Friday, 12 October 2012

Back in the Blogging World and Feeling Continental

Just when you thought Cen's Loft was gone and finished....and you were's back. I finally remembered how to do a blog post. How sad is that? It's amazing how quickly we forget skills if we don't use them.... is that a me thing, or worse still, is it an age thing? It'll take me a while to get back in the swing but bear with me in my struggle and hopefully we will have some fun as well as screams on the journey.

I have to admit that if remembering how to post on Blogger was a challenge, then my wonderful idea of trying to update Cen's Loft was a task too far. As usual it seemed such a good the time. I had some wonderful design thoughts that would result in a stunning blog makeover, tasteful, elegant and chic. No, stop idea was chic, honestly it was. Ideas however are one thing, putting them into practice is a whole different kettle of fish, as I was to find out. I got everything organised and ready. I very thoroughly checked and double checked what I was going to do, a bit like a pre-rocket launch. All systems ready to!!!

To be truthfully I was right and I was pretty stunned when I saw what I had done but not quite in the way I had intended to be. Let's just say I ended up being really grateful that Blogger had the facility to let me back up my template before the attempt! The restore of the old template was performed faster than fast by a very panic stricken and red faced me. It wasn't just a matter of tweaking things to make it work. It was so bad that even if I tipped my head sideways and screwed up my eyes and sort of squinted at still didn't look like a blog page. More like a Picasso on a bad day.

It was then I realised blog design never would be one of my talents and actually I was more a blog wrecker.  So, feeling rather stupid I once again I gave up and put my return to blogging on the back burner.

All was not lost though, not long afterwards my luck changed and I won a blog template and installation from the lovely Louise of Louise Franks Blog Designs. Cen's Loft had a reprieve and was saved from my strange and wonderful methods of blog design. I left that it in Louise's capable hands to work her magic.

The template I picked was called Parisian. I am after all just across the channel from France and I visit there quite often, so I could almost be French.....alright I know I'm pushing it. But now I feel updated and very continental and "tres" chic!


Ok, I admit that I got rid of my cycle a few years ago and my hair is shorter than in the header...but I'm still continental, truly I am, plus I'm working really hard on the chic bit too. I can almost feel the wind in my hair as I freewheel downhill on my cycle with my feet off the pedals, mm...that might not be so chic, but it is so me...or should I say how I would like me to be, lol.

Well, that's all for today but for those that are interested I intend to blog more often than I used to about life and me, but I will still have a weekly post with a freebie of some description for those who are interested to adding to their collection.

Remember if you want a great choice in premade blog templates or a custom makeover then check out Louise Franks Blog Designs

Take care and see you all soon.

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Jody said...

I love the new blog look!! It is very tres chic! It's so great to see you blogging again, Your blog posts always make me smile, I've missed that!! :-)

Jody :-)

Census said...

It's great to be back Jody and thank you for the lovely comment. I've missed you all too!

website design muscat said...
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Louise Franks Designs said...

Your new blog suits you June :)

You have a lovely style of writing too - very funny. I hope you enjoy lots of blogging with your funky new design x

SammyD said...

YAY!!! So good to see you back in blogland... you really truly have been missed by many ;)

Keryn said...

Hi Hi, Sending big Aussie Hugs to you June. Lovely to see you blogging again. Maybe ... just maybe ... I might get some inspiration from you.
Cheers, Keryn x x x

Designed by K said...

aww I <3 it Ms June! And you know anything involving Paris has my vote (even if we are talking about the city and not the celebrity lol) Can't wait to hear about all your adventures again, one of the highlights of my ya sweet lady <3

Census said...

Awh...thank you ladies!! Your making me bashfull! Keryn hopefully we can get inspired together. Big hugs to you all.

Leanne said...

Missed your blogging June - so glad to see you up and around and love the blog header - I like to feel I am chic inside if not out also. Welcome back xxx

daisydilly (vicki) said...

Wow was wondering what had become of you but sooo glad to see you back and the new look is amazing!!

Susie2shoes said...

Hi June

I love the new design of your blog. It's so lovely to see you back on the bike, so to speak.

I have missed your blog so much.

Love & Hugs

wilmo said...

hourrah! Cen est de retour (ahah, you feeling continental? you speaking continental, lol) Bienvenue!

Paula Gale said...

ooh la la Madame June

Love the 'continental' look. The nearest I get to looking or feeling continental is getting croissant crumbs down my top and in my bra.

So glad you have decided to come back into blogging - so many people have missed you - and I wasn't even blogging myself when you last blogged - infact only discovering your blog a few short weeks ago. Boy, I am so glad I did - but I think you know that!

Happy blogging sweet lady - glad you feel like stepping it up into doing regular posts... that means I'll be a regular commentor!!

Big hugs

Paula x x x

Census said...

Thank you all ladies for your lovely words. It's good to be back amongst friends!!

suruha said...

We are so blessed! LOL Hi, June! My goodness, you are a site for sore eyes! It is so cool to see you back posting. I really have missed you. Your outlook on life and the humorous tidbits that accompanied it, made for a wonderful visit! Welcome back!
Please, don't you worry what everyone wants to see! You do what you like - the writing! The written anecdotes are what make you you!



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