Tuesday, 19 May 2009

What a Mad, Mad World!

I fixed it!! Hurrah!! Finally after a system restore and reinstall, removing programs and a hair pulling session or PC is running well again. I have written myself a reminder it reads "If it's not broken...don't fix it!" I need to leave it in a prominent place in case I forget the last few days of grief!!

I know that the world is a strange pace but this week I have read so many news items that have proved the point that the world is MAD!!

The first was about a woman of 66 years old who was pregnant. I know that everyone has the right to choices in their lives but I can't help but think this has to have been a selfish one. I know...I'm being judgemental, for that I apologise...but, what about the child? When it's 3 years old it's mother will be 70 years old, more a grandparents age, or even a great grandparents age. Who will look after it when she is 80 years old and the child is only 14 years old. Then there's the energy issue..have you tried to keep up with a toddler or a teenager? Yep, I know a lot of you have and even at a young age they run you ragged. Imagine if you were elderly. I know the maternal urge is strong but nature makes things so that we have our children when we are best able to care for them.  I'm not 66 but I also feel that at my age I may make a good grandparent but as a parent of a young child on a permanent basis , year in year out....I would be frazzled!!

An other story that caught my eye was of a 7 year old girl who is a radio agony aunt, advising people on their relationship problems. What is this!!! How can a 7 year old have the experience to advise adults on their relationships? Apparently she advised one lady in a troubled relationships to move on and hit the town as men weren't worth the hassle. What is this radio station thinking of and more to the point who in their right mind would call in for advice from a 7 year old!!! It's scary!!

There was one little news item, that crazy as it sounds, proves to me that there are still some imaginative, caring people out there. It's the story of some bald chickens, yes chickens. The Little Hen Rescue Centre in Norfolk, England rescues factory chickens that have stopped laying and are destined for a short life but...there's more than one problem in doing this.



Not only do they have to find homes for these little bald ladies, they have to make little jackets to keep them warm until their feathers grow back. That's where the public come in. On their web site they have patterns to either knit or sew cute little designer hen coats and they ask people to make some and send them in.





You may laugh, but they have managed to get 1,500 wooly jumpers for the hens in the last 2 months!!! The good news is that the chickens feathers grow back and they start laying again. How great is that!! I love it!!

Keep up the good work!! I may even make some myself, lets face it these poor little ladies have been abused to bring us cheap eggs and now it's their turn to have a free life. They deserve it after the nightmare they have been through. The centre have a big job on their hands as they are trying to rehome 10,000 chickens at the moment..that's a lot of chickens!! So check them out and get knitting!!

It may be a mad world, but there is still a lot of good out there. Crazy, but good. How do you see the world and what's crazy in your neck of the woods?

Before I go, a gift for you to help with your scrapbooking pages. I love overlays, any kind, textures, name it I love them, so here are some papers that I made from my stash.


You can download the Overlay Papers here at 4shared

or here at Media Fire

Have a great evening and get the knitting pins out those hens are waiting!!


Jaye said...

I'm a bit disturbed about the featherless chickens. This is the first time I've seen hens in clothing, except those in children's books, but they look rather nice.
...The mother of the child giving advice on the radio most likely needs a therapist of her own.

...the papers are LOVELY, thank you

Shane & Irma said...

I have never seen something like that at all. Hope they fine homes for them soon.

Thank you for sharing you over lay edges

Anonymous said...

lovely papers thanks

Joan said...

Very interesting about the hens. Thank you for the lovely papers.

Cynthia said...

Pretty thanks

Polly said...

I have not posted in a while, but today I did read a few blogs and I just knew yours had to be one of them! I was astounded at a 66 year old having a baby! I agree it is selfish. Of course, we all love babies, but, really, it is so unfair to the little one. You are so right! God sure knew what He was doing when He was planning mothers, huh!? I guess astounded would also fit the 7 year old giving advice. If that's not about the dumbest thing I ever heard of!! Now, you saved the best for last ... the chickens. Fascinating is a better description here. Those poor little chickies and how cute they are in their little handmades!! Love this.

Keryn said...

Oh - aren't some people so generous - fancy supplying coats for chickens. I do hope they manage to house them.

We are totally absolutely sodden, soaked, wet though here at the moment. Have had 12 inches of rain in the past 2 days - 5 inches in the past 5 hours.

Onto the subject of madness ... what is it with some of our young drivers - notice I only said some as most that I know are sensible but in the past week or so we have had more senseless road deaths. Fistly a car load with 2 in the boot - two of which were killed and then last weekend another carload - a learner driver who had been drinking crashed - 1 death... six in a car with only 5 seatbelts. Such a needless waste of young lives.

