Monday, 30 March 2009

Ate a what?


Do I look sorry?


I was going to blog about something intelligent and useful that you would all start to think perhaps I wasn't totally insane...but... Charlie did it again!! He ate his bed!! Not a blanket..a bed, mattress, cover every thing.

Well, he didn't eat every last crumb of it, it was more a case of slash and rip...big time. This is the second bed in a month that he has demolished..two, soft comfy, warm beds!!!! Now he's got yet an other new one, a large molded rubber type bed with one confession to comfort in it...a  fleecy pad and that's it!!

It all started after I had taken him out for a walk and then settled down to work. Charlie got on his bed and seemed to snuggle down for a well earned rest...note "he seemed to" . I was just getting into my stride when I turned to check he was okay and there it was...a large white mass...eek!! He can not only rip zips, cloth and stuffing...but...he can do it silently.

I was cross!!! I grab the shredded mess and bundled Charlie into the garden...yes, before I murdered him!!! I cleared everything up in a large dustbin sack and called him back in, making sure he knew I was not amused...big time!!

I jumped in the car and headed for Pet City..yet an other bed was on the agenda. When I arrived I asked some advice from a friendly assistant who after discovering  he was 2 years old reassuringly advised me that it was doubtful that he would outgrow it. I was just unlucky to have a born chewer...just the sort of good news I wanted at that moment!!

A large molded rubber bed seemed the's rock hard and not easily chewed..or that's the theory!! I dragged this monster from the shop and tried to wrestle it into my car but the cars parked either side were too close to allow me to manoeuvre it in. Next I tried the tailgate, dropped the parcel shelf and tried to thread it in that way...the head rests were in the way and the stupid thing was too deep!!

At that point I decided to think laterally....if I reversed the car out of the parking space then I would be able to get it in the back door!!! Eureka!! So I put the bed down, climbed in the car, reversed out enough to clear the back door and jumped out. Where the heck was that bed? It was nowhere in sight!!!!

It's at this point that I could feel the breakdown coming on!!! Breath deeply, calm can't have just gone!!

A man going back to his own car noticed me looking puzzled and muttering to myself and asked what the problem was. I explained that the dog bed I had just bought had vanished..gone, whilst I had been reversing out. He gave me a strange sort of a look and pointed down under the back of my car. "What this bed?" he asked.

There it my rush I had put it behind the car and reversed...luckily I had gone straight back and there it was sitting there undamaged, hidden underneath. Be grateful for small mercies!!

I felt a complete fool!! Needless to say my thank you was a hasty one and I pulled the offending item out and shoved it in as quickly as I could and beat a hasty retreat!!! I will strangle that other fine mess he got me into!!

He spent the rest of the afternoon "helping" my DH with the garden...well out of my way!! Even there he just could not stay out of trouble and joined in with the digging!!



"What you doing dad?"


"Really...I can help.....I'm good at digging"

Today's freebie is a Quick Page, my gift to you. I have kept it simple to leave room for journaling or any other little extra touches you want to add. It's a 12inchx12inch, 300dpi, Png file.



You can download it here


Have a great evening and stay away from dogs!!!



Cindyrelly said...

Sounds like you had a fun day... NOT! I've been trying to entertain my Mom who you would think would realize I need to get some stuff done before we leave on our trip, she keeps telling me how bored she is! Well, I'm going to get those taxes filed tonight. Thanks for the Beautiful Quick Page :))

tajicat said...

Oh no what a day! I can relate to dogs that chew. When my youngest son was little we had to hide all the toys in his room or the dog would chew something up. She especially liked wood toys or stuffed animals. That dog also taught our present dog how to dig up the yard! It sure is stressful for you, but some entertaining reading! The dog we have now chewed up her previous bed and any type of blanket or jacket we tried to put on her. In a flash it would be shredded. She is now 9 and has finally stopped chewing up her beds and blankets. Maybe there is still hope for Charlie. I hope so! Good luck! :)

Michele said...

ROFL!!! Once again you have given me my chuckle for the day! toooooo funny! Thanks for the lovely quickpage! :-)

Polly said...

