Thursday, 10 July 2008

Oooops..It's Gone!


Yesterday was an average day..well average for me at least! Rushed too much, stressed too much and multitasked with everything I, not true, my left leg was doing nothing!! It was an other full day and as usual I ended the day..way behind, still loads more I should have done. In the evening I went for a relaxing time and sorted papers and shredded myself a mountain. I need to get my mums papers sorted out before she gets back on not a lot of time to fit it in. I've already done loads but still more to go. All went least to start with. I do have a tendency to do one thing and at the same time be planning an other twenty things..which can be tricky!! I sifted through the heap in front of me saying;;;..old, old, very old, where did that come from, need it, as I sorted. Old got shredded as I went, so did very old and the "where did that come from" and "need that" put aside. By now the shredded paper was just about to take over the world and my mind was planning a research strategy mixed with tomorrow nights you can see automatic mode had set in. "Old, old, aaaaaah!!!". My god, I had just put the tax return needed for my stepfather's final return into the shredder!!!!! I tried to turn it off..pressed the wrong button and sped the stupid machine up faster!! It just snatched the rest in...ooops!! I only panicked for a moment..honest! Then the organised part of me came back and solemnly wrote Phone Tax Office for new form on my "to do - urgent list". See I am organised. Feeling just a little calmer I decided that I would stop for the evening and struggled to the bins with two large sacks of paper confetti....somewhere in there a tax form lurks!

So what do we have for you today? I thought an other little something that was flower inspired., and it's a frame. This isn't a kit just some random bits I made but I thought I'd share with you.

Download the Petals Frame here

Now for today's little bit of trivia! You know those statues of kings and famous people from history sitting on a horse, well if the horse has both front legs of the ground then the person died in battle, if the horse has only one leg of the ground then the person died of natural causes. (Told you it was trivia! An other bit of useless info!) But one more extra bit, that could be useful...on average men can read smaller print than women but women can hear better!! So, if you want something that your other half may not be too keen on and want a quick agreement.... don't try to put it in the small print to get it past him, just whisper in his ear! Lol!

Just look at this wonderful page from Erica..that white tiger is awesome!! Her journaling is lovely and shows how innocent but perceptive children are. I love the wavy paper edge she has really adds interest. A fantastic layout!!


Credits: Go Wild Kit by Cens Stuff, Template by Maria LaFrance
Font: Tempus Sans

News of a new up-and-coming site I spotted - Are you a newbie to digital scrapbooking..or even if your not..check out Karen's write up on her great new site, Step by Step Digital Scrapbooking. She is also running a Mentoring Program designed specifically to help new digital scrapbookers along their journey of discovery. The mentoring program is based on weekly eclasses which give you video tutorials to teach you new skills and show you how to apply them. All the digitals scrapbooking kits you need to make the demonstrated layouts are included with the eclass. As well as lots of extra tips and tricks and regular feedback on your progress.On the new site you have to register and then enter but it's worth doing it for loads of info and she has freebies too!!! So take a look, I thing this one is a good one as Karen writes brilliant tutorials and really knows how to scrap..big time!!

Step by Step Digital Scrapbook -- Especially for Beginners

Well, time to go and call the Tax Office and see if I can get my email to work. Yahoo is having a laugh with me this morning and is "unavailable"...the cheek!! See you all tomorrow and have a great shredding!!


Anonymous said...

Step By Step Looks interesting, but the link would not work (for me anyway) The Lo with your Go Wild Kit is awesome.
Ty again for the Frebbie. :)

Lavendar Frosty said...

Tried to get through to Step by Step Digital Scrapbooking but the link isn't working. Thanks so much for the lovely frame!

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Thanks for letting me know about the link, I have mended it now.

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Beautiful frame June, sounds like you are having some days like mine have been lately. I have something for you on my blog :)

Cindyrelly said...

Oh, you sound like me June... always too much to do and not enough time! Don't get me started on the "Ugly" papers... that is what my daughter calls the bills and all that stuff... the scraps are the "Pretty" papers! Thanks for the Frame ;) BFN

karen(karooch from scraps of mind said...

Not sure what was happening there but the link seems to be working fine now folks.

Thank you June for sharing the info about Step by Step Digital Scrapbook with your readers. I do appreciate it. I hope I can inspire and help some beginners on their digital scrapbooking journey of discovery.

I cannot believe you went from panic to organised to quickly June. If that were me I'd still be staring gobsmacked at the shredder as though I could turn back time. I am in awe.

And that's an uber cute frame June. I'll have to include it in today's Five Freebies on Friday on Scraps of Mind.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning June!!!!!!!!!
Hope you cot your copy!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for this AWESOME frame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 11 Jul [LA 03:35am, NY 05:35am, UK 10:35am, OZ 08:35pm]).