Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Hurray for Charlotte!!

The graduation was a great success yesterday and a great time was had by all. Lots of proud smiles and camera clicking as parents and friends of the graduates snapped away. I struggled along with my new camera and yes, I really wished that I'd had more time to practice with it, but yesterday was the day, so I just clicked and hoped!

There was many a tear that slid silently down a mother's cheek as her offspring walked up for their it should be. I was one of those proud mothers, admittedly no tears but a huge smile! I must have looked like a Cheshire Cat, lol.

The day was a real family one for Charlotte, she had her other half, parents, a grandparent and sibling all there to clap her on..and yes, Lilly was there too. Charlotte wanted her to take part as it was a family affair and that's how we do things. Luckily there was a Family Room for children to go to with a large screen showing the ceremony and Lilly went in there for the duration. But afterwards, that girl really rocked. She almost stole her momma's show!! The little madam!! Thank goodness for her reins. I felt a bit like we had a runaway horse on the other end. I think she thought the day was for her benefit not the graduates.

Yes, Lilly wore her favourite green and brown dress..we need to get her an other in these colours before she wears this one to death!! Even at this age Lilly has her likes and dislikes, plus she seems to be influenced by the colour of the things around her and what she wears.

It made me think about how the magic of colour can work on our mood, like soothing green, rousing red and tranquil blue. Think of a gray wet day and a warm sunny day...the first makes us feel inclined to feel a bit under par and the sunny day makes us bounce!!

Yesterday the graduates all wore their black gowns and mortar boards but the audience was a multitude of colours. It was celebration time..mind you that theory breaks down with what I was wearing, lol!! Trust me to be awkward!!! But really colour does influence our mood and how we feel.

Here's a photo of three generations on the day, me, Charlotte and Lilly..taken by my DH yesterday. I HATE having my photograph taken...but needs must on a day like this. I look like the camera is going to bite me...worried look or what!! Note the hand ready to grab Lilly's reins if she bolted!!


Well, my news for today is that tomorrow I am off to France/Belgium until Sunday. But don't worry, the last two parts of My Little Garden will appear on schedule each day for the rest of the week.  Thank you's great how I can set it up to post them on schedule whilst I'm gone.

Now to the good stuff!!


If your collecting "My Little Garden" you can download Day 3 here

So have fun and take care.


Anonymous said...

Such a lovely kit!! thank you so much for sharing! Hugs,


daisydilly said...
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daisydilly said...

sorry i had to delelte the first post!
Thanks for day 3.

Glad all went well at graduation and I'm sure you were very proud as you should be.

have a safe and fun trip

Anonymous said...

Congratulation for graduation !!! And ... thank you that you find time for this lovely kit ;)

Ann said...

Congratulations to the graduate. I know what you mean about having your picture taken, I hate to have mine taken. Thank you so much for part 3 of your lovely kit

PJ said...

congratulations to the graduate, and just look how cute lilly is.

Carole N. said...

What a wonderful photo to add to your family's memories. Little Lilly is so adorable and I think you and Charlotte look lovely in your matching colors. Congratulations to Charlotte on her graduation.

I hear you on the gray, overcast, dreary days. They make my bones hurt so on those days I do NOT feel my best. My mother had 15 bone surgeries during her lifetime and she always said the weather really affected how she felt. After having 8 I can so relate! Linda aka Bon Scrapatit and I have often chatted about how the weather affects our moods and how we feel.

Thank you so much for this installment of My Little Garden.


Keryn said...

Thank you for sharing this special day and for the photo. I'm so pleased that the day was wonderful for everyone.

I was a bit disappointed that our son didn't go to his graduation - I said to him after all those years of study didn't he want to attend but he said not. (His reasoning - he would have missed a day of work and had to hire the gown.) ... oh well....

Thank you too for another lovely installment to this kit. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

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tajicat said...

Congratulations on the graduation! The photo is wonderful! Thanks so much! :)

Van said...

Congratulations to Charlotte and great photo! Thank you so much for day3 of this beautiful kit!

Duni said...

That's a very pretty scrap collection!
Lovely photo too...stylish jacket :)

Denford said...

Graduations are so special and you have every reason to be proud!

Well, have a wonderful time in France and Belgium and take some photos for the blog!!

Yvette said...

Enjoy you trip to France/Belgium. Thank you for sharing another part to the wonderful kit.

xashee's corner said...

GREAT kit and thank you for sharing!! :) big CONGRATS to the grad!!! :)have a WONDERFUL day!!

Glynis said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful day, (I wore black for my 3 graduating children, so you are ok LOL).
Enjoy your break!

suruha said...

There's the photo of you with the new hair color! You look wonderful! I saw your hand 'poised' to catch the little one. LOL A granny is a granny, eh? I do the same thing.

Have a great time on the continent. I envy you, but, my good thoughts go with you. Bon voyage.

I'm enjoying the kit. Thank you so much! It is so adorable!


Michele said...

Thank you for sharing another part to your kit!