx for the cute frame!

Mary said...

Don't let life get you down. If singing helps you feel better go for it.. It's very healthy.
take care of yourself, now, y'hear

Vera said...

I am happy that you were able to get the chance to just sing it all out. We all need that some time :)

suruha said...

For me, June, it's an old Misfits tune called, "Die, Die, Darling". Yeah, not too politically correct. But, dang, it sure makes me feel better! LOL

Ah, yes, Norman Greenbaum had us all snapping our fingers to that tune. Our generation was surely the lucky one as far as music goes. Eh?

It is hard not to be concerned about our loved ones. I do it, too. But, I also try to remind myself that, they will make it alright without me, if and when my time does come. That has been the goal of mothers and fathers throughout history. Prepare your children for the harsh realities of the world in the best way you can. They will benefit more from that than any other action.

Good day to you,


Esther said...

I have a similar method of singing through things.. I blame my mum who has a wonderful singing voice, mine is just OK. My little sister would only go to sleep with her belting out negro spirituals as she wasn't used to it being quiet!!

Tub Thumping by Chowabunga was a favourite for a while when I was having mis-carriages.. it's the one with the line "You can knock me down but I'll get up again, you're never going to keep me down."

Lillian said...

I lvoe music too but music doesn't love me a bit hahaha...I find comfort on good music too it never fails to perk my day. :)

Lillian said...

I lvoe music too but music doesn't love me a bit hahaha...I find comfort on good music too it never fails to perk my day. :)

Mac's Wifey said...

Thanks for the comment, I think the disney on ice is something my oldest probably won't forget. I never got to do things like that as a kid so I hope she does realize it can be magical lol. It's amazing what we will do for our children no matter what their ages may be!

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Sorry to hear that things are not too good in your part of the world June. Seems like everyone everywhere is having some major problems, and loaded with stress. I agree with you music especially something you sing along with can be a great de-stresser. :) Hang in there my friend, things have to improve soon , that's what I tell myself as well. Thanks for the lovely frame.

Lin said...

Here's my motto for life:

When in doubt, sing loud!

Glad you felt better after some tunes.

Arlene said...

HI Cen, this is a beautiful frame.

Btw, i got my dgscrap blog on EC now so i am going to visit your blog for ec drops frequently this time. :)

I have your blog in my sidebar as dgscraps sources. I hope that i alright.

iamb said...

Good for you. I am the same way about family. Happy you found such a freeing constructive way to deal with it. Thanks for the freebie, so sweet!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Afternoon:)
Hope your singing has continued all the way into today too.:) I can't put music on unless I sing to it.It's automatic with me.LOL I know you aren't suppose to sing at the table while eating..but if music is on..I will find myself humming to it.hehe When I was working... a coworker mentioned something about me humming and I stopped suddenly and she begged me not to.LOL I was self conscious about it after that.My Mom was a hummer too..she would do it while grocery shopping and it is a natural part of her.Guess I got that gene too.:)
Great way for you to stop the depressing things that go on in the family.:)It's hard to let things get to you when you are singing.:)

Thanks so much for the wonderful freebie:)


Carol said...

Thank you for this frame freebie.

Karen (karooch from Scraps of Mind) said...

I'm identifying with you when it comes to taking on the problems of your family June. But I just can't inflict my singing even on myself.

Glynis said...

Ahh the old sing it out of your system prescription, a valuable thing to do!!
I know that feeling of taking on the stress of others. Hope all is well soon.

Robin (Tqmnurse) said...

June...thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.... You have no idea the boost that it gave me....
I totally agree with the signing...when I am stressed...alot of times I will crank the radio and sing at the top of my lungs...much to the dismay of my family, friends and neighbors. Even the poor dog will howl until I'm done...but once done...I'm revived and ready for the next challenges...
Bless you always

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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