Monday, 10 March 2008

Template Freebie, Monday Challenge and New Stuff

It's Monday again and the weather here is awful!! Last night was a storm with lots of rain and high winds...made for a noisy night! Today it's still going and me, being such an intelligent little soul, took out the recycling paper to the bin. Bad idea... as you have to put it in loose, not in a bag. Well, that old wind had some garden looked like the local garbage tip!! I just wish I could have taken a picture of myself...running back and forth like something out of a bad comedy film, lol!! Got most of it...after a while...and the rest is laughing at me!! I see it out the window but every time I think I'll have an other go at catching it it takes off!! Grrr! Never mind I'll get the rest tomorrow. At least it seems to be staying in my garden (for the moment!) and not visiting my neighbours...a sure way to become popular!! Not!! Lol!

I have a freebie template for all of you and this Mondays challenge is to make a layout using it. All who take part in the challenge will get a posting bonus of the Ziggy Page Kit. So join in and play along and get an other freebie!! I used the template this morning to do a layout of my two nieces using last weeks Monday Challenge Posting Bonus.

Credits: Challenge 9 Posting Bonus Kit from Cens Stuff, Teddy from Teddy Stickers Freebie from Cens Stuff

You can download the template here

The rules for the challenge are simple:
1. Make a layout using the template. You can use any colour or kit.
2. Send me either you layout or a link to it at by Monday 10 March.
3. Please include the credits for the kits, fonts etc used in your layout.

Here's a little look at the Posting Bonus - Ziggy Page Kit

The Monday Challenge Posting Bonus
I have some new items in my store at Scrappin Digi Kreations, three packs of overlays for Personal and Commercial Use. I love the satin overlays!! I had such a great time playing with these and ended up with loads of papers...not coordinated...just loads of papers!! Lol! You can use them for crumpled satin or play around and just make crumpled papers. Change the opacity, blending modes, fill etc and have fun!! The other two packs are for texture and they are a have a look, great for giving papers the texture they need. I have some patterned ones to go in next. I'll let you know when they go in the shop.

As an added bonus they are all at 40% off for the first week so if you want a bargain get them before the 17 March!!!!

You can find the Satin Overlays here

You can find Texture Up Set 1 here

You can find Texture Up Set 2 here

Chris sent me a wonderful layout of her dad, the gentle giant..I love the title and journaling must make her dad proud!! It's a fantastic layout Chris and a great challenge used the cardboard pieces well!! I love those arrows!!

Credits :- paper from Johnnys paper pack and Colors of spring by Kim’s Scrappin, buttons and paper fasteners are Chris's own and the font used was Primer Print, Torn Cardboard freebie by Cens Stuff.

Jessica came to the chat last week and with the chat freebie and part of her own freebie she made a beautiful layout with dolphins. I adore dolphins they are so clever and cheeky! The layout is gorgeous Jessica, thank you for sharing it!!

Credits: Friday Chat Page Kit by Cens Stuff, Heart and bow from Jessica's Soft Spring Freebie

You can find Jessica's freebie here

Kim has also got a freebie template on her she has some more word art. So drop by and take a look.
Drop by and pickup Kims template on her blog
Well that's all for today. I hope that where ever you are you having a good day/evening. Take care in the's not Spring yet!! See you all Wednesday.


Nexa (Jessica) said...

WOW I am first..*lol*
I just thought 'd tell you I LOVE the layout you did from your freebie and the template. Looks great. I wish I had been able to join the challenge, the kit used in that lo looks awesome. Oh, and thank you for posting my freebie and lo. Glad you liked it.
Hugs, Jessica

Stacey said...

June.....I'm not done with my challenge but no matter I'm going to finish up and show ya anyway! OI...this week has flown right over my head. xo

Kim's Scrappin' said...

WOW! What a gorgeous LO's you have on here today! I love the template and what you have done with it is beautiful! All of the LO's are terrific, Chris I love the LO of your Dad. I just finished a LO using one of your older kits June, the Puppy Page Kit, also used some pieces from other kits in another LO, I've uploaded them both at SDK already if you want to take a peek :) I'm on my way to grab this awesome template now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Anonymous said...

Love the templates. I plan to do both challenges. Came down with the FLU and need to get over that first. Whew! Slow but sure this week. :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Thank you for sharing.