Monday, 21 January 2008

Monday Challenge

Monday Challenge Thank you, Fleur Sampler - Play along and have some fun!!

OK, I'm late posting...I have had the day from HELL!! I took a trip to the pharmacy late morning in a town nearby and parked my little car, paid my parking fee and popped the ticket on the dashboard. No sticky stuff on it, so just stuck it up on the dashboard...simple!! Got my bits from the pharmacy and then came back to drive home. That's when it all started to go pear shaped!!

While I was gone some wonderful parking warden had given me a ticket!! Yes...a ticket!! I had paid my fee and not overstayed my why had this crazy person given me a penalty fine? I read the notice and was informed that it was not clearly displayed!! When I shut the car door it had blown it from the drivers side of the dashboard over into the corner on the passengers side!! Well, by now the steam was coming out of my ears!!!! I went home and after much searching finally found a number to ring. I was informed that it was a common problem but it was still due for a fine!! I asked "Why no sticky stuff so I can stick it to my windshield?" I was told that they now used solar powered ticket machines and the new machines did not do sticky!!! No I could not bring my ticket in!! I would have to write and register my complaint...and I would still have to pay as it was "not displayed in the correct manner". They did state that when it came through later today they could send me a copy of the photograph that is always taken on these occasions!! I insisted that I would send in my valid parking ticket and the penalty notice and explained why the ticket had was me shutting the door...but it was still on the dashboard!! I wanted the thing withdrawn. Well, the lady was quite snooty and was adamant that it would still stand!! So, I have written to two departments with the original and a copy of the ticket etc, registering my protest as the fine is £60.00 ...yep £60.00!!!!! Oh my god and I had paid for my ticket anyway!! Whilst I applaud their attempts to use renewable energy for the machines I don't think that I should be paying for the machines personally!!! Grrrrrr!!!! I was so made!!! So the letters are in the post and I feel so frustrated at the attitude shown!!

OK, so enough. Now on to other things. It's Monday and the next challenge!!

Today's challenge is a Kitchen! It can be anything to do with, recipes, your new kitchen, anything as long as it has a tie in with kitchens!!!

The rules are as follows:

1. Make a layout using any kit, colour or size layout but you must include something that ties in with Kitchen/s. It can show a recipe card, photos of your kitchen, kids cooking, or even a take off from an ad!! As long as kitchens are in there somewhere!

2. Send your layout, or link to where it's posted it to me at:

PLEASE in your email list credits for the designer/s stuff used so that I can post them with the layout. If you've all ready done this and are sending a link to me that's fine if I can see the credits there.

3. Closing date is Sunday (27 January) midnight, after that we'll be on to the next challenge!Everyone who takes part will get the link to the "Fleur Sampler" as a thank you for joining in. It has 4 papers, 2 tags, 1 frame, 1 button and 1 organza ribbon.

It's that simple!!! So join in and play along!

This weekend Christy sent me two of her layouts using some of my items and a link to her blog. She has produced the most fantastic album in memory of Tyler, her friends little boy who was killed by a drunk driver. It is beautiful and shows a lovely, energetic little boy. This album must have taken a lot of work and is done superbly. So why not pop over and visit Christy and have a look at all her great work. I have posted one below to let you see. You are a true friend Christy and I am sure that Tyler's family will treasure the album.

Credits: Kit - Cens Stuff Animal Farm

The challenge last week resulted in stunning layouts!! Shell sent me in hers and it is gorgeous!! It's of her nieces birthday and the layout makes her look like a little princess!! Look at that cute face and the photographs are superb! I love the colours Shell has choosen, they set of these pictures so well!! Stunning job!!

Credits: Anglea Niehaus - January Candy Jar Freebie

An other wonderful layout came from Jammie. I love the journaling strips and look at those curls peeping out from behind the frames!! A wonderful, wonderful piece of work Jamie!! Thank you for sharing it!!

Credits: Cardboard photo corners; SVDesigns, Swirl shape; Dezignus,
Everything else; In Memory of Miles Colab Kit by The Eclectic Team .
Fonts Used: Chunky Times; Times and Times again; Pea Jenny Script
Well, must go and see if I can get sorted out after my phone calls and letters I still have things to do. I think I must have caught grumpy old lady syndrom!! Is it me or does the world seem to be totally mad at times!!! See you all Wednesday for the next freebie Part 5 of the Spice of Life!! Take care and have fun!!


LindaJD said...

Aww June I am so sorry about your parking ticket! my hubby got one on New Years Eve on Tesco car park, he was only gone 10 mins into town to put some money in the bank, then he was going to go into Tesco and get some bits of shopping for me when he had done that but once he got back to the car someone had slapped a £75 ticket on it!!
they had watched him walk out of the car park and must have pounced! the sods, you are allowed 2 hours parking so called on there and it doesn't say anything about you not walking off the daughters and I always park there when we go into town and then go in and do our shopping..the fool of a man (my Hubby) paid up! I would have argued that I was going shopping in there anyways and asked why they state 2 hours on their notice but not him ..grrrrrrrr
I don't know if you read my email about me going to Barcelona tomorrow? I will be back will get the challenge done then :)
Lovely incentive to do the challenge once again :)
Hugs - Linda

LindaJD said...

Hi again, I am
and just sent my layout off to you :)
by the way I forgot to add the credits so I emailed them after sending the layout, blame it on jet lag!! lol..