Keryn said...

Oh sorry - I forgot to thank you for the lovely overlays - got so carried away with my post .... lol .... thanks so much June. They are lovely

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 19 May [LA 07:00pm, NY 09:00pm] - 20 May [UK 02:00am, OZ 12:00pm] ).

Dorothy L said...

I have always said ...babies were for young people and I will stick to that thought.

People having babies in the late 40's even that I know wish they would have started earlier. A lot of it has to do with financial situations also. It is so expensive raising a child ...a teenager, you best hope to win a lottery these days!

What is this world coming too?

Have a really nice day!

Sue P. said...

Thank you June for sharing your kind gifts once again, your generosity knows no bounds.
I love your blog especially for your family/pet musings but also stories like the chicken one.
I'm sure this could only happen here in the UK - we complain at the stresses and strains of everday living but all go weak at the knees over cute animal stories - long may it continue. Now
where are my knitting needles, lead me to the pattern.
Thank you for all your anecdotes and kind gifts.
Sue P.

Anonymous said...

This was such an ineresting post. I love to hear about the little things that are going on in the MAD world. Very cute post. Hope to hear some more of your tidbits. This is my favorite place to visit (as you well know) Great papers! :)

Layne | Reward Rebel said...

Initially, I landed here to comment on the brave little chickies and their rather gorgeous outfits - good luck to all concerned.

Having now read Polly's comment, I'm compelled to mention that because 'nature' got it right about the age at which to have babies, proves beyond doubt that if indeed a deity has anything to do with it, 'god' is a woman! :-D

Paula J said...

I just read this post and am laughing about the hens! SO FUNNY!
And those papers are beautiful!


Leaonna said...

What an Awesome post!!! ROFLMBO!!!
Im so glad that you agree with me...that lady at 66 and pregnant...I hope she is very wealthy and can afford a health care giver/nanny....Im 39 and pull out more hair every day with my 18,11,and 8 year old....geez

sooo happy for the chickens and sad to hear of the accidents...they are bad in my area too and then my son wonders why I beg him not to talk on the phone while driving that the odds are stacked against him already...most of the time when I am nearly close to being hit by someone or see them running stop lites and signs....what are they doing?...Talking on the phone...or worse yet Texting....anyhow thanks for a wonderful post....sorry I havent been around but WOW!! glad I chose today....I LOVE these What a Beautiful Freebie!!!!

eilajean said...

Hello June,

What a post. You always cause me to think - and smile. Every part of your post today is so relevant and well written. I have not been reading or posting blogs for a few weeks, and yours is the first on my "welcome back eila" tour.

I was 19 when my son was born. I was 38 as he hit the world. I am thankful I had the energy in his early life, and the patience in the teen years. I agree it is so unfair to the child when one has them so late in life - for all of the reasons you stated. It is hard to lose a parent at any age... but when you are young, and just getting your footing - it is when you need your parents the most.

A 7 year old? Now that truly frightens me on so many levels!!!!

Your chicken story touched my heart. My sister has a featherless parrot - whose feathers will never grow back. (it has to do with a nervous disorder). Even bald birds need love!

Google Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. They have wonderful stories about rescued animals. I have visited there (2 of my sisters work there). It is an amazing place and I think you will find it interesting and heart warming. (And the founders are from your homeland - and very nice people as well)

Thank you so much for the papers. They are lovely.

Sending a big ole Grizzly hugs from Montana!!!


xashee's corner said...

oh my goodness thank you for sharing this chicken rescue site address! May God Bless ALL that help these birds!! :) Thank you, too, for the GREAT overlays! :) Have a WONDERFUL day!

Linda from Vegas said...

People all over the world are starving. Why don't they use these chickens for food which is what God intended them for. We put more value on animals lives than we do human lives. Sad sad situation. Thank you for sharing the papers.

tajicat said...

Wow I hadn't heard some of those stories! I'm glad you got your computer going. I had seen the story about the older woman who is pregnant and that is very selfish. Who doesn't want their mother around for a long time to help with all the ups and downs in life? My youngest was born when I was 39, and it was harder than when I had my older sons. Who in their right mind would listen to the advise of a 7 year old? Too weird! The story about the chickens is too cute! Love them in their little coats, I hope they find home for them all. Thanks so much for the lovely papers! :)

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Evenin' June! I thought that I was already on your FOLLOW list, but apparently not and I am NOW!

