Sunday, 26 July 2009

All Stuck Up

The past two days I have busy stripping. Yes, you heard me stripping!! I have been giving it all I've got and stripped to the bare sitting room that is. It's decorating for me I'm afraid and it's a LONG job!! The sitting room has wallpaper on as the walls are old and not in such great shape (a bit like me). It is a truly hideous job. The wallpaper needs to be wet before it will relinquish it's grip on the wall..but...when it's wet it's sticky and gunky and sticks to everything included!!

I worked really hard to get one clear, taking great care with the plastic sheeting to keep all the wet soggy paper bits together...but I hadn't banked on a visit from a whirlwind.. Charlie!! He got loose and shot into the sitting room and yes of course, he was so pleased to see me. I mean I had been missing for all of 2 hours. He flew over and spun around before retreating quickly at my yells. I could see that look that said "Okay...what did I do this time?" on his face. He looked indignantly at me and turned tail!

As he shot back out and into the dinning room he took wet bits of paper stuck to his paws, tail and anything else it could stick to. He really spread it around the room on his way out. Grrrr!!! He didn't stop there either, I could follow his trail down the hall and back to his bed.

But, I was soon back at work and collecting more of the yucky paper on my plastic sheet. Things were not going to badly...until the phone rang. I decided I would ignore it and call whoever it was back....but..yes, Charlie again!! He decided that he should bark and howl to let me know that I was needed on the phone. Not only that but the caller hung up and then redialed!!!! So, second time I thought it was just easier to answer it. I rushed out and into the next room and grabbed the phone only to turn around and see that someone had covered the hall again with lots of the wet nasty paper!!!

Who could have done that? "Hold on a moment can you?" I asked the caller and I filled my lungs and yelled "CHARLIE!". I was more than a little surprised when he jumped innocently out of his bed. It couldn't have been who was it? Being totally stupid it took me a minute to workout the Okay, I should have thought that my Crocs would have paper stuck to them and I really should have noticed that I was walking around with about 3 inches of it stuck to the bottoms.

So, after I had finished on the phone (and apologised to Charlie) I decided to call it a day and start again tomorrow. I think the paste fumes must have addled my brain and enough is enough for today!!

Before I started decorating I posted quite a lot of photographs of Lilly in an album on Facebook and I've started to make some layouts using them for an other album. Lilly is great to follow around and photograph...she doesn't mind a bit. In fact she has got so used to it she must think that all Grandma's come complete with cameras!! Nature, flowers and animals this little lady loves and she can never resist a pretty flower as her pictures show.

In the layout below I used a paper from a kit I've made called By the Pond and some flowers, butterflies and ivy from an other called In the Garden. I have to admit that I made them with Lilly in mind. I had great fun splitting up, bending and warping the frame too. I just love doing these.

Have a look and see if what you think. Yet an other new style I tried out!!


Spot the little frog at the bottom right of the paper...I love him!!


Lilly really does have a passion for her a bloom and the hand goes out and the nose goes down. She can't resist a sniff to see if they smell as good as they look. No flower is safe from little Miss Nosey!!



"mmm....quite nice"


"This one is looking at me"


"I know your there Grandma!"


These I took with one of her great Grandma's (my mum) hats on and plus lot of chocolate spread around her mouth!!! Charlotte loved these but would have preferred them without the chocolate, lol! But I say "au natural", so here she is "warts and all" to speak. Good enough for Ascot!!



"I can be shy"



"Well..who'd have thought my dear!!"


That's me for's so late now, but I'll be back on Monday with a little gift for you...that is if I don't get stuck to the floor!!

Have a great weekend and stay safe.

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Anonymous said...

She should be entered in a photo contest! She'd win hands down!!!! What a doll, I come a long long line of redheads. Keep the photos coming, thank you for sharing, Hugs, Deb P

Tammy Dunlap said...

Very cute photos!

daisydilly (vicki) said...

such wonderful photos.

I'm glad you are doing the stripping and not me! ha ha

Hope you had great fun

Keryn said...

Hi June - thanks for sharing such adorable photos. What a gorgeous little girl & you can tell that she adores her Grandma (camera and all - lol). Love your description of wallpapering - mmmm - that might be why we have always just painted the walls - that is bad enough here with Shadow trying to throw her ball into paint tins and roller tray - hehe.

