Tuesday, 15 July 2008

I'm on a Roll!!

Good morning!! At least it's morning here, a busy one at that. Today is Paper Machine Part 2 and this one is dotty, starry and loads more!! I hope you like it. But first...

I want to pick your brains...sounds painful, lol!! But this won't hurt a bit..promise!! Question: Do you have a fixed routine for getting your chores done? Do you get up and do certain things every morning...or are you an evening bird? Are you a Fly Lady or a Fly Tipper, lol!

I find that all my days are so different that it's hard getting a fixed routine. Sometimes I'm at home in the morning, others it's eat and run, so everything gets left till I get back. I have tried to be good like Fly Lady told me, but I find that if I'm not rushing out and I'm working at home I tend to work at my PC in my PJ's, OK I know...I should get dressed straight away but I don't always!! Am I alone in this shady habit? How does your day run? Don't get me wrong..after much huffing and puffing I always get the chores done but I like routine..hark at me chaos incorporated on this one!! I order it in so many other areas of my life but this one...well, lets just say I need suggestions, lol! But no one's perfect!!

Now the Paper Machine! I got so carried away moving and giving away my excess paper stuff...that I have started making some more!! I decided that I loved making papers..must be a fad..and my shops have not got enough..and I have more space now too!! I know, it's a pretty lame excuse for filling things up again...a bit like clearing out the cupboards and then going shopping, lol!! But it has been such fun doing it!! So expect some new arrivals in my shop soon!


Download Paper Machine part 2 (again it's in 2 downloads)

Download 1 here 

Download 2 here

If you like a challenge I just found a great new site!! Twisted Challenges is full of challenges to get your creative mojo going, plus it has a list of freebies! Ideal to get some new things to use for some of them! So check it out and have some fun.

And to say bye bye for the's the wonderful Miss Lilly!! I used  of Linda's fantastic QP's she made with the CT Collab Kit. So drop by her blog as she has some lovely freebie ones.


Time to go and get myself await! Have a good day and stay safe!


LindaJD said...

lol..June I am more your "Fly By Night" I dash everywhere, why I am not 6 stone wet through my mum says she will never know, I get up run down grab some cereal, run upstairs, get my computer switched on, eat my breakfast while getting ready, dash out after about half an hour and go to the Gym for a 20 min. workout, hen get home go to see to mum & their housework, prepare their tea.. then usually onto babysitting at one or the others of my daughters..home about 4. cook the evening meal, then water my tomatoes, and get stuck into any housework that needs doing before going onto my computer for a couple of hours rest..:D and thats my day nearly everyday...such Fun!! not...

MomSoto said...

I love these papers. Thank you.
And also thank you for posting my link :)

I have a mornig routine but it ends there. I check my email, then I make my phone calls, then back to do a few things on the computer. The rest of the day is spent doing household chores, taking care of my kid and pets, and playing on the computer. Mornings are pretty set in their ways, but the rest of the day is just what ever needs to be done whenever LOL

Your new freebie was just listed at Twisted Challenges Freebie Listing.

ginnieg said...

My oh My, you sound just like myself. I am brand new to digi and just stumbled across your blog and reading your daily I just couldn't help commenting. I am also 50 something and my hubby works for himself and is in and out a lot of the time. I find myself on my laptop most of the day. I stop for an hour or so and get some laundry done and a bit else just so it doesn't look like I've done nothing but play when he comes in, but I do believe he knows me well. I also like routine but dropped all that when I retired 3 years ago. I have tried and tried to make myself get things done first thing and then have the rest of the day for myself but it just hasn't happened yet. I could go on and on in response to your question but I think you have probably figured out that my life sounds just like yours. So I guess I am no help at all.

Twinzplusone/Cheryl said...

June ..

I love love love the papers !!!! Also the site looks FANTASTIC !!!! Nice and fresh ...

Routine .. what's that .. lol .. when you find one that works, please share .. lol

Have a great day!

Judy said...

I used to have routine but then I found digi scrapping LOL. But I like to get all my household chores done first thing in the morning then the rest of the day is my time to play on the computer.....yay!!!! Oh and yes I sit at the computer im my jammies.....some days don't even get dressed as I get so involved in what I am's just a shower before hubby comes home and into another nightie lmao.

Ginger said...

Thank you for the cute papers!! I will post them on my blog :) Ginger

Anonymous said...

Well, my day kind of sounds like yours - so, I'll be no help to you!!
Since I retired (two years ago) I pretty well do as I please. For years I worked at my "work" job (12hour shifts) and then at my "home" job so now it is time for me! Some days I'm really good and get lots of house chores done.

When I discovered digital scrapping I found a great new hobby - love every minute of it.

Thanks for another set of gorgeous papers.

karen(karooch from scraps of mind said...

Love the new look June. It's so fresh and bright.
I think you need some sort of Navigation bar though so people can easily navigate around your blog and back to your home page.

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 16 Jul [LA 03:55am, NY 05:55am, UK 10:55am, OZ 08:55pm]).

the51mom said...

Routine??? Never heard of that word. I am a morning person, so I tend to be up by 5 a.m. and spiffing up the house before I get ready for work. Now at work, I DO have a routine, which centers around hitting all my favorite digiscrapping sites,, checking email and then I start on the work for the day LOL !! At home, I tend to work in "flurries" of activity and then I go for a day or so just "maintaining" the work I just did. I love to garden, so my down time in spend outside, when I'm not digiscrapping. Just find what works for you on any given day and give it your best. If every day is different, you have to roll with that flow and just do whatever is in front of you at the time. We are all so different, I'll bet you'll find something great to try in each post. Good luck finding your stride. And thanks for such wonderful stuff! Love it all!

Kristy said...

Any sort of routine I had flew out the window once my baby was born in April! It's frustrating, but at the same time kind of nice to fly by the seat of my pants, so to speak. Thanks for the papers--too cute!

tigger said...

I wish I had any ideas on how to get organised. LOL I've been trying for so long but a routine for me never lasts for more than a day. The part of me that went in to truck driving is the same part that hates repetition and routine. I need something different every day. LOL I figure if I can get almost everything done every day then I've done well. Nobody's starving yet! GRIN