Friday, 19 October 2012

Photoshop Fun and An Other Oops Moment


After yet an other busy day, full of elderly ladies, four year olds and too much driving, I rushed in and after grabbing a cup of tea I checked my emails. My head was still going at a thousand miles an hour, stuffed with too many thoughts...yep, I was in overload again. I felt like I was hovering about 6 inches above the ground and was still waiting for touch down.

I noticed that my lovely hubby had sent me an email telling me he had done some of the chores before going to work. What a sweetie!!! This deserved a thank I sent him an email telling him how great he had been and thanks. But, me being me I didn't stop there. I told him a little about my day and that I had bought Charlie (the dog) yet an other new dog bed, but I wasn't sure if Charlie liked it as it was chasing around the room (as if hubby cared at that moment in time, lol).

I was really surprised to get an email back asking me if it was "a real one". What a real dog's bed? What did he think I had bought him a Puppy playhouse? I read it twice and couldn't make any sense of it. I must have missed something in his first email. So I checked his and then my answering email.

And yes...I had done it again. Here's what I had sent to him:

"I got the dog an other dog and he is chasing it around the dinning room at the moment in his usual insane manner. Could mean he likes it..or it could be he's trying to hide it, lol."

Missed out the little word bed and almost gave him a heart attack!! Poor long suffering man thought I had brought home an other waif or stray. I need to slow down and take more care!!

Okay, now something sensible and I'll try to keep the typos to a minimum here, lol.

One of the hardest things I've done recently was trying to remember all the twists and turns of Photoshop CS2 and as if that wasn't enough I tried to take in CS6 too. It took time and a lot of my hair! I am so glad that I was alone whilst I struggled to do the simplest of things. Scream? Me? Of course I did, very loudly and without restraint. But you know me.....never give up, just smack the keyboard, thump the screen and hang in there. My attempts resulted in frustration, disasters and believe me, some really hilarious results, but I can now say that Photoshop and I have become friends again. Well, at least until my next "how do you do that" moment.

I did find a positive in my battle to tame the pesky software, it made me think what I really wanted to design and what was my style. I have to admit that I'm still searching to redefine my style, it's definitely a "work in progress". But from little acorns great oaks grow, so I'm hoping that a "me style" will develop as I work. If it doesn't then I'll just enjoy the journey of working with Photoshop and see what inspiration comes along.

One of my efforts whilst playing was a flower. I made the flower and took great care that I started by making quality control a high priority. I hope I succeeded!!!

Anyway....I have decided to share my little doodle flower with any of you lovely people that feel you could use it. I have included a brush with the flower to make it just a little more versatile. I hope someone can find them a home.

You can download them from two places:

by clicking on the preview above (4shared)  or here (Dropbox).

They should both be direct downloads...should, but your talking about a woman who can't write an email without inflicting panic, lol.

Any problems with the links please let me know, again it's my first attempt for so long...I hope I haven't screwed them up!!

Have a great day and take care! See you soon.



Su said...

ROF!! I can imagine the horror your poor hubby went through thinking he was coming home to another pooch!!
Well done with CS6....BTW does your computer have holes in it? xx

Census said...
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LeeLee said...

Thanks for the beautiful flowers so glad to see you back... and miss Lily is just Stunningly Beautiful!!

Paula Gale said...

YEY!!!! You managed it... no, not frightening your husband half to death! You managed to get acquainted with CS6 - after missing a few in the middle out! lol

You've actually done a brill job June (that's not meant to sound like you've 'actually' managed... rather more a reasurring statement more than anything... see - now i'm doing the same as you and probably frightening you into thinking that I'm ... oh well, lets just say I love what you've done - and to say you've been away from it for a while - high five you!!!

Now, developing a style... I've been crafting now since 2007 and while everyone starts slow, gets to know whats out there and gets to grips with the basics - we're in 2012 and I still haven't found one... when I look round though - I know what it isn't (not into the goth or creepy look!).

See - me and you are similar in that we probably could both talk for England. Hope hubby's blood pressure has returned back to norm - gotta love that! My OH would have been straight in there - nag nag nag Why, nag nag nag.... bless.

Big hugs

Paula x x x

makeyesup said...

Glad to see you back. Know how easy it is to forget 1 word and change the meaning of what you say. It's a good thing he didn't panic. Take care, now you are bookmarked again.

suruha said...

LOL That's funny about the e-mail! We send e-mails and post comments, knowing what we mean. Unfortunately, too often, the message doesn't get to the person in the tone intended. This is the worst pitfall of the internet! For all it's convenience, misinterpretation just sucks! LOL

I tried the brush and it looks fabulous! I likes the grunginess of it. Very nice! Thank you, m'am!



suruha said...

Oops! I wanted to tell you that, if you need help with CS6, I may be able to help! I have had mine for a little while and have spent a lot of time on it. If you run into anything, let me know.


Census said...

Ladies it is lovely to see so many familiar names. Thanks for all you comments. It's nice to know that others understand my oops moments and have been there themselves.
Suraha I will give you a shout when I next get a "how do I do that moment" with could live to regret your kind offer, lol.
Have a great weekend ladies!!

LindaJD said...

Hey June, good to see you blogging day I will remember who to
Would loved to have seen your hubby's face when he read your email..hahaha

TYSM for the lovely brush ...:-)

Big Hugs - Linda

Edna B said...

It's good to have you back in blogworld. I've been trying to make nice nice with Photoshop for some time now. I guess slow is good? I understand your email oops because I've done it often. Your flowers look wonderful, thank you. Have a nice night, hugs, Edna B.

Cesc Worthy said...

So wonderful to touch bases with your blog again. I was decorating my diary using parts from your Spring Time kit that I downloaded over 5 years ago. I decided to see if your URL still worked.

I love your brilliant flower brush! It will go with my Spring Time layout. Thanks so much!

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