My, my ... you have provoked the thoughts of MANY this posting and I shall tell you this with ALL honesty - I have six children born when I was 23 up until the ripe 'ol age of 35 (twins mind you!). I had no thoughts of EVER having anymore until one day I found myself pregnant at the age of 48! YES! You have read correctly! Was I out of my head? Apparently! ROFL! NO, it was not intended and neither of us thought it possible either! SO, long story short, I miscarried and I am a believer in ALL things for a purpose and there was much that came from that experience, however, Robert and I every once-in-a-while will hear something or be watching something that has us looking at each other and saying, "aren't you glad we don't have a little one running about?" ROFL! Robert has two younger boys under that age of 10, living with their mum of course and it is so nice to be able to send them home after keeping up with them for a couple of weeks! Exhausting indeed!

Okay, I've written a novel, so won't elaborate on the rest of your post. YES, things are CRAZY yet SOOOOOO wonderful all at the same time, however, I would NEVER give ear to the advice of a 7-year-old in such matters! I mean, REALLY NOW, she's had not ONE bit of experience to be qualified! LOL! *rolling eyes*

SWEET little chickies - HAPPY to see they are being tended to SO wonderfully! *smile*

I agree with you wholeheartedly, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is my motto and I am SO glad that you are up and running.

I, too, LOVE overlays and your papers are QUITE lovely, THANK YOU!

Have a BEAUTIFUL week!

Linda :)

Kim's Scrappin' said...

I can't imagine having a baby at my age, let alone at the age of 66. I can spend a day with my grandchildren and am wore out, can't imagine having to do it full time again. And asking a 7 year old for advice, that sounds really nuts. Cute jackets for the hens. The whole world is going a bit crazy I think. I was reading about a 78 year-old woman who was arrested for beating her husband who is 84 because she thought he cheated on her 35 years ago! I think iwould have taken some kind of action 35 years ago LOL . Thanks for the lovely papers June.

Mary said...

That 66 year old woman is being incredibly irresponsible - not only because she is too old to be bringing a 20 year commitment into the world, but also because at her age, the health risks to the unborn child are substantial.The world does seem on the mad side, but at least we're still sane enough to recognize the madness as such.
Thanks for the overlays & the interesting post.

Yvette said...

Congrats on getting your computer up and running.

Loved the Mad Mad World stories.

Thank you for the great overlays.

Have a wonderful day.

TerriK said...

Here is the link to the chicken jumper pattern, if anyone knits:
or here:
or here:
I think they're all the same.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Template(s), Overlay(s), Photo Mask(s) post on May. 20, 2009. Thanks again.

leah said...

Thanks for the overlays!

Michele said...

I think overlays are cool too! Especially glittery ones! hehehe lol

Those chickens are certainly not pretty! lol

And yes people are all crazy!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I'm 66 years old and a great-grandmother of 2 and I have to tell you, having a baby at my age would be my worst nightmare. I don't know what that woman could possibly be thinking! And a 7 year-old giving relationship advice--unbelievable!

Thank you so much for the beautiful freebie! Great blog!

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

awww, those poor hens! I cannot wait until we move and have more room for a few of our own. It's nice to hear so many people are helping out by making them jumpers!

I cannot even imagine having a child at 66. I barely have the energy at 31 for my little one!

Duni said...

Oh my, what is happening these days?! That's why I rarely watch the news.
Oh, those poor featherless chickens! I am so glad there are people who care enough to help them.
Glad you PC is up and running again and thanks for your comment on my blog. At least I know I'm not alone :)

Ann said...

great stories and crazy at the same time. Seems just like when you thought you heard everything, something crazier goes on. Love your overlays.

Missty said...

Thanks for the funny, interesting post. Beautiful papers too. Thanks.

Glynis said...

Oh dear I am still crying with laughter at the chickens.
That lady is a little selfish to say the least, the child she gives birth to might miss out on a lot of things because of lack of energy from mum.
7 year old?? well MAD is the right word.
Pretty papers :)

Anonymous said...

how I wish I knew how to do these beautiful papers.... thank you for sharing


liz said...

The overlays are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them, not to mention all the other stuff you are offering! Going to be fun learning how to use them (newbie to digiscrapping here).

Ruth said...

Don't feel bad June, I had that same "selfish, selfish, selfish" response to that story. I am pretty sure any mom would think that - even if for a short moment. Our instinct is to think of the child first. It's natural, I think.
Thanks so much for the chicken story & pics. I LOVE chickens & have this secret desire to raise some. Hee hee hee The poor bald things look so silly. If my wrist stops acting up I think I just will make some sweaters for them No Kidding! LOL

Revamped French Maison said...

Hi there:)
I found you on Pinterest and am your newest follower. I really enjoyed your pretty overlays that were posted. I'm new to this scrapbooking stuff so you'll be seeing a lot of me. I paint furniture, walls and decorate but I just adore the cute paper decorations.

Merry Christmas,