Monday, 15 October 2012

Miss Lilly's Charming Little Mouth

Time has past so quick in the last three years, not just for me but for the lovely Miss Lilly too. She has grown into quite the little lady, not only has she started school but she has also become an expert in the art of conversation. That girl loves nothing better than a good chat, so much so that if she could type she would have her own blog. But be warned...don't tell her your secrets!! Just let's say "her lips are not sealed", in fact they are like an open  tap everything flows out!
Believe me Lilly has caused a few red faces with her innocent chatter. Do you remember the doll Chatty Kathy? Okay, I can hear you all saying.....before your time, but believe me I swear Lilly shares some of that dolls genes!! So as soon as I hear her say the words "Grandma, do you know...", my ears start flapping and she has my undivided attention. I know I shouldn't listen but the temptation is to much, you never know what delights she may impart, lol. She is a real font of information...never underestimate a child when your having a conversation....they may look disinterested, but it's just a clever ploy. Really, their ears are like sonar and despite that innocent look they are filing it all away incase it's useful at a future date.
But be warned it's a double edged sword that can come back to bite you. There are certain signs that you should go into alarm mode, like when a little voice joins the conversation with the phrase "Grandma said...".
Red alert, red alert!! My gagging hand twitches, I brace myself to pounce ...... too late.... "Grandma said that if you had any sense then you wouldn't have done that" Aaah!! She has done it again!!!
I swear instead of all those fancy listening gadgets James Bond should just positioned a seemingly cute and innocent 4 year old to play sweetly next to the target. Better results and so much cheaper!!
On reflection I think a good Christmas present for Lilly would be a nice warm that sits cosily around the neck and mouth region....well, more around the mouth than the neck really. I think I need to start knitting.
That's all for today folks but check back on Thursday when I'll have an other post and a little gift for you all. See you then.


Bettina Groh said...

Miss Lilly has really changed!! My Lili has too!!
Glad your back!! I look forward to seeing what the two of you are up to!

Bettina Groh said...

Here's a link to a class Lili, her Mother and I took last summer

Paula Gale said...

OMG - that is just sooooo funny.

Aparently at Lilly's age, I was telling everyone why my mum had become pregnant with my younger brother... the doctor had taken her off the pill. I had no idea what it meant - but I'd tell anyone. In fact, the grown-ups found it so funny that it was a case of "Paula, tell X why your mummy is having a baby" - and I'd blurt out, much to everyones amusement exactly what my mum had obviously told someone else in conversation!!!

From the mouths of babes... Thank goodness my kids are very discreet.

Just one more thing - Just want to say how beautiful Miss Lilly is in that photograph. She looks so innocent too!

Big hugs

Paula x x x

Census said...

Bettina, how these girls have grown!! Your Lili is really a lovely young lady now. Where does the time go. We turn our backs and next thing they have grown!! Looks like you all had fun making the beads in the summer. That's something I need to try.

Census said...

I agree Paula, out of the mouths of babes!! I agree she looks like butter wouldn't melt...most of the time that's true but sometimes....I wonder, lol.
It's lovely to be back.

Susie2shoes said...

Oh June she's a little poppet. That sweet little face and gorgeous hair. You are truly blessed.

Much love

Su said...

Miss Lily has become a real cutie!! So good to see you back.......looking forward to some giggles!

Jody said...

Oh my, Miss Lilly has sure grown, she's a beauty!! Your post gave me the giggles and a big smile. I have a grandson with similiar inclinations, lol. Now that I have a little Lilly of my own (well Peighton Lilly) I can only hope she takes after your precious little one :-)

Jody :-)

Noor said...

Oh my goodness she is a doll baby :)

I updated my blog link (its new)

Keryn said...

Lol .... I love the innocence of children. I still laugh at my son (who is now 27) when he was only 4 years old and showing his Angora Goat in a child handler class. He was pulling Lucky forward and Lucky was sitting back on her haunches determined not to move when under his breath he mutters .... "Bloody Mongrel S**t of a Goat". Needless to say everyone was in fits of laughter.

And NO ... he didn't hear that expression from me :)

It's so lovely to have you back blogging. Cheers, Keryn x

SammyD said...

Miss Lilly is gorgeous, June!

suruha said...

Lilly is really growing up to be a cutie! What a pretty smile!
Oh, from the mouths of babes! LOL Children are excellent lie-detectors, too! LOL It's really nice to be reading about you two! I've missed that the most.


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