I love Charlie's antics! He looks so much like Bailey, one of my sons' dogs. I even "dog sit" for my daughter. Her two doggies are as different as night and day. Cupid is a little long-haired chihuahua (did I spell that wrong?) and Madison is a huge bulldog. Cupid is a little boy doggie and Madison is a girl...she even has a pink collar, harness and leash so everyone will know she is a "she", because she looks so menacing! She is such a sissy though. They are hilarious.

Stacie said...

Sounds like you had quite an exciting - or maybe annoying day! =)

Puppy is darn cute - but I understand how frustrating it can be when they act up. We've got 2 dogs and 2 cats {all living inside} we've had our share of messes to attend to.

Following you - great blog!

Anonymous said...

Charlie is so cute. How could anyone staymad at him for long?
Great QP. Love the colors. :)

DonnaC said...

OMG Poor Charlie *lol* Maybe there's still hope for him to stop chewing up his bed and things. My schnauzer use to do the same thing to his beds, I gave up and let him begin sleeping in his big crate on a folded towel, after a few months of that I think he really appreciated his new soft bed, hasn't chewed it yet three years later.
Thanks for the beautiful QP : )

Anonymous said...

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shancmc said...

What a great story! It's those moments in life that make life so interesting. I chuckled when I read that you reversed over the bed and it disappeared. I'm sure you'll laugh about it for years to come. Charlie is so adorable, you probably can't stay cross with him for long.

Mom said...

Oh - you poor soul. But thank you for a good giggle...

Swapna said...

wow June... I can see how much u love the dog by the fact that he still breaths :)..... it was a great post ...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the qp and the giggle. I know it wasn't amusing to you at the time, but I enjoyed the story!

Keryn said...

Oh June - how can you get mad at that sweet face and those big brown Good thing it's not the neighbours chickens that he's chewing - we had one that used to do that.

If he likes chewing and some dogs do just like some babies have dummies and some adults smoke you could try a kong which you fill up with food which will hopefully keep him occupied chewing that and not his bed.

Thank you for this lovely QP - the colours are really pretty.

Hugs, Keryn

Mary said...

oh dear, a bed chewer
one of my support workers has that problem with her dog
you make it sound amusing though
Charlie is so cute, he doesn't mean to be bad, it just sort of happens

Shinade said...

What a day you had!! you know do you think he gets mad when you get on the computer?

My dog just sits and sulks staring at me when I am at the computer.

She really gets very very mad and my cat does too. He will start clawing things.

Oh dear well at least your yard is looking nice.

We have been slowly working in ours too when my hubby is here.


Susie2shoes said...

Charlie is my hero, naughty dogs are my favourite, they are full of spirit. If they were people we would want to friends with them, not the boring old duffers that slept in their beds instead of eating them.

Hope the miracle tabs are working, try to take them in the morning not at bedtime as they may make you too sleepy the following morning.

Jude said...

Thanks for the laugh, I tried a bed for my Shadow when he was young, but all he wanted to do was hump it and give it love bites. He ended up shredding it, I also had to hide pillows and comforters otherwise they'd be humped and shredded also. He was fixed when he was young and they said he was just a horny little dog didn't offer much advise for me either. Now that he can't walk I'd give anything to see him shred something up.

I really enjoy reading your blog and don't mean to be just a lurker so thought I'd finally leave a comment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Quick Page(s) post on Mar. 31, 2009. Thanks again.

Leaonna said...

Great Freebie and your puppy sounds like mine....thanks for sharing all your hard work...xoxoxo

suruha said...

That's too funny! LOL What a rascal! You definitely have your hands full with that one! I love to read your "Tails" from the Loft. LOL

Thank you for the QP, too, June. How sweet.


Theoriginalscrapbox said...

hi, thanks for the freebie and very useful and creative blog on scrap booking, anyway

KcsBrat said...

OMG I am sooooooo sorry you had that kind of day hunny.. I have 5 chihuahas and two large breeds. I know how much trouble they can ALL be. Hunny I am rolling here just reading the netry but I KNOW it was a fun day.. Just think tommorrow is another day.. The next bed if there is one.. Should be made of concrete.

Anonymous said...

This QP is so lovely - soft & dreamy! Thank you!