Friday, 21 March 2008

My Easter Gift to you - Daisy Days

It's Good Friday and for lots of us it's not only a holiday but a special religious period too. Easter has many meanings for us but what ever the meaning for you personally it is a time we associate with holidays and a special few days. Here in the UK we normally think of Easter and Spring, but this year as Easter is the earliest it has been for 95 years, there is not an awful lot of evidence of Spring at the moment. Today we have had hail and a few snow flakes!! Here in the south of England snow is rare, even in the depth of Winter!! So it is a very different Easter holiday than the norm...but as I said it hasn't been this early for 95 years and March is not a warm month for us at all.

With the Easter thought in mind I have "painted" you some papers with a promise of the Spring to come. It's Daisy Days with the feel of soft sunlight and beautiful daisies...they are such a simple flower but so stunning in their simplicity. The preview does not do it justice but I was quite happy with how it looked after I had finished. I really enjoyed painting the flowers and will have a go at some more spring blossoms soon. I hope you like it.
You can download Daisy Days here

Lots of people have asked me recently about saving jpg images of their layouts for the internet to upload to galleries or a blog. They are unsure of how to save them at the correct size so that they show up well but at the same time the file size is not too large. Most galleries have a file size limit and this has caused some people problems. Many of you I know will already know how to do this but for those of you who are just starting out or who are daffled by it the following basics may help, hope so!
OK, so you have your layout finished and have saved it normally to your hard drive or CD but now you want a copy to upload to a gallery. First make sure that you have SAVED it as a layered file psd first before you start this.
1. Now merge the layers so you just have one layer.
2. You dont need the image to be 300dpi for the internet, 72dpi is the norm and it shows on the internet well. Assuming your layout is 12x12, go to Image>Image Size and change the settings from 300dpi to 72dpi. Then change the width to 600 pixels and the height to 600 pixels, click OK. (the way you do this will vary depending on what sofware you use, but those are the sizes you want to change to).
3. Now you want to save the image for the Web. Again this will vary according to your software on CS2 you go File>Save for Web. You will then have a choice of 2 or 4 file sizes you can save it as. In general some galleries won't let you upload images more than 100kb, so it is always best to aim for that or below that for the image size. Each of the options you are offered will tell you the file size below it.
4. When you have picked the size you want to save as, click Save and you will be able to save it on your hard disc to a suitable location. Remember when picking a name to save as pick a different name so that you don't overwrite any other files.
5. So now you have a copy of your layout saved at 72dpi, size 600x600 pixels and file size below 100kb, ideal for the web!!
I know this is just a basic guide but I hope it helps!

I am very proud of all my CT girls, they all do a marvellous job and they are soooo talented, that's why this week has been lovely, it's been CT Appreciation Week. Lots of designers, myself included got together and made a huge kit for the all the CT girls to say how much we loved 'em!! There is are galleries this week where they are taking part in competitions and posting layouts, take a look at some of the great ones these teams have made...they are awesome!! Two of my girls have posted layouts using the CT Appreciation Kit and they are I just had to let you take a look.
Kim produced a stunning layout with fantastic bubbles floating right out of the photo..what an effect!! She also did a brilliant job with the alphas work...she is great at that!! A real beauty..great lo Kim!!

Credits: CT Appreciation Kit by multiple designers

Linda made a gorgeous layout too...she did a thank you one and imagine my surprise when I saw it!! I was so over whelmed by the word art, I am a softy really I know but it is lovely. I am sorry that the photo spoilt a brilliant layout...I never have turned out well in a photo yet!! People pay me to stay out of the group shots, lol!! An other awesome layout Linda and thank you so much for the sentiments, they are really appreciated!!

Credits: CT Appreciation Kit by multiple designers

Once again thank you to all my girls they are all stars!!!

OK, have a wonderful Easter and see you all on Monday for a great challenge! Stay warm...or cool, depending where you are and have a happy holiday!!


LindaJD said...

June this is Great! I love it, the colour the ribbon is Wonderful and that frame! I love everything about it...Thank you so much once again for another Beautiful Gift :)
So glad you liked my little surprise, it was little enough for all that you do for us.. :D
Hugs - Linda xx

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Thanks for this beautiful kit June, I love everything about it. Thanks for the nice comments about my LO. She had a ball playing with that little bottle of bubbles that day, I just had to find a way to make them last! LOL

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Ooops I forgot to tell you I have a freebie on my blog today too, a Paper Pack (with word art)

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

makeyesup said...

Thanks for the pretty daisy kit. When our snow melts, hope it becomes spring. Thanks for all the great hints on resizing. I always save mine with an '-1' after I have resized so it can still be recognized to me as the same layout.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for this AWESOME mini!!!!!!!
HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!

Shell said...

Thanks so much. Hoppy Easter

Tink said...

Happy Easter June and thank you for the lovely kit. Your CT layouts are gorgeous.

fool on the hill said...

Dear friend,I love your stuff;now i want to ask you some help for a friend :please,want you send a message to Nicole at NBK scrap?Something happened to her but she doesn't tell us anything.We all scrappers may be close to each other.You are very generous and I think you can do it.TY

karooch from Scraps of mind said...

Another beautifu creation June. Love those soft Spring colours -- even though we ar in Autumn in Australia.

Hope you had a joyful Easter.

jen said...

Thanks for the uploading Tip. I am now using it. I've been uploading layouts in their original size and it's really eating up my blogger limit bigtime. hahaha! =) I love your blog... great freebies, inspiring layouts and I learn a lot.