Have a wonderful day and good luck with papering tomorrow.

Keryn said...

Oops - just me again June. Just letting you know that there is an award on my blog for you. Hugs, Keryn

Ann said...

I hate working with wallpaper, I'm not sure which is worse, putting it up or taking it down.
The layout is lovely, I really like what you did with the picture.
Those pictures of Lilly are wonderful, no way you could look at those and not get a smile on your face.

Shinade aka Jackie said...

This is one of the very best post that i have ever read anywhere.

I am sorry about your mess. But, I couldn't help but have a little chuckle. Trust me laughing with you and not at you. I have been there except with paint and carpet.

The pictures are to die for. She is absolutely adorable. I agree, these could win any photo contest anywhere.

I really love the shy look with the hat!!

Have a lovely Sunday June! I am going to try to get some rest also!

Leaonna said...

Good luck with the stripping have you considered putting in a pole?...LOL...jk
these pix are Beautiful!! You really have a way of getting some precious expressions from her...((hugs))

Duni said...

Lilly is so photogenic! A very sweet little girl and that layout is perfect!
Sorry about your wallpaper escapade. It happens to the best of us!

makeyesup said...

Adorable photos, she is just so cute. And yes, Grandmas do have cameras attached to them. My little ones sometimes look at me with those not again looks. And other times they just want to goof around for different types of photos. Don't envy you on the wallpaper job. That takes lots of muscle and patience and with Charley, you really need the patience.

sdwrdt said...

Those pictures of Lily are just adorable! thanks so much for sharing!

suruha said...

I can sure see how easy it would be to become snap-happy. She is such a doll! Great shots, too, Granny. LOL


suruha said...

Sorry, but, I wondered if there is a tut for the photo shading on the lovely layout you did. I like the idea of the photo 'curling' up off the paper.

Kim's Scrappin' said...

I'm glad that we don't have papered walls but painted. I wouldn't do as well with the stripping as you are. I'd hate to see the mess that I would create!! LOL

I love these photos of Lilly, June. I thought they were fabulous when I first saw them on your facebook. She looks like a little model. :) Your layout is fantastic!

PJ said...

she is the cutest little girl ever! i love the page. do you ever do any tutorials? i would so like to learn how to do that.

your wallpaper story made me chuckle. i had a great visual, but i'm sure you didn't find it funny at the time. have you ever tried steam to get the paper off?

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely beautiful child! And I did have to laugh at your wallpaper caper...

Petula said...

Wow, you have a serious job on your hands. Good luck not getting more paper stuck everywhere.

I love those photos. Adorable.

Simply Being Mommy said...

Adorable pictures!

Carole N. said...

Oh my gosh, June. What a funny story about you and Charlie wrecking havoc on your home. You always have the cutest stories to share.

Your sweet little Lilly just gets prettier. She was such a pretty baby, but she is absolutely GORGEOUS now chocolate and all. LOL

Love the photos in the garden but the hat photos are priceless.

Thanks for sharing. Get some rest, girl.


Michele said...

What a day you had! Poor you and poor Charlie :o) Little Miss Lilly is very adorable and you take some of the best photos of her! The layout looks beautiful!! Have a good evening and hope you get the rest of the wall paper down with out too much fuss..

Designed by K said...

awwwww Lily gets prettier all the time :) cute!! I hope your mum gets to feeling better soon..I have tagged you on my blog..xoxo K

tajicat said...

Cute LO and those photos, just precious! Oh the joys of putting up and taking down wallpaper! Yuck! I wish you luck especially with Charlie around! :)

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning June!!!!!!!!!!
Just popping into let you know that I used 1 of your arrows in a LO on my blog!!!!!!!!!!
You can also see LO's of my ADORABLE grandaughter Kayla she's growing so FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
LOVE the Pics of Lily she's also SPROUTING FAST!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Mary said...

OMG... she' adorable...!!!

TerriM said...

Thanks for the frame. I think it's in the post above, LOL. I'm so behind the times, I think my brain has gone on vacation without me, LOL. OMG those pics of Lilly are just so darn cute. What a sweet little one she is. Thanks for sharing the photos. Hugs -- xoxo! (terri - hawaii)

LazyKay said...

Stunning stunning photos!