Thursday, 26 March 2009

Cakes Like Mother Used to Make

A quick update on the lovely Lilly...she is doing well and had a better day today. Fingers crossed that she keeps going that way. Last night was a restless one but today looked more promising, or it did until I started baking.

I thought this afternoon I would try my hand at cake making...I'm good at bread and pastry but cakes I am not renowned for...well not for good ones anyway!! My cakes remind me of the old joke about the sign in the baker's shop window saying " Cakes like your mum used to make £2.00...Cakes like your mum THOUGHT she made £5.00"!! I always thought mine were OK but others held a different opinion on occasions.

I remember when Charlotte had to take a cake to school for a party and she begged me to let her grandmother make it!! The cheek!! Lol!

Anyway, I got out the scales and thought I would be accurate..for a change. I weighed and followed a recipe precisely, it was going to be perfect and all those doubters would literally eat their words.

My son came home and I was quite smug when he asked what the great smell was. I proudly announced that I had baked a cake.......his facial expression changed...was that panic I saw briefly flash in his eyes? must have been surprise.

Fifteen minutes later I warily eased the tins out of the oven and saw the most gorgeous vision of well risen, nicely browned cakes...success, yahoo!! I had done it!! The perfect cakes and they were all mine!! My son had to admit that things were looking good...but he reminded me they looked good the day I made him a birthday cake too. (OK, the less said about that day the better!!)

By now the smell had aroused a bit of interest and the kitchen was starting to fill up. I strutted around looking a bit like a bantam hen. "Yes of course I had known it would turn out well. I used a recipe" I bluffed, at the same time saying a big thank you to the powers that be for letting it turnout so well.

I just could not wait for the cake to cool so I could get down to the nitty gritty and try it out and get everyone else to try it too....but eventually it was time. Drum roll, cymbals, fanfare etc and the cake was cut. I tried to look casual as I handed around the plates, one to DH, one to younger son, one to Charlotte and a little one for Lilly.

I waited, holding my breath.......the cake was still sitting on the plates and I could see them watching each other out of the corner of their eyes...who would be first? I thought I would encourage them by coaxing Lilly to try a little...well after all she had no bad memories of my cake making and she is so trusting. Her little face was turned up and her mouth was I popped a mouthful in for her. It was like a mini volcanic eruption!!! The cake went in every direction as she gave a shudder and went "Yuck!".

That's all it took and every face filled with fear!! I could seem the "Oh my god...she's done it again look" as the plates went down and all eyes turned towards me. "It's good, really it is" I muttered. The only way forward was to take a bite myself. I did and "Yuck!" Lilly was was ghastly..with a capital Y!!! Thank goodness Lilly had spat it out, it could have killed her!!

Was it my fault that the caster sugar turned out to not to be caster looked like was where I expected it to be. How was I meant to know it was SALT!! Who put it there anyway, we don't use salt.

So, in a nut was a bin job, along with the cake more cakes for me!!Now I am keeping a low profile, a very low profile for at least the next few hours!!

Before I go I want to share two wonderful layouts that Leaonna and Linda sent me using the "It's Almost Easter" Page Kit...they really are exceptional, full of imagination and real talent. Thank you ladies for sharing them!!

Here's Leaonna's page. I love the tails on the chicks , the clever way she used the eggs..... and those corners are brilliant. So full originality and style!! A beautiful layout.


 Linda's has used the papers and the border to get some terrific matting on her page, it works so well and really draws the eye in to the photo. The eggs and bow are lovely touch too. A great page!!


Well, that's all from me for tonight but see you all tomorrow. Don't forget Friday is a personal and commercial use OK freebie. I promise no more baking...well not cakes anyway!!


Esther said...

Grin, thanks for a great laugh !! I get to blame the fact all my cakes have to be gluten free for any that don't work, though even that excuse would wear thin if I managed to do that!

Anonymous said...

You poor girl. Salt! Ack......
If at first you don't succeed..try, try again. Let us know how it turns out. lol
Love the Lo's with your Easter kit. Just beautiful. :)

Keryn said...

Smiling here - lol - pleased to see that I'm not the only one whose child has requested me not to make a cake although I have discovered packet mixes now - YAY - and as long as I remember to set the oven timer they are usually edible. I find that if I smother them with enough chocolate icing no one notices the cake - lol.

Pleased to hear that Lilly is on the mend. Poor little tyke - it's really distressing to see them so ill.

These layouts are gorgeous - I must have a try at a couple this week - have been so slack with anything of late.

Have a great day and remember packet cake mixes are great.
Hugs, Keryn

Carole N. said...

Oh my! You poor thing. I am so sorry about your cake. I guess looks can be deceiving. LOL

So glad Lilly is improving and that you are feeling better as well.

I love both the layouts you shared, but I am really impressed with the way Leaonna's chicks are strutting their stuff with their fancy little tail feathers. What a clever idea.


Michele said...

LOL!!! I swear! Two words, Betty Crocker! lol (Do you have Betty Crocker cake mixes over there??? lol) I always get complimented on my cakes and when people ask if I make it I say "yes, me and Betty Crocker!" lol

I did have a similar experience when we used powdered sugar instead of flour to make cookies. Well they didn't TASTE bad, they just didn't rise! lol

That first layout is amazing! TFS!

Jody said...

THanks for starting my day off with a laugh! THat is so funny. I am sure you didn't find it so funny at the time though. As someone else said, don't give up - try again. :)

Gabrielle said...

Ah, June, sure we can't all be fantastic cooks, you have the biggest heart I know of and that is worth a lot more than any cake
Thank you for your comment and encouragement on my blog - you see that's what I mean - the heart!!!
Love and hugs and thanks for being you.

Ajila said...

Cen, I'm so glad Lilly is feeling better. Poor little girl. It's so sad to see the little ones sick.

Your cake story was too funny.*LOL*. Sounds too much like my luck in the kitchen. At least your good at making other pastries. Thanks for the story. Leaving you some love.

LindaJD said...

Oh dear..June whatever are we going to do with to see you can laugh over it, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall there..hehehe
Thanks for sharing my layout, i have the QP to it on my blog today..
Hugs - Linda

the51mom said...

LOL June! So, the Cake Diva you are not. But I DO enjoy your writing, not to mention your work! Thanks for sharing your Kitchen Flop. It reminded me of the time I didn't precook my eggplant before I put it in the casserole and it came out like rubber tires. Totally rubber. Couldn't even get your teeth into it....LOL!!! Thanks for sharing!

Glynis said...

oh now I know why we are friends, we share the same good luck LOL!!
Hope Lilly gets better soon, oh thanks for your kind words about my dad. :)