Monday, 7 July 2008

You Thought it Was All Over!!

OK, so you thought we were all done with the CT Collab Kit...but you're wrong there are still 4 more freebies today to finish off. There is some fantastic stuff from Chris!! So get your download finger ready!!

But first....

Would you believe I got my eyelashes dyed would? Well, I did!! I was really bold and decided that I would look so much better with darker eyelashes....why do I do these things? I started off thinking positive..I was going to look great, my own eyelashes are naturally light and even though they are quite long they don't really show. I always forget to put mascara on..or I forget I've got it on.....the latter can give a really cute panda look after I've rubbed my eyes a few times!! So, dying it had to be. Let me tell you it looks great!!! Dark eyelashes and no mascara and so natural looking..a great success!! should know me by now..I never do things by half!!! Whilst I was there the lady commented on how light my eyebrows were, they are really, really light. Perhaps if we darkened them I would look better she suggested and they would be more in keeping with my eyelashes. "Go for it" was my response...wrong one...should have thought this one through!! She said light brown......more black death!! The tint was only wiped on and then off but the effect was devastating!!! I look as if I have glued on a couple of joke ones on in sympathy with Groucho Marks...OK I'm exaggerating..they are not as bushy as Groucho's were!! But you get the gist!! So, yesterday and today I have washed and scrubbed and they are a little fainter (I hope!). But you know what they say about vanity..I should have left well alone or at the very least quit whilst I was ahead and given the eyebrow a miss!! Will I never learn? So now I will pretend that I think they are great as I meet people and see their eyes repeatedly straying to the two caterpillars stuck to my face just above my eyes!! I'll just flutter those great eyelashes and bluff it..of course I meant it to look this way..not!! But the good thing is they will day!!

Now the great bit of the post...your freebies!! Chris has made something for everyone, there is a cute and stylish Quick Page ready to drop you photo and journaling onto, two paper packs and some lovely doodle elements..she has spoilt us for choice!! Download the QP and one of the paper packs here and then visit Chris's Blog for the elements and second paper pack!!


You can download Chris's QP Here

CR_censloft_ctcollab_june_paper preview2

You can download this paper pack here


Now drop by Chris's blog to snag the second paper pack and the elements

CR_censloft_ctcollab_june_paper preview1

Now I'm off to get some work done! Have a great day and take care..and don't forget to come back as tomorrow is a new day and I have a little goody from me for you!!!




Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 07 Jul [LA 02:18am, NY 04:18am, UK 09:18am, OZ 07:18pm]).

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Boy when you pamper yourself you do it big!!!!!!! LOL
TY both so very much for another AWESOME addition!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the eyelash idea. I just talked to a lady about where I get my haircut. If you say it works, I'm going for it. :)

Thanks again for yet ANOTHER blog freebie. :)

Cindyrelly said...

I had no idea you could dye your eyelashes! What NO PIC? Don't worry... I'm sure the color will fade. It always takes me like a week for the color to fade when I get my hair dyed so I would assume the same for eye brows? Thank You so much for this adorable collab kit with your CT! It's Monday here and I'm back to trying to get answers to my phone/DSL problems from AT&T ... wish me luck! Have a Great Day :)

Lisa said...

I didn't know you could dye your eyelashes! I'm sure everyone will be looking at those beautiful eyelashes and not notice what you call the caterpillars above your eyes! Thank you so much for this adorable collab kit!!

Carole N. said...

June, I have been wanting to have my eyebrows dyed, but now I am not so sure after reading about your experience. LOL I have white hair, but very dark eyelashes. Now my eyebrows are turning gray and pencil does not cover them.
Oh, what is a girl to do? LOL

Thanks for this lovely kit. It has been so much fun collecting it.


verabear said...

Lol! I would ask for a photo of even just your eyes with your new lashes, but then there's the eyebrow disaster! haha :)

klara said...

Thank for all the goodies, They advise to use Head and Shoulders shampoo to use with hairdyeing dissasters, maybe it will work for eyebrows too
Klara (mother of sweetasmel)

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog!! You are brave - getting your eyelashes dyed!!
Thanks for sharing all the goodies in this posting.